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A miner

United States

#81 Apr 16, 2010
it a shame wrote:
it a shame there was so many life tooken so someone to make money i guess money is more inportant there the life of a coal miner i pray for god to open the eyes of these miners and all of them go union and stop these miner from making these miner work in all these condition there scar to say what goes on scar they will lose there jobs and when the gases get so high they want to over look it that what cause us to lose 29 of our miners lives and that ashame my son used to work in that mines i know what he came home and said you people on here talking all this bull what if it was you dada or son how would you feel

Prestonsburg, KY

#82 Apr 19, 2010
i agree with alot of you ya massey is murders but how is a person suppose to make a living in this state im not a miner but i damn sure know a shit load of them
Working Man

Ithaca, NY

#83 Apr 19, 2010
horse creek democrat wrote:
ok, there are families suffering unbelievable losses, I couldn't imagine anything any worse. However, Massey energy is constantly cutting costs when it comes to the safety of their miners both strip and underground, Don Blankenship should be prosecuted for manslaughter or something. He is all about the bottom line, it will eventually come out that a foreman or someone was forced to doctor the numbers so they could keep running and this poor individual will be the fall guy. I say let the situation run it's course and you will all see that Massey is 100% at fault.
Lay off Massy or you just might get a horse dick ramed up your Horse creek ass.

Oak Hill, WV

#84 Apr 19, 2010
I don't really feel Don Blankeship is responusal for the 29 dead miners. This is a tradgey would you people hold Obama rsspnoneable for all of our soldiers getting killed in Iraq? He's the leader of our nation, just like Blankenship is the ceo of Massey.

Ithaca, NY

#85 Apr 19, 2010
horse creek democrat

United States

#86 Apr 19, 2010
OK, working man and wwvwoman, here it is. Don Blankenship has to approve anything that's done to these mines whether it be strip or deep mine. The more money he saves Massey Energy the bigger his bonus, the same goes for the foreman's and superintendants, so they cut costs by not fixing faulty equipment or any other safety issues, and DO NOT THREATEN ME, OR I WILL SHOVE A HORSE UP YOUR ASS!!!!!!
the reason being


#87 Apr 19, 2010
ebcnrscf wrote:
i guess none of you has heard of the saying * It happens for a reason*
the reason being 29 @ucking dead men thats the @ucking reason u dumb @ucking @itch
Jersey girl

United States

#88 Apr 19, 2010
As we all know life is very hard and we do have many hills to go over in life, but without love faith and understanding "we are lost in this big world called life.I just pray that the families of the miners find comfort within the arms of God. Bless You All!!
Tim Light

United States

#89 Apr 22, 2010
I can relate to these families that has lost a loved one my brother(Jason "Lurch" Keeney)was killed in a coal mining accident back in oct. of 07 at long branch 23 in wharton west virginia, and the pain and heartache never goes away when you know there could of been other ways of getting things done other than the ways they where TOLD to do them and my brother was never one to just walk away from something if his boss wanted him to get a job done he tackled it the best way he knew how, I sure miss him he'd be 37 on April, 27th....I Miss ya bub!!!

Oakland, MD

#90 Apr 26, 2010
I heard that Massey treated the families well while they were waiting on word about their families and that Don called each family personally.
It's going to be difficult to say what happened because the mine was known to be gassy. More than likely, no one is going to go to jail over this unless they find bribed inspectors. Of course, bribary never happens in the coal fields. LOL!

Logan, WV

#91 Apr 27, 2010
Doodles225 wrote:
I heard that Massey treated the families well while they were waiting on word about their families and that Don called each family personally.
It's going to be difficult to say what happened because the mine was known to be gassy. More than likely, no one is going to go to jail over this unless they find bribed inspectors. Of course, bribary never happens in the coal fields. LOL!
Watch WSAZ news this week. I'm going to vote Don for Hometown Hero.

