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Concord, NC

#1 Apr 30, 2011
This is not a ex-employee trying to bash my employer. I just have some personal thoughts that I would like to share and wonder if anyone else has worked there and feels the same way. When it came to my mrdd clients it seemed like pathways did not at all care about them as human beings. Everything was about how much money the individual was costing to care for. The house I worked in had mold in it and they said they were shutting it down because they did not want to pay to fix it. The woman I cared for has been moved but then they moved a new woman in the same day. The women they just moved 2mo ago are both being moved again. These women like so many of their other clients are non-verbal and treated like they have no feelings because they cant talk. This is the case with all their mrdd individuals from what I've seen. Does everyone know that Pathways is non profit? Yet they clear OVER a MILLION dollars profit each year? Look it up "non profit organizations in Ashland Ky." My biggest problem is Glenna Mcglone makes statements like "we are only required to give them 3 meals a day by the ADA standards we dont have to give them snacks or anything other then water to drink." Yeah I guess she's right but the dog pound isn't required to do any more than that for the dogs either.(no comparison meant), I guess I just want everyone to know that no matter how much heart you have for these individuals you cannot advocate for them in anyway or you are considered to be a problem employee. I loved what I did and cared to try to make a difference but after my 3yrs of experience there it pretty much turned me against all those type agencies because I never want to loose my personal morals or feel that helpless again and I hate how I feel. I really feel like this line of work is my calling but am so disheartened knowing I tried to help but in the end just backed down and turned in my notice. I dont know what I am looking for here I guess just to know I wasn't just "over sensitive" to the issues. And maybe that I'm not alone.
inhumane idiots

United States

#2 May 1, 2011
Your not alone.....pathways is all about money.....they help nobody....they treat these people so awful.....I know a lot of crap they have done over the years....they totally rip Medicaid and Medicare off.....want to save some tax payer money.....SHUT DOWN. Pathways!!!!!!!!!!

Wagoner, OK

#3 May 1, 2011
would make a great cat house

Concord, NC

#4 May 1, 2011
I'd like more than anything to see them held accountable for how horrible and uncaring they are. The only way I can hope to help is to bring attention to the problem.

United States

#5 May 1, 2011
why didn't you bring attention to the problem when you worked there?

Concord, NC

#6 May 2, 2011
I brought attention as well as witnessed attention being brought to the issues by others while working there. Your question is a very fair question to ask and I do understand why you would ask. However unless you have been in the situation of working there and hearing the statements I have heard made by the "higher ups" in the company you could not fully understand. Their favorite thing to say about anyone who files a complaint or attempts to bring up the issues is "well we hear things like that all the time from disgruntled employee's". I am in no way a disgruntled employee. The pay was good enough to support my family and if you really cared about the people you worked with then the job was not hard either. My statements here are only to bring attention to the rights of Mentally and physically disabled individuals. Notice my choice of word "individuals" that means it should never be a one size fits all situation and not every persons needs should be evaluated according to how much of a financial asset they are to the company. If they are claiming a non-profit status then they need to take some of their profits and make sure these individuals needs are met and go beyond that. You may not understand I cant really tell from your response. I do not want to see pathways shut down what I want is to see some changes. Starting with thinking of how what they do affects the people that count on them to keep THEIR best interests at heart. There aren't enough agencies available to place these individuals anywhere else and the last thing I want to see is them in an institution or on the street.

Rush, KY

#7 May 2, 2011
Back in the late 80s several of us got the attorney general to investigate because of the abuses.One home only had one pack of hot dogs for 7 people.One girl almost lost her eye because they wouldn't buy her a full face helmet though she had several grand mal seizures a day. Around the same time they paid $2,000. to replace a 3 yr. old couch.A social worker left bruises on the neck of one girl. The list is endless of the abuses.At that time the head honcho of child protective services was married to the head honcho of Pathways. They called a special meeting & threatened to sue whoever told the a.g. with breach of confidentiality. They hired a law firm in Lexington with 150 associates to represent them. Even with that the social worker married to one of the head honchos had to resign her position, David Stivers(sp?) had to resign, a lot of people had to be fired & the organization re-designed. Plus a large fine had to be paid. The only real good that came out of it was before then Pathways had an exclusive contract with the govt. for this area. That was taken away. But it's so expensive to get started most didn't try & the few that did ultimately sold out to Pathways. It appears those like John Parks, Greg Brown & their cohorts will just keep running themselves & others down their PATHways to hell until their judgement day. You can't work there for any length of time & still have morals you follow. I feel so sorry for those cursed to live there especially. At least the others get a break.

