KDMC layoff rumors
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Ashland, KY

#1 Jul 18, 2010
does anyone honestly know if all the rumors about a layoff at kdmc are true? which areas will be affected?

Richmond, KY

#2 Jul 18, 2010
what happens if you are sick and have to call off at KDMC?? Do you get in trouble? wondering
let me help you

Greenup, KY

#3 Jul 18, 2010
KDMC is not laying off anyone at this point.

And, just as at any other place of employment, if you are sick and call off it depends on how often you miss work. If you never miss, then it's not a problem. If you miss all the time, then disciplinary action will be taken.

Is this a joke? What happens if you work at kdmc and have a car crash on your way to work and don't make it in? Will the hospital still operate that day?


Richmond, KY

#4 Jul 18, 2010
kdmc done a 3 year fiscal responsibility analysis
they found out they need to cut some expenses or within the time they will come up short in cash.
they have cut some payroll deductions they used to do and are looking at other options. layoffs might be an option

Broken Arrow, OK

#5 Jul 18, 2010

Wagoner, OK

#6 Jul 18, 2010
I heard they cut out most of the continuing education at the local schools too.

Not sure if it is temporary or what.

Richmond, KY

#7 Jul 18, 2010
let me help you... no that was not a joke ..just did'nt knoe the policy!!! smart-a$$ p.s never miss

Youngstown, OH

#8 Jul 18, 2010
Here let me help. Their top accountant is a very very nice Christian girl. She is top of her class, smart as anyone. However, she is young and has little to no experience. Sure, she passed an exam and has her credentials, but real life decision making ability and experience is priceless and I just don't think she has it. I think she is not looking at the numbers correctly.
let me help you

Flatwoods, KY

#9 Jul 18, 2010
someone wrote:
let me help you... no that was not a joke ..just did'nt knoe the policy!!! smart-a$$ p.s never miss
"p.s. never miss"??? If you already think you know, then why ask. I work there. So I'm going to guess my knowledge of policy is superior to yours. I have two young children. I miss whenever I have to. I accumulate a lot of paid time off, so It's never a problem. It depends on what department you work for. Some bosses are jerks and adhere strictly (sometimes too strictly) to the rules. Other bosses use the rules when they have to, for instance if they have someone who is taking advantage, but never really say anything to you for missing. I worked on a specific unit where our manager let her employees get away with murder. Was is good for the unit? No. But the point is to show you it is a department to department decision. Just like anywhere you could work. What does every employer do if you miss too much work. Like I said, I have to babies, which requires me to miss from time to time. Kids in daycares get sick. And I never have a problem. Been with the same department for years, my boss knows me well, and knows I'd never take advantage of her. I am a good employee, do my work, never cause a problem, and am one of the top performers in my department. So she really doesn't care if I have to miss with one of my kids every now and then. SO, LIKE ANYPLACE there are factors that construct adherence to policy.... Smarta$$.
Whoever is saying they are laying off people is crazy. Here goes the rumor mill. Yes, they have cut out some employee perks. Cashing in large amounts of PTO, spending a fortune in the gift shop and having them take it out in payments, etc. And, yes, unfortunately continuing education is one of those. They are only paying for college for those people whose job description REQUIRES that they have a higher degree than what they already have. But nobody is being laid off. Flu season is right around the corner. They lay off people now and the place will be a disaster in a month or two. It's the middle of summer, and business has slowed down. When you have good doctors and good nurses that cure illnesses, it cuts down on the revolving door effect at the facility, and ultimately you have less admissions. Don't believe me? You go sit in the emergency room in the middle of the day on a Tuesday... It's freakin packed. I was just down there working last week. The place is a madhouse. But not every patient gets admitted. Another reason some cutbacks are being made? E.D. patients and admission patients who are receiving medical care as a charity. Nobody pays their medical bill anymore. People go to the ED for a stumped toe, and never pay a dime on the bill. Can you imagine the amount of money that place writes off every year in freebie patient care? It would probably make you sick to know, especially for a community as small as ours. It's probably equivalent to that of a larger facility in a much larger city. People in this area are bums, most of them. Take a look at the percentage coming to the E.D. for nothing more than the prospect of a shot of dilaudid or a handful of lortabs. They never pay their bill either.

United States

#10 Jul 18, 2010
KDMC is a non-profit organization which receives state money and grants to help take care of these nonpaying bums you speak of. As for those who don't pay their bills; KDMC will sue for a dollar so I doubt these bums are hurting them too bad. And if you were working in the ED last week you should be thankful the bums were there since you got to put another 12 hours worth of cash in your pocket! And by the way, working at KDMC doesn't make you the shit so come down off you high horse. Many like myself have endured that hell hole in the past and know there is no glory to be had by working there.
let me help you

Flatwoods, KY

#11 Jul 18, 2010
I never said I was the shit. If that's what you took away from my post, then maybe I am. I don't see why I should have to apologize for your lack of self esteem.

They don't sue over a dollar either. That's just ignorant. I know this for a fact as well, as I have a close family member who is an addict and has an account there over a thousand dollars that has only been turned over to a collection agency. She hasn't been sued over it.

