What do you think of Anna Ruth Boyd F...

What do you think of Anna Ruth Boyd Family Court?

Created by Well now on Jun 12, 2009

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Youngstown, OH

#1 Jun 13, 2009
She is a great person, but doesn't know the law.
negative comment

Ashland, KY

#2 Jun 15, 2009
I think she's an ignorant "woman" that has no clue what she is doing and they seriously need to get rid of her. Poor decisions for the family and plays favorites, holds grudges badly as well.
Concerned Voter

Ashland, KY

#3 Jun 15, 2009
Boyd Co. needs a family court not a woman who takes the side of people she thinks are being unfairly treated. The purpose of having an advocate intervene in these matters is to have an unbiased oppinion so these matters can be handle as fairly as possible. This is not the case with either Anna Ruth or Tom Howe. The people involved in these cases pay these two to either screw up your life or do nothing. I have heard Tom Howe say he really doesn't give a damn just get it over with. The voters in this county really need to step up and make changes to this poorly ran system.

Greenup, KY

#4 Jun 15, 2009
negative comment wrote:
I think she's an ignorant "woman" that has no clue what she is doing and they seriously need to get rid of her. Poor decisions for the family and plays favorites, holds grudges badly as well.
It sounds like you've been on the receiving end of her "poor decisions". What did she do to you?
negative comment

Ashland, KY

#5 Jun 24, 2009
What hasn't she done to me? Ripped my family apart, made her own assumptions and irrational decisions based on what she THINKS and not the law. She makes up the law as she goes in her own book it doesn't matter what the law states. I cannot stand this woman and she seriously needs to leave the Boyd County Family Court division, out with the old and in with the new.
Basically my child returns from the other party that has custody covered in bruises and unexplained marks and this is ok in Anna Ruth's book. I am not the only person that has a problem with her either, I know several other individuals with the same issues.

When Rosen leaves he needs to take her with him!

Ashland, KY

#6 Jun 25, 2009
She's a biotch

Youngstown, OH

#7 Jun 28, 2009
The Domestic Relations Commissioners are not elected. They are appointed to their positions. You can always file a motion for a change of venue to another county if you do not want your case heard by the Commissioner. A lot of counties have Family Court Judges. These Judges specialize in divorce/custody laws of the Commonwealth. I know in Greenup County the Judge grants the hearing, listens to the arguments and bases his decision on what the law dictates. Right, wrong or indifferent, that's how it is supposed to be done.

Ashland, KY

#8 Oct 6, 2009
I dont like any thing about that woman. she gets under my skin. I cant even stand to look at her. she aint fair. she took my friends grandbaby cause she called social worker on the father. thats what she is about - dont go to a social worker and let her find it out she WILL take the child away and you wont get the child back.I will back my friend 100% when the crap hits the fan. it wont be long. she is running for district judge... bet she dont get it...

Ashland, KY

#9 Oct 8, 2009
She makes decision based on her popularity contest and her social status!

Since: Oct 09

Ashland Kentucky

#10 Oct 15, 2009
Shes all for the $$!! GIve her a few $ and bam you win. SHe knows NOTHING about whats best for any child. She makes laws up that arent even there. They all kiss her ass up there. She needs to get the hell out of court all together. She has tore way too many families apart for NOTHING! Shes a ass kisser and brown noser to the rich and fuck the poor. I can not stand her and pray to god they get rid of that bitch!
tired of it all

Ashland, KY

#11 Oct 16, 2009
She does tear apart families, with decisions that she would never have stood for if it were her children. She will give custody to a man that was an admitted drunk and never took care of his child, but he deserves his chance now. How would she or anyone else know what is the best for the children when they never hear the truth or meet the children. It is all handled like you have commited a crime instead of thinking about a childs stablity. Boyd Co court will be a better place when she is gone.
Lost it all

Newburgh, IN

#12 Oct 19, 2009
This woman destroyed my life. She doesn't like women. She will go for the man's side every time. Someone told me this before I even went to court and I didn't listen. I wished I would have. My ex got everything because of her. And she said in documents that I was a great parent but she felt that it was in the best interest of the children to reside with their father! People could not believe this when they heard it! And my attorney had never lost a case until we went before this woman. Thanks for everything Anna Ruth. Please leave before you ruin other people's lives that deserve to be with their children.

