I would really like to know what their roles are because it seems that they only violate those who 1. Catch new charges (which pretty much can't be avoided if someone is dumb enough to go straight out of jail and commit more crimes) and 2, fail their drug tests (which again would be a parolees own fault if they go right back to using without a reasonable cause.)

My concern isn't for those two reasons. Isn't alcohol considered a drug too? In all of the research that I have done it is and if it isn't it SHOULD be. I've seen alcohol cause just as many problems within families lifes and cause just as many crimes as do any other drug. So my question is, how can a parole officer not test a parolee for alcohol? Is it just because that the parolee didn't offend on alcohol or what?

I know of several people who have walked right off of their parole or who is just about to walk off of their parole who are nothing more than alcoholics. They sneak and do it right up until the day before they go to check in, keep it in their homes, and go right out into public and buy it themselves...but those people get to scoot right on by the system and I for one would like to see a program implemented into place where these people are tested too.

I know first hand of a man who is getting off of parole in fact tomarrow from Greenup County who should be tested because he was drunk just a couple of days ago...and this man is gonna walk free tomarrow with no repercussions, sanctions or anything else. Funny, how our system works, isn't it???