Who do you support for Governor in Pe...
D Cheney

Homestead, PA

#56001 Feb 16, 2014
I agree BW Bush signed 291 executive orders during his 8 years.

But that was OK,,,he was a white old guy conservative..

D Cheney

Homestead, PA

#56002 Feb 16, 2014
John Boehner and the GOP fold on raising the debt ceiling.....not only did they raise it, there is no ceiling at all now until they vote next year.

Tea bags are all crying and making their tea bags all soggy.LMAO!
Romneys Foreign Policy

Washington, DC

#56004 Feb 16, 2014
Hey everyone, Mitt Romneys out there again trying to provoke Vladmir Putin...I swear that he is constantly trying to provoke something with Putin anf the Russians. Why? you ask...and I dont know if there's corruption with the Olympics, it is not clear and maybe there is corruption but to announce these accusations without clear evidence seems to support my conspiracy theory about Romnuts and his Morman faith...
and here's how it goes....
Romnuts is a Mormon, not a moron, even though thats a close call, but the Mormons who admittedly have these very large Costco style facilities to take care of thier own when in need of public assistance. One of the precepts of the Mormon faith is thier stong identification that they will be the chosen ones who quote "will inherit the earth" like the Meek but more Mormon oriented. So, getting back to my conspiracy theory is about the bunkers that are housed below the Costco style emergency care facilities can withstand a nuclear armageddon attack on the US. Hence, the "Inherit the Earth" prophesy will then come to fruition with a little help from master Romnuts. I mean he seems to be trying to initiate some type of confrontation with the Ruskies. How smart can that be?
This is my "conspiracy theory" and Im sticking to it.

Washington, DC

#56006 Feb 16, 2014
Julia wrote:
I see the same handful of boring posters are still here talking about the same thing with the same childish insults of one another.
Get a life.....
So, what are you doing here reading all this boring stuff? I guess that you're one of us boring posters on here with one of your own personalized childish insults. huh?

It sure seems that way....
Communist DTM

Moorpark, CA

#56007 Feb 16, 2014
Now that the communist DTM has been defeated my job is finished here.
The Toxic Avenger

Washington, DC

#56008 Feb 16, 2014
Communist DTM wrote:
Now that the communist DTM has been defeated my job is finished here.
It seems obvious to me that you're the only pablum-posting nonsense-scrolling sack of shtt that has been defeated. What's the matter loser boy? How's that Romney & Christie toast doing for ya lately? Where's has all you're Americans for Prosperity propoganda gone? They are paying you minimum wage now, aren't they? hahaha Oh, Im sure you guys will come up with another sure bet loser again too.(Huckabee or better yet, how about Gomer Pyle) hahahaha
You better get Pat Robertson to start saying some prayers soon. You know I hear that he has a direct pipeline to GOD and that pipeline is full of cash too, if you know what I mean...hahahaha but then again old Rick Sanatarium would have beaten Mitt Romnuts. huh? Hey, has you're old mother made her annual tithing to the 700 Club this year? The IRS knows where she lives too and will be in soon to pick her up..hahahaha
She's been claiming her donations to Robertson's charity "Africa, it's Mine for the Taking" charities. He has many of his missionaries in Africa working on that project and you fools fall for this shtt over and over, hahahahah. How stupid can you be?
by the way, have you changed that tampon yet? Did you know that I now have the EPA on your tail now....*note the double entendre that I used here....ie..the tampon and tail (up your butt)..hahaha it's too funny

Philadelphia, PA

#56009 Feb 16, 2014
Red team blue team.
You people are programmed to obey
Pretty soon election night will have a half time show and Budweiser commercials.
Did you go vote? No I just like the commercials.
1st Amendment Annoyance


#56010 Feb 17, 2014
Barack Hussein Obama's government just isn't intrusive enough so he plans on putting government officials inside NEWS organizations.

What could could wrong?

