Athens continues cover-up of Jennifer...

Fort Benning, GA

#23 Jun 2, 2007
First, let me say that in all probability, I did read those Observer articles, as I followed the case in the local news when the murder occured. But it's been a very long time, so I can't remember them, obviously. When the time comes, I will look them up again at the library, probably when the appeals to open the Stone files are finished. I anticipate the file being opened, but I may be too optimistic in that. We'll see.

As for my refusing to post my personal information, you have jumped to an erroneous conclusion there altogether. I do not fear having my taxes raised--which happens every year at any rate, nor any other such "retaliation." I happen to be one of those (foolish) people who says what I think without pulling punches. I'm not even very tactful, I'm afraid, but I usually don't see that until AFTER I've stuck my neck out.

But surely you can see that the reason I do not publish such personal information online is because this is the Internet, and putting your personal information on forums is quite dangerous. I have been online for many years now, and I would never recommend that anyone post personal information, on a forum especially. Some do, as you did, but I hope you did so with the full knowledge that your information can be ill used by others.

It's not the goverment I fear in this opinion. It's the people with whom one debates many issues. Some are unstable at best. Some are much, much worse.

No, fear of government reprisal never crossed my mind. If the government wants me, I have no doubt it will find me and do what it pleases. Who is naive enough anymore to believe that the world is safe for anyone, from anyone? But for me, there are worse things than death, and there are more things in heaven and earth, Doctor, than are dreamt of in our philsophy. America may be only an ideal in the end, but it's one worth living and dying for, IMO.

So keep the vigil, Dr. Abbe. All is not lost, only unwinding before us in its own time. All debts are paid in the end, as the laws of physics state: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Jennifer Stone's killer will pay that debt, one way or another.

Fort Benning, GA

#24 Jun 2, 2007
Winfield J Abbe wrote:
Many good and law abiding citizens of Athens, Georgia believe that the late Scott McLarty, the lawyer for the late Carol Purvis, who courageously took the gloves off with Judge Gaines and the Athens Government in that case, was set up and sent to prison, where he died, as a reprisal for his actions in that case. After all, the police and judicial officials and district attorneys have plenty of drugs to set someone up with don't they, and their secret operations aids them in any such endeavors don't they? This is another very important reason why secrecy must be removed and why you must read the articles cited above in the Athens Observer to understand the Stone case. Secrecy laws make such activities very difficult to prove. These laws must be changed if we are to survive as a civilized society.
It is my understanding that with a guilty verdict, a case file becomes open to the public. Even the trial is transcribed for appeals. Anyone can have access to the McLarty case and trial files, unless I am greatly mistaken.

I cannot attest to what happened in the McLarty case, but until I see EVIDENCE to the contrary, then I find it at least as likely that McLarty actually was guilty as charged as it is likely he was framed. I daresay the government is not the only persons who allegedly use drugs....
Winfield J Abbe


#25 Jun 27, 2007
Recently the United States government released secret records of the operations of the U.S. Central Intelligent Agency from decades past. This agency has been permitted to operate in secret with the full military force and power of government used to prevent citizens to know about its operations, similar to how the full military force and power of the Georgia government is used to prevent citizens to know the operations of local and state police and judicial and district attorney activities in Georgia for decades. Not surprisingly, we now learn that members of the CIA who were "sworn" to comply with all laws of the United States, patently and corruptly violated the very laws they were "sworn" to uphold. And nothing has been done to any of them nor will it be. Anyone who foolishly believes government agencies from the CIA to local district attorneys and police departments to judges and lawyers can operate in secret and not violate the law must also believe in the tooth fairy and that objects fall up instead of down or that the earth is flat. Consider a closed room with a pile of money and drugs on a table in that room worth millions of dollars. The only people who are privy to it are the district attorney, the police chief and several "lieutenants" on the war on drugs and possibly a drug informant who has had his sentence for attempted murder dropped by a local dupe judge unbeknownst to most citizens.
Do people really believe these "public servants" would not skim part or all of this pile of money and drugs for their personal benefit? After all, it is just drug money isn't it? Who would suffer, and more importantly, who would know since their activities are SECRET? Wake up Americans. Stop kidding yourselves. Just remember, Jennifer Stone, the young UGA senior murdered and sexually assaulted over 15 years ago, could have been your loved one too. It is very likely most of the investigative file of her murder, which the local government in Athens Clarke County, Georgia is so intent on keeping under wraps, misusing public tax money, without any public discussions, to seek to "persuade" the Georgia Supreme Court to use the full military force and power of government to prevent local citizens from learning the truth of the "investigation" by local police and district attorneys into her death, has been alread "lost" or destroyed. What is the government seeking to hide if not corruption and illegal conduct similar to that covered up by the federal government in the matter of the criminal activities of the U.S. CIA? Think about this citizens. Ignorance is bliss. You or your daughter or granddaughter or wife could be the next victims. Please Supreme Court of Georgia rule to use this same military force and power for openness in government and force this murder file into the light of truth and the light of day. End tyranny of Athens Clarke County, Georgia NOW.

