Blount County Sheriff's Deputies=JOKE!!!

Blount County Sheriff's Deputies=JOKE!!!

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Birmingham, AL

#1 Sep 30, 2010
Friday night we called the wonderful Blount County Sheriff's department to come out because out house was broken in to and our children's XBox stolen. The officer who came out was a complete idiot!!! When I spoke with a detective this morning I was told that the deputy put the system in as PlayStation, my name with the wrong last name and no phone number to contact me at! We know who has the XBox as it is the same kid who broke in to our house on 07/04/10....AJ COOK who lives in a trailer park in Remlap! This kid is a well known thief with the sheriff's office yet they refuse to do anything!!!! He even confessed last time after we found our laptop, modem, and XBox stashed in the woods! Blount County is a JOKE!!!!

Elgin, OK

#2 Dec 15, 2010
I went to the Blount county sheriff's department to file a complaint about a neighbor who in an act of anger and revenge, knowingly filed a false report with them, had me charged with and arrested on what she knew were two false charges. One for for "theft of property" and another one, the deputy told her she could also charge me with, "Criminal Trespass". That deputy didn't even bother to check the details to be sure she had a legitimate complaint! If he had, he would have discovered the FACTS! Which, by the way, came out just before my trial started, in the courtroom when she told the Assnt D.A. "Now, what he stole didn't actually belong to ME, and it wasn't actually ON my property" This woman is neither senile nor stupid, she KNEW it belonged to ME and she KNEW it was on MY property! The Assnt D.A. looked at her in disbelief, then told her with a slightly angry tone: "Well, THAT'S a PROBLEM!"
When the judge told me the charges had been dismissed and I signed a document kinda quick and hard, the judge even said: "Mr.___ I know you're angry and I don't blame you, I would be too, but is THAT your normal signature or...

I explained the above to the deputy taking my complaint and told him I wanted to file charges against her. He said: "Ok, for what?" I said I just told you what she did! Isn't that "false arrest"? He looked up the page for "false arrest" in his handbook and kind of mumbled what he was reading and then said "No, the book says that's if WE, or the police arrest you without cause." To shorten a long and frustrating story,

after looking up and reading another law in his little handbook, I was told there was nothing they could do.

A few months later, still not convinced what she did wasn't illegal, I brought it up in casual conversation with a Blount county narcotics detective, that a woman had me arrested on false charges. He immediately said: "You can have her charged with "False Imprisonment."

So I went online and Googled "False Imprisonment." I verified what she did fell under "False Imprisonment" and is indeed illegal and under Federal Law is a very serious offense! The founding fathers of our country took their freedom very seriously and made stiff laws concerning taking a man's freedom from him...especially WITHOUT JUST CAUSE!!! But just to be sure it's illegal under STATE law, I also verified the term and that it IS a crime under Alabama Law called "The Code Of Alabama".

So then, with the NAME of the law she broke, I went BACK to the Sheriff's office and told a person with experience, tenure, rank, and authority what my neighbor had done to me and I wanted her charged with "False Imprisonment". He wasn't familiar that so he had to look in HIS little handbook. Long story short.....couldn't find it. When I told him I saw it and read it for myself and how serious it was under Federal law, he said: "Oh! book only covers State law." When I told him I saw it and read it in The Code Of Alabama, he said "Tell me what chapter it's under and I can look it up that way." I didn't remember the chapter so once again, I was told by the Blount County sheriff's office, this time by someone in a position of authority;


I can't agree with them being "a Joke" though, because I finally "got it" and understood what they were REALLY saying, and I agree with them completely!! I don't know how many things they CAN'T do, but I agree with them,
there's NOTHING they CAN do! And that's...... NO JOKE!! <grin>
No Relations

Oneonta, AL

#3 Dec 29, 2010
They are busy harrassing and arresting some while they have proof on one's that are related and refuse to arrest them coming up with excuses of why they can't to call this department a joke is an understatement. We need to clean up the corruptness within the sheriff department before we clean up the streets of our community
Concerned ex resident

Aurora, CO

#4 Feb 12, 2011
I am embarrassed to admit I grew up in Blount county. The people who are suppose to protect you, policeman,judges, lawyers are as bad as some of the criminals. They decide who they will prosecute (doesn't matter if it's true or not) , who they will help and how much they will charge for doing it. I have always wondered why people make fun of southern people, I know now. People who will tolerate this abuse and continue to live in it deserve what they get. If you want to stay the least you can do is try to clean the place up.
Iam Niman

Jasper, AL

#5 May 27, 2012
Cops of ALL stripes are there to protect the status quo which serves themselves, and the political class. America is officially DEAD if we continue to sit by and allow this creeping death to swallow up everything. These days we are living in will be looked back on as the the most cowardly in American History regarding the populace not doing anything about the Crown having taken back America.
fed up citizen

Tucker, GA

#6 Nov 29, 2012
if you want to drink and drive then move to Blount co they don't seem to care about that every time we call them about my father in law be totally wasted the can't catch him or do anything about it I guess someone is gonna have to get killed before they get off there but and do anything...... THANKS ALOT I sure feel safe knowing they are in the job...what a JOKE they are the biggest set if crooked set of law enforcement officers in uniform that I've ever seen

Oneonta, AL

#7 Dec 6, 2014
I agree with all of the abuse of power named, & was also a victim of law enforcement in Oneonta, AL. My case was similar to the first one described, and the officer was shockingly disrespectful, speaking so loudly he sprayed spittle on my face. I am an almost 80 yr old, disabled widow and am certain this Barney Fife look alike would never have spoken to a man as he did me. I am ashamed of Blount County law enforcement, which is little more than a "good ole' boys" club who are ignorant, crude bullies & I would move if I could. My son in law's brother is a Federal Agent & he told me the residents of Oneonta would be scared to death if they knew what went on in both the police & sheriff's departments.

Sylacauga, AL

#9 Jan 30, 2016
How about all the drugs in the jail ?and people escaping from there. How about drugs being mailed into the jail ther inmate confessed who did it. They have recorded phone calls of it and the woman who did it is a heroin addict and they haven't arrested her. Three months ago.... Whatsup w the jail? My fiance got Six months for a old dui fine (breaking probation. Basically thrown in jail for not paying) and such a harsh sentence. We have four kids I paid half the fine over a grand it was- w a four hundred dollar power bill and a disconnect notice now..... How bout I Give the county over seven hundred HARD earned dollars around Christmas no less.w our Lil baby over here growing up. Since Aug -learned too crawl talk walk. Missed first Halloween. First thanksgiving. 1st Christmas. 1st bday coming up... I Write numerous character letters on his behalf. Literally taking money and food out of my children's mouth taking the breadwinner of the house for a half a year. Over money. How can u lock someone up for not paying. How they supposed to pay? Imagine we get a renegade of men and give them guns and tell them well if someone does something we dnt like in our area. we charge them money. If they dont pay it, We take them from their family. Yeah that makes sense... Anyway. I'm fucking done rambling. So ready to be done w this jail and county. The da & judge apparently are cold heartless women_ bc for another woman- a mother, to reach out for help and they turned deaf ear is what they did.

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