Concord, NC

#8 May 2, 2011
Your right and when I think about all of my liberties such as I can drive and go wherever.I have kids.I got to get married.I choose what I eat and when. The list just goes on....I dont feel we owe them the world because of a disability but they are like your children don't take on the responsibility if you don't want to do what you can to better their lives. I don't want to be sued for breach of confidentiality and before they would ever be outed to the public they would throw a lawyer in my face and they have the resources to do it unlike myself. It's hard to know what battles to pick. But one of these days I will be judged as well and walking away and doing nothing feels so morally wrong. I mean I tell myself all the time,you don't have to look at it anymore just forget about it and move on but my heart says otherwise.

Whitney, TX

#9 May 3, 2011
Hmm has it right....good place to start a cathouse, its one big orgy at these places. You have case managers sleeping with supervisiors, supervisiors sleeping with employees, and employess from other house's sleeping with each other. brittney lemaster and abby thomas are sleeping with the same case manager heard ones possible pregnant not sure which......So their concern is not that of their clients but of which one can sleep with the most people. These places are going to be another CPI...someones going to have to be killed before anyone acts.

Richmond, KY

#10 May 3, 2011
I just wanted to put the truth out on the table.. I was employed at Pathways and did date a case manager however there were no problems when we were together, the problems developed when he started dating a supervisor Christina and both failed to do their jobs. Abby & I were never both 'sleeping' with him either, if she is now that's news to me.
I agree that Pathways is going to be another case just like CPI was, I know that I cared about the individuals I worked with, I worked my butt off to get things done there.. one individual there hadn't had a bath in two years until I came along. Don't you dare tell me I didn't care about the individuals. I still work in the same line of stuff just not at Pathways. It's sad that these places are just out to get money, I will say they did not care about the individuals that live in those homes, and Glenda was a complete joke.

Flatwoods, KY

#11 May 3, 2011
What's CPI?

Concord, NC

#12 May 3, 2011
@hmmm...cpi is an agency I think in or near Carter Co. In that case there was a mentally handicapped individual who was basically bullied and mistreated to the extent that he died at the hands of some male staff there. If you go to the local papers and check for articles you can understand more of what happened. CPI was found to be a terrible place and was shut down. I had 2 clients who had lived there and when it closed they came to the home I worked at. Pathways got most of their individuals.

Concord, NC

#13 May 3, 2011
And Brittney I just left there at the beginning of February and I never heard anything about that whole situation (your) quite frankly it's none of my business or anyone else's. Whoever put that on here about you obviously has an issue with you because if we wanted to start throwing names around your name wouldn't be the only one. So I'm sorry that was brought up. But I would ask if you are referring to Christina K.? If all I can really say is wow was she a treat to work with and Pathways should have found a way not to fire her because she was company all the way and if they ever needed someone to lie for them she was there woman. And if I may ask did you ever hear Glenda say the things I stated above? Only curious.

Fairfield, VA

#14 May 4, 2011
Yes, the lovely Christina K. She was Glendas pet. People like to talk and that's fine. I just wanted the truth out There. I heard Glenda say some of it but more of it from Christina when she was my supervisor.
Amy Jo

Ashland, KY

#15 May 4, 2011
Can one of you all tell me what higher authority I would appeal to or register a complaint with as it pertains to dealing with Pathways Child Services? In particular, a Ms. Brenda Ball. This woman has so disillusioned any belief I had in the "system" being fair and just. She recently removed a child from a good, stable, middle class home and placed her instead with the drug-addicted mother who abused her in utero for nine months by snorting oxycontin, smoking cigarettes and God knows what else. Mrs. Ball's only reasoning in this case was to state: "our only goal is to reunite the child with it's mother". Is it going to take the death, abandonment, or life threatening abuse of a child before someone steps in and changes things? PLEASE point me in the right direction of someone who can address this very important issue.

Whitney, TX

#16 May 5, 2011
for someone that didnt want to name names you sure r throwing alot of them out there. sounds like they need to close down pathways and start a brothel.
Another ex employee

Huntington, WV

#17 May 23, 2012
Don't let that one experience with a terrible terrible company ruin how you feel about mental health agencies. That terrible place almost made me change my work goals. Luckily I work at a real place now and not a horrid one.

Vinton, VA

#18 May 23, 2012
theyare all the same

Ashland, KY

#19 Jun 27, 2012
I am appalled by the posts I have read. Anyone who reads this now there are good agencies out there that do right by the individuals they take care of.

Ashland, KY

#20 Jun 27, 2012
I should clarify im not referring to the people who made the posts but the things that are occurring to the individuals who need people to advocate for them.

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