I hope that all of you are concerned about the future of the State of Colorado and took the time to watch the debate tonight. If not I'm certain a transcript will be made available or a repeat for viewing prior to the election this coming tuesday. The format was very thoughtfully prepared ,the moderators very straightforward and the panelists some of the most respected in their fields. The candidates while all very qualified differ in the way they would run the state if elected.It's up to one of us to get out and vote for the candidate that most closely matches your personal ideals and dreams for your future and the future of the State of Colorado. I hope that more states will adopt this most cival and informative style of political debate going forward. My only criticism is that the debate wasn't held earlier on in the process.So please watch, listen and discover the vision each one of these men has for your state!and then go to the polls and make your voice heard! Via Con Dios , Colorado!