Smart meters used for harassmnet!

Smart meters used for harassmnet!

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Marshfield, WI

#1 May 13, 2014
Thugs and trouble makers can send sounds also using your smart meter to try to make you think your hearing stuff! It's the smart asses way to try to cause trouble with you or get rid of you ( Make you move!!)But it won't happen because the FBI will eventually hear about it!

And read this article, because here is the information about how thug people or even a neighbor could hack your meter and triangle-ite around you and cause some trouble! ...

Like use it to harass you in your home and other OMG stuff found that out too! Oh and if they hook you up with a cell phone tooth implant OMG!

And here it is folks! ...

P.S.S.( I think they are doing that down my road!!)
and they think they can hide anything these days !?

Marshfield, WI

#2 May 13, 2014
So if you start hearing stuff in your home.....(.YOU are not crazy!) you could be victim of a possible gang activity maybe!?
A hacker could therefore crack the wireless communications between the meter and the supplier, and send his or her own mischievous messages back to base or commands to other meters -
See more at:

Marshfield, WI

#3 May 13, 2014
Stolen police and military surveillance technology and using smart meters with it also!~

Marshfield, WI

#4 May 13, 2014
Spook the neighborhood hey?
and here it is!

Marshfield, WI

#6 May 26, 2014
Alll they need is a tiny Nano waterproof transmitter/battery ran by your own blood and a listener /mind reading soft wear and you have it ..two way communication and harassment toll what -ever! and there is no- denying it anymore! Research says it all! -...

Auburndale, WI

#8 Jun 1, 2014
Part 2

Money games
The researchers recruited Swiss female college students, who interacted with each other via a computer game with real monetary consequences.
During the experiment, researchers applied small electrical shocks called transcranial direct current stimulation to the rLPFC region of some of the participants' brains. By varying the direction of the electrical current, the researchers could either boost or decrease brain activity in this region. Some participants did not receive brain zaps, and so served as a control group.
Students were paired up, and one student was given a sum of money, which she could choose how to split with another student. If the recipient felt the split was unfair, she could "punish" the donor student by taking away some of the donor's money and investing it.
The students who started with the money voluntarily chose to give away only 1020 percent on average. When the recipient punished them by taking the remaining funds away, the donor students gave away 4050 percent in subsequent rounds closer to the fairness norm in Western cultures of a 50-50 split, Ruff said.
The brain stimulation had very different effects depending on whether students were voluntarily following the norm as opposed to when they were threatened with punishment.
When the threat of punishment was present, brain-boosting stimulation caused students to give away more money, while brain-reducing stimulation made them give away less money. In contrast, when giving was voluntary, boosting and reducing brain stimulation had the opposite effects, making the students give away less money or more money, respectively.
Ruff and his colleagues also had the students play the money game with computers rather than with other students. In this case, stimulating the rLPFC had much weaker effects.
Context matters
The findings, detailed today (Oct. 3) in the journal Science, suggest that the rLPFC does not simply function as a switch that makes people comply with social norms. Rather, this brain area uses the social context to determine whether to comply with norms or not.
"Here, brain stimulation to the exact same region has opposite effects on cooperative behavior that depend entirely on context," said neuroscientist Joshua Buckholtz of Harvard University, who was not involved with the study. Buckholtz suggested that the context of having a punishment threat or not could be changing the connectivity between the rLPFC and other brain areas.
The idea that the brain could be manipulated to make people more compliant with social norms has far-reaching implications for the legal system. "If we know this mechanism, we might think about ways to influence it to help people who have trouble following norms," Ruff said. But it's not as easy as simply zapping a criminal's brain to make them comply with the law.
"There's a big difference between acute modification in the lab and a long-term change in the way people represent and process social norms in nature," Buckholtz said.
A control or take over or cover-up!
it's a crime in the works!

Wausau, WI

#9 Dec 12, 2016
The health effects show that smart meters should not be on the side of our homes. The people of marshfield and other cities, should feel comfortable in their own home and not feel that their health could be declining

Auburndale, WI

#10 Aug 26, 2017
with the right technology when it's military or higher!... over airwaves, mind reading, radio, internet even subliminal or reversed language because now they have subliminal/reverse language pick up technology for literally (everything!)satellites and will eventually be heard by someone somewhere else like FBI.CIA, military, other spies...., other satellites and who knows whom!
Hope it
does not cause any fatalities anywhere or with other persons driving exectra...or start a war or get other countries mad or cause problems for" our USA President" anyone's Presidents If the illegal activity was not something used for defense situation because they could hold you in a criminal case that could totally definitely ruin your life if it was caught and they found out whom you were and lived!!
You could be blocking TV, Radio, internet,other signals and interacting with signals used for medical and military or communications for other stuff we don't have any business interrupting!

And the other situation you could be hurting animals and birds around you causing them problems if this was not a type of signal machine used bought in a animal store, because those sound
And it better not be home made, because this could be a very illegal and breaking electrical and frequency signal laws!! and some people are allergic or sensitive to high frequencies!

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