Friend of Vince

Ashland, KY

#21 Jul 31, 2009
I used to work with Vince and it is very sad but he is truly the victim here. He absolutely dedicated his life to working with kids. He was born to work with kids, he was very good at it and could really get through to troubled children. It's what he loved and now all that is destroyed. I know him and know without a doubt he would never do anything to hurt a child or compromise a child's trust in him.
Do What

United States

#22 Aug 1, 2009
There should never be a situation where a male teacher is left alone with a female (or vise versa) without cameras. There are to many rotten people out there that can not be trusted. Look at what happened to the Elliot Co Jailer! No way should he have transported that woman alone. I feel like it was consentual sex.....He said she said ....
Friend of Vince

Lebanon, KY

#23 Aug 1, 2009
I don't have anything to say about the case of the Elliott County Jailer. But Vince didn't do anything with that student. She was a troubled child trying to get attention from her friends and it got completely out of hand. That's all and in the process ruined an innocent man's life.

Salyersville, KY

#24 Aug 1, 2009
Another case to debate...What about Bob Owney. He was also found innocent>
I am not trying to rake these men names through the mud...I am in support of them.
They were found "not guilty" by a jury of their peers.
Yet a lot of ppl seem to be wanting to "have a habging" on here.
They were found leave them alone.
Seems to me that 2 ppl have been exonerated by the courts...based on accusations(sp?) of two females.
I wonder how many other men are "doing time" in prison for false allegations made against them by an upset female?
How are these men ever going to be repaid for the time they spent behind bars?
Friend of Vince

Lebanon, KY

#25 Aug 1, 2009
I think when someone accused of something like this is found innocent their accusers should face some kind of charges. They have ruined a persons life and spent tax dollars on court proceedings and so forth on false allegations.

Butler, PA

#26 Aug 20, 2009
What IF this may happen to your child/brother/sister/family member what would you do think about it very clearly and hard,,,THIS DID HAPPEN TO MY FAMILY MEMBER ,we all know it happen,,i don't care if he is pushing a broom he needs to.. ,NO he wasnt found guilty i'll amitt to that BUT one day he will stand before my GOD and he will stand judgement for what he did,,,I here people on here saying its runied his life what About ALL the children he has runied ..Thank about what they went thru and are still going thru,,, All everdivence was not used in this trail for some stupit reason,,i know i was there also,,the girls did not turn on noone,,they told the truth some girls even came to trail and was told they could not testafie now you tell me whats wrong with our system,,,Because i am a christian i do forgive him for what he has done but ill never forget it,,

Butler, PA

#27 Aug 20, 2009
CountyFootballer wrote:
<quoted text>
you have absolutely no idea what your talking about. I played football at BCHS and Graduated in '07. This means I played under vince, and have known him going on six years now. The administration at the high school treated him and their so-called "investigation" like a joke. He was found not guilty because he was not guilty. I knew the "victim" as a classmate, and I would take anything she said with a grain of salt and shot of penacilin. The high school ruined his life and trust me when I say their gonna pay for it.
Is this a Threat

Butler, PA

#28 Aug 20, 2009
is this a threat or what


#29 Aug 20, 2009
I bet this happened at Rock Hill!!!lol Rock hill is king when it comes to perverts.

Evansville, IN

#30 Aug 20, 2009
u people that think where theres smoke theres fire are IDIOTS . its quite easy to accuse someone but much more difficult to back it up . thats what our justice system is all about - proof beyond a reasonable doubt . should the man have had to spend 20 yrs in prison only to have been exonerated later by dna cause we see it every day . people lie and people suffer needlessly because of it . had any of u presumptuous IDIOTS attended the trial or taken the time to go to the courthouse and reviewed the evidence u would be outraged that the man was even charged . crying rape or child abuse is like ringing a bell-u cant undo it and a jury verdict cant undo it he is stuck with a fkd life due to a lie . she told like 5 diff stories Shes a juvenile delinquent with zero credibility yet SHE walks away in anonyomity while he walks in needless broken shame . the commonwealth of ky and more so ramey-estep owe the guy a million and may God have mercy on the rest of the players cause u reap what u sow , what goes around comes around and be careful what u ask for . if i were mr jones several would have hell to pay and he should be equally relentless in his pursuit of his pound of flesh they sure wanted his guilty or not . IDIOTS .

