Did Kdmc really???????????????????????/
what the what

Ashland, KY

#21 Oct 24, 2010
talked to a few nurses that left kdmc to go to st marys and cabell and they told me the way they treat their employess is 100 percent better than kdmc. Has anyone there thought about trying to go union or worst case scenerio everyone just walk out and they will fix the problem. I am just very upset at the way Kdmc is doing their employees, very, very very sad. Also upset with the City of Ashland for not trying to help. They could make it a little tougher on kdmc to get everything they want until they start treating their employees better,,because is the lower paid people get more taken out of there check thats more poverty people living in Ashland and no money being spent.
Aunt Edith

Charleston, WV

#22 Oct 24, 2010
The City cannot change how it enforces its ordinances based on whether or not it likes the party involved. That is blatantly illegal and would not survive the light of scrutiny.

SEIU Facts

Berea, KY

#23 Oct 24, 2010
Sally wrote:
Go see Cabell Huntington or St Marys and then come back and tell me how ANYONE with a straight face that KDMC is number 1 in anything but advertising, executive salaries, real estate acquisition, market monopolization and treating employees badly.
Sorry Sally...been there...They are just as bad.....no difference
SEIU Facts

Berea, KY

#24 Oct 24, 2010
Matter of fact the SEIU is talking strike at Cabell... Looks like no one has patient care in mind at any hospital
SEIU Facts

Berea, KY

#25 Oct 24, 2010
IDK wrote:
<quoted text>
I would like to know how many of those 500 truly needed to be there. If youve ever worked at KDMC you know how they admit multiple patients that have no criteria for being there while others may be on deaths door and couldnt get admitted because of lack of insurance. I was working charge one night when a 40 some year old pt asked me what he was admitted with. I told him Chest Pain. He laughed, then got mad and then walked out AMA as he went to the ER with a broken toe and the ER doc told him he HAD to be admitted. I have heard that they are being investigated and they very well should be. They have been committing fraud for many years.
As far as working for KDMC vs the Huntington Hospitals..........there is no comparison. Cabell and St Marys have them beat hands down. They know how to treat their employees, unlike KDMC and the patients come first up there
LOL now thats funny...."they know how to treat their employees"?? lol maybe you should check with the SEIU members...I think they certainly will not agree with you

Charleston, WV

#26 Oct 24, 2010
Of course not, until the new contract is signed...then they will...for a while. Grow up.
what the what

Ashland, KY

#27 Oct 24, 2010
SEIU Facts wrote:
<quoted text>
Sorry Sally...been there...They are just as bad.....no difference
Are you seriously trying to say the city doesnt do favors for KDmc?
closing roads just because the hospital wants to add more(even though they are broke, LOL)
putting in helicopter pad when noone around hospital wanted it
permits for basically anything they want (give me a list on what the city has every said No to)
Sorry i replied this to the wrong person should have went to the person that says the city has no control over them.

Charleston, WV

#28 Oct 24, 2010
Seems to me your examples would claim the city does have NO control over them.

Argue with yourself much?
City of Ashland

Flatwoods, KY

#29 Oct 24, 2010
Hey Aunt Edith do you remember the noise ordinance? They (City of Ashland ) pushed it through in two days. They had first reading on Thursday and second on Friday at noon. This was to keep the union from marching around the hospital.

Charleston, WV

#30 Oct 24, 2010
SEIU Facts wrote:
Matter of fact the SEIU is talking strike at Cabell... Looks like no one has patient care in mind at any hospital
They are threatening to strike because their health insurance is changing and they *gasp* have to pay a MONTHLY PREMIUM!!! You know, like the rest of the non-health care world has been doing for YEARS! And it covers more preventative care for ZERO CO-PAY than it ever did, but that's not good enough apparently.

Chesapeake, OH

#31 Oct 24, 2010
The worst hospital EVER!!!! Anyone with any sense of mind wouldn't step a foot on that property...They are the lowest down graded, filthy scumbags ever! They admit people for no reason. They admit you if you have a damn migraine for crying out loud!! They don't give 2 shits about any patient that walks through that door, only cause myself have seen it with my eyes. I have seem them red flag people which is something they should do because all of skank ashland is going there trying to get pills. That's your dumb asses right there. The nurses on the other hand they pretend to care for you but as soon as they walk away they are talking shit,laughing, and making fun of you, but yet they lose their "Hard earned money", yeahhh right! I worked for this pathetic hospital, and after being there for 6 mo I was out!..HONESTLY also St marys they are a better hospital, but their ER is f-d up, worse than kdmc...They will be shut down sooner or later, cause all the other secrets will soon surface..Bye bye Fred Dumbass jackson

