Republican Gays and Lesbians

Republican Gays and Lesbians

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Swamp Fox

Savannah, GA

#1 Sep 21, 2012
Republican Preacher, you do know that the Gay & Lesbian Republican Organization Log Cabin Republicans has been in existence for over 32 years, don't you?

You do Know that they have been fighting for Same-Sex Marraige and equal Rights and Justice under the Law, don't you?

Republican Preacher, why do you bash Democrat Gays & Lesbians, and neglect to mention Republican Gays & Lesbians?
Do you have a double standard?
Can You spell Hypocrite? ....

This is the Website Address Link for the Republican Gay and Lesbian organization Log Cabin Republicans.Org

You can take a short cut to the LGBT Log Cabin Republicans.Org by clicking on this Link,

How do Republicans look anyone in the eye and claim to be More Moral than the Democrats?
Swamp Fox

Savannah, GA

#2 Sep 21, 2012
Republican Preacher,
The Gay and Lesbian Republican Organization GOProud.Org was established in 2009, but it is growing by leaps and bounds. You can click on the link below and that will take you to their Home Page. ...

GOProud.Org has some highly powerful and influential Republicans in their organization.
Republican Preacher, I am sure that you Know some of them.
Swamp Fox

Savannah, GA

#3 Sep 21, 2012
Republican Preacher,
it is not right to beat somebody up for doing the Same Things that you do, is it? ...

Search; Religion Dispatches: Ann Coulter and GOProud in Bed Together Once Again

RightWingNut Commentator Ann Coulter serves on the Board of GOProud.Org ,
And all this time the rednecks thought she was a redneck girl.
Jesus Christ said, "I am the way, the TRUTH, and the life." Why do Republicans Hate me for telling the truth?

Imagine That!
Click on the above link.
Swamp Fox

Savannah, GA

#4 Sep 21, 2012
Republican preacher,
I don't think it is too intelligent for Republican who live in glass houses to throw rocks at Democrats, do you?
The bad thing about throwing rocks is that the same rocks, can be picked up and thrown back at you, especially when you are guilty of the Same things. ...

Search; Grover Norquist Serves on the Board of GOProud.Org

The Republican RightWingNut and Republican Tea Party Hero Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform also serves on the Board of GOProud.Org .


Dang! There is old Grover Norquist, the King of America, who has nearly every Republican in Congress Signed on his Pledge to "Never Raise Taxes for Any Reason Under the Sun, including Wars and Natural Disasters."
Now if the GOPers break the Pledge, ole Grover will get money from the Koch Brothers and the Tea Party will Bankroll a Tea Party Republican to run against him in the next GOP Primary. King Grover rules the Republicans in Congress with an Iron Fist.

Find the list of GOProud Board Members and their pictures on this GOProud.Org website.
Swamp Fox

Savannah, GA

#5 Sep 21, 2012
Republican Preacher, is it starting to dawn on you that the Republican Party has made a complete and utter Fool out of you?

What is you Republican Devotees say, Fox News, News you can trust? Well here it is right from the mouth of your horse. ...

Recently deceased Republican RightWingNut Andrew Breitbart served on the Board of GOProud until he got angry with Jimmy LaSalvia over the Public Outing of Rick Perry's Staffer Tony Fabrizio as a homosexual.
Rick Perry sent his Gay Republican Staffer Tony Fabrizio to the GOP Gay & Lesbian groups, Log Cabin Republicans and GOProud.Org for Campaign Donations and support.
Fabrizio got the money from the LGBT's, a few days later Rick Perry gives a Gay Bashing Speech, which infuriated the doublecrossed Republican Gays & Lesbians.
The LGBT GOP Leaders called a news conference and lambasted Rick Perry and his "Fa---t" Staffer Tony Fabrizio. They said later that they didn't mean to drag Tony Fabrizio Out of the Republican Gay Closet. They said, "We thought everyone Knew that Tony Fabrizio was gay."

