Top 10 Reasons Chicago Sucks

Top 10 Reasons Chicago Sucks

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Gabby Grifter

Williamston, SC

#2 Jul 3, 2013
Agreed. I thought NYC was the capital of hell-on-earth until I visited Chicago. Yuck. I will never go back there again. Chicago is lower than a pimple on Asheville's tookus.
Satyam Thomas

New York, NY

#4 Jul 3, 2013
Vinnie da Nose wrote:
1. Overrated cool jazz scene. Anyone who has traveled down to New Orleans think of Chicago as an ignorant nasty yankee hellhole trying to look cool.
2. Overrated skyscraper buildings. The Sears Tower aint got nothin on the Empire State Building.
3. Ugly boxy taxpayer subsidized buildings in downtown that actually look like what they are...seedy housing projects, along with all the gang GUN violence and drug dealing that goes with it.
4.Underdeveloped people usually from New York City
adding to the incredible rudeness and arrogant assholiness of Chicago.
5.Some parts of town are extremely most everywhere in Chicago. Just ask Cecil Bothwell.
6. Astronomic tax rates that support grossly high slaries and benefits for teachers and government hacks. Working people cannot afford a house because of this.
7. A tacky Mcdonalds and other chain shops
along the lake upscale district.
8. Expensive to live here why? HIGH TAXES OF COURSE!
There are 2 celebrities that live in Chicago. The unrepentent domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and his wife, also an unrepentent domestic terrorist, Bernadette Dorhn. Imam Barat Hussein Obama launched his political career at their dinner table.
9. The artsy fartsy trendy hipsters, hippies,
yuppies, devil worshippers, and all those openly homosexual people. I have everything against homosexuals especially when they are grandstanding (marching around in bikinis sticking their butts out). My president is gay and I despise him.
10.The Sears Tower looks like a
phallic symbol and it's restaurants charge astronomic prices like its New York City or Boston.
You POS, New York City is the center of the universe! Don't put us in the same hole as Chytown.
Satyam Thomas

New York, NY

#6 Jul 4, 2013
Simple. Chicago sucks because it aint NYC.
Richard Cranium

Williamston, SC

#8 Jul 4, 2013
Cpl Ronie Ray wrote:
I can think of another reason Chicago sucks. The main reason really. IT'S UP NORTH IN YANKEELAND!
I've been to Chicago and you are right. It is the worst that the north has to offer even wore than NYC. And do not call me'dick head'!
U R Moronic Cowards

Candler, NC

#10 Jul 5, 2013
You morons, do you even know where Illinois is? It's in the midwest. It is not considered a "northern" state anymore than Iowa is. Get a map.

Candler, NC

#11 Jul 6, 2013
Richard Cranium wrote:
<quoted text>
And do not call me'dick head'!
Self proclaimed no less. Always good when you can face reality.

Candler, NC

#13 Jul 6, 2013
Edna Hoffenmeister wrote:
The main reason Chicago is hell on earth is that it is north of the Mason-Dixon Line and the hometown of the evil war criminal Abrahim Linkcoon.
My, my. This from the resident Christian church lady. WELL I never. Ignorant racist "Christians" do still exist in our fair city.
Now do unto others..... ya hear?
Satyam Thomas

New York, NY

#14 Jul 6, 2013
Like I said before, the main reason Chicago sucks is because it aint Nu Yawk.
Satyam Thomas

New York, NY

#15 Jul 7, 2013
Edna Hoffenmeister wrote:
The main reason Chicago is hell on earth is that it is north of the Mason-Dixon Line and the hometown of the evil war criminal Abrahim Linkcoon.
Right you are Aunt Edna. But us yankee side of the family won the war. I know we did some terrible things to the civilian women and children in the South, but hey that's the way the Lincoln crumbles. And that scapegoat thing about lying that the war was about slavery is still working. And even though there have always been more racists in NYC than the entire South put together, we still use that Big Lie to our yankee advantage. Hehehehe. Aint lying fun?
Hillard Wartsuck

Houston, TX

#17 Jul 8, 2013
Chicago sucks because it isn't Maine.

