I received a phone call yesterday from someone who I highly respect and the caller was speaking on behalf of themself and another person I also highly respect. I was asked to change the course of my political race from US Congress to the State Senate district 47 seat. I decided to put it up for public input on facebook. I also consulted various supporters and my staff. If I really want to do the will of the people it would look like overwhelmingly that the State Senate is the race is the race I should run. My staff and I really want Broun out but I think the Republicans will take care of that in the primary. I expect Mac Collins to jump in and then from what we have been told there is a business man who is moving to Athens to run as well against Broun. If I look at the races objectively the State Senate race would be the one I would have to go with if for no other reason, it seems to be where we could do the best for our State as we rebuild our party. My supporters think congress will flip back Democratic and we need to be building the state Democrats back in to power even if it is one seat at a time. The consensus seems to be we need help more at the state level. One of the most important posts on my facebook page that really made me rethink my choice of running for congress was "we sure do NEED more good Dems in Atlanta before we're as far gone as AZ".
For all the supporters who called and shared their many reasons with me, the vast amount of private messages sent to me and the reply's posted on my Tim in 12' facebook page, I am going to change focus and seek the State Senate seat from the 47th district of Georgia.

Dr. Tim Riley for State Senate
47th district of Georgia