Visalus destroys people
Got my BMW

Lloydminster, Canada

#169 Apr 15, 2012
micelle wrote:
<quoted text>
I agree as she is posting on here herself. She has obviously fallen into this cultism called visalus. I took the ninety day challenge and have gained 10 lbs. I do not eat fast food and haven't for almost 20 years. I have a very healthy diet and lifestyle. I have attended yoga for 3 years and regular weight and cardio classes as far back as I can remember. My husband also sucked in to becoming a distributor and drank the koolaid portrayed after 3 weeks yet still promotes the product. They spew the hogwash pounded at them so they can get a free BMW........hahaha free my ass I work in a bank and believe me Visalia is taking no responsibility for you buying a freeking car. So if you are going to call someone an uninformed idiot for posting and you did the same therefore referring to yourself as an idiot guess what we second that. I surely hope you have better manners with you clients
I got mine and yes I had to get the car and qualify under my own credit but they give me the payment every month that I work with them and maintain the same level of sales. Not hard if you are making this a fulltime buisness. I also did this in just 4 months and I have 300 people that are all losing weight on it and they keep telling there friends becasue it works so It dosent really matter what any one says on here it is a sucsessful buisness and I love my job!

Haslet, TX

#170 Apr 17, 2012
I'm not sure why it matters to other what people are doing with their career choices ..... Seriously you have a problem with people selling ViSalus so much that your posting it!? Freaking LAME!!! There are bigger issues in this world that need to be addressed and this is def not one of them. Sell it don't sell it. Doesn't matter. I dont think it's a scam nor do I want to sell it. It's a choice and opinion. That by the way everyone is allowed to have! But all this negative talk is just ridiculous! Move on from the VI issue!
Doctors for truth

Winnipeg, Canada

#171 Apr 21, 2012
Visalus people are hilarious. Once they turn off all their family and friends with thinly-veiled scam attempts, and everyone on their block is a "Regional Director," who is actually going to BUY this worthless stuff. Like every other pyramid scheme, it will collapse, and used car lots will be full of black BMWs (with "Told You So" on the front.)

To all you Visalus reps, you do understand once this pyramid scheme inevitably collapses, you are leaving your family and friends with MASSIVE losses. Are you all really that unethical that you don't care?

There are no scientific studies that substantiate that this stuff works more than a few ten cent vitamins. Your outrageous claims are transparent and I challenge any one of you to show me ONE person who lost all this weight and has no financial interest in this product.

By the way, if you don't believe me, read the agreement with Visalus on that "free" BMW that you like to claim you got. Guess what; you didn't. You are solely and personally responsible for all those expensive lease payments. Visalus has nothing to do with the car, they simply give you $600 a month to go toward payments as long as you maintain the sales of you and all your shills.

If they were serious, they would buy you a car. The KNOW the whole thing will collapse in a week; a month; a year, whatever. You will now have no friends and all your family will hate you for leaving them on the hook for all that money they lost.
Readers of truth

Ashland, KY

#172 Apr 22, 2012
Very well stated Doctors for truth!. You can buy this product at is called slim fast and not nearly expensive as Vi. This is simply a meal replacement, so sure any over weight person that replaces a meal with low cal liquid will eventually lose weight. This is also a placebo for many people.

I offer glacier water and if you drink enough and sell enough I will give you a Ford Pinto to drive...hahaha....

Chesapeake, OH

#173 Apr 23, 2012
I know people who sell this product and they put it above everything and everyone one to climb the ladder in the company.They drive around in the beeemers with the rude i told ya so license plate on the front,thinking they are a notch better than anyone else.You are great if you let them sucker you into selling under them,if you dont or stop selling ,they no longer have a use for you.They will tell you what ever you need to hear to try and get you involved.If they dont keep the people under them selling, they wont make the money to pay for the little beemer.Its a shame some of these people totally forget their friends and family if the dont get involved.To me, my family and esp my children are far more important than the beemers and the glam they are so set out to get.You almost have to feel sorry for them,when its all over and no longer in business, they look back on what they lost ,it wont be worth it.
amanda rivera

