Visalus destroys people

Manchester, KY

#505 Sep 6, 2012
LOL !!!!

Columbus, OH

#506 Sep 7, 2012
same ole wrote:
Its nothing more than the multi-level-marketing scheme's just like Amway,Starlite and all the other ones that have came and gone.The people that got in early enough is the ones making the money,and they are making it from all the ones selling it underneath them.Sooner or later those people get tired of making them money so it will fade out just like the other ones did.Those in the top selling levels are the ones that get the B.M.W's to drive which are paid for from their commission's.Soon as the money stops rolling in,the market will have several "beemers" for sale im sure.Just they they all say with the tags, i told ya so.
I am pretty sure that I saw an Amway ad on TV the other day. I think that means you are incorrect.

Holly Springs, NC

#507 Sep 7, 2012
The proven results speak for themselves. Body by Vi shakes and weight loss program is straight up genuine. There are millions of people that have lost weight, gained muscle, dropped blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol levels become normal. Myself included.
All "pyramid schemes" are not the same. It is unfair to pass judgement on a company until you have personally tried the products.
This country is facing epidemic levels of obesity, illness, and a plethora of maladies all related to nutrition.
Vi Shakes and nutritional supplements offer the path to health. With a compensation plan that is second to none.
Each shake cost is less than $2.00, even with the your favorite fruit, or any other flavor you wish to add. Offering the nutritional value far superior to any fast food ( which has no nutrition)....even home cooked meal. CHECK OUT THE FACTS !!!!

Montréal, Canada

#508 Sep 8, 2012
excuse you wrote:
Viasalus is very good. I love it and I only drink it to stay healthy. I'm not losing weight because I don't need to but I am feeling a lot better. I do not sell it, my fiancée does. And he isn't annoying or does any of those stupid things you've all said. It isn't ruining his career and it isn't ruining any friendships or family members. He's actually gain a few friends and made great friends with the company workers. So to the people who say it's a negative thing, You're upset because you either can't afford it or can't get people to sell for you as well.
lol! SO TRUE

Ashland, KY

#509 Sep 9, 2012
If you need motivated by others to lose weight and you can afford the body by V products, then by all means try it and see if it helps you, try it for a couple of monts though, as nearly all diets show a lot of weight loss in the first couple of weeks, a lot just from water weight, and encouraging faster bowel elimination. If you have to downsell to family and friends to afford the products, then it is not a good idea no matter what...ever have a used car that has given YOU no problems whatsoever, and sold it to a friend or family member, only to have it start having problems? That is the position you are putting yourself in..and it's not a very good one. Don't be intimidated into buying something you can't afford for the sake of friendship...a true friend would not put you in that position. Lastly, if you would like to lose weight, add a little more exercise in your life, cut out sweets, use less fat milk,use whole grain bread instead of white, sweet potatoes instead of white, NO pasta or white rice, use canola oil, bake or grill meat instead of fry...and fill your plate with will come off and stay off.
Christa Rowan Hood

Rome, GA

#510 Sep 9, 2012
Small minded people talk about people.

My home was robbed at 247 Painter road. The people who robbed my home have started these posts. My home is NOT foreclosed on, If you want to see how ignorant these people are just go check public records or better yet call the tax office. I own my home. The people involved will be prosecuted. My case is with Major Wallace of the Floyd County Police Department and now in the hands of the District Attorney and charges are being discussed and the lies will be told in front of a jury. These things take time so the thieves think they have gotten away with it. I have faith in the justice department that this is being handled. I am considering hiring an attorney to "speak" for my family I will not stop until every single person involved is prosecuted. These facts can easily be checked, call for yourself :)

As far as Facebook posts. I have never once asked anything from anyone but prayers for the thieves and my family. We did have precious items taken from us that no money in the world can replace. We also did have items that are worth money. The insurance company offers to give depreciated value on items, However the courts order FULL value and This will be presented in court and If convicted they will have to pay all costs involved. I have faith.

