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Finns and Feathers/PETS

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Ankeny, IA

#1 Sep 20, 2009
Why isn't the community standing up against this pet store? Why are we supporting this blatant disrespect for the pet community?
Support rescues, not puppy mills.

Columbia, MO

#2 Oct 9, 2009

Columbia, MO

#3 Oct 20, 2009
Laurie - give me specifics why I shouldn't shop there. Your rant isn't enough for me to not give this store my business.

United States

#4 Oct 23, 2009
We are very satisfied with Finnís and Feathers. We have personally known the owners for years and had not one single issue with them. They are very dedicated to their work, animals, business, and family.

Last year my boyfriend and I went to both animal adoption shelters in Columbia, MO. We were very excited to be adopting a dog and wanted to give him/her the home they deserved and needed. We didnít want to purchase an animal on the basis there were so many sheltered/ homeless that we could support/adopt.

When we went to the adoption site we were met by a young woman who seemed no more than 16-18 years of age. She interviewed us as though we were on trial for a murder or other unforgivable crime. We were informed by her that we would not be candidates for an adoption based on these facts: we were not married, we lived on a farm (tractors, trucks, busy with movement), we did not tie our animal on chains, we did not leave them in pens and dog houses, we did crate trained/potty trained, we had dog already (Miniature Schnauzer, Oscar), we did not permanently leave our dog on a lead line when outside, etc.
~~Oscar was an inside dog and only crated when we were at work. His crate was a very large see through one that was purchased for safety issues

Even when we told her that when Oscar was outside, someone was always with him. Well long story short we were told no by both agencies. We were both so heart broken because we were allowed to view the animals and already had connected with a dog there. So we then went to a local home and purchased a large German Shepard puppy, Atticus, at 3 months old.

Both of our animals are treated as spoiled children and we couldnít be happier! Atticus and Oscar have been given a better life than some parents give their own children.!! We were once believers and gave donations to these so called shelters for the forgotten. But have these employees and volunteers forgotten us? Women who cannot support themselves and live on the government are allowed to have children without a license or consent, but a very happy, stable, life long couple was not allowed the simple right to adopt and animal. Scary isnít it?!

Morocco, IN

#5 Dec 6, 2009
Bonnie wrote:
Laurie - give me specifics why I shouldn't shop there. Your rant isn't enough for me to not give this store my business.
they get thier pups from puppy mills. puppy mills trap dogs in cages and make them have lots and lots of puppies until they die

United States

#6 Dec 17, 2009
Kerrie, Do you know for a FACT that they are getting their dogs from puppy mills? I think you are just listening to others in the community that have that in their head. You really want to be a follower in life and not a leader? What a pitty!

Edenton, NC

#7 Jan 9, 2010
These people are nice and seem to love their work and the animals they sell - the tanks and cages are always clean and the animals always have what they need. Most of us could only be so lucky.

Yes, they sell animals - horrible, isn't it?

Saint Louis, MO

#9 Jan 9, 2010
Where would everyone get their puppies from if there were no puppy mills? Say you wanted a specific breed of dog, go to the shelter and most of them are Heinz 57 dogs and not a lot of puppies either. So shut the H*LL UP!!!
stop puppy mills

Waterloo, IA

#10 Jan 21, 2010
Margie wrote:
Where would everyone get their puppies from if there were no puppy mills? Say you wanted a specific breed of dog, go to the shelter and most of them are Heinz 57 dogs and not a lot of puppies either. So shut the H*LL UP!!!
Uhhh hello how about responsible breeders who care enough for their dogs to actually take care of them (vet care, food, water, REAL shelter, improving the breed NOT ruining it?)???
OR Specific Breed Rescues?
Or getting an adult dog?? Their 10X more thankful then puppy mill puppies plus youíre saving their life
PLEASE ADOPT or at least go to a reputable breeder and get your puppy fixed!!!!!

“amused by the criminaly insane”

Since: Dec 09

Location hidden

#11 Jan 21, 2010
There are many purebred dogs in rescues, you can get on petfinder and do a search or search for breed specific rescues. To the poster who tried to adopt, that was awful and you should not of been treated that way. I would of asked to speak to the director.