Here Devoted Republican Faux Network watchers, here it is straight from the Fox News that You Believe.
A real Republican Demon believes that every single word form Fox News is the Gospel. In this case, it is true.

Are you Republican Rednecks chewing your fingernails yet,and trying to figure out which Republicans are LGBT's?
All I can tell you is, IF you go into the GOP BIG Tent and you drop your program, Don't get down on the floor crawling around on you hands and knees looking for it.
You might experience a "Broke Back Mountain" moment.

And for God's sake, Don't wear overalls, they are too easy to get into. Forewarned is forearmed.
I would hate to see you get your head caught against the tent pole, and you down on your hands and knees cornered like a rat.
But then maybe, I wouldn't care....might be funny.....
Swamp Fox

Savannah, GA

#6 Sep 21, 2012
Republican Preacher,
you probably remember Ken Mehleman, the Republican National Committee Chairman when George Dubya Bush was elected President. Ken produced Anti-Gay Republican Propaganda to be delivered to the Preachers and the Churches

George Dubya Bush's Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehleman Was and Is GAY, and Dubya knew it!
Dubya Bush even used Gay Ken Mehleman as his National Re-Election Campaign Chairmanin 2004. ...

The Atlantic Wire News, Bush Capaign Chief and Former RNC Ken Mehlman said, "I'm Gay."

Dubya Bush even had the gall to have Ken Mehleman produce Anti-Gay Republican Propaganda to be distributed to the Preachers, Churches, and Republican Candidates for office, Over the Objections of Dubya's wife, Laura Bush. My,my.

Click on the above link
Swamp Fox

Savannah, GA

#7 Sep 21, 2012
Republican Preacher,
Surely you remember Ken Mehleman, he came to see you with wheel barrow loads of Anti-Gay Republican Propaganda. ...

The CBS News report on the Former Republican National Committee Chairman Coming Out and admitting he is gay, contains more interesting information on the matter.
Ken Mehleman Says that he is the one who distibuted the Anti-Gay Propaganda to the Churches and to African-Americans.

Ask your Preacher, if he knows Ken Mehleman.

Click on the above link
Swamp Fox

Savannah, GA

#8 Sep 21, 2012
Republican Preacher,

This is a good one, this guy moved to North Carolina when he got dragged out of the Republican Gay Closet kicking and screaming. ...

Search; Dan Gurley; From RNC Staffer to LGBT Activist

Gay Republican National Committee Staffer Dan Gurley worked on producing Republican Anti-Gay Propaganda to be distributed to the Preachers, Churches, and Republican Candidates for office.
His Hypocritical activities enraged Openly Gay Republican Mike Rogers.

Mike Rogers threatened to drag Dan Gurley Out of the Republican Gay Closet If, Dan Gurley didn't come out on his own.
Gurley hesitated, and Mike Rogers drug him out and exposed him as a homosexual.

Today, Dan Gurley serves on the Board of "Equality North Carolina," and fights for equal rights and justice for Lesbians, Gays, Bi-Sexuals, and Transgenders.

Why are Republicans, using their Own Gay and Lesbian Republicans to Produce Anti-Gay Propaganda for the Church Crowd? I guess the GOP thinks their gays know more about it and produce better propaganda than straight people.

Republican Preacher you have been USED, and now you are being abused.

Click on the link.
Swamp Fox

Savannah, GA

#9 Sep 21, 2012
Republican Preacher,
How are you going to support Mitt Romney, without appearing to be just as two-faced as Mitt Romney is? Oh dear me, what to do?

Here is one on the Flip Flopper Mittens Romney.
Click on the Link, and read Mitt's Letter to LCR. ...

