Here is an excellent piece describing the situation in politically correct Virginia:

How many Athenians would stand up and defend efforts to remove historical monuments to the courageous Confederate Veterans on Broad St. downtown Athens? Most people are too busy aren't they, and would look away.

Yes the South lost the war, but they had every right to secede from the Union just a much as the revolutionists earlier had the right to secede from the tyrants in England, and just as any state today has those same rights. These are among the most fundamental of human rights, and the day these monuments come down from every main street in Georgia will be the day the Union finally loses the final battle it deserved to lose some 150 years ago.

The Southern States voted to secede from the Union. Voting is a peaceful act, not a violent one. It was the outlaw lying lawyer Abraham Lincoln who started the violence and sought to use force of arms to keep the South in a Union against their will. Abraham Lincoln was personally responsible for crimes against humanity and rape of our precious Constitution and rule of law.

Do not believe the lies in the History books about this unprosecuted criminal of America.