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#1 Mar 22, 2006
My husband and I are considering relocating to the Athens area. We were wondering if you could answer a few questions for us. What is the ratio of retirees to college students moving to the area? Is the area "newcomer" friendly? Is it fairly easy to fit in? What seems to be the political climate there? In other words, are both Democrat and Republican points of view appreciated?

Is there a lot to do socially? We want to find some groups whose interests we can share in to do things with.

Are there outdoor activities? We really like hiking, biking, etc.

We were also interested in the Unity church there. Does anyone on this forum attend? We appreciate the open philosophy that they embrace.

And lastly, what is the job market there? My husband is a PT aide and I am a legal secretary.

Thank you so much. Any information you can provide to us would be so helpful.

Secaucus, NJ

#2 Feb 19, 2007
Athens is a serious leftwing town, and is run by such. It shows in the tax base, and what the homeowner gets for his property tax (very pickup went from twice a week to one day a week and the rate doubled....) The government here went unified in the early nineties, and ever since we have had a steady flow of middle class families moving to Oconnee County (even higher taxes to keep the riff raff out) leaving a small elite group in the posh Five Points area, and a few scattered older subdivision with retired folks and some young professional/accademics mixed in together.

The school system is pitifully inadequate...One of the High Schools is called Clarke Central (fondly nick-named "Crack" Central when our son attended back in the late nineties.

Since the turn of the century we have seen a rather large influx of Hispanics entering the town who work for the two major chicken processing plants and who seem to be sponsored and supported by the Catholic church on Prince Avenue They have brought many problems to the school system and dispite the politically correct leftist's lenient attitude they refuse to assimilate into their new culture. We live in a nice subdivision just off the loop, but what was once a pristine area is now littered with Hispanic businesses, with gang grafitti on the sidwalk and walls depicting a new era. Also there are a lot of students here (it is a college town after all) at the last count their numbers were around 33,500 or so registered on UGA's addmissions rolls.

It is said that Athens is a diverse town (I haven't found this to be true myself personally after living here 18 years) but that is because of the students whom are in all reality transient so I guess you could say it is, kinda. There are tons and tons of restaurants, bars, nighclubs, and shops for the young and stupid in the downtown area (it smells of urine and vomit even on a good day and our mayor does nothing about it.)

There is a small mall on the outskirts of town with a Macy's a Belks, a JC Penneys, and a Sears. We also have a Sam's Club.

We have two Hospitals St. Mary's (which is said to be the most expensive hospital in Georgia) and the other is Athens Regional.

Lastly, the median income is said to be about $30,000 and the average house cost is $170,000 go figure how that works...

Well I hope I have help in some small way. Sorry if I haven't painted a great picture, but at least I am being straight up about the place, and far more honest than any realtor would be.

Athens, GA

#3 Mar 22, 2007
My aunt and uncle are thinking of retiring here from Atlanta. It's a really beautiful town in certain areas, especially around campus, but yes, there are some things that are a bit bohemian to say the least, but everyone's very friendly. If you can overcome the occasional dilapidated building, then you should love it here.

Chicago, IL

#4 Apr 16, 2007
I don't know if you've already moved to Athens or not, but my mother is the minister of the Unity Church there. It is a small but growing church, with a really wonderful and awesome congregation. They recently started a YOU group and also have childcare for the little ones. The services are on sunday mornings, and there are also classes to take, study groups, and occassional movie nights. For more information please feel free to email my mother. Rev. Bronte Colbert [email protected]
good luck in your decision.

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Athens, Ga

#5 Apr 17, 2007
Georgie wrote:
It is said that Athens is a diverse town (I haven't found this to be true myself personally after living here 18 years) but that is because of the students whom are in all reality transient so I guess you could say it is, kinda. There are tons and tons of restaurants, bars, nighclubs, and shops for the young and stupid in the downtown area (it smells of urine and vomit even on a good day and our mayor does nothing about it.)
Athens is incredibly diverse for a town of around 110,000. The campus is the centre of the town, for sure. We have a beautiful new civic center downtown and a new public transit station.

