Dexter Inman Charged With Rape
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Ash Flat, AR

#68 Jan 9, 2011
well now wrote:
I think its funny how people are so quick to judge. Most of you guys on here are down right pathetic in your blogs and statements. Ignorance and stupidity must run in the water over there. The Inmans are trying to better themselves and its stupid dumbass people like you guys who just have nothing better to do then run your nouths and judge. Well get off your high horses you sons of bitches and wake up. Take it from some one who HAS been raped, her actions didn't act like she was and I bet her rape kit was negative to huh? And as far as the girl reputaion does not look good for her in the first place. And as far as her parents go, at the age of 14 WHAT THE HELL was she doing out running around without parental supervision. I'm noy saying that her parents don't love or care about her but they should have had a tighter reign on her.
i think its funny how you say the inmanns are trying to better themselves maybe their mother is , she seems part . as for the rest i think its a lot cause , just in case you dont read the paper becky and jayme were just arrested for breaking into the old hospital in cherokee village , yeah ok thats trying to better themselves . wake up already stop showing your ignorance

United States

#69 Jan 23, 2011
haha wrote:
<quoted text>
i think its funny how you say the inmanns are trying to better themselves maybe their mother is , she seems part . as for the rest i think its a lot cause , just in case you dont read the paper becky and jayme were just arrested for breaking into the old hospital in cherokee village , yeah ok thats trying to better themselves . wake up already stop showing your ignorance
You dont know jack shit! Why dont you come say that to our face???

Mountain Home, AR

#71 Jan 26, 2011
Is that all your family does is fight and cause trouble?...appearantly so.

Mountain Home, AR

#72 Feb 3, 2011
Guest wrote:
Is that all your family does is fight and cause trouble?...appearantly so.
First of all you don't know my family so shut your mouth. Every family has issues. And It doesn't concern you so stay out of it!

Van Nuys, CA

#74 Mar 23, 2011
I LOVE YOU DEXTURE, BECKY, JAYME, AND CASEY!!! I MISS YOUR FACES!!! I really hope you guys are doing good miss you tons

Van Nuys, CA

#75 Mar 23, 2011
I know the Inman family very well and they are good people they just make bad choices just like anyone else. Their mother works a lot and workd very hard at that. Their father god rest his soul is no longer with us anymore so for all of you that what to vlame it on the parents need a reality check. These kids are good kids and they just make mistakes like everyone else. Becky is doing good for herself and just because of her messing up a few times you want to throw thing in her face. And as far as Jayme goes he is just a teenager and he does need to grow up but Dexture how ever doesn't deserve all of you being mean to him especially yall that dont know him. He is a great guy and he treats his women with the up most respect and just because of one thing you all come out the wood works wanting to destroy someones life thats just wrong...People grow up in different ways and learn different things and yes they do get away with a lot but they are human and this is not the 13th century were you judge them...There is only one judge and that is God...Do you want to stand in front of god on judgement day and explain why you were doing his job?? I really dont think you do...Now I know I am far from perfect and I would never say anything to destroy someones life...I love that family and they are great people they have all helped me in more ways than one and they never say anything mean about anyone but you should know that they are going to defend themselves...Please just stop the ignorance what you dont know about them is they are all loving and they would help you if they could in your time of need they have great hearts and would never sit on here and talk about stuff they dont know about you. You may not like them for whatever reason but keep you opinions to yourself...I LOVE YOU GUYS AND MISS YOU VERY MUCH!!!
the only one that matters

Van Nuys, CA

#76 Mar 23, 2011
SSS wrote:
<quoted text> About time for his "day in court" isn't it? I have kept silent for long enough. Would it interest you to know that I am really close to you now? As far as their riding in the car together, who knows what he may have "threatened" her with. You want this apple, I am here, come shake the tree.
Are you threatening me because thats what is sounds like...The cop told her to get in the car with him and return to HIS home not hers and if there was and sign of rape dont you think that the officer would have taken her into his car or arrested him on the spot??? Hmmm I know you are the girls grandmother but this is going a little to far dont you think and you were the one that started the forum so if you get mad at what people post delete the forum that would be the smart thing dont you think....and i will shake your tree all you want me to I dont even live there and havent for a while so you are no where close to me...Dont threaten me with your bullshit and quit judging people that you dont know your granddaughter is no angel and i know that for a fact because I caught her and my cousin smoking pot together and at the same time she started hanging out with my cousin my aunts pills started coming up missing so dont give me any the poor Innocent little girl bull shit...And yes my aunt and uncle put my cousin in a girls camp because of that incident that your granddaughter brought the pot so hmmm i dont buy it one bit...