Since: Aug 10

Ashland, KY

#32 Oct 24, 2010
Honest wrote:
Okay I am honest ... I admitted that Kdmc has some work .... But please Chh is old and nasty.. My son had gastric bypass there and just about died from dehydration....st marys have a 8 to 1 ratio and the tech is stone age ...?but go where you like kdmc census was 500 last week not hurting too bad... Maybe talk to me about Ohio state hospital ir even UK but chh and St marys .. Please .. I know of several nurses fried from KDMC that works at st marys.. I also did 4 years of internship at Chh. I now work at Kdmc .. I am talking from experience
not talking from to much experience the census has not been 500 in months and months....
been there a long time

Whitney, TX

#33 Oct 24, 2010
This SEIU FACTS is anti-union, KDMC or Cabell Management Doof or a de-certer. Pay no attention to them. We are both in Negotiations and non union employees are coming up to us sayin fight for what you can, to help save us too. And we will for all of us Nurses down to Housekeeping.

“I think, therefore I post.”

Since: Aug 10

AssLand Ky

#34 Oct 24, 2010
My family has had multiple issues with KDMC. I'll detail just one:

My son went to KDMC 3 days after he had a car wreck. He was vomiting and weak, and was admitted. Next day, the on-call DR came in, saw him and ordered him to be dismissed, even though he was still vomiting and dizzy.

I got there shortly after the Dr. left. I questioned why they refused more powerful pain meds. They said since he admitted he occasionally drank too much he could not have anything but Tylenol. Then she changed the story and said it been too long since the accident for him to be in pain now. I asked her how long she thought it had been, and she said 3 months. They had not even read the chart.

He flew the car over a 30 foot cliff. He was badly banged up because the car landed on it's nose and the steering wheel crunched in his chest after the airbag deployed, and he hit his head.

I looked through the chart to show the nurse the accident date, when I saw his test results. He was in kidney failure. I pointed out the results to the nurse. She sort of gasped. She seemed surprised when I showed her the date of his car accident 3 days before. She told me she was going to call the Dr. and find out what to do.

I didn't wait to hear what the Dr. had to say. I took him to OLBH. He was admitted with acute kidney failure caused from dye given him for the CAT scan the night of the accident. He was in OLBH almost a week, and came close to having dialysis.

When I told OLBH KDMC refused my son narcotics based on his admission of alcohol abuse, they seemed to think it wasn't a good policy. They gave him the meds, which he quit taking long before he was out of the hospital.

I go to OLBH, not KDMC. If OLBH can't handle it, I want to go to Huntington, not KDMC. They were bad before the layoffs, I can't imagine the horrible quality of care now!
Not quite

United States

#35 Oct 24, 2010
Last week census was peaking over 500 for3 straight days.. Sorry I am right on with this one...
Just a lowly emt

United States

#36 Oct 25, 2010
The only thing worse than Kdmc is full blown AIDS. I work there, I see everything, I know how everything works. Trust me, I'm looking for a new job, one that doesn't base it's treatment of workers on who is having sex with who on weekends (kdmc politics) and make it's workers so horribly miserable. The patients deserve a better quality of care, no matter what the census says. I know not one person, myself included, who has had a good experience being a patient there.
what the what

Ashland, KY

#37 Oct 25, 2010
Meredith wrote:
Seems to me your examples would claim the city does have NO control over them.
Argue with yourself much?
What im saying is the city never said No to any of these things because they are scared and let the hospital do what thay want.

Get your facts straight DORK!!!!

Ashland, KY

#38 Oct 25, 2010
Alonzo wrote:
Fried from KDMC...
That's the type of nurse KDMC hires...the type that exercises the same care in spelling that they do in excellence in patient care. Honest. So to speak.
I think that is Fried from KFC and fired from KDMC just sayin

United States

#39 Oct 25, 2010
Please get over yourselves .. We all know that that was a typo...we know it was supposed to be fired and not fried.., it seems to me that any posts that have true substance or any truth to them gets picked apart. I think some fear that someone will actually be honest. If you read that post and all you got out of it was a typo then that explains your mentality .....
Just Curious

Ashland, KY

#40 Oct 25, 2010
Hmmmmm wrote:
I have very good insurance and will NEVER go to KDMC again. From now on I will be taking my business to Huntington. I will not support a place that treats their employees in this manner. Adios KDMC....
Great point.....let's boycott KDMC so that more people can get laid off and our local community can suffer even more!

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