What could be more diverse than a world-class university surrounded by a bevy of Bush rednecks?

Smyrna, GA

#6 Apr 18, 2007
I love Athens and wish I could live here forever. Many of the people are open minded and very easy going. The traffic doesn't scare me like Atlanta. I'm twenty and my nerves just can't take all of that nonsense. The small towns near here are charming. There are many parks. Also, there are always musical groups in town, art showings, classes, etc. going on. There is a limited public transportation (bus) service which ties into UGA's transportation system. I feel incredibly safe here... 100 times safer than Atlanta or Charleston. Bad things do happen though. I sense some racism among some of the black townies. That's a shame.
Just Me

Athens, GA

#7 May 29, 2007
Athens full of liberals and their, not so highly educated and behaved, children. When I drive through downtown at evening, I see bunch of people who don't know what to do with their leisure time other than drink cheap beer and "fuck" each other. Again, what can I say... a liberal city. Do not move there, unless you are liberal. Moreover, the poverty rate is very high, one of the highest in the country, all due to the liberals in the city government and so called environmentalists. They don't want any good businesses in Athens area. They think that restaurants and bars will make city and, more importantly, people in that city prosper. Would you work full time in a restaurant? Guess what, people have to work there because there are simply not enough jobs available other than costumer service jobs.

Fort Collins, CO

#8 Jul 2, 2007
I didn't want this string to end on such a sour note so let me share my view of Athens. I have lived here for 15 years and I still love this city. I went to UGA but was lucky enough to find a job here that allowed me to settle down. It is hard to find a well paying job, but the city is well worth the sweat and tears. I have enjoyed the nightlife, the music, the restaurants, and the people. There is an active community and a variety of groups you can support to get the community pulse quickly. Athens is heavy in liberals, but that is what adds to that feel of "Southern hospitality." Many folks are friendly and caring, especially the folks here for the long term. You get a feel for that caring side when you go to your first "benefit" whether it's for the church, AIDS Athens, cancer research, or poverty awareness. People can let their emotions cloud their judgment, but Athens has slid to a more liberal stand versus the more conservative tilt displayed in the rest of Georgia. I know that conservatives have argued that family values and religious morals are important but I feel that liberals have a softer side that include these also, just with a more open heart for everyone, regardless of race, religion, or sexuality. It makes everyone who visits Athens instantly fall in love with it, including my Republican friends who I love to mess with (in a joking manner) on a daily basis. A bigger city with the charms of a small town, everyone loves that. By the way, there is a shortage of physical therapy folks in the area (Athens/ Winder/ Oconee County area) so anyone in this field will clean up right now if you are willing to do some traveling for personal visitations in the are. Just call up the Human Resources for local hospitals and clinics. They may be able to point you in the right direction.
Dikembi Mutumbo

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#9 Nov 27, 2012
DO NOT believe any press about Athens, GA it's all lies! DO NOT move to Athens, GA unless of course your a thug, robber, drug dealer then you probably already are familiar with Athens, GA where that describes 75% of the population that lives for free in the local projects and sells drugs and robs for a living. UGA, the University of Ghetto Athens! The Classic City? That is a reference to the fact that the town was founded by freemasons which have tentacles in different races to give the appearance of diversity when in actuality the entire town is a business run by organized crime as the seemingly different groups are all in on the business. It's not a real town at all, there are more legit movie sets, which is what Athens, GA is. "They" are the cops, the courts, the thugs, the business owners etc. Import 30,000 college kids funded by mom and dads deep pockets and tad ah instant town out in the boonies where the cronies in charge can get $1,000/mo rent for otherwise worthless property and a bar can charge $15 cover and $4 beers. It's a real education alright. Sadly the unsuspecting young people that come here for school are the only one unaware of what is happening all around them.

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#10 Jul 3, 2013

UGA, University of Ghetto Athens

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