Wake Forest, NC

#174 Apr 26, 2012
same ole wrote:
Its nothing more than the multi-level-marketing scheme's just like Amway,Starlite and all the other ones that have came and gone.The people that got in early enough is the ones making the money,and they are making it from all the ones selling it underneath them.Sooner or later those people get tired of making them money so it will fade out just like the other ones did.Those in the top selling levels are the ones that get the B.M.W's to drive which are paid for from their commission's.Soon as the money stops rolling in,the market will have several "beemers" for sale im sure.Just they they all say with the tags, i told ya so.
Yeah, that Visalus is really something!~ ONLY 160,000 people joined last month. 1st quarter of 2012, 380k people chose to get healthy... 3000% growth since 2010

Ann Arbor, MI

#175 Apr 27, 2012
To everyone that is downing this product clearly has no idea what they are talking about. The opportunity has been given to those who want to change their lives. Not only with making a living, but also getting themselves healthier. If you dont like the product then dont buy it! Its that simple! Everyone that is once again putting this product down apparently does not like it or is misunderstanding the concept. I am 20 years old and making more money through this product than my contracting uncle that has worked his tail off for years! Its not a bad thing to work your butt off for something you love to do, its just this time period young adults my age dont know what they want to do or who they want to be. So why not invest in a product that has been backed up by thousands including Blyth Industries. The facts are there its just alot of you have difficulty either believing or putting forth the effort to better your self and others. So the main just, is that if you dont like it then DONT BUY IT!
Good one

United States

#176 Apr 27, 2012
U are prolly just jealous of the folks who r making money......deadbeat.
Readers of truth

Baird, TX

#177 Apr 27, 2012
Everyone that I knows that sales the sheakes are fat and over weight. lots of crap

Vancouver, Canada

#178 Apr 30, 2012
The doctor in Calgary, Dr. Burn, denied writing the prescription for Visalus that is appearing everywhere.

I phoned him.

A prescription is not needed to purchase health food products. Dr. Burn can be severely reprimanded for promoting this type of business.

He and his staff are quite concerned about the use of his name.

Minneapolis, MN

#180 May 5, 2012
I personally don't really care much about the product, although replacing to meals with reconstituted powder doesn't sound so great if you ask me. What ever happened to eating vegetables?

What I take issue with is the marketing scheme. It is almost cult like in its "we are the only way to health and happiness mantra". I have a decent job, make ok money and have worked hard to be where I am today, and it didn't require that I constantly comb over my friends in real life and my facebook friends in order to make a profit.

The old saying, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is, really applies here. The system reeks of scam and scandal. Sure they give you $600 for a new BMW lease, but the lease is in YOUR name. What happens if something goes wrong? You are now locked into a leased vehicle you can't afford for the duration of the lease. Well, maybe that is part of the scheme - once you lease the vehicle you HAVE to keep making your numbers or risk losing your monthly car stipend. You are also locked in because you have spent the last year touting it to anyone who will listen, including family and friends, as the best thing ever. This forces you to save face and continue the spiral of insanity, even if you want out.

I've gone from a size 10-12 to a size 6, in my 30s when losing weight becomes more difficult, without any pyramid schemes. It took hard work and discipline, but I couldn't be happier and I still enjoy GOOD food.

Honolulu, HI

#181 May 10, 2012
i cant wait to tell everyone i told you so when they get screwed over, almost every idiot in hawaii is getting scammed to this. for one we live on an island if everyone buys this crap lets see if everyone would be willing to sell overseas or the states. and let's see when the first medical complication shows up.