United States

#26 Aug 8, 2007
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Winfield J Abbe wrote:
Does government trust its citizens to can a citizen simply send in what he or she believes to be the correct tax to government and thvoluntarily do the right thing in all situations? For example, at is the end of it? No, the government, at every level, is very suspect of citizens and intimidates and threatens them with possible audits, fines and even jail time if the correct tax as determined by government is not paid. With threats like this we obviously do not have a "voluntary" tax system as is often portrayed to unwitting students by unwitting teachers and others. This is obviously a forced tax system. So, even if most citizens are honorable and honest and do not seek to deprive the government of its just tax, the government, through the elected representatives, has determined it to be necessary to use threats and intimidation and fear to obtain the tax from citizens to run government with. Why then, if this is human nature, should citizens trust government officials, like police officers, police chiefs, district attorneys, county attorneys, mayors, commissioners, judges, etc., etc., etc. to do the right and honorable thing in all situations if citizens cannot and are not to be trusted in the same way? But this is exactly the way our elected representatives have stacked the deck: One set of tyrannical rules for citizens, but another set of easy rules for government officials, not only permitting them secrecy in most situations of importance, but even preventing citizens from suing them and if they do, permitting the government officials to use the tax money paid and forced from citizens to defend themselves from any claims by citizens. While there are remote instances of gross government corruption which are prosecuted by federal prosecutors, these are rare indeed and most situations of local corruption will obviously go unprosecuted because no one even knows the facts because those facts are secret protected from public knowledge and disclosure by the full military force and power of the government itself! Isn't this an outrageous situation to put it mildly and avoid expletives? In other words, all citizens are suspect at all times, but if police are placed in a room with thousands or millions of dollars in cash or drugs, we are expected to assume and indulge them that nothing untoward will happen and they will not skim some of those drugs or drug money for their own use. Does everyone forget the story of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden? What about natural human tempation? This is obviously absurd not to have any controls in such situations, but that is exactly how our government in Georgia is constructed. This is foolish nonsense since citizens have lost any and all controls of government because of secrecy.
Drugs are likely at the bottom of the Jennifer Stone murder and sexual assault and it is very likely some dishonest police or other government officials were on the take and somehow she became a witness to this illegal and corrupt conduct and lost her life as a result. Continued below.
Winfield J Abbe


