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Newburgh, IN

#41 Dec 27, 2010
You must be an idiot to come on here and talk smack when you work in a professional environment. If you don't want to be in customer service, go find another job. Just because you are pissed off at your job doesn't mean you can be rude to people and get away with it. You obviously did not seeing as how multiple people are talking about your skank attitude.
I would fire you all and start from scratch if I were that doctor. No way in hell I would allow my staff to challenge someone to "say it to their face" and keep their job. I work in an environment where my clients ask stupid questions and many of them are on welfare. I treat them with the same respect I would anyone else I am helping. Seriously, you are trash.

Ashland, KY

#42 Dec 27, 2010
I have been a patient of Dr Feinberg and Jason for years. Up until they moved to the new location, I was completely satisfied. But since, they have added so many office people and they are diligent in checking the front window. You can stand there, waiting for them to look out, and they completely ignore you. Tracy is by far the best nurse they've ever had. I go in for infusions for my RA and now it takes at least an hour longer (Tracy no longer does it). I will still go there because Jason is by far more knowledgeable than any doctor around. The office staff could use a good weeding-out!

United States

#43 Jan 2, 2011
To "patient": all do respect to you, yes, tracey is a very good MA and unfortunately has not been with us for a while. I have been doing the IVs since she left. if u have nvr been to the old office then u wouldn't know, but, I have atleast 14 people to infuse on a daily basis (opposed to the 2 chairs we had before) and more times than not I don't get a lunch break. I work very hard to enure your safety and accuracy of ur medication. I work by myself bc we are under staffed. Yes I do run behind sometimes, but you have to think, if I have a problem w/someone else I cannot move forward to the next patient until the problem is resolved. And also, I can only call the patients back when I get the clearance from the front.(Ins. coverage, double checking due dates etc). So I'm sorry you are not satisyfed with the wait. I hope I have enlightened you and helped u to see that I am not just making u wait. I don't see that u have a problem w/the IV itself. But I am open for comments on how we (as the office) can help to make the infusion suite a better place. We have yet to b there one year so we're working out the kinks. I would prefer to keep business off of topix so, please, if u need to speak up, call the office!

Newburgh, IN

#44 Jan 3, 2011
sniper1 wrote:
<quoted text>
yes she is the problem for sure, she is very rude and i am not sure if they know how she does the patients but if they do then i don't understand why they keep her there.she definately brings her personal problems to work i think. if i am not mistaken she is married to a black guy. he might mistreat her and she just brings it to work with her but still if dr. feinberg knew how many patients he is losing due to her rudeness i really think he might say something to her.
So you saying she is married to a black guy so since he is black he must beat her..Man you need to get with it..black men are no more likely to beat you than a white man, or a mexican man or any other man..sounds like you are a little predjudice..I am married to a black man...and he has never as much as raised his hand to me..so get over it..jerk
me too

Richmond, KY

#45 Jan 14, 2011
A response to santapaws. I agree with ur above comment. dr. england is great and will probabley put dr feinberg out of business. Also, i have been trying to follow her to adena, but no one seems to know who i am talking about when i call there. Any help would be appreciated. Hope she leaves the useless boy that answers the phones with dr feinberg!

Since: Dec 10

Newburgh, IN

#46 Jan 20, 2011
me too OMG I just found out Feinberg is a sexist. He from what I heard refused to give Dr. England the going rate but offered 25 grand more a year to a man who I also heard turned him down. I made an appointment with Dr.England just before she left and I will not go there again......well unless it's to smack that fat boys face "or whomever" said I had no balls. While its true I have no balls I am not afraid to go in there and tell him to his face just what I think of him. What is up with him wearing scrubs anyway, is he like some wanna be nurse? I am glad to be gone from there and I can't wait to watch that office crumble.

Lebanon, KY

#47 Jan 20, 2011
This office needs to a little more friendly.