Search; Mitt Romney's 1994 Letter to Log Cabin Republicans

Mitt Romney sent a letter to the GAY & Lesbian Republicans in 1994, when he was running against Ted Kennedy, asking for their support and campaign money, and Mitt got Both from Log CAbin republicans.
They were big buddies and the LGBT Log Cabin Republicans worked hard to get Mitt Romney elected to the U.S. Senate.
UNfortunately for Mitt Romney, the Log Cabin Republicans KEPT his Letter.
That Letter would come back to bite Mitt in the Butt in the Iowa Primary for President, in this 2012 Presidential election cycle.
Pore ole Mitt, I guess he never dreamed they would keep his letter all these years.

Mitt Romney said, "I support Same-Sex Marraige."

Mitt Romney said, "The Republican Party does not do enough for the Gay Community."

Mitt Romney said, "I am running to the LEFT of Ted Kennedy on Gay and Lesbian Issues."

Republican Preacher, How are you going to keep a straight face, and tell your congregation to vote for Mitt Romney??

Don't try it with me, Preacher, I will Laugh you out of the pulpit.
Swamp Fox

Savannah, GA

#10 Sep 21, 2012
Republican Preacher, just look at what the Log Cabin Republicans did to pore ole Mitt Romney in Iowa, Tee Hee. ...

Flip Flopper Mitt Romney spurned the help of the Log Cabin Republicans in this run for President of the USA. Mitt used them when he needed them and threw them down when he didn't want to be seen associating with Gay & Lesbian Republicans by the Church Crowd.
Mitt Romney was Rude and gave them the old brush off in Iowa. That along with his Flip Flopping on Gay issues peed the Gay GOPers off, and they retaliated.
Log Cabin Republicans not only released Mitt Romney's Old 1994 Letter to the LCR, to the Press, but they also Paid for a TV ad in Iowa exposing the 1994 Letter to Iowa voters before the Primary.
Awww Shucks, it couldn't have happened to a better guy.
Hell hath no fury like a HomoCon scorned.
HomoCon (Homosexual Conservative)
Swamp Fox

Savannah, GA

#11 Sep 21, 2012
In case you are wondering why there are just as many or more Gays and Lesbians in the Republican Party as there are in the Democrat Party, the answer is TAXES.
Republican Gays and Lesbians Do Not like Taxes, and that is their Main Issue.
Swamp Fox

Savannah, GA

#12 Sep 21, 2012
Republican Preacher,

Betcha thought the Democrats got the ball rolling on repealing the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Policy, didn't you? 't_ask,_don't_tell

The Log Cabin Republicans Filed the Law Suit in Federal Court against the Federal Government to Repeal the U.S. Military's "Don't ASk, Don't Tell" Policy.
The Obama Administration Simply chose Not to Fight the Republicans on this issue.
And Log Cabin Republicans Won their Law Suit.

The Log Cabin Republican announced their win over the DADT Military Policy at their annual National Log Cabin Republican Convention that was held in Dallas, Texas, to thunderous applause.
John MacCain's daughter spoke to the convention, John couldn't make it this year, maybe next year.
Did you go Preacher?

Click on the Link.
Swamp Fox

Savannah, GA

#13 Sep 21, 2012
Republican Preacher,
Here you have it straight from the U.S. Army, Please pass this on to your congregation, will you? I know you will.

Army Times Reports on the Log Cabin Republicans Filing the Law Suit to Repeal the Military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Policy. ...

Search; military/ Log Cabin Republicans Press On with DADT Suit
Swamp Fox

Savannah, GA

#14 Sep 21, 2012

Dadburn sneaky Republicans messed up that Llnk too.
They Hate me for telling the TRUTH.

Try this one, if that doesn't work, type this in your search block;

army , Log Cabin Republicans Press On With DADT Suit

Then click search, and it should come up.
Swamp Fox

Savannah, GA

#15 Sep 21, 2012
Republican Preacher,
I know you Must, remember Bob Barr from Georgia, Bob actually Wrote the "Defense of Marraige Act."
Now Bob Barr has "seen the light" and repented writing the "DOMA." Imagine That!

Here is another Republican working for Gays and Lesbians. ...