#27 Sep 2, 2007
It has now been about 4 months since the city of Athens ,GA was ordered by the Georgia Court of Appeals to open the secret investigative file of the "unsolved" murder investigation of Jennifer Lynn Stone. The city then voted in secret, after secret discussions with their secret lawyers, out of the presence of any other citizens, to direct secret lawyers to appeal this decision to the Georgia Supreme Court with the hope that the Georgia Supreme Court would vote to over turn the order of the Georgia Court of Appeals to open the records, and permit the secrecy to continue, to permit the cover-up to continue, to "err" on the side of government corruption instead of government openness and honesty. Unfortunately, it appears that the secret government lawyers, whose names and pay are also secret, just like the former Nazi, Germany some of our brave souls fought so hard to rid the world of, have had some success, since the Georgia Supreme Court has not spoken and has not yet sustained the Georgia Court of Appeals Order and ordered the city of Athens to open those files pronto. What could be the reason for this delay? Do the lawyers on the Georgia Supreme Court know more about the Georgia Open Records Law than the lawyers on the Georgia Court of Appeals? Do they favor government cover up and corruption while the Georgia Court of Appeals favors openness and honesty in government? Why would these two bodies be at odds with each other? In fact, why should the arguments of the city of Athens to this court be secret? They should and must be published for all citizens to read and possibly refute their lies. After all, lawyers are experts at misrepresenting facts, misleading people, disguishing the truth. This is what is so insidious about secrecy. Hasn't there been enough corruption in the history of Georgia government? Let's remove government from that pedestal it does not belong to be on. Is not government "of the people"? Then, why, in Athens, Georgia, is it "governemnt against the citizens"? Georgia Supreme Court justices: Let the chips fall where they may. Stop protecting corruption in Athens' Government, in the Athens' Police Department, in the Athens' judicial department, in the Athens' executive department and others, like certain lawyers: VOTE FOR OPENNESS; VOTE TO FORCE, WITH THE SAME MILITARY FORCE USED TO KEEP THE RECORDS HIDDEN, THE ATHENS CLARKE COUNTY UNIFIED GOVERNMENT TO IMMEDIATELY OPEN THE (PRESENTLY SECRET HELD SECRET WITH THE FULL MILITARY FORCE OF GOVERNMENT)THE JENNIFER STONE MURDER INVESTIGATIVE FILES AND PLACE IN JAIL, IMMEDIATELY, ANY OFFICIAL OR EMPLOYEE WHO OBSTRUCTS Y0UR ORDER.
Winfield J Abbe


#28 Sep 2, 2007
A number of years ago, a professor at the University of Georgia was placed on a promotion committee which voted on the promotion to higher ranks of various professors; for example, from assistant professor to associate professor or associate professor to professor, etc. One of the decisions was challenged in federal court. The federal judge at the time ordered the professor on the promotion committee to divulge how and why and for whom he voted on the secret committee, very similar to the secret deliberations of the city of Athens in this case.
When the professor refused to answer the federal judge, the judge placed that professor immediately in jail until such time as he would answer the questions. This was a serious matter since the livelihood of another professor, and whether he was treated fairly or not, depended on this testimony. Yet, here we have the spectacle, not of a single professor, but over 100,000 and possibly millions of citizens, not to mention the loved ones of Jennifer Stone, who are denied justice by secret, arrogant, improper and likely illegal, activities by an "elected" local government in Georgia. Isn't it time the Georgia Supreme Court had the courage of that federal judge, and place all involved, from the Mayor, Commissioners, Police Chief, Judges, Lawyers, etc., in jail, just like that federal judge did with the former UGA Professor who acted so arrogantly against a junior professor? OPEN THE (NOW SECRET) INVESTIGATIVE FILE OF JENNIFER STONE IMMEDIATELY AND PLACE ALL INVOLVED IN THIS COVER UP IN JAIL.
Winfield J Abbe


#29 Sep 2, 2007
In most juridictions indigent citizens (those without the financial resources to hire and pay the huge sums required for representation before courts by lawyers), are provided representation by forced taxation of all other citizens. Yet, in this case we have the spectacle of hundreds of thousands if not millions of citizens left totally WITHOUT any representation before the Georgia Supreme Court in this case. The corrupt, secret, city of Athens is permitted to UNILATERALLY argue its case to keep the secret cover up under wraps to avoid embarrassment of many public officials, while the rest of the citzens are thrown to the "wolves". Where is the good for nothing Georgia Attorney General in all this? Why is not he representing the rest of the hundreds of thousands of citizens in court against the corrupt city of Athens, who even has the gall to force the taxpayers to use their money to pay for this continued corruption against citizens! It is difficult to find words in the polite English language to describe this obscenity and gross violation of the public rights of hundreds of thousands of unwitting and innocent United States Citizens.


