I-75 speeding ticket

Red Oak, IA

#166 Apr 25, 2011
Stupid advice... come back, ask for that jury trial and see how it works out for you... You won't like it.
Law and Order

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#167 Apr 26, 2011
To Lawdog, kentucky cop, and any other ashburn homer on this site. I obviously came across this site because I received a speeding ticket in Turner County. I don't intend to moan and groan, I will just try to fight it in court. If I am continued to be treated in court with same disrespect that I have received through this entire process, then my good friend, a producer at WTOC in Savannah will get his hands on the story. But something tells me it won't have to come to that.
What I would like to point out, is that the 7 counties along I-95 do not seem to be dealing with the same problems. None of these counties have 10+ websites devoted to unfair or unjust traffic stops, nor do you hear about the hefty speeding fines in excess amount. And, I would be willing to bet the very busy Interstate 95 gets more drivers in violation of speed limits. Does Chatham County have a greater crime rate to deal with, and Camden County a higher amount of drug trafficking? Yes. But, there is still a heavy amount of traffic every day on I-95 in all of those counties, if not more than I-75. Also, if you drive up and down I-95 in Georgia, where there are construction zones, there is work being done on the road. So stop blaming the DOT or the state, for zoning abuse that occurs in a few select counties.
With all that said, I can see why the rural low-populated counties along I-75 would incur so many large speeding fines on drivers. Those counties don't get the same amount of tourism, or any for that matter, as the coastal counties along 95. There is little outside revenue coming into those counties, other than business along 75 and speeding fines. It doesn't make it right or okay though.
Geogia sucks

College Grove, TN

#168 Jun 3, 2011
Wildcat wrote:
<quoted text> you know what, i'm betting your attitude is what got you your ticket...i believe i would write you one, you probably talk yourself into one.
Jerk wad...
ihateturnercount ygeogia

College Grove, TN

#169 Jul 7, 2011
Turner county sheriff's office are nothing but a pack of wild rapists!!! Steve Ivy included. They specifically taget out of state plates and rob, rape, and force them to pay astronomical ticket fines.

Ashburn county BLOWS!!!!! Stay far away from these worthless pieces of dung!!!

Good job for the dung pile Angel Olivas!!!

Since: Apr 10

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#170 Jul 7, 2011
ihateturnercountygeogia wrote:
Turner county sheriff's office are nothing but a pack of wild rapists!!! Steve Ivy included. They specifically taget out of state plates and rob, rape, and force them to pay astronomical ticket fines.
Ashburn county BLOWS!!!!! Stay far away from these worthless pieces of dung!!!
Good job for the dung pile Angel Olivas!!!
I guess out of state drivers like to speed...

United States

#171 Jul 13, 2011
I just got a ticket too. 85 on a 70. This was the first time I even got pulled over and is my first offence.

Do I go to court to fight it? Plead not guilty? Get a lawyer? I'm confused.

Wynne, AR

#172 Jul 14, 2011
Top Dog wrote:
I just got my $600 ticket thrown out :). Please fight and receive your due justice, show them that you will not stand for there price gauging. The three hour trip was well worth the fight in court.
How did u fight it?
South Georgia Man

Athens, GA

#173 Jul 14, 2011
I have lived in South Georgia my entire life and I can safely tell you that it is a REVENUE generating activity. It seems to me they enjoy all the ticket programs more than tackling real issues and real crimes. There are many towns in Georgia with this problem but some that I have noticed more than others are as folows: NORMAN PARK, BERLIN, OMEGA, ASHBURN, MORVEN PELHAM, CAMILLA, etc. Just about any small town where they need the revenue this is the quickest way they can get it.
Fl to ky

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#174 Jul 19, 2011
I do the drive from south Florida up to Lexington, KY at least twice a year now (work with horses). This past June I got pulled over by a Turner County Sheriff deputy and willingly admitted I was going fast so he gave me a ticket (well I had to read the paper because his English was so awful- should put those cops in a class to lose the accent because out of state people have trouble understanding them, even without highway traffic speeding by). Anyways, I waited about 30 days to pay it and they felt it necessary to send me a notice in the mail, reminding me that I could get arrested. Kind of an a** move since I still had ten days, but whatever. I was appalled at the fine. 422 dollars?!?!?! With the economy as it is who has that money to throw around for going slightly over??? I mean even a hundred dollar fine, the points on the license, and the increase in insurance rates would hurt. But I guess I will be eating very small very cheap meals for quite some time until my bank account recovers.

And for those who want to get all holy on me and say don't speed... When I'm driving 1000 miles in one day all alone in the car (my boss has me drive up with no stop-overs), I tend to go into auto pilot. Especially in a boring state like GA. I'm just focused on miles and progress, not the spedometer because 14.5 hours of staring at that would be exhausting. Occasionally I look down and slow down, but this guy caught me in one of those in between moments. Anyone who drives long trips on a regular basis will get this.

Fitzgerald, GA

#175 Jul 29, 2011
you all a pathetic. you want to get pissed because you got a ticket for speeding... try doing the speed limit!