Chicago, IL

#21 Aug 2, 2013
i'm from chicago and i say chicago sucks.
the people are backward.
there's no common sense.
ask a question and you will get a completely opposite answer from the question you asked.
there is no true help from people. the police and the city government is backward.
it's not that new york is better. it's just ANYWHERE is better than chicago. i feel better when i just cross the border to indiana.
you are always accused of something. it's like you're never right or good enough.
i could go to anywhere in the world and the flow of the people is going with me. in chicago everything is always contrary.
people never trust you. like they're justified.
they look right at you and can't see you. you always have to prove your self and even then you'll get an oh well.
you will never get anyone to agree with you or think the same as you do at the same time.
anywhere in the world i can meet up with a hundred people i've never seen and we can all seem to be on the same page. in chicago it's like i'm speaking to them in an alien language.(making it seem that YOU'RE the one that doesn't know what you're talking about)
nothing but bad things have happened to me in chicago so far in my life. all the things could have been prevented if i was living in a place of common sense. instead the people here will push you further into trouble instead of getting you out.
it's like i'm going in one direction and ALL the people in chicago are going the opposite way. it's amazing. i believe it's phenomenon. there is some sort of opposite of truth force.
you are restricted to what you can say. chicago is in the united states but you're not free.
better guess again if you want to talk to someone.
you might not like what hear tell the person off next thing the cops are coming to arrest you for harassment or a hate crime.
there is no benefit in chicago. the best thing is to leave.
Yo Yous

Phoenix, AZ

#22 Aug 3, 2013
Yo yous dumass Chytown crackahs aint schit. Nu Yawk schit yous knows?

Buffalo, NY

#23 Sep 4, 2013
Chicago sucks cuss yo caint gets wellfair dar without givin a kickback to da man. Heah in Assvull yous jus take da wellsfair and yous party.

Gurnee, IL

#25 Sep 9, 2013
Chicago is a standard yuppie city located in the vanilla midwest. The inner city is full of snarky yuppies/hipsters/homos/hoodrat s/liberals who get angry when people from the suburbs say they're from Chicago. The suburbs are boring and so is the surrounding flat, ocean-less geographical area. Everyone goes to Lake Geneva on weekends since there's nothing else interesting to do for a thousand miles. The baseball teams suck, one of them plays in shitbox stadium that doesn't even have a parking lot. The women are fat and bitchy and the food is crappy too. The only 2 redeeming factors of Chicago are the blackhawks hockey team and the growing population of attractive latin women and asian women in the suburbs. Everything else here is as exciting as a cold bowl of oatmeal.
Cold Oatmeal

Asheville, NC

#27 Sep 9, 2013
Dang are my salivary glands going crazy right now. I loooooove cold oatmeal. Cold grits are great too.

Futhermore if you don't like Chicago don't live there. And don't visit.

Buffalo, NY

#37 Sep 12, 2013
Chicago aint Nu Yawk. Nuf said.

Saint Charles, IL

#40 Sep 21, 2013
Some of you people sound totally ignorant, illiterate, and just plain annoying. First, I don't know if some of you are trying to sound cool or you really use the following non-words: "wif," "dis," "da," "yous" and so on. If you're inferring that everyone in Chicago talks this way, they don't. If you really do, stop. You sound stupid. Second, while I agree that Chicago becomes less and less appealing with each passing year (the violence is out of control, no argument here), be aware that the city is considered "Yankee" territory. We are (A) Not still fighting the Civil War (in case you didn't realize this), and (B)Chicago is in Illinois which is located in the Midwestern United States.
Also, stop using forums such as this one to promote your Bible thumping, telling others they should join you in the search for God and renounce the Devil. This has nothing to do with Chicago or anyplace else. If you want to go into an hysterical religious rant kindly do it elsewhere.
Chicago has positives and negatives, like every big city. Some people love it while some hate it. If you don't like it then don't go there, or move from the city if you happen to live there. Sounds like some of you just like to rant like the immature brats you are and spew meaningless rhetoric.

Saint Charles, IL

#41 Sep 21, 2013
In my comment above, I mean that the City of Chicago is NOT considered "Yankee territory." We are not still fighting the Civil War (just a head's up on that one) and Chicago is located in Illinois, a state in the Midwestern part of the USA.
chris marie

Columbia City, IN

#43 Oct 13, 2013
Yep... Chicago definately sucks. Boring generic modern buildings going up all over the place. It has no real character anymore. The weather is HELL most of the year. The whole city has always been kind of corrupt i.e capone and now the public transportation system (ventra) It is depressing there.
If you have to be there for school, then so be it, but move as soon as you finish!

It is just as expensive to live there as anywhere now, well, maybe not NY but still.

Oprah can fookin have "chi town" I''m going back to California!!!!

Candler, NC

#44 Oct 13, 2013
Chicago is a rough place run by Democrats who pat each other on the back and look the other way. Chicago is "little Washington". Obama is over the big one and his but buddy Rohm is over the little Chi town. Those guys know how to look after each other so well.

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