#30 Sep 25, 2007
Winfield J Abbe


#31 Oct 31, 2007
It was announced this morning October 31, 2007 in the Athens Banner Herald, page A-10 (bottom of the page) "High court to hear Stone appeal Dec. 3) that the appeal by the newspaper to force the Athens Clarke County Unified Government to open the police and district attorney investigative files on the Jennifer Stone Murder Case has been set for next December 3, 2007 ( about 33 days from today). This government is under a Georgia Appeals Court Order to open the files of the 15+ year old case (she was murdered and sexually assaulted April 23, 1992), but this government voted, in secret session, to spend public tax money, in untold amounts, and with secret unnamed lawyers, to appeal to the Supreme Court of Georgia to request that they continue the authorization of the full military force and power of government to prevent citizens from learning the truth about his "investigation" or non investigation or possible corruption. While the Athens Banner Herald is to be commended for bringing this action, they have remained editorially silent about the secret decision by the Athens government to appeal this case where none of the commissioners or Mayor will even discuss their reasons for voting to keep the file under military wraps, hidden from a gullible and unwitting public. Furthermore,there will likely be no, zero, representation at this upcoming hearing of any of the family or loved ones of Jennifer Stone or any of the likely majority of taxpaying citizens of Athens Clarke County, who feel this decision of the Athens Government to spend money for secrecy rather than openness, is wrong and a clear violation of the democratic processes we all cherish and so many have died to defend and protect. Yet these dupes in the local government won't even talk to the public about their decision in secret or the pay to the secret lawyer acting in their selfish interest, but not in the public interest.
I ask all lawyers of Athens, Georgia and beyond and professors at the law school, University of Georgia and all law schools in Georgia: Why not take a few hours of time and plead, as a friend of the court, for all those loved ones of Jennifer Stone and all those good citizens of Athens Clarke County who will not be represented next December 3, 2007? How about thinking of someone else and the justice for someone else for a change, if not just for a few minutes?
Winfield J Abbe


#32 Nov 5, 2007
In some of the above comments it has been mentioned that drugs and drug activities are largely responsible for the secrecy in many police and judicial departments and possible corruption resulting therefrom. The former chief of police of the Seattle, Washington police department was mentioned as one who recently wrote about the failure of the war on drugs.
Recently a top senior police officer in Britain made basically the same recommendation as documented in the article in The Independent, published October 15, 2007, found at the link .

The title of the article is "Legalise all drugs: chief constable demands end to 'immoral laws'" by Jonathan Brown and David Langton.

Here are a few brief quotations:

"One of Britain's most senior police officers is to call for all drugs-including heroin and cocaine-to be legalised and urges the Government to declare an end to the 'failed' war on illegal narcotics."
"Richard Brunstrom, the Chief Constable of North Wales, advocates and end to UK drug policy based on 'prohibition'. His comments come as the Home Office this week ends the process of gathering expert advice looking at the next 10 years of strategy."
"In his radical analysis, which he will present to the North Wales Police Authority today, Mr. Brunstrom points out that illegal drugs are now cheaper and more plentiful than ever before."
"The number of users has soared while drug-related crime is rising with narcotics now supporting a worldwide business empire second only in value to oil.'If policy on drugs is in future to be pragmatic not moralistic, driven by ethics not dogma, then the current prohibitionist stance will have to be swept away as both unworkable and immoral, to be replaced with an evidence-based unified system (specifically including tobacco and alcohol) aimed at minimisation of harms to society.' he will say..."