The people involved in these threads, if you google their names they have been arrested for drugs around minors and all sorts of drug charges seems like they all stick together.

As far as the teacher from "the school" in Armuchee that my children have attended. I made some bad choices as a parent with smoking, I wish my parents would have beat the snot out of me growing up maybe that would of helped. I have quit smoking before and have changed that. I do not smoke in my home and my home is very clean. My old home was old and so hard to keep up. I did my best. One of the reasons we moved out was because of so many issues and got ourselves a beautiful home now.

Visalus has earned me a much nicer lifestyle then we had in the past. I didn't "win" a FREE BMW I earned it with the companies car plan for achieving my current rank with the company.

I would think someone with an education or even a brain would clearly see Visalus is a company that is number one in a 115 year industry. I dont believe the Doctor of wellness of the United States would create a product that is a "scam" You may not want to get healthy, lose weight or even fire your boss and be home with your children, but that is my choice and I am doing it.

As far as me running a scam....I work with churches, pastors, top doctors and people all over the United States please feel free to add me to facebook Christa Rowan Hood and follow what we actually do. Visalus is not a cure, just The best nutrition on the planet and my 10 year old daughter went into remission because of it....If I was a liar, I am pretty sure I would of been out of business a long time ago and my business would not be as big as it is....I encourage you to do your own homework and If you need my help then I will help you. We are having an event next weekend in Charlotte If you would like to be my guest I would love to have you.
Christa Rowan Hood

Rome, GA

#511 Sep 9, 2012
I do travel to attend my events and help so many people and when you start building and living your dreams people will try and steal them away...This wont ever happen. So feel free to continue to post I wont re visit, I decided to respond to this thread just because I know there is someone who will maybe reach out and needs my help.
So many clues were given away in these threads of the people involved robbing my home and I thank you for this information.
I dont claim to be a Christian I am one and because I am I have compassion for these people, they obviously needed our items and the "foreclosed" story to try and somehow justify they had "permission" but I believe they will be prosecuted by a jury of their piers and by God. He knows who is being truthful and telling lies.
All the people in these threads have been identified and will be contacted and I will have everyone subpoena to appear in court as I believe it will help my case. I THANK YOU for this...
Whatever you do in life, don't talk about people, don't take things that don't belong to you and If you are going to lie or claim facts that are not true, you might want to get better at it. Dream Big and find a purpose. Shame on you for voicing your opinion and being a part of this and while you are sitting in jail I will pray for you all. If you are interested in buying my home on Painter rd please let me know or interested in renting it out. We haven't decided if we want to fix up the home and maybe give a family a home who cant afford it or sell it. God Bless you all and I hope and pray that even YOU deserve a happy life and should also be forgiven..
Christa Rowan Hood

Honolulu, HI

#512 Sep 9, 2012
I did try it so I can knock it. It's overpriced crap. Yes eating healthy or just getting a blender and blending fruits and veggies is more healthy. I have cheaper better supplements from vitamin shop. You want quality supplements look into Nu Skin or Herbalife. THey can't claim it cures diseases but I have seen people cure cancer, diabetes, psychiatric disorders and many other ailments. You will never hear cancer cured from visalus, becasue the artificial sweeteners that are in fact in Visalus CAUSE cancer.

Ames, IA

#513 Sep 10, 2012
Best and most rewarding company I've ever been a part of!!! My entire family is on the 90 day challenge and they're all healthier and happier. I make a residual income and my family actually SAVES grocery mOney by using the products!! Love the vi-life!!!