And, no, the drug seeking bums didn't provide me with a 12 hour shift. First of all I work 8 hour shifts. I'm not a nurse, or an EMT. All they did was make the wait three times as long for the people sitting in the waiting room who actually needed medical attention. For as omniscient as you tried to come off, I feel silly for having to explain all this to you. I'm sure you already know, right;)

Yeah, they are non profit receiving money from the government. The money that patients who use the ED as a physician's office then don't pay the bill gets paid by someone ultimately. So if you're trying to make it sound like it's ok in practice, perhaps you should watch the news to see what kinds of problems it causes. The hospital only get a fraction from the government of what payment in full of the bill would have been. Non-payment of emergency room bills is causing serious problems nationally. Not just at KDMC. But, as I said before, I'm sure you already know that as well;)

Newburgh, IN

#12 Jul 18, 2010
well they make tons of money..they pay no city taxes because they are non profit..which I never understood..they keep buying property here in Ashland so what is that doing to the tax base..I was there in January and got 3 pts of blood..Blood that someone donated totally free cost my insurance over $2100.00. and they are non profit..they have cut back so bad in the kitchen that you cant get food..so you have sick people there..they need nourishment..I left at around noon and they still had not served breakfast..hmmm..and they cut back ...I went for bloodwork the day of my admisson payed valet..when I came back out I could not get my car back..it took so long the girl at the desk came out and apologized to me and gave me my money back..a refund for valet parking..WOW never thought that would happen..while I was in the hospital they kept trying to give me wrong meds..but I was aware of it so stopped it..the little lady next to me had no one with her and they did give her the wrong meds..now ther is no excuse for that..if these nurses are not trained any better than that something is bad wrong..they need retrained..for the most part the nurses are good but there are a few that should not be there and makes you wonder how many lives have been lost due to their neglegence..well that is just a few of my experiences..thanks you..now I know I am going to get slammed for this..I am ready...
let me help you

Flatwoods, KY

#13 Jul 18, 2010
You're not gonna get slammed by me on this one! I have been in wwwwaaaaaayyyyy too many places in the hospital where you wonder how those nurses get to and from work every day without injuring themselves, let alone save lives. As far as the nursing staff goes, with a few exceptions, it's either one extreme or the other. They are either really intelligent people, who think they know everything about everything and their opinons are more valuable than that of the physicians they provide care under.....Or they're complete morons who have no idea what they're doing. They can provide basic nursing care, and run through a few textbook procedures, but are incapable of thinking for themselves, or processing a single thought that requires problem-solving or logic. There are some units that are stocked full of them.

Flatwoods, KY

#14 Jul 18, 2010
I hate nurses. The majority of them have attitude problems. On every floor there is a handful of nurses who are good at their jobs and aren't complete b*tches. The rest of them are just awful....... I worked as a secretary in the hospital for a couple years until i graduated college, then moved the h*ll out of that hellhole! And here's the thing that always KILLED me! The vast majority of those nurses, who act like they are more intelligent than every single person in the world. Or like the previous poster said " who think they know everything about everything and their opinons are more valuable than that of the physicians they provide care under" The VAST majority of them are LPN'S!!!! THEY'RE NOT EVEN REGISTERED NURSES! To me, I'd get the d*mned RN or just forget it. To all you hotshot LPN'S, you BARELY make money over what the secretaries and cmt's make, so stop acting like you're so d*mn cool and treating everyone like complete crap!! See, there. That should get some of the heat off of ya vdt:) I'm sure they'll come after me now instead of you!! Couldn't help myself. It's something I've always wanted to say! I haven't workekd at kdmc for a long time, but i'm still to chicken shit to ruffle feathers. I've got a cousin who is clost to me and still works down tehre.....

Flatwoods, KY

#15 Jul 18, 2010
lol, and sorry for the typos. Yes I am educated. And yes I know how to spell. They are typos. So don't start with the "maybe you should learn how to spell before you start acting like you know anything about anything". Those get old. LMAO, maybe I'm a little bitter??!!

Richmond, KY

#16 Jul 18, 2010
got to buy more t.v."s...hahaha~~~~

Ashland, KY

#17 Jul 18, 2010
You want to bash nurses but if you think you have any clue as go the absolute bull that has to be dealt with on a daily basis, you may change your tune. I agree there are some nurses out there that carry quite a large chip on their shoulder, and they should find a different profession, but to generalize all nurses, especially LPNs, is just wrong. LPNs are nurses, can do almost everything, according to state guidelines, as an RN can but get paid less. I have gone through both LPN school and RN school (bridge program) and I am here to tell you that I learned twice as much in LPN school as I did in RN school. For you to act like just because someone is an LPN that they are any less of a nurse is absolutely ridiculous! Know your facts first.

Ashland, KY

#18 Jul 18, 2010
I heard that they may start laying off some unit
secretaries as they no longer put orders in the
computer, the docs have to do it now, and also
all PRN people are not being called in to work.
But then again you hear all kinds of stuff. Also
heard there may be no Christmas Bonuses, at least
for some.
The Truth

Whitney, TX

#19 Jul 19, 2010
Maybe if they stopped buying doctors out, stopped buying up surrounding property, quit building new outreach centers, expanding the number of floors on the hospital & quit trying to expand to fast then maybe they would have some money. They have bought land in Wheelersburg, OH & are building a new building right behind the new one that they just built out on the scioto trail in Portsmouth, OH. There is a rumour going around that they intend to built a new hospital in Portmouth because Fred Jackson got mad that SOMC back out on selling SOMC to KDMC. KDMC has all kind of money.It's all about making the stock holders happy by showing them that they are in the black instead of the red in their book keeping. They want to show their stock holders that they are making a huge profit. They are talking layoff's now then in a few months they will be requiring you to work overtime when the flu & pneumonia season starts.
The Truth

Whitney, TX

#20 Jul 19, 2010
I also forgot to mention anything about their new Epic computer system that they recently had installed within the last few years that replaced their old one. Wonder how many millions that cost them?

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