Rome, GA

#33 Nov 15, 2007
Maybe it is nothing. But, all that you folks have to say has a similar ring to that of a distant bell. You guys should Google "Rome News By Watson". Read this poorly prepared but determined woman's, Teresa Watson's, articles and web-links on the subject of the "Dixie Mafia" , lawyers, judges and law enforcement in Georgia and the surrounding Southeastern States. Get the word out to all the law students and community activist crusaders you know. Yes, there is something very very wrong with the Georgia Courts, and the Georgia legal system in general. Athens included.
What is really going on with our judges, law professors, lawyers, policemen, and our courts, appellate and local? What connection does organized crime have to non-profits like the "innocence projects" and to other non-profits that benefit only lawyers and judges? Are our police departments a haven rife with organized crime paid for by international drug trafficking profits? Are honest cops afraid to come forward?
The answer may be, we have no idea how rotten our police departments and courts are. Get the word out. Ask. Demand. The worst among us may be those contributing to our favorite charities and singing on the front bench of our choirs. It is beginning to look so. And, some have known or suspected it for decades. Get the word out. Especially to every cop, lawyer, judge, law student and newspaper person you. Remember, "Rome News By Watson".
Winfield J Abbe


#34 Dec 3, 2007
This morning Dec. 3, 2007, both sides presented their arguments before the Georgia Supreme Court at the Judicial Building, 6th floor, Atlanta, GA.
Mr. Berryman presented the argument for Athens Clarke County. His argument basically revolved around the suggestion that they are attempting and hoping for a DNA match. This is basically all they are doing and opening up the files would compromise the case, but no proof was provided of this speculation. He also spent time seeking indulgence for apparently violating some 3 day deadline.
The attorney for the Athens Banner Herald pointed out that this case was essentially a dead case (coldcase) and the an occasional look for a DNA match did not satsify the Georgia Law with respect to keeping the case files secret. He also pointed out the importance of government to protect the citizen's right to know information. He stated this was a 15 year old case and the government of ACC did not have an infinite amount of time to continue the secrecy; he used the phrase, imminent-finite time as necessary. He also noted that the Georgia Supreme Court had previously supported openness in government in other rulings.
A caveat he noted was that the ACC government could redact and cross out names or other information they felt should not be released, possibly with or without a judge's approval. But this could open a can of worms which could essentially provide a "back door" way of keeping the records closed even if the GA Supreme Court sustains the Ga Court of Appeals and directs the Jennifer Stone Murder Files to be opened.
Everyone should note these were oral arguments. I assume both sides submitted written arguments also, both of which are secret. It was clear that all involved in today's proceeding indulged the Athens Clarke County govenment in assuming they have acted "properly" and "ethically" throughout this 15 year "non" investigation held in tight secrecy by the full military force of government. Obviously the attorneys for the newspaper were not permitted to view the file and even determine if such a file still exists, let alone exist in the original and complete form; none of the Justices asked about this either. Finally, there was no, zero, representation of the family of Jennifer Stone or her loved ones, or any representation of citizens of ACC who did not agree with the secret vote of the Athens government to appeal this case, in secret, to the Georgia Supreme Court. Obviously, indigient defendants receive more consideration in Georgia than family of murder victims or unrepresented citizens, forced to pay for all this outrageous conduct of local government against citizens.
Even if the Georgia Supreme Court should sustain the Georgia Court of Appeals decision, don't look for any swift resolution of any of these issues.
"Justice delayed is justice denied." It looks like it will be denied many more years, if not forever by a corrupt and criminal government, out of any citizen control. Secrecy is the enemy of the truth.

Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics
150 Raintree Ct.
Athens, GA 30607
Winfield J Abbe


