Haunted places in Ashland

Bronx, NY

#81 Aug 3, 2010
My mom used to clean the Henry clay about 20 years ago... Don't know if it was her playing tricks or what but the basement was scary... You could hear weird bumps and noises. She also cleaned the Nazarene church by the park. I was with her and we were the only ones there. The water came on in the sink while I was cleaning a toilet for her. She was upstairs.

Columbus, OH

#82 Aug 3, 2010

Ashland, KY

#83 Aug 3, 2010
you are close. charles manson did not live there, his uncle did and he was murdered there.

Ashland, KY

#84 Aug 3, 2010
NoT hAUNTEd wrote:
In the 1960's L. Brisbin discovered and identified the great stone serpent mound on a ridgetop above the Big Sandy River, not far from the Ohio R. near Catlettsburg Ky. The Big Sandy marks the border between Ky. and WV. there. It took Brisbin some time to get the ground cleared and to map the actual stone structure, and even more time before professionals took a look at it and recognized it for what it was. Of course, much is known about the Great Serpent Mound of southern Ohio dated to middle Woodland times, but that is an earthen structure. The stone serpent is unique in that it is constructed totally of stone, but winds its way for over 500 feet up one side, across the top and down the other side of a ridge. Nearby are extensive quarrying evidence in the local limestone boulders. Later, surveys indicated that an 'altar' area (pehaps an egg in the serpents mouth similar to the earth one in Ohio) on a bench below the head--which is more that twenty feet across and may have been 12 feet high--had a direct solar alignment with the summer solstice on the opposite ridge across the river. The site is remarkably well preserved and is now protected on lands owned by the Ashland Oil Co. This author has followed the winding path of the serpent body its entire length on more than one occasion until it ends in a single stone. It is a remarkable achievement of prehistory with which few are familiar. The clear solar alignment seems to be a phenomenon of large stoneworks throughout the world during this period and gives credence to further investigations of other stone complexes along these lines.
Is that private property? How would one get access to it? I've been to the Serpent Mound in Oh. and would love to see one in my hometown.

Since: Jun 10

Waneta, KY

#85 Aug 4, 2010
Robert2 wrote:
Rock house RD and Hearthstone acres have an alleged ghost that travels up and down the creek there opening doors and making noises in Various homes. The old timers there say it is the result of the Caved in mine on Eddie Green's property, which has been unused and mostly unknown for over 100 years.
my aunt use to live on hearthstone acres she moved because of the man who kept comin in to her house. she could see him in the mirror but couldnt look directly at him because he wasnt there things disappeared from her house when he came in and stuff was very freaky i use to stay with her some


#86 Aug 4, 2010
The tb is one of the scariest places i ever been. back before they started getting the apartments done we got to go on a tour in it from a program at school, the walls were torn out and there was only a few work lights and us, a small group of like 10.. it was a scary feeling, heard a moan, others said they saw people taking corners really fast but i didnt, the moans freaked me out the worst, that pplace must have had a lot of deaths
Stafford Hater

Louisa, KY

#87 Aug 5, 2010
There is a haunted house at Camden Park. If you pay them, they will let you go through it, very scary.
the sinner

United States

#88 Aug 9, 2010
KDMC the oldest part of the hospital which was the cursing dorms/ old BCEMS base....VERY haunted

Broken Arrow, OK

#89 Aug 9, 2010
ajhfayei wrote:
does anyone know anything about the yellow house on blackburn across from pollard church on the corner? heard nobody will live there longer than a month or 2
i also have always herd this i was told by a friend that a family lived there and had 2 boys and the father had been molesting the children without the mothers knowlage and had killed himself in the home..i can not remember if he kill the rest of the family or not..its a sad story.and i was also told nobody stays here long dont know who the owner is its always grown up and empty find it odd its not for sale soo sometihing must be up.
dont believe

Kent, OH

#90 Aug 9, 2010
i heard way back in the 20's that ashland blewup in a nuclear war, and that everyone in ashland died, and that they haunt every house and person living in ashland...this topic is so stupid! no such thing as ghosts....
Louisa ky

United States

#91 Aug 9, 2010
dont believe wrote:
i heard way back in the 20's that ashland blewup in a nuclear war, and that everyone in ashland died, and that they haunt every house and person living in ashland...this topic is so stupid! no such thing as ghosts....
wow u must be really old. No wonder ur so hateful, r u sure ur not dead? U might be one of those bad ghost
I believe

Tallahassee, FL

#92 Aug 9, 2010
dont believe wrote:
i heard way back in the 20's that ashland blewup in a nuclear war, and that everyone in ashland died, and that they haunt every house and person living in ashland...this topic is so stupid! no such thing as ghosts....
I beg to differ! My friend was shot and killed about 5 years ago. I've seen him many times since. Keeps telling me he was murdered!!

Lyndhurst, VA

#93 Aug 9, 2010
laughinginurface2010 wrote:
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i am a spiritualist medium, have been doing readings for 20 yrs. if interested contact me at [email protected] for further information.please put psychic in subject line, thanks
Rockhouse road

Newark, NJ

#94 Aug 9, 2010
One of my friends lived on rockhouse rd&her mother lived in a house behind hers. Both of the houses had many crazy things happen,but the mothers house had more. She would see a man behind her when she looked in the mirrors but of course wasn't there when she looked in the room. There was a new part of the house added on&the spirits wouldn't go in there. There was also a lady spirit. The man was very intimidating&you got the impression he was kinda evil. The lady didn't bother anybody or anything. There was things that went on at my friends house too. Once I woke up to the covers being pulled off of me but there was nobody there. A lot of the things happened during the day. You would just get a very strange feeling of being watched or that somebody was right behind you. They are very creepy scary places! My friend moved out but her mother still stays there. Her neighbors also complained of unusal things happening at their house. I believe that area is haunted!

Newark, NJ

#95 Aug 9, 2010
Does anybody know if anything tragic happened at the cement factory? What's the story on that place? It is a creepy looking place but I've never gone into it. Heard a lot of people say it's haunted but haven't ever heard the backstory on it.
its me

Louisa, KY

#96 Aug 9, 2010
one time some friends took me to this creepy cemetery in coal grove. it was in the middle of no where. it was supposedly a lady buried there and all the kids she killed around her. anyone know anything about it??
The cement factory

Ashland, KY

#97 Aug 9, 2010
The cement factory buildings were built around 1901 The factory shut down in 1970 for "financial reasons" However many believe it was shut down because of the mine shafts they had built were below water level causing them to collapse. Its rumored that in the 1970's the wall of the basement of the cement factory broke and flooded, killing several people. Today people have claimed to hear and see the ghost of these people, many of who's bodies were never recovered. This is only about a quarter of a mile from Woodland Cemetery.

Grayson, KY

#98 Aug 12, 2010
NONAME wrote:
Oh yeah the Paramount is definitely haunted. I volunteered there when I was in high school and so many odd things happened at night. There's a church, I can't remember the name of it, but it's up by King's Daughters. It is haunted by a man as well. My aunt used to clean there and we had several experiences with him.
i remember hearing about him when we would go to the paramount oh memories

Versailles, KY

#99 Aug 12, 2010
What about the old bus depot? Anyone remember a fire that was there?

Lexington, KY

#100 Aug 12, 2010
is rockhouse road close to golf course on route 5 and mabe has a fishing pond at end of road

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