Louisville, KY

#77 Jun 15, 2011
that bish lied she already claimed rape on lyk 3 other ppl smfh


#78 Jun 16, 2011
No, I did not "start" this thread. In fact, it was some time, before I saw any of it.
I have NO idea where you get your information, but it is false and not the only false statement I have seen here.
I do not care what you the end it will be what the judge buys. I am, truly, amazed by some of the ignorance, displayed here.
I make no threats, although they have been made towards me, which prompted me to say, "I am here".
Family Friend

Mountain Home, AR

#79 Feb 6, 2012

Mountain Home, AR

#80 Feb 6, 2012
Charges were dropped because of a "plea bargain"....not because it didn't happen.

United States

#81 Feb 7, 2012
I don't particularly care whether it was forcible or not. She is 14 years old! As an adult, he should KNOW better. It doesn't matter how much she puts herself out there, he should be mature enough to know she is too young. I don't know either of them, and have no attachments. If it was our family the man would be lucky to make it to court..

Mountain Home, AR

#82 Feb 7, 2012
@ point, exactly...and there is proof that he KNEW she was 14. Also, you would think, that with him having a daughter of his own, as well as a sister and a mother, he would be more aware of that fact.
He may have "copped a plea" or he may be a C.I., around here, but the fact remains, the title reads, "Dexter Inman charged with rape"...and we will see when he meets the "judge" upstairs.
All the facts are not posted, here, because few know them and she is a minor...still.
He just better be glad it happened when it did, and not now, because if it had been now, someone would have torn his head off and crapped down his neck.
just another parent

Fordland, MO

#83 Feb 8, 2012
The fact that anyone would defend these actions makes me sick. If you are an adult, you should be with an ADULT, NOT a child. At 14, she is not near finished with puberty. If he had been caught with nude photos of her, it would be considered child pornography. This isn't any different; I don't care how you slice it. Either way you look at it, it is disgusting. If she made advances towards him, she should have been taught better. As I do not know all of the specifics, I am merely making a fairly general opinion. Anyone who would condone this behavior is sick as well. Makes a person wonder how deplorable YOU act behind closed doors...

Mountain Home, AR

#84 Feb 8, 2012
@ just another parent....if you knew the facts, you would throw up. He was an adult (over 21) and he got away with it, here. I won't comment further because she deserves some privacy and the chance to "get over it". It was not lack of teaching...she got that, but sometimes, teenagers make bad decisions, but ADULTS are held accountable for their's.

Mountain Home, AR

#85 Feb 11, 2012
How can a so called man sleep with a 14 year old he little or something or is he just retarded or something. As he ever had sex with a real women or they all little girls hell I would move because you still have the name in alot of peoples eyes 14 year old come on retarded little man or what ever you call your self.
this is dumb

United States

#86 Mar 18, 2012
He never had sex with her the rape kit proved that it all public record the girl lied all around face it sss your granddaughter is a liar.Was there for court and this hearing went on for 3 yrs give or take a few months. Prosecution had nothing on him and the kept drawing it out and postponing court that proves he was innocent...Little bitch is a liar and I feel sorry for her may god forgive her for her sins I will pray for her and the rest of your family.
just me

Pineville, AR

#87 Jun 15, 2012
It is wrong for a grown man to have sex with a 14 yr old girl but when the rape kit is neg. and charges were dropped and the fact the family had text messages where she said she was 16 and he was 21 at the time there is nothing wrong with that when I was 16 I dated a guy that was 23 and he never raped me it was consensual all the time..Face facts I dont know either of them or the family but I am in Law school and the facts show that he never raped her as a matter of fact he never even had sexual acts with her. The texts showed that she said she will sneak out and meet him I used this case as a report I did. It is unlikely that what he was accused of ever happened due to the evidence and the reason he took a plea is because he comes from a poor family that could no longer afford the attorney fees not because he wanted to but the statement above is true the Prosecution didnt have the evidence and the kept drawing it out the evidence proves it! Sorry to both families for all the troubles they have gone trough my prayers go out to both families
just me

Mountain Home, AR

#88 Jul 26, 2012
I just found out I s wrong about all my post..I am a dumbass
just another human

Mountain Home, AR

#89 Sep 21, 2012
well i know for a fact that he did not take a plea bargin and all the charges were droped cause she told the truth at court he did not do it

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