Kalamazoo, MI

#514 Sep 12, 2012
Oh I see how it is wrote:
So, V says, you can't just stop the burgers and fries and just say exercise and lower your fat and carbs or good grief have a life saving surgery in some wonder people are deleting FB people and saying this stuff..funny this is posted I was just looking yesterday to find out information about it..but, I guess with this attitude from people..NO THANKS.. that's all I need.. I guess someone will tell me.. I choose to be this way..because I had to have surgery on my knee..I wasn't exercising
Quoted Text: Tis better to have gastric bypass than do something actually good for your body and if u want to ( no one forces u) you can make money or drink your delicious shake free Of charge...?
Tis better to have gastric bypass than do something actually good for your body and if u want to ( no one forces u) you can make money or drink your delicious shake free Of charge...?=SARCASM

West Orange, NJ

#515 Sep 12, 2012
Fatty wrote:
If you eat a healthy diet and exercise you shouldn't need Visalus?
If everyone could do that they wouldn't have visalus. I lost over 100 lbs on another well known program and need to lose my last 40. I just started visalus one week ago and have already lost 7 lbs. don't knock it until you've tried it. Also it dies help you to manage your portions easily.

Carbondale, IL

#516 Sep 13, 2012
ohk wrote:
6 figures selling visalus??? Oh, I get it, you mean owning the visalus company. Cause theres no way you mean selling it!
NOpe that is from selling it not owning the company. Great business opportunity! I have been able to pay off 8k in debt while being a full time student and stay at home mom. I went from being unemployed to making $1k/month. What can you do with that kind of money????

Severn, Canada

#517 Sep 16, 2012
I don't understand why everyone is getting so hot under the collar here?!? No one has a gun to your head to buy or sell this product. If some people find this product useful to get healthy more power to them, everyone needs to find something better to use all this negative energy starving children in Africa !!! Just saying!!!!
Love ViSalus

Port Deposit, MD

#518 Sep 16, 2012
For the record, there are at least Eight 6 figure a year income earners here in the Tri-State that I personally know, and one that is earning over $100,000 a month. He is one of the top 10 income earners in the company and lives here locally. None of them including the 100K guy owns the company, just promoters like everyone else! They just work hard at it! Don't knock the opportunity just because you don't understand it. The products work if you use them properly and the business is just that, a BUSINESS! You get out of it what you put in it!

Charles Town, WV

#519 Sep 18, 2012
Angry bird wrote:
Touché whatever. U said it!
I am not in visalus but I have been in the network marketing industry since 2004 and it's obvious after reading some of the bad things people are writing about visalus and the network marketing industry, that they are ignorant and completely clueless about the network marketing industry. It's also obvious that they have no idea what network marketing / relationship marketing is because if they did they would know that they do it every day of their life the only difference between me and you is that I get paid for it. I mean really what do you think facebook and twitter and myspace is. And as far as the auto ship goes if you are not willing to make a investment on your future then you belong right where you are.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

#520 Sep 19, 2012
oh oh is this place are too many loosers, just because you havent got money with a network marketing company, it doesnt mean is a scam, poor poeple.
To each his own

Vancouver, Canada

#521 Sep 19, 2012
For someone to say "ViSalus destroys people" is pretty lame and so very untrue! I have family members who have literally had a life changing experience with a new hold on life THANKS to ViSalus where Dr's and their prescritions did nothing to help them for years and years on end. ViSalus helped my family within WEEKS of taking the shakes. Meds have been reduced for Diabetes, Arthritis, Fibromyalsia just to name a few. Every thing is not for every body but it sure is not YOUR place to knock something that does help so many people!! Myself included!Pounds have been shed, muscle mass gained and lives have been changed all thanks to ViSalus!! Show me something else that does so much on so many different levels! Don't like it! Don't use it! Don't knock what so many people are considering a wonderful lifestyle! It has LITERALLY CHANGED THEIR LIVES!!!! We don't rag on yours!!! To each his own!!
Doctors for truth wrote:
Visalus people are hilarious. Once they turn off all their family and friends with thinly-veiled scam attempts, and everyone on their block is a "Regional Director," who is actually going to BUY this worthless stuff. Like every other pyramid scheme, it will collapse, and used car lots will be full of black BMWs (with "Told You So" on the front.)
To all you Visalus reps, you do understand once this pyramid scheme inevitably collapses, you are leaving your family and friends with MASSIVE losses. Are you all really that unethical that you don't care?
There are no scientific studies that substantiate that this stuff works more than a few ten cent vitamins. Your outrageous claims are transparent and I challenge any one of you to show me ONE person who lost all this weight and has no financial interest in this product.
By the way, if you don't believe me, read the agreement with Visalus on that "free" BMW that you like to claim you got. Guess what; you didn't. You are solely and personally responsible for all those expensive lease payments. Visalus has nothing to do with the car, they simply give you $600 a month to go toward payments as long as you maintain the sales of you and all your shills.
If they were serious, they would buy you a car. The KNOW the whole thing will collapse in a week; a month; a year, whatever. You will now have no friends and all your family will hate you for leaving them on the hook for all that money they lost.