Farmington, MI

#48 Jan 24, 2011
Hahahahahaha haaaaaaaahahahaha! Wow. Is this a real doctor's office or are you guys making this stuff up???
me too again

Ashland, KY

#49 Jan 27, 2011
santapaws, i dont care about all that crap. i just want to get an appt with dr engald. i dont wanna have to deal with that office any more but im going to need my meds called in soon. do u have a # i can call?
husband of victim

Ashland, KY

#50 Mar 2, 2011
dr feinburg a killer
husband of victim

Ashland, KY

#51 Mar 2, 2011
he killed my wife with to much predazone giveing 350 milligrams instead of max 60 and he would not reduce with family begging him the depression medicine alone he should take her off insead give abig hat other dr say was the cause of death the high dose destroyed her imune system and body till she died dr fein burgh did everyhing to kill this girl she had no insuance he said he would no cfromharge her the day afer funeral i received abill from aman that her disease was under control at the beginning it was under control the day before she died he lied about they will be a storys inthe ashland paper ironton greenup news and huningon soon and randy will do astory on wsaz

New York, NY

#52 Mar 3, 2011
suzanne wrote:
If you are referring to the lazy ass on the comput-
er all the time,she is on there talking and getting
approved insurance data that will or will not pay
for their pts. treatments, and yes she is married
to a black man and yes he does work and has a very
good job at the courthouse in Ironton. get your
facts straight before you start mouthing people.
I am reporting you to your boss. I will be sending a fax to the office right now. And, I may consider calling the state board of health.
Say What

Georgetown, KY

#53 Mar 3, 2011
santapaws_2010 wrote:
OMG they are terrible there and so un-professional. I can't believe that offfice manager is trying to feed her whole family on Feinberg's dime. As to your question below I saw Feinberg first then I saw Dr. England. I would much rather see Dr. England any day. She is leaving there in a couple of weeks she said. I already called her new office and made an appointment. It is so worth the drive. She gets us in and out and we do not have to wait all day. Does anybody know why she is leaving? I bet it's that fat office manager's fault. Well put it this way one of the staff there said that the office manager hated Dr. England. I don't understand why she is so quiet and nice. Anyway, I hate to see her go but I am going to follow. There is no way in hell I would go back to that office without Dr. England there. The staff is just always talking about everybody shoving food in their mouth. They let me sit there for an hour and fourty minutes before they realized they had not put my chart out yet. UHHH GRRRRR.
<quoted text>
Where is her new office located? What is the number? Please let us all know.
just answering

Roscoe, PA

#54 Mar 4, 2011
santapaws_2010 wrote:
While its true I have no balls I am not afraid to go in there and tell him to his face just what I think of him. What is up with him wearing scrubs anyway, is he like some wanna be nurse? I am glad to be gone from there and I can't wait to watch that office crumble.
Haven't you noticed that they ALL wear scrubs and the same color....this might be a clue that it is the REQUIRED uniform for work....

Greenup, KY

#55 Mar 4, 2011
santapaws_2010 wrote:
While its true I have no balls I am not afraid to go in there and tell him to his face just what I think of him. What is up with him wearing scrubs anyway, is he like some wanna be nurse? I am glad to be gone from there and I can't wait to watch that office crumble.
UUMMMMM....you might wanna think before you go in there and say something to him.....haven't you seen how big that boys has gotten??? He might just eat you!!!!! And for your info....He has to wear the scrubs because they have an elastic band around the waist!!!

Chicago, IL

#56 Nov 4, 2011
sniper1 wrote:
i know one of the head woman in there is married to a black man, i'm not sure which one is.
NOT certain what being married to a blk MAN has to do with this thread, but whatever.

Ashland, KY

#57 Nov 4, 2011
I found out over a year ago that I have lupus, fibromyalgia, and ostio-arthritus. I'm 39 years old and have been sick for many years. I started going to Dr. Feinburg over a year ago and I am so thankful and blessed to have him as my doctor. I have never had a problem with any of the staff there, yes I have waited many hours to get seen but he's a great doctor. I like the fact that when he is in the room with me, he doesn't get in any hurry, he listens to me, my problems with my illnesses and examines every theory there is about my condition. I would rather him take his time then to just come in the examining room and say Ok here is some more pain meds and send me on my way. That's what is wrong with doctor's offices today, they just see you as a bother, give you pain meds and send you home. I was in the hospital a few weeks ago due to a blockage in my colon and I almost died. Thank God for Dr. Feinburg, he came by the hospital every day and knew exactly what the hospital should've been doing from the first day I was admitted. He saved my life and for that I am truly thankful and greatful. Instead of talking about how bad his staff is, why not see the good in his practice. Remember his staff works hard to, long hours, some people are meant for working with the public and some people aren't. They need a job just as much as anyone else, but atleast they are working and not taking from tax payers money. You will find mistakes in every doctors office you go to, it may not be today but eventually you will see that we are all not perfect by no means.
you all are crazy

Ashland, KY

#58 Nov 22, 2011
I dont care about the office staff because there is'nt another Dr. in the world like Fienberg.HES SWEET AND CARING...AMAZING!

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