Newsmax.com , 12 Feb 2014

FCC Commissioner: Agency Looking to Police Newsrooms

The FCC is launching an initiative to question the priorities and decisions of newsrooms and potentially crack down on "perceived station bias," according to one of the agency's commissioners.

In an op-ed piece for The Wall Street Journal, Ajit Pai says the Federal Communications Commission plans to send researchers to grill reporters, editors and station owners about how they decide which stories to run, as part of a "Multi-Market Study of Critical Information Needs," reminiscent, he says, of the now-defunct controversial Fairness Doctrine.

"The FCC says the study is merely an objective fact-finding mission. The results will inform a report that the FCC must submit to Congress every three years on eliminating barriers to entry for entrepreneurs and small businesses in the communications industry," Pai writes.

"This claim is peculiar. How can the news judgments made by editors and station managers impede small businesses from entering the broadcast industry? And why does the [Critical Information Needs] study include newspapers when the FCC has no authority to regulate print media?"

Gilbertsville, PA

#56011 Feb 17, 2014
Newt G

Homestead, PA

#56013 Feb 17, 2014
Obamacare's winners include older Americans:

For many older Americans who lost jobs during the recession, the quest for health care has been one obstacle after another. They're unwanted by employers, rejected by insurers, struggling to cover rising medical costs and praying to reach Medicare age before a health crisis.
These luckless people, most in their 50s and 60s, have emerged this month as early winners under the nation's new health insurance system. Along with their peers who are self-employed or whose jobs do not offer insurance, they have been signing up for coverage in large numbers, submitting new-patient forms at doctor's offices and filling prescriptions at pharmacies.

"I just cried I was so relieved," said Maureen Grey, a 58-year-old Chicagoan who finally saw a doctor this month after a fall in September left her in constant pain. Laid off twice from full-time jobs in the past five years, she saw her income drop from $60,000 to $17,800 a year. Now doing temp work, she was uninsured for 18 months before she chose a marketplace plan for $68 a month.

Americans ages 55 to 64 make up 31 percent of new enrollees in the new health insurance marketplaces, the largest segment by age group, according to the federal government's latest figures. They represent a glimmer of success for President Barack Obama's beleaguered law.

The Great Recession hit them hard and for some its impact has lingered.

Thanks Barack !

Newt G

Homestead, PA

#56014 Feb 17, 2014
Oh dear. The Republican Party’s worst nightmare is coming true. Obamacare is working.

The news that nearly 1.2 million people signed up last month for insurance through the Affordable Care Act exchanges is highly inconvenient for GOP candidates nationwide. It looks as if the party’s two-word strategy for the fall election — bash Obamacare — will need to be revised.

Cumulatively, 3.3 million people had chosen insurance plans through the state and federal exchanges by the end of January. That is fewer than the administration had originally hoped but well above the predictions of critics who believed — or hoped — that the program would never succeed. The Congressional Budget Office projects that 6 million people will have chosen plans through Obamacare when the initial enrollment period ends March 31, down from a pre-launch estimate of 7 million. Not bad at all.

Thanks Barack !
Newt G

Homestead, PA

#56015 Feb 17, 2014
Now back to FIXED NEWS with Sean Hannity on the Benghazi Scandal ..........LMAO!
Newt G

Homestead, PA

#56016 Feb 17, 2014
As of Dec. 31, "more than 9 million people now have health care coverage because of the Affordable Care Act," writes Josh Marshall. "It now seems like the number is more like 10 million."

Here's how that number breaks down: 2.1 million people have signed up for private insurance through the exchanges. About 4.4 million people have signed up for Medicaid coverage. And about 3.1 million young adults got coverage through Obamacare's rule forcing insurers to cover dependents up to age 26. Then there's the unknown number of people who bought Obamacare-based coverage directly from insurers.

The question is how many of these people really got coverage through Obamacare?

The exchange numbers are solid. You can trust those. The 3.1 million young adults who got coverage through the new insurance regulations is a pretty reliable figure, too -- though it's measuring something different than what people are usually thinking of when they ask how many people Obamacare has signed up.

