Visalus destroys people

La Jolla, CA

#214 Jun 22, 2012
I don't work for Visalus, but it sounds to me like you're blaming the gun and not the person pulling the trigger. Maybe it's your people that are the problem and not the product.

United States

#215 Jun 26, 2012
While the business opportunity is a not a scam, the products are not even close to the best... For starters the use of Soy Protein Isolate and Sucralose is a complete slap in the face of the health and wellness industry... ViSalus even acknowledges the health issues soy protein isolate poses... They say their process removes the harmful isoflavones but do not mention they have to do this through a process that adds carcinogens, aluminum, and other toxins to the finished product.. Then after all that there is still isoflavones in the Vi-shapes.... If you do not believe me flip the package around and read where it says, "processed to "REDUCE" isoflavones.... If they could take it out then it would say processed to remove ALL isoflavones... And I'm not even going to go any further into the issues people are reporting because of their use of ViSalus shakes... Severe constipation, migranes, blood sugar spikes, to name a few.... Then the use of Sucralose is completely irresponsible especially when they use stevia in other products.... There are other MLM companies with better products and compensation plans.... Trust me I switched about 5 months ago because of the complaints from my clients. FYI I switched to Zeal For Life who has the #1 rated Weight Management Program in North they recently set the new lowest car program in the world with a$ 3000 qualifying amount but I'm sure no one in ViSalus told you that... Check it out if you want to or keep recommending toxins to your family and friends... oh and there are no links to sign up on the website so I'm not trying to solicite business just trying to educate...

I hope everyone the best with their businesses and journey to weight loss and health!!!!

Ashland, KY

#216 Jun 26, 2012
idgaf wrote:
i cant wait to tell everyone i told you so when they get screwed over, almost every idiot in hawaii is getting scammed to this. for one we live on an island if everyone buys this crap lets see if everyone would be willing to sell overseas or the states. and let's see when the first medical complication shows up.
It already has! I have a friend who has been on Visalus for 2 years. After being healthy all of her life and just wanting it for the health benefits, she went to her doctor and was told she was in Stage 3 kidney disease. Many of the ingredients in the powder are not safe for your kidneys or your liver. Shes now had 3 blood panels a CT scan and an ultrasound. The doctor dared her to ever touch it again! People!!!! Make sure you know what is in it and how it can affect your health, your organs and how something like it can totally debilitate you. My friend would never have taken the shake if she knew the consequences. She's never smoked and doesn't drink alcohol. She doesn't know what the future holds except the possibility of dialysis 3 times a week or a kidney transplant. I wouldn't want anyone to go through what my friend has gone through and she still doesn't know exactly what is ahead. I'm not posting from Canada or Australia or some place far away from Ashland. I'm in Flatwoods, KY. She's had testing in KY and WV at different hospitals with 2 nephrologists. Many diseases like CKD, diabetes, high blood pressure all relate to your kidneys and liver. Please ask your doctor before taking this supplement. It might help you short term but long term is a different story!
Not easily swayed

Altamonte Springs, FL

#218 Jun 27, 2012
JustMe wrote:
<quoted text>
Only if you replace the Visalus with junk food. Eat a healthy diet and exercise, and you won't gain weight. Oooooh, scandalous!!!
If it were that easy people wouldn't need this stuff to start off with. These are temporary quick fixes that don't solve the long term problem. Someone said they know people making six figures with this stuff, well do you have a clue about how many are making nothing on their investments? If you got involed in the beginning you might have made six figures, now distributors are everywhere. I agree that it's a cult-like atmosphere. I've listened to the lecture and punctured a bunch of holes in their "theory" and ideas.
Not easily swayed

Altamonte Springs, FL

#219 Jun 27, 2012
FLYER229 wrote:
I understand peoples skepticism. i have a very dear friend making so much money i won't say because you would not believe me anyway. She has been involved for about two years and i was a complete naysayer as well even when i knew she was making money. i made every excuse i could think of. initially it was "well she will never get to a BMW--that's probably harder than they make it seem" and "well once she gets to that level she has to STAY there or she will lose the BMW" besides "they don't pay for it" etc. I knew she was making crazy money but she travels a lot. i wrongly assumed that you HAD to travel like that to be successful. so. please take it for what it is worth that i have been on both sides of this fence. She did not try to convince me or keep talking to me about it once i said no. i think MLM gets a bad taste with some because some people cannot ask once and then let it go...that is the fault of that person and not the business itself. anyhow, what i know now is that this is a legitimate company with great products and that people are making a lot of money. at the end of the day there may be a few guys "at the top" making more but so what that's like any other big corporation--the execs make huge salaries. Really this company is doing more for our economy and trying to help people make money and live a healthier life. yes you can "just diet and eat right" but if it were that easy we would not have a 30% OBESITY (not overweight) problem in this country!!!! people need an alternative that is easy. Some body suggested "just drink a slim fast" and it will do the same. well--yes you might lose weight but visalus products are more about nutrition as well. if you took time to look at the label before you judge (which i did not do either initially mind you) you would see that slim fast has DOUBLE the calories, THREE TIMES the sodium, 18g of sugars vs Visalus's 1g sugar. so you see there is more to it than you might think. here is a company that is 1.providing a "job" to a lot of people who are out of work etc. and 2. helping with obesity. if the nutritional thing was not even a factor hell i think i would support and buy visalus products simply for the fact that people like you and me are earning the $$ from it and not the FAT CAT corporate guy. you would think that people would WANT to buy this stuff instead of slim fast just to support the "little guy" so to speak. i think it may be just that people are so quick to judge these days. they see people with a dream and a real way to make those dreams come true and immediately want to squash them. ps. i do not sell visalus and i am 5'8"/135lbs. i take the products now for nutrition only not to lose weight and they are amazing. i am happy to buy a product that is much better for me than slim fast and to know it is helping my friend vs some corporate guy I've never met that is probably a complete A-hole. Regards.:)
Your caloric comparison is not equal. I have friends selling the stuff and we sat down and compared it to OTC (over the counter)no argument and the OTC was less expensive. The bottom line people is less calories in and more calories out (used) It's all simple math unless you have a underlying physical disorder (hypothyroidism, menopause, etc...) Correct the underlying problem (physical, psychological, or emotional) and then you can take care of the weight. Not talking out of my ass.... I am a health care provider and in the world of weightloss....Been there and done that!
skinny bitch

