Former Capitan Police Chief Robert Bi...

Former Capitan Police Chief Robert Bird dies suddenly - Ruidoso...

There are 25 comments on the Ruidoso News story from Jan 26, 2009, titled Former Capitan Police Chief Robert Bird dies suddenly - Ruidoso.... In it, Ruidoso News reports that:

Capitan's former Chief of Police Robert, "Big Bird" Bird, died Friday, Jan. 23, at Lovelace Hospital in Albuquerque after he was admitted to a Carlsbad hospital the day before.

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High Rolls Mountain Park, NM

#1 Jan 26, 2009
Rest in peace Robert. You touched many lives and leave behind a legacy of solid values for the law.

United States

#2 Jan 26, 2009
don't his fellow officers need to lie and rule his death an accident like all the other dirty cops do when they develope a consious?
Will b missed

High Rolls Mountain Park, NM

#3 Jan 26, 2009
Robert you will be missed, you did a wonderful job, you are at peace and you don't have to deal with this crap from the community anymore, we will miss you.
So sad

Broken Arrow, OK

#4 Jan 26, 2009
What a shock. What a man. We have missed you since you left and now we are double sad.

Carlsbad, NM

#5 Jan 26, 2009
It was a pleasure and learning experience serving with you at ECDC. You are missed, and will be missed for a long time to come. RIP "BIG BIRD "

Hobbs, NM

#6 Jan 26, 2009
So very sorry a great person like this has to leave. I know he is in Heaven because of all the lives he saved on earth. In bring down the criminals he helped them gain their act together with the book. He indeed do the best here in Capitan. City Hall knows he did tooo good of a job. He will be rememered as our Hero. We need more Officers like him.

Hobbs, NM

#7 Jan 26, 2009
Sorry I made mistakes typing as my tears didn't let me see correctly to type in the blog above. We still will honor this Man. Can anyone follow his footsteps anymore to inforce the law like he did?
I remember

Broken Arrow, OK

#8 Jan 26, 2009
I have lived in Capitan for a number of years. We have never had a Chief as good as Chief Bird. May the Lord comfort his family and forgive those in this village who conspired against him and hurt this whole community.
To the Mayor of Capitan

Hobbs, NM

#9 Jan 27, 2009
May your concious not bother you, only teach you a lesson. Have a great day. People won't forget your acts of distruction.
Sad Also

Sugar Land, TX

#10 Jan 27, 2009
Vaya con Dios-- You will not be forgotten.
Condolences to all that were close and love him.
land of lincoln

East Saint Louis, IL

#11 Jan 27, 2009
God Speed BIG BIRD! You were a good man and a blessing to Lincoln County and Capitan. It was a pleasure to work with you. You will be greatly missed by your law enforcement family and all the lives you touched throughout the years.

High Rolls Mountain Park, NM

#12 Jan 27, 2009
To those that loved big bird
To those Big Bird loved

You have my heart.

Levelland, TX

#13 Jan 27, 2009
We love you chief. You are a wonderful man. We will never forget you. You are forever in our hearts big brother.

