jc penneys hair salon

Broken Arrow, OK

#21 Feb 6, 2010
rule #1 don't let men do your hair.
#2 JCP gets 400 a WEEK out of us plus commission so TIPS ARE part of our income, if your too cheap go somewhere else.
#3 If you are unhappy come to the girls that do your hair we WILL make you happy and stay off here. COWARDS
1 - there's not a damn thing wrong w men stylist
2 - attitudes like yours is the reason people are on here complaining about jcp salon

Columbus, OH

#22 Feb 6, 2010
ya know what cracks me up is that the people that work a jcpenny's went to the same beauty school as I did..They aren't any better then i am and the only difference is that most of them are snobby bitches.

Broken Arrow, OK

#23 Feb 7, 2010
yikes wrote:
ya know what cracks me up is that the people that work a jcpenny's went to the same beauty school as I did..They aren't any better then i am and the only difference is that most of them are snobby bitches.
HAHA Amen girl!!!!
I would come

United States

#25 Feb 7, 2010
J am a man and i would get my hair cut there and tip if i could get a happy ending

Flatwoods, KY

#26 Feb 7, 2010
You are 100% correct. I worked there, too.

You hit the nail on the head about Robyn. She is why I work somewhere else now.
Usedworkthere wrote:
PLEASE! JCP stylists are paid on a draw. They get minimum wage plus comm to equal a total of 50-55% of their total service sales. If their % is less than 7.35/ hr they atleast get minimum wage. They also get 10-12% comm on all product sales. Their % comm earned has nothing with whether or not they are a designer or master. Those designation determine their price level.
It is customary to leave your stylist a 20% tip and no tip to shop owners. They stand at the register to be sure that their ticket is correctly charged, not to pressure you into tipping. To avoid this in the future, simply hand your stylist a cash tip and tell the receptionist that you have already taken care of your stylist.
As for complaints: the manager is Robyn Roark. You won't get anywhere with her. If you are unhappy with your service, you can return to have it fixed. You will NOT however, receive a refund if you deal with her. Your best bet is to talk to the store manager, Keith Kinkiner or assist mgr Tim Sparks.
If you really want to be heard about anything related to JCP, look on your receipt. There is a web address and a 19 digit code. Go to the address, use the code and fill out the survey. At the end there will be a space to add your comments. These go directly to corporate, are read then are forwarded on to the district mgrs then to the store.
NOTHING will ever change for the girls in the salon until more customers complain personally!! Robyn is a nasty, revengeful, miserable person and she needs to go!! So, PLEASE do your part and make your opinion heard!!!

United States

#27 Feb 7, 2010
I will tip any hair dressor (female) that will give me a happy ending
Get a Life

Wagoner, OK

#28 Feb 11, 2010
I have never heard such whining! This is my first trip to topixs & it will be my last! Is this a forum for anyone who is too cowardly to work out an issue, just bitch about it? As for JCPenneys, I have worked there for years, with Robin, have watched her in many situations and all I can say is that shes very fair. JCPenney salon is the easiest place in the world to work, if you can't make it here, I'd say the problem lies with you. Any issues I've ever had haven't always been done to my satisfaction, but shes tried to work them out. Like I said shes always been fair. Some [people have serious issues, if thewy decide to leave, for whatever reason, usually cause they don;t show up for work, or let others talk them into leaving, she usually gets the grief from them. That doesn't seem fair to me. As for tips, how cheap are you! This kinda tells the person that you are.

Youngstown, OH

#29 Feb 11, 2010
It's customary to tip for any service...hairdressers included. And $28 is not expensive for a haircut. I've found that when its your hair, in MOST cases you get exactly what you pay for.


#30 Mar 9, 2010
Stylists work hard. I tip my stylist $30 on a $110 cut, color, and blowout and am happy to do so. You should be tipping your waitstaff 18% and your stylist at least 15% if you're satisfied with the work.

Not all hairdressers make the same pay. Some stylists make money, some don't. I guarantee that a knowledgeable cosmetologist who works hard and builds up a clientele can make a decent salary, but one who is lazy and doesn't want to work the long hours or continue their education in the field simply won't. Please don't lump them all together, and by all means- if you are a regular client and like the job your stylist does, tip them accordingly!(Same goes for your bartender, cabbie, bellperson, valet, hotel maid, and so on and so forth...)

