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just wondering

Ashland, KY

#1 Nov 22, 2009
what do u think of it??? what should change? what about the coaching?
f-ball grandpa

Ashland, KY

#2 Nov 23, 2009
Well it appears to me that some of Ashland's Alumni who obviously didn't get recognition while playing high school ball tried to get some kind of attention by trying to coach some of the JFL teams and take some of the glory from their players that they wasn't able to get while they were sad, you know who you are
t cat

Richmond, KY

#3 Nov 23, 2009
name some.

Richmond, KY

#4 Nov 23, 2009
Is this concerning flag football or the older kids?
just curious

Ashland, KY

#5 Nov 23, 2009
older kids....3rd thru some fball grandpa..just curious..what would you change??
t cat

Richmond, KY

#6 Nov 24, 2009
I thought f-ball grandpa was gonna straighten out the JFL guess not. Name the problems.
f-ball grandpa

Elizabethtown, KY

#7 Nov 25, 2009
Ok, How did you get that I was going to straighten stuff out by giving my opinion, wasn't that what started this thread. If anyone feels that changes need to me made anywhere in the Ashland sports would have to go through Dirk and that would require you be his best friend and that I'm not, however maybe you are. Changes have needed to be made for a while now and has not been and probably won't be until someone else who wants to be fair and strictly there for the kids and not for themselves and to gain the glory for winning.
kids fan

Ashland, KY

#8 Nov 25, 2009
I agree !!!! All of ashland youth sports have lost the main reason "the kids having fun and learning". I have seen so many youth sports where the kids feelings have been forgot about and adults are ruining this for them. I think someone needs to make a change in alot of the programs and put the kids first!!!!!! I remember when I was little is was always fun just playing against our friends and not so much on competition. Don't get me wrong I believe in good competition and good sportsmanship but where has that gone? MAKE A CHANGE TO HELP OUR KIDS!!!!!!!

Jacksonville, FL

#10 Nov 25, 2009
Really? Let me check. Yes a thread on JFL. OK, here goes.

So if I understand what you are saying is that little Timmy worked hard and played with all his heart and still got pummeled? Is that right? thought so.

That reminds me of one of my least favorite meals...tough titty! Guess what, sometimes you work hard and play with all your heart and a zombie still comes along and eats your ass. A great lesson if you ask me. Its why the weak shouldn't go out after dark. Did little Timmy work hard and play with all his heart in the next game? He did? See, lesson learned; persevere.

So stop whimpering and hiding behind this rubage that it isn't fair and the coach is trying to steal the glory from the kids! Zombie up and thank the coach that help little Timmy learn a very important life lesson. I bet the other team wasn't hanging their heads in shame for winning.

Now off to more fruitful threads, there isn't enough brains in here to feed little zombie Willie.
just curious

Ashland, KY

#11 Dec 5, 2009
where as i agree changes need to be made and that certain people run the league for their own interests, we really need to make this league about the kids. We cannot continue to play each other week after week and expect to be competitive at the next level. we need to play other teams outside the area. We do at the 7th grade level, why not 5th, 6th? believe it or not coach hart makes that decision. He tells the coaches how the kids have to line up, and what plays they can or cant run, he says no blitzing, or reverse plays, or u cant line up in the gaps. How is that teaching kids to play the game???
just curious

Ashland, KY

#12 Dec 5, 2009
And EVERYONE knows it all about the $$$$$$$ at the gate....and the $$$$$$$ given to Dirk and Ashland Sporting Goods, and others....They rape the program...and could care less about teaching at that level...
Where did it go

Wellington, TX

#13 Dec 5, 2009
What happened to our youth football? Who knows for sure. This is the same of all youth sports nothing but politics. We use to have great feader programs in the Ashland and surrounding area. I remember teams with 120-140 strong for JV now we are lucky to get 50 or 60. Alot is the parents and some is the coaches. Kids are allowed to just quit if they dont get their way. Some kids with no talent are taking the place of kids with talent because of who their parents or coaches are. Discipline problems are not delt with properly. And practices are pampered now. Let the kids have fun and work hard 4 their positions. Dont just pass them out like Haloween candy.

Ashland, KY

#14 Dec 6, 2009
How about playing teams outside of Ashland. Play Raceland and Greenup, they both have very good JFL programs. Why only play each other, that has to get boring for the boys.

Richmond, KY

#15 Dec 6, 2009
I thought the flag football portion of jfl was very competitive and fun at the same time. The kids seemed to be having a good time, and I think they were learning a lot. I don't know about the older kids, but the 1st-2nd graders had a good season, with a lot of participants.
just curious

Ashland, KY

#16 Jan 1, 2010
Wow Play!!!! i couldnt have said it better!!!!....

Ashland, KY

#17 Jan 1, 2010
Let me say this. If you want to criticize, donate your time! If you can do it better, stop making excuses and donate some time to some children you don't even know! I work a 9 to 5 and find plenty of time for this. My personal interests are passing on skills to kids whose "parents don't have time". Most of the kids come in with a limited knowledge of the sport, only know their favorite team maybe. I know when they leave our team, that 3/4 of the kids are prepared for the next level. With that said, yes, the league is a money pit. There are coaches who shouldn't be coaching, some even run smack on children playing. Grown men! The people that run the league care about the kids, but more about the money, and that is apparent. A clear set of rules needs to be set forth, as well as a training program timeline much like the ones used in UPWARD sports. To say the people who donate their time to these leagues are this and that are big words. I hope people witness the hard work the kids put in, even us coaches, to make their parents prouder.

Since: Sep 09

Location hidden

#18 Jan 3, 2010
thank you, collapse! it is about the children, but it is also about the coaches. i have had nothing but good experience from the jfl coaches and i think they are wonderful to dedicate their "free" time to teaching kids a great sport! its easy to complain when you are watching from the sidelines...and NO, i'm not a coach! the kids enjoy it...they are laughing and having a great time with their friends...can a parent ask for more? this is not high school! a special thanks to jfl and their coaches!!!!

Ashland, KY

#19 Jan 5, 2010
I dont know much from the football part but my daughters cheer and I think that the Cheer Directors do a wonderfull job getting coaches and helping the girls. JFL night performance was wonderfull this year I can not wait till next years. My daughter has cheered for the past 3 years and is now cheering for AYBL in 4th...what she has learned from the cheer coaches and cheer directors has put her ahead of some of the other girls who have not cheered in JFL. That is just my thought on the issue.
just curious

Ashland, KY

#20 Jan 5, 2010
i just wish they would let us go and play other teams in the surrounding gets boring beating up on each other week after week. they can still have their jfl, just take 1 team and travel with them, and still have 4 or more teams to play against each other at home week after week..


#21 Nov 23, 2010
just curious wrote:
i just wish they would let us go and play other teams in the surrounding gets boring beating up on each other week after week. they can still have their jfl, just take 1 team and travel with them, and still have 4 or more teams to play against each other at home week after week..
After Greenup 6th grade killed your 6th grade all-star team this year, I doubt they will play anymore teams outside of Ashland. I think it was 40-0 at half time and GC called the dogs off.

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