Haunted places in Ashland
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#265 Sep 18, 2012
Has anyone experienced the Chesapeake community center?

Hodgenville, KY

#266 Sep 19, 2012
I remember wrote:
<quoted text>. Reading through this forum I have noticed that that area ,around 24th and bath, keeps coming up as having activity. I lived around 24th or 25th and Montgomery when I was little and heard my name called. The house was right beside a "very festive" church. Now that whole area has been bought out and torn down by KDMC. It's a shame all that history is lost. Those were some pretty old homes.
That was a Synagogue, right?
The Parsons lived down there, Lynchs, Tacketts- all sorts of fun families!

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#267 Sep 21, 2012
Does anyone know of any good haunted tours?
Ghosts for good

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#268 Sep 25, 2012
Someone should host a Halloween party in one of these Haunted locations and give proceeds to a local charity.

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#269 Sep 25, 2012
Ghostly wrote:
Does anyone know of any good haunted tours?
Waverly hills in Louisville. Its worth the money and drive. Check out their websight.

Ashland, KY

#270 Sep 26, 2012
i can say safeharbor is haunted by the ghost of my dead wife that i beat the crap out of

Ashland, KY

#271 Oct 7, 2012
vincent apartments, ashland ky on winchester. everyone that moves in there dies there or o.d.s or has bad shit happen to them. I seen wierd things in there all the time and everyone the is suicidal and has nightmares and someone with nothing wrong with them can spend 2 weeks there and thier life will be changed forever.
kill me

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#272 Oct 7, 2012
vincent is very haunted. its a horrrible place everyone stay away. if the ghosts dont get u the ppl will.

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#273 Oct 7, 2012
Long ago I worked for a tenant of the old TB hospital and although I never experienced anything unusual on second, third (which was unused), did have a very unusual quality to the atmosphere. I was only on the floor a few times as we stored some items there, but in all honesty the place creeped me out.

Ardsley, NY

#274 Oct 9, 2012
Paramount is definitely haunted! If your ever in there alone you can feel a presence that would put chills up your spine! Is there any haunted tours for Halloween around town of ghost houses?

Ashland, KY

#275 Oct 12, 2012
I think there is a tour of the Ashland cemetery this weekend......Marshall steen gives it every year......
About the statue. I used to go around that statue all the time......someone told me that their brother cut her big toe off. And sure enough, last time I looked, her toe was missing....
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#276 Oct 13, 2012
someone wrote:
<quoted text>ha ha someone told me that a bus of football players died on some old train tracks there and if u park your car where the tracks were and put it in neutral they would push u off the tracks.....REALITY WAS GRAVITY MADE US ROLL DOWN THE HILL BUT THE GIRL STILL SWEARS IT WAS HAUNTED
Go rent the movie "Fingerprints" That's where this story comes from "/
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#277 Oct 13, 2012
ray wrote:
dont any one in ashland know where rock house road is?
It's the first right pass sundowner the it's on the left and yes there was a pay lake years ago called rock lake. Me and my grandfather used to fish there. I remember we had to park in the owners yard
back in the day

Ashland, KY

#278 Oct 14, 2012
Before they tore it down, the old hide factory used to be pretty scary.

i'm really surprised no one has mentioned it.

me and my friends used to shimmy through the gates when i was a teenager.

there were meat hooks that hung from the ceilings in some of the rooms. In other rooms, there were test tubes and rusty old desks.

there was a place in it we called 'the flooded basement' and i don't know if it was a basement or not, but at night, you were navigating by flashlight, so it wasn't the most lit up place. anyway, there were some stairs, and we would get people to start to walk down them. we would stop them before they stepped on it, but it was completely flooded. I swear the liquid was black though, that's why people would just start walking willy nilly. you couldn't tell it was liquid. we would pull them back and then toss a penny and you could tell cause it would ripple.

another room was really wide, and there was some floor missing, it dropped down really far. We used to tell people scary stories about satan worshipers (we made them up) as we were getting there. The thing was though, in that room, when we got to the big hole, when you looked down in it, there was a black or dark greenish sludge at the bottom. there were pigs down there. the sludge had grown up over them, so you couldn't see any skin peeking through, but they were there.
we made up the stories, but who the hell knows how those pigs got into the building, let alone all the way through to the place where the pit was.