Frisco, TX

#31 Mar 9, 2010
Sam Howell cuts my hair and works at jc penneys she is wonderful. If I want somethin crazy done and she doesnt think it will look right she tells me and takes my idea and tweeks on it so it will look great and I will be satisfied. She works her butt off there and has many clients. She knows what she's doing and does it wonderfuly. I recommend her to all my friends and pts looking for a new do. She makes you feel relaxed and she's very funny. Sam Howell. Go to her!

United States

#32 Mar 9, 2010
Sam is funny??? Hahahaha. She's a miserable, back stabbing, two faced bitch with shit on her nose cause it's stuck so far up Robyns fat busted can of biscuits looking ass

United States

#33 Mar 9, 2010
Thank you WellHell! That's the best laugh I've had all week!!!
To Works There: Maybe you should talk to Kathy in the office so you can understand exactly your pay is calculated. It's been a few years since I worked there, but I always had my gross pay figured to within $20. They don't 'take'$400 from you. You have to bring in $400 to get your revenue. If you only do $380 in service you will get minimum wage. If you do $450 in service then you get $225. That $225 will be paid to you In two parts: 1. You will get your hourly wage for the hours you worked for the week 2. You will get the remainder as comm, the total of the two will equal $250. It's called a draw and that's how it's figured.
The company of JCP is a great place to work. They offer benefits, 401K and paid training. Working in the Ashland store for Robyn is a total nightmare.
To GetALife: Myself and many other stylets have worked for Robyn and been completely miserable. Some couldn't get along and were not very good employees. The rest of us have gone on to other jobs and have been very happy there for years. I left and never looked back, have never regretted it and have never had a cross word with my supervisor. When there is an issue it is handled professionally and respectfully. I know that I can go to her with anything and it will never be repeated to anyone. That's more than I can say for the JCP salon.

United States

#34 Mar 9, 2010
Sooooooo wrote:
Sam is funny??? Hahahaha. She's a miserable, back stabbing, two faced bitch with shit on her nose cause it's stuck so far up Robyns fat busted can of biscuits looking ass
Woooo!! Hahahaha!

Clarksville, IN

#35 May 15, 2010
My momma raised me with those tips!

They are appreciated.


Ellicott City, MD

#36 Aug 25, 2010
SAM HOWELL is the greatest! She is a great hair stylist! Not only that, she is down to earth and is the sweetest girl! Always offers something to eat or drink. Friends at work recommended her and I have been going there for 3 years.

The manager, however checked me out last time and didn't give me my 10.00 coupon off. Didn't notice til I got home. She was having trouble running the register.

Ashland, KY

#37 Aug 25, 2010
Sophie wrote:
My momma raised me with those tips!
They are appreciated.
not everyone can afford to tip, and it made me feel like shit in front of my daughter when asked if i wanted to leave a tip, but i couldnt

some people work and dont get all the government handouts, and no child support

Greenup, KY

#38 Aug 25, 2010
Actully i just got my hair done ther two days ago and while talking to the women that was doing my hair i straight asked her, does she get commision and she said yes. I got a all over highlight and cut and paid $99 then gave a $5 tip and yes she did ask me in front of my stylist.

Greenup, KY

#39 Aug 25, 2010
Amy wrote:
<quoted text>
actually that is incorrect, stylist are usually paid either hourly or comission - last I checked @ jc penneys comission ranged 50%-55%- at the end of the pay period if comission is greater that is what they are paid. If it's not they are paid minimium wage $7.25 p/hour,
anyone who works know that $7.25 p/hour at 40 hours a week isn't alot of $ espically if your raising a family.
We count on our tips to help us pay our bills plus standing all day isn't easy.
If you are pleased with your service why wouldn't you tip?
I asked and it is hourly and commission!

Flatwoods, KY

#40 Aug 25, 2010
what kind of hairdresser is TAMMY BROWN?
For shame


#41 Aug 25, 2010
Let's face it folks. Most people get their hair done there so they can put it on their charge card. The manager is a huge bitch and nobody likes her, and if they do, then they are worthless and an asshole just like her. Or maybe they have a lesbian crush on the skank. OFF WITH HER HEAD!!!

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