Fitzgerald, GA

#176 Jul 29, 2011
but keep speeding thru turner county... i dont mind, i actually like it. people like yourselves are why i have this job, a job in which i thoroughly enjoy :)

United States

#177 Aug 2, 2011
trnrgrl wrote:
you all a pathetic. you want to get pissed because you got a ticket for speeding... try doing the speed limit!
I was going the speed limit, well sort of 77 in a 70, on cruise control. I got pulled over and was told I was going 87 and was written a $300.00 ticket. What's going on is wrong.

United States

#178 Aug 2, 2011
A couple weeks ago, I was going thru Turner county on I-75. The speedlimit was 70, I had the cruise control set at 77 on my 2011 Dodge Caravan. When all of a sudden i get pulled over. I thought he was going to tell me my tail lights were out. He then asked me why I was going 87 in a 70. I was floored and shocked. WHAT? I kept telling the officer, while trying to remain cool and respectful, that he was totally wrong. I hadn't gone even 80 mph since I had left Orlando 4 hours earlier. He insisted he got me on laser at 87 and wrote me a $300.00 citation. I am now trying to fight it, but realy have no desire to make 3 trips to south Ga. for court dates.
It's wrong, totally wrong and all a scam.

United States

#179 Aug 2, 2011
Ticketedtoday022611 wrote:
<quoted text>
I was traveling between 78-80 mph (8-10 mph) over the speed limit, as soon as I saw them shooting I looked at my speedometer to see.
I get pulled over, and so does a honda odyssey that was in front of me in the middle lane.
He asked if I knew why I was pulled over, and proceeded to tell me I Was going exactly 85 (+$200), and he noticed me because of my window tint.
I am not going to peel the tint off of my windows every time I drive through georgia, extremely ridiculous.
I accept the fact that I was going over the speed limit, but Im pretty sure he rounded up 4 or 5 mph so I was in the super speeder threshold. I found this webpage in a matter of minutes after I got on to search for similar experiences, so I have no doubt that deputy was dishonest. Its also the end of the month so they are handing out as many citations as they can. should have left Tuesday.
Same thing happened to me, minus the tint. I was going 77 in a 70 and got a citation for 87. I was on cruise and never once ever did I even go 80. What they are doing is totally wrong. hopefully something will be done.

United States

#180 Aug 2, 2011
trnrgrl wrote:
but keep speeding thru turner county... i dont mind, i actually like it. people like yourselves are why i have this job, a job in which i thoroughly enjoy :)
I am not sure what your job is nor do I need to know. I can assure you I have all the respect in the world for any and all law enforcement. However, when I say I was going 77 in a 70 I promise I was. the officer wanted nothign to do with listening to me. I was on cruise at 77 and had been since I left orlando fl. but he insisted I was going 87 and he got me on his laser. He was wrong. Got the wrong vehicle or bad laser, not sure but he was wrong. Now I am facing a $300.00 fine or several trips to South Ga. It's just not right. Write me for 77 fine, I will take it and pay it. But don't make up a speed, or don't be afraid to admit you got the wrong vehicle.

Fitzgerald, GA

#181 Aug 3, 2011
yeah, no one ever speeds.

Mingo, IA

#182 Aug 4, 2011
Most folks that recieve tickets, usually talk themselves into tickets with attitude at just the thought of the officer stopping them. I also go up and down I-75 and when the sign says construction 60mph & flashes I slow it down to 60 & lock on cruise only to see folks just flying by ignoring the signs. Then they get stopped, get a ticket and get on here and whine. Not once has any said they asked to see the laser reading or the radar or to have it calibrated why they watch, which by law you are entitled to do. Super speeders and construction zone fines are set by law the proceeds of which go to fund trauma centers around the state, which are needed due to clowns running 80-100mphs and causing severe fatality and serious injury crashes and killing officers and workers on the interstate. If you can't pay the fine, don't do the crime..

Grinnell, IA

#183 Aug 5, 2011
EXACTLY CCSO! There are speed limit signs posted for a reason, that should be the warning. Yet, you have people that want to exceed it and as soon as you get pulled over for speeding, you want to get mad at everyone but yourself. The speeding fines in Turner Co. as a deterent for traffic violations. If you dont want to pay the fines then leave earlier and slow down!

Tallahassee, FL

#184 Aug 9, 2011
I got stopped there and charged with doing 77 in a 55 zone. The strangest part is I got stopped in the same place and charged with the same speed!It was way before the new super speeder law but the fine was 522.00 I promised not to give Ashburn another dime of my money so I bought a 50 dollar radar detector and I stopped speeding in Ashburn!

Midway, FL

#185 Aug 11, 2011
I also received a ticket in this county and low and behold i aattempted to pay the ticket several time on-line but couldn't because the ticket number didn't match up to my name. I finaly stop trying because I could never reach anyone via telephone. Recently I received an impending suspension letter in the mail. It was only after I call the drivers license bureau here in Florida that they gave me a different number that finally reach a live person who gave the correct number. Can you believe that the number on the ticket and on the letter was missing (2) indentifying numbers that would have initially allowed me to pay the fine on time. What in the world is this???? Who are these people????

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