Minneapolis, MN

#182 May 14, 2012
Incorrect - BCBS of MN does NOT cover this. They may have done so for 1 specific member based on a special need/scenario, but this is NOT covered by them.
Covered by insurance wrote:
Body by Vi™ Challenge Join the Body by Vi™ Challenge and transform your shape in just 90 days. Unlike other weight loss challenges, we offer affordable, fast and fun meals, exercise videos, online tools and community to support you, and more! We reward our best transformations with over $100,000 each year in total prize value, so join the challenge today! Remember, if you invite 3 friends who join the Challenge with you by purchasing a Challenge Kit of equal or greater value to your own, yours will be free the following month!
Blue Cross Blue Shield in MN is covering Visalus Shake Mix under a customer's plan. They are allowing her up to $300 per month on AUTO SHIP! That covers our most expensive challenge kit!! Check with YOUR insurance carrier to see if they will also cover this cost. This is HUGE!!
Contact me today @

United States

#183 May 15, 2012
Bottom Line Visalus works! People see my results and ask! I have never "forced" anyone. I have a ton of customers and I get my shakes for free! I also help my customers get thre's for FREE! The benefit is that I am changing lives and making a living doing it! And ANYONE can do this business but like anything you gotta work to make money.

Glencoe, MO

#184 May 16, 2012
I find it amusing how many Visalus "workers" are trolling this website when it comes up in the search for "Visalus pyramid scheme" hmmm? why would such happy Visalus suckers be trolling all of these posts? Because they are deep into hell and wondering if they made a serious err in judgement perhaps?
VIsalus witness

Saint Cloud, FL

#185 May 16, 2012
If this was a pyramid, they really suck at it. All I've seen is people loosing weight and getting healthy. Those are testimonies that are around me, not from videos and not from word of mouth of people I havent seen. Two of my buddies have won the BMW allowance loss weight and are doing a decent income. If u think about it, pretty much every business, government and even churches have a pyramid shape. In 10 years 90% of americans will be overweight, you do the math.
VIsalus witness

Saint Cloud, FL

#187 May 16, 2012
michym wrote:
The doctor in Calgary, Dr. Burn, denied writing the prescription for Visalus that is appearing everywhere.
I phoned him.
A prescription is not needed to purchase health food products. Dr. Burn can be severely reprimanded for promoting this type of business.
He and his staff are quite concerned about the use of his name.
That probably the same doctor that prescribed slim fast for my diarrhea. Stop being so lazy and get to work people!!

Honolulu, HI

#188 May 17, 2012
cheaters never win, and winners never cheat. you cheat yourself out of a real diet, yes it may work however no one thinks about long term goals. Say you do this Visalus for the 90 day period, most promoters will say they can do more, but as an individual ask yourself can you see this becoming a lifelong goal? From my point of view i want to see how this goes in a few years, what law suits may come up, etc. And I'm pretty sure a few of you on here know about the Yoyo effect. It happens to majority of people who try the quick and easy way out dieting, it works fast and you slim weight, but the moment you slack off it will come back 10 fold. Meaning you begin at 170 lose 30 pounds, you end up at 140 but the moment you stop the Vi-Shakes there is a possibility of it coming back with your old weight and more. I'm probably going to get hit with negativity for this but some of my friends have quit the diet because of the Yoyo effect. Now days they just exercise and and eat real food on a regular and maintained diet. I'm not bashing on anything im just saying be careful what you ingest and intake in your body because if it ain't natural it has the possibility of not being safe.
Happy VI Girl

United States

#189 May 27, 2012
Laughing my butt off wrote:
Everyone that I have met selling visalis is well over 200 lbs. Good advertisement I can see it really works. Did that hicks woman tell people that she also paid a trainer 5 days a week outside of using v shakes before posting her before and after pics. Hmmmm. Probably NOT!! So come on people jump on this bandwagon and help make BMW payments. And before it's said. I'm not overweight I drive a escalade an
d I make 6 figures so it's not jealousy. Just sayin!
Really so that is why we are all quitting our jobs? I have never been 200 pounds thank you...but I am happy to help people who are. Just another poor soul who's mother doesn't love him and who has never had anything near to a real experience in his entire life. Rock on.

Tallahassee, FL

#190 May 28, 2012
Rach wrote:
I want to try the shakes and would like to make a one time purchase. I would purchase through the website. I'm just concerned that there's fine print that would sign me up for automatic/reoccurring charges. Does anyone know if this is the case, or if you can just make a one time purchase?
You can make a one time purchase, but the price is higher. You can cancel the automatic shipments as long as it is at least five days before the next shipment.

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