Parker, CO

#522 Sep 19, 2012
Ok I'm looking into Visalus as a supplement.......I haven't purchased it but I do know a little about the company and supplements.....As with anything, you need to know what you're getting into. Will I sell it? Most likely not. I'm just looking for the added supplements.

First let me say, I've been doing a workout and eating plan for over a year with a trainer, Nutritionist & bootcamps 6 days a week. I've lost 28 lbs and 2 (almost 3) clothing sizes. It hasn't been easy but nothing is. It hasn't been cheap by any means but I wanted results and long lasting ones. I have added in protein shakes and energy supplements from Max Muscle, Nutrition Company, etc. They are not cheap. I spend somewhere around $150-200 per month on supplements and $165 on gym/training. Has it been worth it? yes. If you're serious about losing weight and getting fit... Cost wise....visalus is cheap. And if you want to build muscle and tone up you need more protein.

Second, MLM is not a scam....It's been around for years and people do make money. It's just sales. People sell stuff every day in corporate companies they just make other people rich....Not much different. Visalus is just like GNC, MAx Muscle and all the other supplement companies out there except their products are cheaper due to not having overhead of a store front and staff. Look around, you see MLM companies more and more these days. It may be the future of offering goods and services.

Third, it doesn't ruin lives. Cancer ruins lives....It's a business plain and simple. Just like Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, and all the other ones out there.

and yes if you replace a meal once a day with a shake you will lose some weight. you will also need to eat healthier the other two meals which means staying away from fast food and lower your carbs and sugars. you need exercise too and if you stop drinking it you won't gain the weight back unless you slip back into old habits of junk food and fast food. This is true for any diet plan.....Not just this company.

Am I going to buy it, maybe. Am I going to sell it? most likely not. I need the nutrition content and more information first. Will it be the only thing that will get me down to the fitness model body that I want? heck no. I need to exercise, eat healthy and change my lifestyle....which I've been working on now for a year.

Is the company/product bad or a scam? No

Be informed people. Stop doing diet gimmicks like Hcg or south beach, or body for life and all the others out there. And for gods sake, gastric bypass is a terrible idea. Learn self control and change your lifestyle. I know too many people who had gastric bypass only a year or so later to gain the weight back because they didn't change their lifestyle.

So you can see I'm neither for or against the company/product.

Greensboro, NC

#523 Sep 19, 2012
I sell Visalus. Im also someone who eats horribly because i hate veggies and fruits. Visalus has helped me alot. I have lost about 7 lb in a week. I am working out about 3 times a week and when i say working out i mean zumba and a little cardio here and there and i see a big change i'm losing inches and i feel better. It is expensive if you look at the up front cost but its really not if you price it by meal. So you guy can continue to bash it. It wont change my opinion nor my team mates. You can sit at your computer and post nonsense or you can get off your ass and do something. Have a wonderful day!

Springfield, NJ

#524 Sep 19, 2012
Love ViSalus wrote:
For the record, there are at least Eight 6 figure a year income earners here in the Tri-State that I personally know, and one that is earning over $100,000 a month. He is one of the top 10 income earners in the company and lives here locally. None of them including the 100K guy owns the company, just promoters like everyone else! They just work hard at it! Don't knock the opportunity just because you don't understand it. The products work if you use them properly and the business is just that, a BUSINESS! You get out of it what you put in it!
I doubt that.

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