Lawrence, MA

#221 Jun 28, 2012
So lame wrote:
I haaaaaaaate pyramid schemes and the weak-minded people who get involved in them. I started my own business and never once have I asked a friend or acquaintance to buy from me. You have to have some nerve to bully people into buying crap from you under the pretense of "friendship". This kind of garbage is pathetic, embarrassing, and EVERYONE is making fun of you behind your back! Get a life, get a job, and come up with your own idea.
I was 189lbs and now I'm 127lbs from doing visalus .....I don't sell it cause I don't have patience for that. But the plan is easy and convenient for my life style on the go....I get a lot more nutrition from this than when I was dieting with regular food......and actually its less expensive than when I was buying healthy foods....don't judge until u know or have tried the product . It works if u do it properly and yes so does diet and exercise but some people are on the go and things like this fit into their lifestyles better than meal preparation!!! No need to be so offensive to these people who use it or sell it, it friggin works!!!
skinny bitch

Lawrence, MA

#222 Jun 28, 2012
Guy wrote:
Yes, there are those making six figures. The one's preying on the stupid and ill-informed who don't know any better. You're right. It is like Mary Kay. A huge pyramid scheme that bankrupts the naive and ruins friendships and families. I won't be so crass as South Park and tell you to do something horrible to yourself, but just know... YOU ARE A HORRIBLE PERSON AND DESERVE TO LOSE EVERYTHING. I hope that you can sleep at night, you gigantic douchebag.
<quoted text>
U have issues guy .....seriously It's not that serious....a pyramid scheme has no product to sell my friend so do Ur research before stating its something its not and I ha e lost 62 pounds doing this and it works and is convenient for my life style,some don't have time for meal preparation when they are constantly on the go....I have kept the weight off for two year's no problem and it was a great product and the friend who introduced me to it never ruined our fact I greatly appreciate her for getting me involved ....I choose not to sell it because I don't have time nor the patience for it it right and it works....bottom line!!!!! Get a grip!!! And get out the house and let off some steam because u have a lot of anger inside my friend !! ;)
skinny bitch

Lawrence, MA

#223 Jun 28, 2012
vi love wrote:
Wow! Well folks here it is... I have lost 20 lbs and 13 inches and i have gotten off of five major meds in just 2 short months by drinking ViSalus. 4 yrs ago I was diagnosed with Gastroperesis which is now almost completely gone. I also am down fro a size 18 jeans to a size 12 with no exercise at all! my 11 yr old son was 107 and dropped to 94! In just 2 months. I am now selling the product and making a weekly paycheck. It has changed my life.
<quoted text>
I lost 62lbs and keeping it off two years later .....its great and I'm financially stable and I don't sell the product ,I dont have time or patience for that but the product works great if u follow it properly!!
ed riley

Seattle, WA

#224 Jul 3, 2012
wow wrote:
<quoted text>
u gain everything back
well my wife and I are planning on drinking one shake a day once we reach our goal and taking the vitamins not go back to burgers and fries that got us overweight in the first place it is a life changeing experience

Salt Lake City, UT

#225 Jul 5, 2012
why are you talking crap about visalus when they are a real company, just ask hulk hogan, former wrestler and everyone else is on visalus, you need to stop writing things like that about visalus.
Yolanda-Chilliwa ck

Chilliwack, Canada

#226 Jul 6, 2012
Hey Jim, I also live in Chilliwack, do you have the vi-shape shake mix and would you sell me a bag??

Saint Albert, Canada

#227 Jul 9, 2012
just gonna put this out there, i lost 120 pounds on the visalus diet, i was at 400 now i'm at 280, for being 6 feet 8inches tall, that is very good. i stopped the diet in January, its now July and I'm still perfectly ok.
Ultimate Warrior

Frankfort, KY

#228 Jul 9, 2012
Well, by God. If Hulk Hogan takes visalus than it must be good.