The raging conservative Georgia Congressman Bob Barr actually wrote the "Defense of Marraige Act."
The Republicans got it going and confronted President Bill Clinton with it. If President Bill refused to sign it, they would kill him with the Church Crowd, and THAT was their intention. President Bill Clinton signed it into Law. President Bill Knew the Republicans were setting a trap for him with the "DOMA."

The Former Republican Georgia Congressman Bob Barr was a Big GOP rock star Hero back in those days and they had him in the newspapers all the time.
Now old Bob Barr has seen the light and repented ever writing the "Defense of Marraige Act"

Our GOP newspapers don't want to talk about Bob Barr any more.
I wonder Why, they never have anything to say about Bob Barr any more?
Swamp Fox

Savannah, GA

#16 Sep 21, 2012
Republican Preacher,

have you told your congregation that the Republican Conservative who wrote the "Defense of Marraige Act" is now working hard in Republican circles to Repeal it? I'm sure you have.....I mean you know, you wouldn't want your congregation to think the Republicans are trying to save the "Defense of Marraige Act," when actually they are working hard to Repeal the "DOMA."

Now this is just plumb shocking! ...

A Repentant Conservative Republican Bob Barr, who actually Wrote the "Defense of Marraige Act," was chosen by the Leaders of Log Cabin Republicans.Org to be the "Keynote Speaker" at the National Log Cabin Gay and Lesbian Republican Convention in Dallas, Texas, a few months ago. Ole Bob took the podium and promised to work hard in Republican Circles to Repeal the "Defense of Marraige Act."

Imagine That!

The Republican Newspapers and Fox News used to sing the praises of Republican Conservative Bob Barr, now they have lost all interest in him.
Wonder why?

Click on the Log Cabin Republican Link and read all about it.
Swamp Fox

Savannah, GA

#17 Sep 21, 2012
Republican Preacher,
Here you have it straight from the Gay and Lesbian Log Cabin republicans and Former Georgia Conservative Congressman Bob Barr that they have declared War on the "Defense of Marraige Act," and they have been and are working to get it repealed.
I am sure you will tell your congregation about Bob Barr.

Republican Preacher, Now maybe you can help me understand exactly, why and how, the Republican White Southern Baptists convinced the Black Southern Baptist Preachers to go home and tell their congregations NOT to vote for President Obama because Obama supports Same-Sex Marraige. ....

Surely the Republican White Southern Baptists Preachers aren't trying to scam the Black Southern Baptist Preachers, are they?
I mean you know, Christians, especially Preachers don't do that kind of thing, DO They?

Apparently they do!!!
At least One Black Southern Baptist Preacher up in New York has already gone home and told his congregation NOT to Vote for President Obama Because he supports Same-Sex Marraige.

So, If any of you Black Baptists know how to get in touch with that Black Preacher through the Black Churches, you better get it done.
Let him know that he has been scammed, flim-flammed, and bamboozled.

Now I have learned that this has gone viral and Black Preachers are telling their congregations Nationwide Not to Vote for President Obama because he supports Gay-Marraige. You better call your preacher and have a conversation about this. If you don't, you can expect to lose your Social Security, Medicare, and Unemployment Insurance,
under Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.
Swamp Fox

Savannah, GA

#18 Sep 21, 2012
This HomoCon is Only interested in Money, and he believes Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will turn him into a Millionaire with Magic. ...

Goprouds People Speak for Themselves.

600 Republican HomoCons (Homosexual Conservatives) Party in Tampa, Fla during the Convention.

Republican Preacher are these your more moral Republicans?

They have the Ayn Rand/Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney belief of the privileged few, and the Moocher Parasites.
down low

Athens, GA

#19 Oct 3, 2012
Swamp Fox

Savannah, GA

#20 Oct 9, 2012
down low wrote: nity-church-members-reveal-oba ma-shocker/

Paul Ryan Shocker, Paul Ryan's Black Ex-Girlfriend Daneeta Pope

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