I went to the emergency room in tears twice with earaches and growing deafness in one ear. The staff at Mission were very nice. They treated me with courtesy and prescribed medicine and painkillers and looked in my ears. They decided the problem would be best treated by a specialist and sent me to Dr. Ronald W. Lane. I was there just an hour after leaving the emergency room in extreme pain, and Dr. Lane saw me as an emergency patient. What a very nice man! He used a special device to remove the foreign material and a blood clot impacting my eardrum. It was instant relief. He then asked me if I had filled the prescription for the Ciprodex I had received at MMH. I had not. It was for over $200 and I couldn't afford it, so he gave me a coupon to fill the Rx for $20 and even sent me home with a sample of it.

Today I am very thankful. Thanks from this very happy patient to this very wonderful doctor for his care!