Butler, PA

#31 Aug 22, 2009
I wouldnt be calling anyone an idiot look in a mirrow,,Im NO idiot That was a child i know well what do you know about her any ways NOTHING,,,so get a life shut up and dont call me an IDOIOT...

Versailles, KY

#32 Sep 1, 2009
I know FOR A FACT that there was an inappropriate act done with a female juvenile @ bc, by vince jones. My son was in the room. I reported it.......
Erin Ferguson

Ashland, KY

#33 Sep 1, 2009
I graguated in 08 and i was in trouble alot(often in his CAB room/office) I can tell you from first hand experince that this man was a good guy. sure he liked to joke around with us guys, but i saw the girl who brought up the charges trying to get out of trouble by being all over him. she would sit with the rest of the detention kids. she had to sit right up beside his desk and flirt. If you are 17 or 18 years old and you approach a man in that manner, if something happens, oh fucking well.
It really hurts me that this has taken such a toll on his personal life. His job was his life.

Versailles, KY

#34 Sep 1, 2009
Erin: an adult knows that you DO NOT act in that manner with a juvenile, PERIOD. If one can't contain themself than one has NO BUSINESS being in that profession.

Butler, PA

#35 Sep 2, 2009
Do you think anything would happen to a boy in there of course not, I know what happend in that room and so does alot of others YES it is over thank God and everyone can TRY to live there life to the fullest these children has to live there lives as anyone else,as young adults ....Yes they are children no matter if there 17 or 18teen,,she was 16teen,,I know she would not lie about anything as BIG as this ,,But she is going on with her life and some day everyone would find out the Real Truth what happend,,Is our Children.brothers,sisters ,ect even procted in our school system,,If this happend to your Family or Friend wouldnt you think about it,There was no Cameras noone else in that room with them ,,So how do you know this did not happen,,If i would had lost my Job on the spot i would had NEVER went in that class room by my self with anyone,,expecty a child Boy or Girl ..We need to watch our children every day and make sure they are taking care of ,,Until this happends to your family and i Pray to GOD it don't because it does alot of damage to them you have no ideal who anyone is ,,You here of it even in churches Now schools ,,,Always ask Questions to your kids,,,This child and the others was Really Afraid to come forth,,but there was more then ONE child remember that also,
I am thankful he is not working at the school any more
thank you and all have a nice day

Ashland, KY

#36 Sep 4, 2009
Come on abc you dont really know what happen well unless you were there!!!!1

South Point, OH

#37 Sep 5, 2009
Tammy wrote:
<quoted text>
I believe it did it. I know Vince and knew his Father. If he is anything like his Father who passed away several years back then he is guilty.
Okay, I worked at flying j's with him and he is a pervert forsure, not only that he brings the girls that serve there xanax, no shit I swear my hand to god! This is the first though that I knew he did something to a highschool girl and he got by with it, that's so sad for that girl and her family, seriously and for ppl to slam her, this girl has suffered plenty and is probably dealing with PSTD, you have no idea what does to someone. But yes, you're so right he's a pervert.

South Point, OH

#38 Sep 5, 2009
Friend of Vince wrote:
I used to work with Vince and it is very sad but he is truly the victim here. He absolutely dedicated his life to working with kids. He was born to work with kids, he was very good at it and could really get through to troubled children. It's what he loved and now all that is destroyed. I know him and know without a doubt he would never do anything to hurt a child or compromise a child's trust in him.
Do you smoke weed with me or are you a pill popping friend? Because thats who he is a the J

South Point, OH

#39 Sep 5, 2009
smoke weed with him, me and vince burned one an hour ago and I decide to get on here and see the gossip and found out who he really is..

Richmond, KY

#40 Oct 7, 2009
I believe it happened. I have a friend who went out with Vince a couple of times. She said he would saysick things to her and was very nasty when it came to young girls. (In a perverted way)and he was a drunk. I dont think justice was served. It will only be a matter of time before something else sick happens.

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