it was, for lack of a better word, creepy as hell. but it wasn't all bad, we would get up on the roof and look over ashland on cool nights.

they tore the place down, i heard because of toxicicity. I also heard there were rats the size of cats there. I never saw them, but the bloody hooks on the ceiling, test tubes, and those pigs (god that was creepy, even more now that I'm an adult and think of it) in that pit. there were two for a long time, then i swear there were three the last few visits i made.

anyways, anyone remember the place, or been there.

it was close to carter ave beer store. if you followed the road by the park on the backside of the hospital, when you hit the end, you could go left or right. that vacant lot is where the hyde factory was.

Ironton, OH

#279 Oct 22, 2012
wonder what was up with that place.

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#280 Oct 22, 2012
the hyde factory would be nice to hear more about for those of us into paranormal and odd happenings
back in the day

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#281 Oct 27, 2012
it was super creepy. the grass was really tall there, so we usually went when it started getting colder, like sept or oct. so that we wouldn't get bit by snakes. Although, sometimes we went on summer nights anyway when we were bored or wanted to show someone who hadn't been there before.

The lot was pretty big, even when the building was standing, you had to watch where you were walking because there was stuff just laying around everywhere. To get in, you had to hold the gate like you were opening it, and squeeze though, the chain holding it together had enough room to make it easy.

There was also this big smoke stack. When you got on the roof, you could see that there was a built in ladder welded to it. It looked like it went all the way to the top. I was never brave enough to climb it though. I seen one of my friends get about half way up before they got tired and decided to climb back down.

I know that the cops patroled around that building alot. I don't know if it was for teens like me, just wanting to get a peek, or if anything serious had ever happened there. But when we were squeezing though the gate, one of us had to be the lookout, and once we got in, we had to keep ducking into the grass because they drove by so much.

The room with all the hooks on the ceiling was really scary. There were places where there was still dried blood. It looked like one day, everyone just left, and didn't clean up anything. Some hooks you could take down, and some were in a row kinda like a really large blade. I couldn't tell because it was dark, but it looked like they used to move.

the pit with the pigs in it was HUGE! the pigs i told you about, were really close together, but the pit was really big. It had beams that ran over it, but i didnt want to fall into that green stuff.

I was told that the place was toxic years later. I believe it. there was all kinds of ooze (don't know what else to call it. There were test tubes in some rooms with dried stuff in them. There were even old ratty lab coats hanging on hooks and on the back of chairs still there.

My mom said it was called 'the tannery' and that they tanned cow hides to make leather a long time ago. I still don't know why they needed lab coats for that. Who knows?

All I know is that it was old and smelled funny and was creepy as hell. the kind of place that was quiet but made your heart beat really hard and fast.
It was fun taking people there though. I'll never forget it.

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#282 Nov 13, 2012
ajhfayei wrote:
does anyone know anything about the yellow house on blackburn across from pollard church on the corner? heard nobody will live there longer than a month or 2
I pass that house every day and, if I'm not mistaken, it looks empty right now. It IS next to that grave yard, ya know....

True story: I was at an estate sale over on Eloise Street about five years ago. The owner's (deceased) daughter, a bedridden 'invalid,' had stayed in the back bedroom, next to the kitchen. Well, they had displayed a bunch of folded linens on the girl's bed, and three or four of us were standing there, just looking around at some sewing items, etc. There was no fan, no breeze or open window. Nothing. Suddenly, a stack of linens just LEVITATED over the bed, into thin air, then flipped over, and landed in the floor. No one was within three feet of the bed! We all just looked at each other, speechless. Then I finally said, "Did you see that?" and everyone nodded. We all just calmly left the room, but I did mention it to the people running the sale. Scary stuff.

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#283 Nov 19, 2012
Sorry to spoil it for u all but the old tb hospital is not haunted I've lived there 2years n never had anything happen u can pretty much come up for a reason for different sounds u hear....like other people live here

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#284 Nov 19, 2012
Does any of these locations do ghost tours?

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