All breeders are required to be licensed with the dept of ag as well as pet stores and rescue/shelters, you can request copies of their inspections so you can see what and if there are any issues, which will help you make a decision.
Bad News

Milton, FL

#12 Mar 12, 2010
I've heard of 2 separate instances of this store selling very sick puppies in the last month.

Also, pet store puppies are notoriously more difficult to housebreak because they're so used to sitting in their own mess (even if it does get cleaned out daily). Then new owners get frustrated and tired of their puppy ruining their carpet and dump them off at the humane society.

And I do not believe for a moment that these dogs come from individual homes (as claimed) and not a puppy mill. No reputable breeder would sell to a pet store.
happy to speak

Greenbrier, AR

#14 Apr 19, 2010
the puppymill cruelty prevention act does not address substandard kennels or unlicensed dog breeding facilities. It seeks to eliminate those who are legal.licensed professional and show breeders
who take excellent care of their animals and abide by all state and federal laws.
From Columbia

Columbia, MO

#15 May 23, 2010
I can actually say that their dogs do come from individual breeders as I work at the vet where the dogs are checked out before they are taken to the store. This store does eveything it can to guarantee their dogs are healthy including having them checked out before the owner of the store will take them. The instances where we have had dogs come in "sick" from owners who have bought from this store are actually cases where the new owners have not taken proper care of them after they left the store. One instance that comes to mind is when the buyer went from the store to a B-day party where the dog was fed cake.... Who gives cake to a 9 week old puppy? or any dog for that matter. When the dog got an upset stomach they took it to the ER vet and ran up about $500 of bills they then tried to pin on the store. This dog was not sick when it left the store but I am sure all the who rant about this store "know" for sure that everyone who buys a dog, whether from a store or a shelter, takes good care of it.

Columbia, MO

#16 May 31, 2010
Margie wrote:
Where would everyone get their puppies from if there were no puppy mills? Say you wanted a specific breed of dog, go to the shelter and most of them are Heinz 57 dogs and not a lot of puppies either. So shut the H*LL UP!!!
You seem to not understand that there is a difference between "puppy mills" and puppy breeders...puppy mills being those that are only concerned with profit...mothers and puppies are kept in unsanitary wire cages generally(something like what u would find in this store!) and puppies are pumped out constantly with no concern for the health/wellbeing of puppies or mother....just want that $

Puppy breeders on the other hand..breed puppies...I know several puppy breeders that I would no where near call "mills" these dogs are kept indoors with the family...get attention,love, and LET OUT of THEIR CAGES! These people dont have several puppies at once, usually only a litter or two, making sure each and every puppy has the vet care and attention it deserves and need. I don't know about u but I would much rather get a loved well socialized pup that hasn't spent the first 6 weeks of it's life in a cage with no human contact.

Do some research before you start saying anyone who breeds is a mill!
Former Employee

El Paso, TX

#17 Nov 28, 2012
I worked at this store and the owners absolutely care ONLY about profit, not the well being of the animals they sell. They will sell a dog to ANYONE that can pay for it, no questions asked. During my time of work there they violated hundreds of USDA statues and guidelines for stores that sell live animals. One time during the winter there was no heat in the store and the owners didn't do anything about it for three days. Each store in the mall has its own regulatory heat and cooling system so the pet store was freezing while the puppies were in their cages. A few times puppies came into the store and got sick and should have been taken to the vet but ofcourse were not and customers were lied to about their sickly conditions. Not all of the breeders they purchased dogs from we're puppy mills but there was definitely dogs that did come from horrific puppy mills, ones that are on the MO Humane Society "Dirty Dozen" list of the absolute worst breeders in the state. They violated the USDA size requirements of the cages and amount of puppies per cage the entire time they were open, cramming as many puppies in to sit in their own mess for 12 hrs overnight. The owners are delusional, unprofessional, tacky redneck trash and I hope they go out of business for good, or stick to strictly selling fish and fish tanks since those are their real and only priority.

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