Since: May 08

Levelland, TX

#14 Jan 27, 2009
"CHIEF" as I call him, Robert D. Bird. One of the best men I ever had the pleasure of knowing and working with.
Chief was fair to everyone. His employees, his friends, and most especially, the un-intentional law breakers he dealt with. Chief always said, "everyone makes a mistake". And, "everyone deserves a second chance". Chief was good at handing out second chances to those who deserved it. Outside of those who feared him, the dishonest, career criminal element, along with dishonest politicians, everyone respected him for what he stood for.
Some referred to him as "Bufford Pusser". Well, You're right, HE DID WALK TALL.
"There ain't no backup in me" he always said. He knew when he was right, and he admitted when he was wrong. That very seldom happened, cause he knew what he was doing, and how to do it.
I am the only person I ever saw him get mad at. When a band of monkeys came after Chief and I for doing our jobs,(THE CAPITAN DRUG DEAL), I wanted to quit. Chief told me that "we did no wrong", "we did our job", and we did it well. He told me he would prove to everyone that we were right, and that's exactly what he did. Former Mayor Sederwall and the Village Trusties,(except one) under him stood behind us 150 percent. Chief insisted that we, his officers, continue to jail drug dealers, wife beaters and any other criminals preying on the Village of Capitan during that ordeal. We did not care "who your daddy was", and we did not quit doing the job the good, honest citizens of Capitan depended on us to do.
The best decision I ever made was to trust in him. Because of him, there "ain't no back up in me now".
The best decision Former Mayor Steve Sederwall made was to hire Chief to further his desire to clean up Capitan. But, because of the lying criminal politicians in Capitan, that success only lasted during our tenure in office.
When Chief was fired un-justly by hammonds, it almost broke his big ole heart. He and I talked that night, and he didn't have to tell me twice, that he wanted good people of Capitan taken care of. But, we could not fulfill that wish. We were set up for failure and we knew hammonds would come after me next.
Chief often spoke of the many good honest citizens of Capitan and Lincoln County, and made a second attempt at fulfilling his desire to continue what he started in Capitan by running with Steve Sederwall as his Under-Sheriff. Again, crooked politicians, and scared criminal elements prevailed, and the "machine" came back into power.
Chief may be gone, but the good will someday prevail, and those who deserve jail sentences will some day get their just rewards. Here, or in Hell... Don't matter which to me.
The only thing I can say to the "good and honest" citizens of Capitan and Lincoln County is that if you continue to allow the "machine" to run amuck, you will never again see what Capitan saw during "Chief's" tenure as your Chief Of Police. Continue what he started, and stay with it. Lincoln County is a beautiful place, marred by corruption, drug addicts / dealers and criminals, and law enforcement officers who care "who your daddy is".

I remain a "Fan of the Man", and CHIEF Robert D. Bird will always be my Best Friend.

The best of luck to all of you that call Chief Bird your friend, and in his memory, show him that he made a difference by doing your part to continue what he started.

For those of you who want to post derogatory remarks concerning this post or concerning Chief Robert Bird, let me assure you, you are the ones I am referring to, and you don't matter to me, or to him. Nothing in this post is untrue or fabricated.

I will see you again someday my friend --- Rest in Peace knowing you made a difference in a lot of peoples lives.. Thank you CHIEF.

Randy Haskins, Former Lieutenant, Capitan Police Department

Broken Arrow, OK

#15 Jan 28, 2009
Thanks for everything you guys did for us. I cried as I read your letter. It is a reminder of just what was stolen from us by the good old boys. All you have to do is read the Capitan Police blotter in the Ruidoso News to know that you and Bird are gone.
Thank you Bird

Broken Arrow, OK

#16 Jan 28, 2009
Capitan, you saw what your town could have been while Chief Bird ran your police department. Lieutenant Haskins told you the truth but here is what happened to you.

Pat Huey put Sam Hammon and his hand picked crooked politicians into office, because Huey was mad that he lost his over priced gravel contract he had controlled for years. Huey paid for their newspaper ads. Lilly Wood ran for judge, on that same ticket, with those ads, which is illegal. But the law means nothing when there is no one to enforce it. Huey also backed Virden, paid for his ads. Virden will not enforce the law. He can’t because he is the sheriff accused of stealing railroad ties and can’t explain how he paid for a ranch that he filtered through four different hands, to keep his finger prints off the transaction.

Lilly Wood, is the daughter of Leroy Montez, the ex-trustee for Capitan and board member for CCNG, the gas company that stole half a million dollars a year from Capitan citizens. Lilly was married to Steven Carpenter who died stealing electricity in Capitan. Steven was the brother of Norvell Carpenter who was arrested by Bird and Haskins for beating his wife in the street. Norvell told the officers he would have their job and he made good on his threat.

Steven and Norvell are son’s of Lamoyne, a good friend of Mayor Hammon and good friend of Pat Huey. Remember back three years ago when a citizen wrote to the editor about Lamoyne bragging how much money he and the mayor would make on sending water to a sub-division? The mayor has since put Lamoyne on the water board. Lamoyne is the step-father of Sheriff Virden’s secretary, you remember the one blogers have said was having an affair with the sheriff. Well, Lamoyne is also the grandfather of a guy Bird and Haskins was watching for cooking Meth and dumping in Capitan’s sewer that in turn would enter your water table.

Bird and Haskins didn’t arrest the guy because one of the hand picked politicians, Curtis Payne, who had inside information, told Lamoyne the cops were watching his grandson. The badguy/grandson ran to Albuquerque where he killed a woman while he was DUI. This was about the time another son of Lamoyne and a guy name Renfro was arrested in Iowa for cocaine. After the meth cooker was alerted by the city trustee, it is rumored the sheriff’s secretary, Lamoyne’s step-daughter, the sheriff’s girlfriend helped clean up the mess and destroy the evidence.

