Republican Tea Party, Paul Ryan

Republican Tea Party, Paul Ryan

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Swamp Fox

Savannah, GA

#1 Sep 21, 2012 ...

Search; What Have the Tea Party and the Church of Satan Got in Common?

Answer, the sinister Atheist Ayn Rand.

Click on the Link.
Swamp Fox

Savannah, GA

#2 Sep 21, 2012
Paul Ryan has Hero -Wroshipped the Atheist Author Ayn Rand for years.
This is the Republican Tea Party's Messiah, and her book, "Atlas Shrugged" is their Bible.

Search; Ayn Rand - Tea Party

Search; Tea Party - Movie "Atlas Shrugged"

The Republican Tea Party Leadership has embraced the teachings and philosophy of the Atheist Author Ayn Rand. To understand the intentions fo the Tea Party Leadership, take a long hard look at Ayn Rand.
Ayn Rand was born in Russia to non-practicing Jewish parents in 1905, educated in a Russian Communist Universtiy, and emigrated to the United States in 1926. Ayn Rand was blown away by the lavish lifestyles of New Yorkers in the "Roaring Twenties." Ayn Rand fell madly in love with UNrestricted Capitalism and the industrial and business Tycoons who made it all possible.
Ayn Rand's Tycoon Heroes were being attacked in Newspaper articles for their Greed and Selfishness, and their lack of regard for the safety and well being of their workers.

Ayn Rand wrote books defending the greed and selfishness of her Tycoon Heroes. Ayn Rand's books, including "Atlas Shrugged,"the Tea Party favorite, were her passport into New York High Society. Ayn Rand made a lot of money from book sales and speaking engagements. Ayn Rand's likes and dislikes mirrored those of her Tycoon heroes.
Ayn Rand despised the Poor and the Working Class, and frequently referred to them as Parasites, and Moochers.

Ayn Rand said, "The Poor and the Working Class are Parasites feeding on the wealth accumulated by their intellectual superiors."

Ayn Rand despised Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment Insurance, and all other Social Safety net Programs, and she wanted all of them abolished and done away with.

The Republican Tea Party Heroine Ayn Rand said, "Social Security and Unemployment Insurance are Hammocks that the people relax in, and these programs encourage laziness and a reluctance to work in the people."

Ayn Rand despised Christianity because it teaches Love and Compassion, attributes that Ayn Rand thoroughly detested.

Ayn Rand said, "Christianity is a sign of weakness in a Capitalist Society."

Search; Tea Party Funding Koch Brothers Emerge From Anonymity-Peter, US News

Now you know where Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan get their Nutty Mean ideas from.
Swamp Fox

Savannah, GA

#3 Sep 21, 2012
The Republican Billionaire Koch Brothers are the source of Millions of dollars to fund the Tea Party, Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney.
The Koch Brothers say they will spend $400 Million Dollars on the 2012 Election. ...

Koch Bothers Funding the Tea Party
Swamp Fox

Savannah, GA

#4 Sep 21, 2012
Satanism is based on the Philosophy of Ayn Rand.

Search; Ayn Rand - Anton Lavey

Anton Lavey, Founder of the Church of Satan, and Author of the "Satanic Bible," idolized Ayn
Rand and her books. Ayn Rand's books praised the virtues of Greediness, Selfishness, and the value of personal gratification above all else. Anton Lavey was accused of plagarizing some of Ayn Rand's writings, which Lavey did NOT deny.

Anton Lavey said, "Satanism is Just Ayn Rand's philosophy with ceremony and rituals added."

Search; What has the Tea Party and the Church of Satan got in common?

I am sure the Church of Satan welcomes the Republican Tea Party to their beliefs and philosophy.
Politics does indeed make strange bedfellows, Christians, Atheists, Republicans, and Satanists are all piled up in One Bed.
Swamp Fox

Savannah, GA

#5 Sep 21, 2012
Take a look into the black heart of the Tea Party Heroine, Ayn Rand.

Search; Ayn Rand - William Hickman

Ayn Rand adored William Hickman and wanted to write a book using Hickman as the Heroic character of the story.
William Hickman's claim to fame was that he kidnapped, raped, murdered, and dismembered a 12 year old girl.
The Republican Tea Party Heroine Ayn Rand lavished praise on William Hickman all during his arrest, trial, conviction, and after his execution for the brutal crime.
Ayn Rand gushed praise, and admiration for William Hickman for his,"Rugged Individualism, his Unwavering Pursuit of Personal Gratification, and his Total and Absolute Lack of Regard for the norms of society."
Society overlooked the Republican Tea Party Heroine Ayn Rand's sick fascination with the murderer William Hickman because she was, "considered to be an intellectual with a few quirks."
YOU would have been tarred, feathered, and run out of town on a pole.

Search; Ayn Rand, Hero or Monster

Search; Republicans Must Choose Ayn Rand or Jesus
Swamp Fox

Savannah, GA

#6 Sep 21, 2012

American Values Network, Ayn Rand VS Jesus

American Values Network is a Christian Republican Organization, and they are taking Republicans to the woodshed over Ayn Rand.
Swamp Fox

Savannah, GA

#7 Sep 21, 2012

Tea Party Movie "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand

Savannah, GA

#9 Sep 22, 2012
History of the John Birch Society ......- Similarto John Birch Society
History: The John Birch Society was, for a long time, the principle radical right ... raised by right-wing groups opposed to New Deal legislation before World War II.... things like abolishing progressive income taxes, eliminating social security,...

So now we have Ayn Rand wanting Social Security, Medicare, and Unemployment Insurance Abolished.

Then we have Ayn Rand's Disciple Paul Ryan wanting to Abolish Social Security, Medicare, and Unemployment Insurance.

And we have the Multi-Billionaire Koch Brothers wanting to Abolish Social Security, Medicare, and Unemployment Insurance.

And we had the Father of the Koch Brothers, Fred Koch, a Founding Member of the John Birch Society, also wanting to Abolish Social Security, Medicare, and Unemplyment Insurance.

And we had Paul Ryan Co-Sponsoring the Bill to Privatize Social Security back when George Dubya Bush was President.

Now, Paul Ryan claims after hero-worshipping Ayn Rand since his high school days, that he just found out Ayn Rand was an Atheist.

And Paul Ryan claims he wants to "Fix" Social Security, yeah right!

I might have been born at night, but it wasn't Last Night.

Any Senior who listens to Paul Ryan's Lies, and Mitt Romney's Lies needs his head examined, or exhumed, since he is probably brain dead.
Swamp Fox

Savannah, GA

#10 Sep 22, 2012
Are you smart enough to keep your Social Security and Unemployment Insurance? ...

This is Document # 1147 of the Eisenhower Presidential Papers in his first term.
Obviously, Republican President Eisenhower thought the American people were too smart to fall for the B.S. put out by these people.

Eisenhower was wrong.

Read the third paragraph, Ike is talking about Hunt Foods, H L Hunt, and he is talking about the Koch Family, Fred Koch and his sons.
Eisenhower said here that any party that tries to Abolish Social Security and Unemployment Insurance
is Doomed.

This Tea Party crap, Libertarian Party crap, and John Birch Society crap didn't start yesterday, this has been going on since Social Security was founded in 1935.
Swamp Fox

Savannah, GA

#12 Oct 9, 2012

Eisenhower Presidential Papers Document # 1147

I call your attention to the paragraph beginning with the words, "Now it is true, that...."

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