#35 Apr 23, 2008
The following statement was posted today April 23, 2008, in Flagpole Magazine, , under pub notes.
Today, April 23, 2008, is also the 16th anniversary of the murder and sexual assault of former UGa senior Jennifer Lynn Stone behind the bus station in Athens, April 23, 1992.
The authorities claim this case is "unsolved". The Athens Banner Herald sued to have the case investigative files opened to the public. A local Superior Court rejected their claim. The Georgia Court of Appeals sustained their claim. The local government, the "Unified Government of Athens Clarke County" met in secret, and voted in secret to use taxpayer money to appeal the ruling to the Georgia Supreme Court. None of the commissioners or mayor will discuss why they voted to appeal that decision and not open the case files. Why won't they talk about it? What are they hiding? A hearing was held last December, 2007 on the appeal at the Georgia Supreme Court in Atlanta. I attended that hearing in Atlanta. The local county attorney Berryman made a very unconvincing and poor presentation that this is still an ongoing investigation. Basically he said the police are waiting around for a possible DNA match from some phantom criminal out there. The opposing attorney made a very convincing argument that this case is clearly no longer an active one as already declared by the Appeals Court in its ruling, which was not voluntarily obeyed by the Athens Government. What does this government have to hide? What are they afraid of in opening the files to the light of day and the light of truth? This case is so old it will likely not ever be prosecuted anyway. Even both newspapers are not mentioning it today 16 years later. So why all the fuss to keep the details hidden, under the wraps of secrecy? All one can do is speculate since the secrecy itself prevents the true facts from being known, but those in power, the same ones who favor the secrecy, then criticize others for speculating. The speculations would end with the truth, which is held, with the full military force and power of government, from citizens. I do not see a single article about this subject today in this weekly newspaper or the other daily newspaper. Time erases issues doesn't it? This case is as dead as the victim was 16 years ago isn't it?
Why even the Georgia Supreme Court is in no hurry to make a ruling is it? It may never rule on it. And as long as it fails to rule, secrecy and sepculations will win. Of course they may win anyway, if it rules in favor of the efforts of the Athens Government to continue to hide the truth about this case from a gullible and unwitting public. But one might ask, why is it so difficult and taking so long for a simple ruling on this case? The failure to rule in a timely manner appears to sustain the efforts of the Athens government, at minimum, to sustain public relations damage control, should the facts of this case and its investigation, be opened finally to the light of day and the light of truth, whatever they may be.
Evidently all ten commissioners and the mayor have been convinced, by secret presentations of the police chief, manager, county attorney, and possibly others, to vote for continuing secrecy of this case. But no arguments were permitted from the side for openness were they? Why was only one side permitted to be heard? What kind of "democracy" is this? What do they have to hide? What would be the terrible transgression should the truth about this investigation be opened to the public? The answer probably is that either there really is corruption involved in this investigation and/or all or part of the case file has been "lost" or destroyed, deliberately or inadvertently or otherwise. This government would likely be severely embarrassed if the truth were told about this case. This is the only explanation for the vigorous efforts of the government here to keep the facts of this case secret forever.
Continued in post below.
Winfield J. Abbe
Winfield J Abbe


#36 Apr 23, 2008
Continuation of Flagpole Post 4/23/08 above: There is a similar case of a girl in Atlanta over 50 years ago. She was abducted. All the police records from the Atlanta POlice Dept. and another local police department have "mysteriously" disappeared or lost or been destroyed. The only records available are federal records, because this was a kidnapping. This is called the "Little" case and was reviewed a few years ago by excellent investigative articles in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Secrecy is the enemy of the truth and foundation of tryanny, horrible treatment of victims behind closed doors, as say by the former KKK in Georgia or many officials in jails of Georgia in earlier times, and violations of human rights. Yet our government in Athens, here in the "age of enlightenment 2008" is voting for secrecy rather than truth. Why? And more importantly why the silence from Mr. McCommons himself who was a former vigorous opponent of government tyranny decades ago when he was a founder of the former Athens Observer?
Why the deafening silence today the 16th anniversary of what is likely a criminal conspiracy to obstruct justice by the "Unified Government of Athens Clarke County, Georgia". At least, without the truth being told with the forced opening of the investigative files, this is the conclusion based on the limited evidence available, which is substantial. Or is the attitude of government and others here, "Why she was probably just a slut anyway, on drugs and at the wrong place at the wrong time. Who cares if there is a coverup of this crime by the city after all this time? Who cares? Why it wouldn't happen to you or you daughter would it? How many "unsolved" rapes and murders are there in Athens? Ten, fifty, one hundred? How many?" "We need a medical school here to train medical doctors in medicine and medical ethics don't we?" "We don't to be embarrassed by a few "white" or "black" lies do we in Athens Clarke County, Georgia?"