Knox City, TX

#13 Oct 21, 2009
everyone needs to get together and get rid of that nut case. she needs to gooooo. she will be running for district judge next year. Is this the judge you want to go in front of to decide your sentence. Everyone needs to contact the new Judge Davis and let him know what kind of person is under him. Judge Davis can get rid of her. Complain to him and he will investigate. I heard Judge Davis does not like Anna Ruthe. get this done before Nov. 4, 2009
LJR 56

Canfield, OH

#14 Oct 21, 2009
negative comment wrote:
I think she's an ignorant "woman" that has no clue what she is doing and they seriously need to get rid of her. Poor decisions for the family and plays favorites, holds grudges badly as well.
I thought that Anna Ruth was suppose to be making judgements so that children were protected and that their best interests were considered. I have a friend that children have been put through hell because of her ignorant thoughts on whats best for these kids. She never considered that there mother is a professional worker that supports these children in every aspect. School, Sports, Houseing, Transporting,etc. Their father is a deadbeat, with a big ego, always trying to be the big, tough guy, community, church etc.but has never been the support for anything that make life bearable. This issue with the children should have been settled 3 or 4 years ago. These children by Ruths say so do not a attend school in their own community, they a transported over an hour both ways to school.Causing them to leave their home at a outrageous hour. After school activities cause them to return home at an indecent hour. How can sleep deprived, children funcition, Never home for dinner, homework, bathes, Very hard on a mom trying to play the game. This woman has stolen their lives. There was so many better options that would not have their childhoods. Why is she Allowed to Mess with childrens lifes. I read a letter she wrote about this case. It should be in the book of insane and she should be locked away as not to destroy anymore lifes. These kids she as already ruined theirs.
Just me

Morristown, TN

#15 Oct 21, 2009
Well if shes doing this to everyone then why dont all the familys get together and do something about it? Go have a protest? From the looks of it shes messed up ALOT of lives! You ALL need to do something to get this taken care of!!! Get this woman out of there! Shes fukin up way too manys childrens lives! She dosent care about these kids its who she likes and has $$$ Shes no good!! I am telling you people we ALL need to ban together and do something!
Negative comment

Richmond, KY

#16 Oct 21, 2009
TO: LJR 56

I know all to well of her poor decisions. I am very sorry to see another family go through this woman and get destroyed. My heart goes out to you. I too have to travel a pretty long distance to get my child with a ridiculous amount of no time with her or Holidays.
My lawyer is a dead beat and after forking out over 15,000$ since this has all went on times are a little tight so I can't just jump to get another lawyer.

I have a few letters myself to add to the "book of insane" stating all kinds of things that I have professionally proved wrong several times with other people. She is insane and needs to be out of commission ASAP before she destroys anymore lives.

I wonder who she is running against? I would go to them personally and speak to them if I knew just to help them out.

Owingsville, KY

#17 Oct 21, 2009
I am praying for anyone who has suffered due to this lady. From my experience she is not intrested in compassion or understanding of young children. I can not believe she is mother or even a grandmother, there is no compassion for the hard working mothers from what I experienced with her. She threatens young children from wonderful homes with foster care because the father wants to be difficult with the mother, i have talked to many people with the same opinion and she seems to have no understanding of what a parent is. I would love to see her out of there and lets take her grand children away that would be KARMA

Whitney, TX

#18 Oct 21, 2009
People need to flood the Judge Davis office and get any one you can to complain. Does any one know a person that is in the media or in the area newspsper line of work. somehow we are going to have to get this made public. I am writting a book on the case that I am familar with. I am going to try to publish it this summer. RIGHT BEFORE THE VOTING STARTS. Hope she sees that she will be in the lights then.got to get away to get this in the media. any one have a good enough story, they will air it. this can be picked up then and other people that will come foreward...I have tried the media and my story is not devistating enough. someone has a good story on that baby snatcher

Knoxville, TN

#19 Nov 6, 2009
Let me tell you! She took my niece!!!!!! the dad didnt want to pay child support so he said the mom beat her. LOL they believed him yet her mom has proof its all bullshit!!! This kid needs to be with her mom. THis guy hates kids and has told many people this. Anna Ruth needs to get the hell out of the court house and we need to help her on the way out!

Broken Arrow, OK

#20 Nov 15, 2009
Ok I found out that Anna Ruthe is running against Reeves and Hall. They are from Ashland. It was in the paper when I googled it. But I dont think she will win cause the Hall is the nominated number one lawyer for this year so what is she thinking that people are really going to vote for HER. I think she has a real since of humor. I laughed till I couldnt breath when I read this. now she's gettin famous trying to go against a Hall in this town. what is she thinkin???? I guess they just need a fill in cause there has to be three people running. but look on the bright side if she wins she wont be in family court...

I think some one needs to right an article to the news people so everyone can read what kind of person she is.

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