Lubbock, TX

#92 May 24, 2010
FahCue wrote:
Don't even get me started on mountain top removal and trees now...
shut up tree huggin butt hole
are you serious

United States

#93 May 24, 2010
miner wrote:
<quoted text>Listen you really must not know much about mining! All don does is sit at a desk basically, It was the forman and bosses job to not send them in the mines if it was unsafe! So before everyone starts pointing fingers they better look at how the mines operate first!!!
Really you must be Don because you should know that the forman's and boses have a boss also that means they are doing there job or they would be fired...who do you think told them to keep sending the men what is you answer..cause i know the answer......

United States

#94 May 24, 2010
okay. so yeah, massey had some problems. but you gotta think of the people who inspect these mines! it is just as much their fault. & if they didn't say anything about it, they were most likely paid off, which makes them just as guilty, and greedy. accidents happen all the time. do you think when coal mining first came around there wasn't accidents? there always has been, and always will be. massey tried to help the family, and set them up for life. but they're too stupid to take it, or just want attention. you can't bring the dead back, but they chose their line of work, and new the risks, and should have known accidents happen. i could walk out my door, and die from falling off my porch and breaking my neck or something crazy. these things happen! & God has everyone's life in store for them when they are created, everything happens for a reason!
coal miner733

Statts Mills, WV

#95 Sep 29, 2010
yea stop mining coal and cutting trees down lets all freeze in the dark wile we are trying to wipe our ass with plastic. If your so eviromental friendly cut off your power quit driving your car it uses gas dont ya remember what happend in the gulf, o yea cant live in ya house either its made of wood. juz look at marie gunnoe shes was such a good activist she bought a gas hog. real good at helping the enviroment there get a life ppl. all yall want to do is bitch about something try bitching about drug abuse or child neglect or maybe your fat ass
1 post removed

Cedar Grove, WV

#97 Nov 1, 2010
my husband is a coalminer thank god not in a massey mine they should be held accountable for there ignorence and laziness thank god for good mines like coal river energy who care bout ther workers safty not there prodution for the day

Danville, WV

#98 Nov 1, 2010
Massey is always preaching S1 S1 safety first but its nothing like that they r bad company to work for 10-12 -14 hours day six or seven days a week very unsafe coal comes first production safety last thats why they preach safety first to make them look good if u notice a union mines or coalriver dont have to preach S1 safety first because they do it and everybody knows it I hope Patriot runs massey out of this state and why in this world somebody would sign a contract with them I will never know if they was good to there workers they could keep them and u wouldnt have to sign a contract and its sad how people worship them and put there stickers on there cars and trucks so sad they dont give damn about nobody Mr Blankeship yes thats what massey members call him cares about how fat his wallet is they say they call them members because an employee is somebody who comes to work for a paycheck a member is much more lol so funny and people buy into it so sad Umwa all the way
Ferrel Mine Survivor

Branchland, WV

#99 Nov 3, 2010
If all safety rules are obeyed, rarely should their be an explosion, or as many accidents. Smoking in under ground coal mines is common practice. Breaking safety rules is also common practice.Ive noticed that Massey seems to be working on safety issues recently, its about time. However its up to the men to follow the safety rules. Wouldn't it be a shame if their is another mine tragedy and loss of life because of disregard of safety rules.

Danville, WV

#100 Nov 3, 2010
Well I can tell u I use to work for massey but now im in the union night and day differents massey will tell u if u dont do this unsafe just get your bucket and go to the house I was a fireboss so they didnt want anything recorded in the books I just work for them short time at robison prob same seem u was in at Ferrel mine alot of methane they would bridge the miners out so they wouldnt gas off at 1% they didnt change and they never will until the UMWA runs them out or somebody does we all need to do something alot of there employees r well they just dont know any better alot of them comes off of timber crews and stuff just like that and r tickeled to death to work for massey they give them stickers to put on there cars of big M with flame over it and some even put massey flags over there house and yes im talking about the same massey that wouldnt even let the the friends and family that worked for them go to the funerals of the men at UBB so sad and somebody would put a sticker of them on there car

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