Winfield J. Abbe
Winfield J Abbe


#37 Apr 23, 2008
The last sentence above should be correct to read:
"We don't need to be embarrassed by a few "white" or "black" lies do we in Athens Clarke County, Georgia?"
Jack P

Athens, GA

#38 Apr 28, 2008
Wow! You coverup kooks are nutier than fruit cakes. Quoting the Athens Observer and Flagpole makes you people idiots. Those publications are totally worthless and run by nut heads. Get a life.
Winfield J Abbe


#39 Jul 1, 2008
Today, July 1, 2008, the Athens Banner Herald announced that the Georgia Supreme Court voted for continuing secrecy and corruption in Georgia in the corrupt secret police department of Athens Clarke County, and all the rest in Georgia. Secrecy is the enemy of the truth and the friend of corruption. I hope those 4 members of the Georgia Supreme Court, who voted for this misguieded decision, have to face the same horror themselves one day, as the parents and loved ones of Jennifer Stone have faced for so many years. Thank you Supreme Court of Georgia for sustaining all those improper activities with drug addicts, drug informants behind closed doors in Georgia, secret machinations of district attorneys and lawyers behind closed doors, against the interests of the lowly citizen who must pay for it all.
The Georgia Supreme Court voted for secrecy over open government. It aided what is evidently a corrupt investigation by the Athens Police Department for many years. There is no evidence that the main suspect was ever even DNA tested because, if he was, all the police would have to do is declare him no longer a suspect. The Athens government even voted in secret to appeal this case but won't discuss their votes in public either. The public at large is the big loser here with the full military force and power of government being used against the citizens who pay for the operations of government in Georgia. It took the Georgia Supreme Court nearly 6 months to come to this decision which is against all the efforts of the brave souls of Georgia who fought past wars against against totalitarian government. Secrecy is virtually the definition of totalitarian government. The arrogant, elitist, incompetent and corrupt Athens Government is again aided, not this time by this newspaper, but by a foolish and misguided court of this state which took no, zero, public testimony on the main issue, the corrupt investigation of the Jennifer Stone intestigation in the first place. It is meaningless to declare this a continuing investigation if the existing one has been obstructied with corruption as all the evidence indicates it has, that is the investigation by the distinguished investigative journalist Elton Manzione in the former Athens Observer. Thank you to the majority of the Georgia Supreme Court for voting for government tyranny and corruption against everything this country stands for. Thank you for voting against the improper rulings of the late Judge Gaines against the public interest, and the many valiant and courageous efforts of the late attorney Scott McLarty, who fought so valiantly for openness and truth in this case. This ruling also sustains the corruption even to the Georgia GBI in this case. As my friend who has lived in Georgia most of his life said, "Georgia has a long history of corruption in government."
Winfield J Abbe


#40 Jul 5, 2008
The following statement was made today Sunday, July 6, 2008, following the ABH editors editorial on the Georgia Supreme Court ruling on this case:

"Isn't this far too polite a statement by the ABH editors? The newspaper must be commended on bringing this action to open the police investigative files on this old, admittedly dormant case. Their lawyer did a magnificent job before the Supreme Court of Georgia last December, 2007. especially compared to the miserable job by County Attorney Berryman. But Berryman won. The lowly citizen is the loser because he or she does not even know what investigative information the government of Athens even has on file in this case do they? They don't even know if the much talked about DNA samples have been properly stored all these years or the quantity of those samples do they? For all the lowly citizen knows, there is no case file left in this case as it may have been long "lost" or destroyed, as the case files for similar case, like the Little case in Atlanta was also "lost" over 50 years ago by two local Georgia governments. The point is that the Supreme Court made a choice here, and chose secrecy instead of enlightenment. The chance that anyone will ever be brought to justice in this case is probably less than winning the Georgia Lottery anyway. So what great risk to "justice" is there in opening the files, or at least forcing the AThens government to even prove they have a case file? The bottom line is that the Georgia Supreme Court caved and aided the local government in its desperate fear of openness instead of secrecy. It aided the local governmnent in its quest to appear some sort of citizen friendly government when the exact opposite is true. It not only prevented embarassment of Athens and the Athens Police Dept., but prevented any possible citizen involvement which might have resulted if the case files were forced open by the full military force and power of government rather than using this huge power to keep them under secret wraps. Everyone loses in this kind of a decision which is obviously patterned more after Adolph Hitler than Thomas Jefferson. Shame, shame, shame... on the Georgia Supreme Court majority."