It was Lilly Wood, who was elected with the illegal unsigned votes that you have read about in the paper. The mayor still fights using Capitan’s money to ensure the illegal election stands. Right after being illegally elected, Lilly entered into a plot to get rid of Bird because he arrested Lamoyne’s son. Lilly and the Mayor got together and in her hand, she wrote a factious complaint letter. She then went to guy with a criminal record, a friend of Norvell’s (you remember him he’s the guy that beat his wife and got arrested by Bird and threatened to have Bird fired) to sign the complaint letter. The mayor then brought this letter up in a public meeting but the plot unraveled and they got caught. Even thought it was all on the front page of the paper nothing was done.

Remember the gas company, the one politicians ran and stole half million a year from their citizens? Well the bookkeeper who send out the bills and had to have know about the plot to steal making her a co-conspirator in that crime was appointed by Mayor Hammon as the village clerk. This is the village clerk in charge of the voting, the same voting that put Woods in office illegally with unsigned votes.

Lilly Wood wrote the fake letter that was used to fire the best Chief of Police Capitan has ever seen, Robert Bird. Capitan you have shame on you.
You are RIGHT on the dot

United States

#17 Jan 28, 2009
And this helpful secretary, village clerk is high and mighty , yours truly, SHAMELESS , the one and only..KKAAAYY SSTTRICKLAANDD. In the corner we have Kay Strickland..Yeah!!!!

High Rolls Mountain Park, NM

#18 Jan 30, 2009
Steve and Randy:

Bird respected you and stood with you and for you. Take the time to grieve and my heart is with you for your pain. But remember that Bird would not have wanted you to back down, slide over, move or give up. He would have told you to buck up and go get some bad guys.

He'll cheer you on every time you collar one or uncover dirty dealings.

In the honor of Bird and in the path he started, do not weaken and don't give up.

Are you listening to me Steven? You thought I'd call but I am in public and in the open saying you and Haskins are of a quality of cloth few find. We have to have that cloth shift through all the whey and let the cream rise to the top.

You wouldn't be able to look Big Bird in the eye if you didn't continue the fight that you were born to do. You couldn't stand it if you couldn't look Bird in the eye.

Take a little time. Put your head under your wing and cry for awhile. When you come out, come out swinging but for you and the fine example of a man you lost.

You are welcome babe.
Cry me a river

Kirtland Afb, NM

#19 Feb 3, 2009
bob wrote:
don't his fellow officers need to lie and rule his death an accident like all the other dirty cops do when they develope a consious?
All I can tell you is the next time you are in trouble don't call the Police and see how you handle things on your own since you are so much more above all others. It'a not that cops lie they just deal with people like you and you don't get your way so you cry about getting busted.

Kirtland Afb, NM

#20 Feb 3, 2009
Honoring an Officer is what it said on the front page of the Carlsbad News Paper Jan 30 2009 and on the photo were a Horse Drawn Hurst and a fallen hero being carried off in the setting sun with family and loved ones walking behind and in cars that followed. Police cars led the way and trailed behind while people and officers filled the streets to watch this hill of a man being carried to his final resting place. As he passed under the flag of these United States and officers stood and attention and saluted, my heart fell silent as if there was no heart to beat anymore it was with the man being carried off.

Tears fell and hearts were broke when the news that Robert D Bird “Big Bird” had passed away rang through the town, some didn’t believe, some were in shock and others fell numb to the news. He was known by many names just depending on where you crossed paths with him, but many knew his as “Big Bird” as for me and my family we knew him as dad and grandpa.

A lot of news about what a man he was has flooded the newspapers, internet and blogs; some good and then there are those who crossed the wrong path with “Big Bird” that have said some really ugly thing about this man. But I know if these people were ever in danger “Big Bird” is the first person they would have wanted standing by there side. He WAS honest and true to his word. He believed in law and honor, truth and justice, hard work and most important was family.

He had a fist of steel and a heart of gold, he was a God fearing man and he would let you know when you crossed the line between him and God. If you were lucky to know him personally you were a very special to him, for he was a great friend, and wonderful grandfather the best dad and no one could ask for a better father-in-law. I am thankful I got to be a part of his life I miss him with all my heart but I rest in knowing he is riding up the mountain tops with Jesus by his side. Germaine K Bird 2/2/09

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