But the Medicaid numbers are more complex. Each state runs its own count, and the data includes people who enrolled in Obamacare's Medicaid expansion as well as people who were eligible under prior law. To the Obama administration's annoyance, some states are also counting people who're simply renewing existing Medicaid policies.

A lot of the 4.4 million people who got coverage under Medicaid in the last few months got it from Obamacare's Medicaid expansion. Even more would've gotten it if all the states were participating in Obamacare's Medicaid expansion. But some simply got coverage under the preexisting Medicaid program

Thanks Barack !!

Herman Cain

Washington, DC

#56017 Feb 17, 2014
Newt G wrote:
Now back to FIXED NEWS with Sean Hannity on the Benghazi Scandal ..........LMAO!
The GOP is going back to their same old failed policy of Clinton bashing. Oh yeah they don't have to many original ideas. Ideas and original thought processes do not come easy for the blunt headed idiots. Pretty soon they're going to be rolling out that old hag Linda Tripp again, mark my word on this too. And nothing turns people off more than Linda Tripp oh yes people will be breaking the doors down to vote with the Democratic Party if they do this ....but they're going to do it.No doubt about it they will definately roll the old hag out again, just watch Hannity will do this and that'll be the end of New Whig (Tea Party) Party for good...

So bring the Grande dame out Sean, go ahead fall on your sword for the ignorant fools...

Belle Vernon, PA

#56018 Feb 17, 2014

Hillary is a shoe-in for 2016 - unbeatable and they can't stand it.

Herman Cain

Washington, DC

#56020 Feb 17, 2014
Can anybody tell me how Yousebekibekistan doing in the Olympics....Are they winning the Olympics?
Picking up your garbage

Allentown, PA

#56021 Feb 17, 2014
The GOV. Mr TOM,, sold us out for the gas tax. The guy now comes out of
the hole with big political commercials asking for his vote. That he brought the budget to the black. We do not need any more tax guys.
let us go without a GOV for four years. Perhaps the attorney General will get out of her hole
Newt G

Homestead, PA

#56022 Feb 17, 2014
Republicans have been feeding at the trough of social issues for over 20 years now. Suddenly, at least to them, they find themselves on the wrong side of the popular issues of the day, same sex marriage, legalized marijuana, immigration ,women's rights , minimum wage, etc. All they have left is abortion. expect them to play it for all they can get out of it
Just like last time, it will backfire in their face.
Eddie Swindell

Homestead, PA

#56023 Feb 17, 2014
Picking up your garbage wrote:
The GOV. Mr TOM,, sold us out for the gas tax. The guy now comes out of
the hole with big political commercials asking for his vote. That he brought the budget to the black. We do not need any more tax guys.
let us go without a GOV for four years. Perhaps the attorney General will get out of her hole
AG Kane doesn't want to clean up all the corruption and stench that Corbett will leave behind.
She's fine where she is, she will run in the next election. Corrupt let his buddy Sandusky molest kids for over 20 years and did NOTHING ! Hope Tom sleeps good at night..
T Cruz

Homestead, PA

#56024 Feb 17, 2014
We can all be logical about this, but here is the reality. Ted Cruz does not care about anyone but Ted Cruz. He doesn't actually give a damn about this country, given his behavior during the government shutdown. He is a psycho opportunist and as long as the dimmer bulbs let him play the Pied Piper, he will lead them to drown in the sea EVERY damn time......His principles can be covered in a few words. Media attention and continous high profile suicide missions to make himself look far more dedicated than he truly is. He is dedicated to himself. The guy is Joe McCarthy and will throw anyone under the bus who gets in his way. Being a team player is truly outside his skill set...

Thank you so much Texas for sending us another poster child for your faulty educational system and water........Truly--are you ever ashamed of what you vote for as your spokesman???? This time you went to new lows...

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