United States

#41 Jul 6, 2008
my mother was killed when I was 7, because one of the men involved being from a wealthy family, the grand jury was not given all info on the shooting.
They ruled it an accident.
Tell me how it could be considered an accidental shooting when the woman didn't weigh but 126 pounds and was 5'3" she was shot 3 times in the chest, now is that an accident? I and many others say it is murder. She would have been knocked off her feet with the first shot, by doing so she would have been out of the line of fire for the next 2 shots......All evidence in this case was distroyed by the investigating police department.
So from experience I know evidence can be lost.
Good luck in your campaign.
Winfield J Abbe


#42 Jul 11, 2008
Today, Friday, July 11, 2008, the Athens Banner Herald published an article requesting reconsideration by the Georgia Supreme Court for reconsideration of the Jennifer Stone Murder, April 23, 1992. Here is my statement responding to that article in the comments section of the newspaper:

Winfield J. Abbe
Friday, July 11, 2008Recommendations to the Georgia Supreme Court:
1. Since corruption in the Jennifer Stone investigation is alleged, they must first order the Athens Police Dept. to turn over every iota of evidence and investigatory material, including DNA evidence to them.
This would first demonstrate that such evidence still exists and has not been destroyed or "lost" or abridged.
2. They should appoint a totally independent distinguished expert, like Dr. Henry Lee, Ph.D., to evaluate the investigatory file and make a report back to them within a year. He must be provided full and broad powers of investigation including but not limited to questioning all current and former members of the APD under oath as well as all politicians and or court officials still alive. Based on this report, they could then make a determination if the main suspect in the crime has indeed been DNA tested or not, and if the case is tainted with corruption or simply a truly unsolved one. If there is corruption, they would be duty bound to request the appropriate authorities to take action against all involved in the government of Athens. Whatever they decide, the report of Professor Lee should be made public no less than 60 days from the day it is received by the court. These actions by the court might provide citizens of Georgia, whose forced taxation provides the funding for this government, to have more confidence in government at all levels, especially the local Athens Clarke County "Unified" Government. Professor Lee has an earned Ph.D. degree in Biochemistry from New York University, 1975 and is the former Director, Connecticut State Police Forensic Science Laboratory and Founder and Professor of the Forensic Science Program at the University of New Haven, Editor of Seven Academic Journals, author/coauthor of 30 books and over 300 articles. His website is . The parents of Tara Baker, murdered in Athens 2001 reqested he be permitted to examine that file, but were denied by the Athens Police Dept. Obviously the Athens Police Dept. does not want anyone looking over their secret shoulder do they? I wonder what they so fear about others examining their work, especially others much more qualified and without conflict of interest than they are?

Winfield J. Abbe
A.B., Physics, UC Berkeley, 1961
M.S., Physics, California State University at Los Angeles, 1962.
Ph.D., Physics, UC Riverside, 1966
Former UGA physics professor with tenure 1966-1978.
Institute of Science and Technology Fellow, University of Michigan, 1966-1967.
Recent articles:

"An Unsucceessful Effort to Deny Use of State of Georgia Facilities for Fund Raising by the American Cancer Society", Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., May, 2000, available at UGA library.
"University Fails to Offer Another Viewpoint" by Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., 2001, . This website is operated by Ann Fonfa, a cancer survivor from New York, and also a very courageous publisher.

150 Raintree Ct.
Athens, GA. 30607

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