Also...if you supplement a healthy alternative for that burger and fries, you wouldn't need to be drinking the shake.

Eufaula, AL

#230 Jul 10, 2012
Angry bird wrote:
You forgot the worst part. People actually lose weight and get more vitamins and nutrients than if they keep eating burgers and fries. The nerve if them. And if u get 3 people to buy it you get yours free. It really helps u lose weight. But I guess you're right. Tis better to have gastric bypass than do something actually good for your body and if u want to ( no one forces u) you can make money or drink your delicious shake free Of charge.
Hmmm. Here's a question. Why isn't it sold in stores then? Wouldnt that be the logical way to do it? Yes. But, its easier and much more profitable to find suckers like you.
Love Vi Life


#231 Jul 10, 2012
Yolanda-Chilliwack wrote:
Hey Jim, I also live in Chilliwack, do you have the vi-shape shake mix and would you sell me a bag??
If you are unable to get any from Jim I am
also in Chilliwack and would be happy to sell you a bag :) Email me at [email protected]
Love Vi Life


#232 Jul 10, 2012
Everyone is entiled to there own opinion about Visalus and the Body By Vi Challenge....there is no denying that it is better to eat real food then to drink shakes but most of us live very busy lifestyles and end up in the drive thru or eating things that are quick and easy and usually unhealthy because we are in a hurry ( hence the obesity and diabetes increasing year by year....the shakes are a better alternative and have nutrition that your body's pretty simple and it's works you will feel better and look better don't knock it til you've tried it :)

Stayton, OR

#233 Jul 11, 2012
My marriage has ended because of this business, my wife was so overly involved and obsessed, that I just fell to the wayside, and all because I'm happy with who I am, I’m not afraid to be myself and don't want to change my life to fit in with a bunch of yuppie asshole's, I'm not bashing the product at all, and there are a lot of great people that promote it, and a lot of people gaining there health back that use it, I have seen it first hand, I have been to event's and heard everything I need to know about VI, but for every number of great promoter's, there is double of nasty, selfish, scumbag one's out there that are only interested in sex, parting and money! There "changing lives‘" all right... Along with Testing marriage’s and causing divorces. I'm not trying to be a "hater", but my marriage is not the only one that has suffered and won't be the last one either. the fact that they promote partying and that people that promote will have more time to spend with there family's is a flat out lie, my wife was home, but either on her phone, or computer, she might of been there physically, but emotionally and mentally she was a machine only focused on business and that was her fault, but the fact that she think‘s she need‘s to constantly be turned on to body by vi 24/7 ruined my family! She would be gone on trip's at least once a month or out at party's almost 3 night‘s a week! And what kind of parent want's there child to go to school and be asked what there parent's do for a living? and them answering, "PARTY'S"! how doe's that look on them? or the parent's, I certainly don‘t want my children being around people that only talk about partying and how great it is! if this company really cared about there people, they would recognized that this is a big problem that they created and put less glamour on partying and more effort into really promote family importance’s!

Charleston, WV

#234 Jul 12, 2012
I LOVE BODY BY VI! If you are interested in losing weight, getting healthy and feeling a lot better--- try BODY BY VI shakes!!! I LOVE this program!!! You can also make extra money or earn free products! Just visit and check on my site!! Message me with any questions!! You won't be diappointed!!!

Take the Challenge | Body by Vi Promoter - Sara Jones
What's your 90 day weight loss or fitness goal? Take the Challenge with me for your chance to win part of $25MM
Frank Back

Las Vegas, NV

#235 Jul 12, 2012
Can I ask for your honest response? What is it that you do for a living? Are you in a professional career? Or do you flip burgers at a burger joint? Either way, what do both have in common? Can't think of an answer? In both cases, you are exchanging hours for dollars. You work 40+ hours per week in exchange for an income, good, mediocre, or bad. So, in the case of a "pyramid scheme", and for those who are uneducated about them, they are illegal. Plus network marketing companies are highly regulated by the government. So no, Visalus is not a "pyramid scheme". And if you have not heard this statement before, what would you rather have: 100 percent of your own efforts, or 1 percent of the efforts of 100 people? That is what you are building toward when you become a promoter. Go ahead and spend 40 years of your adult life going to a job, while those of us who knew better built a long term residual income and are always traveling, having fun, and more importantly living life!
And comparing Amway to Visalus truly shows how little you know about this industry, and that is a compliment to compare Visalus to one that has lasted as long as it has.
Do you truly think it would have lasted 40 years if no one was making money with it? Come on, get real!


Appleton, WI

#236 Jul 13, 2012
Looks to me like there are a ton of people involved in this in one area, near me. How can they all make six figures if the are is saturated in sales persons? Does not make sense to me and sounds like door to door sales type of job. I'd rather just keep the job security I have than jump ship for something that looks and sounds too good to be true! AND I have been solicited via facebook from "old friends" as well for this and for Amway (still). It's annoying. If I wanted it, I'd find you. Don't ask me to buy crap from you. Don't tell me you want to "reconnect" with me and ask me for my phone number. Ugh.

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