Madison, WI

#6973 Nov 4, 2013
Pretty Boy Zippy wrote:
<quoted text>You're my little sock puppet!!!!!!!! Dance Skippy,,,,Dance!!!!!!Bahahahah ahahahahhahahaahah!!!!!!
Sock Puppet, Ask Robin WIlliams about Ambrosia? More like a HEad of a catipillar ripped the haiary snake off the back, Celestrial mouth remained, It opened like a flower, I said a mouth is on the other side, I pulled it form his back for him to hold for a moment while I examined the toilet paper flowers out my nose from the reminence of his back hand ASZ When the mouth opened to bite him, he dropped it and it broke to pieces and went in every witnesses foreheads that day.

The men had to hold me threw chambrial overrides, more action in my brian then any one in ourtime history it was a cool video to see, My cell had to be cohersed from hiding behind my knee then I worked and all other cells came out to work too, The Asian mans cells took fast then. But I was held for a dismembered limb, The men had to push it back into place, I said I FIHGT I BITE ILL SWEAR ILL TEAR YOUR HAIR and the battle commensed, it was all on film. Nobody wants to do the procedure for WWF and other sportsmen, they will do homeless wimps but no other, I was a damn bullseye hitter. The man had 2 black eyes and had to go in to have his bone removed I chipped it. I was a surviver alright and that means one hell of a fight.

As well I did a paranormal research groups video for MAdison Wisconsin that day, while I was in the inbetween I had to be removed form all life support, the ghosts were draining me threw the outlets, all cam ein I was swept up and aroudn the room as I battled a poltergeist, All on Film,MErtier and St MArys Hospital, I was battleing a Bogmans GHOST Most haneous fight indeed he's nutts, Only human please. And even that is tabboo for me now.

I made the paper again, DId every read about me and my adventures? It was foudn in AH HUH' CLASSIFEIED" You knew it. I foudn a grey and balck bag at the Science Hall and my new number is thereso within. Lets get together Ol Friends, NO seances.

Madison, WI

#6974 Nov 4, 2013
For dainty princess spy Mother, A JUDGE did authorize her and signed the recipet to removed court trasncripts for copies and who she was to mail them to for RECALL of gold breasted Judge and his works to be reevaluated and recalled to ASSMEBLY and which cases to be seen for Audit to recall it all......

As for Demeters Grandmother, Misconstrued information, proceed with caution she protects a Indian. She was kidnapped and beatin, her flesh rotted and they dismemebred her, EVERY TRIBAL RAPED in her down town, by what? They wanted nothing of Mother Goddess, and permitted anything to feast, they needed HER bone marrow and carress their penises with the MArrow of the Mother Goddess remains in her bone tissue. She siad YES FOOLS WAR but one is left for her as a man seravant. She will kill for him alone.

Governor authorized Temp to Hire and had paid and manipulated mind threw radio boradcast to steal contents in Wisconsin Surgeon General, Medicad and Medicare files, to hide Jaimei Drews injuries and indite ME on Fraudualnt disabilites claims to arrest and inprison with 12% interest on all disbaility service,s THEY WILL SEIZE order only if MEriter Owner and St MArys comes in and give serum int he bone phantom doatabase enternce TO UW medical leads, or I was ordered to be arrested on medicaid and welfare and SSI fraud,

DO I HAVE NAY FRIENDS LEFT mentally sound to step up?

2000 Surgeon General said the FUNDS for my medical philanthropy had such a interest because a piece of Information was not on file SSN Parents got mine in ALaska so it is a trap. I don't look like a Wisc resident by SSN so it is a tricky file to proceed upon. All medical was done in Meriter and St MArys Hosptial in MAdison Wisc, they dismissed all UW professions from viewing, GOVERNOR in 2000 had ordered file dismemberment for a favor to a medical friend.

WHO INFORMED ME, Well the surgeon General when I was a Kellys Temp doing SPEECH AND DENTAL PRIOR AUTHORIZATION CLERK position, The Casino Boats in IOWA a surgeon my age was damn near killed ofr comparing my file to his wives beauty and they exposed her vagina bacteruim records and said filth diseased whore, fight broke out he broke his neck and was tossed off ship. They fished him out barely alive. MEDICAL REVIEW BOARD MEMBERS made my bodily apperatus but I never was their patient so refused to perscribe and give to me or inform me, SURGEON GENERAL informed me malpracitce suits hit astronomical digits, but never paid, Instead Doctors daughters were treated with Medical discovery apperatus that electricutes and pressures their bodies, to MY INJURIES proving why I am only 20% mobility to other females, and why other women in the nation are to hit fruadualnt claimants and prison instead, no medications for them no SSI no discovery for faking, a conditioned muscular terret as like or stiffening for sitting in recliner, car seat, oor office chair, Physical therapy was all they needed and they could get that at the local YMCA momentum Non had my injuries but medicated, Surgeon General went ballistic

Phantom gird in OCmputer banks Like turning aged white dry death to dust, boot that suckerup, It is used by FEDS that are dead. Susspended animation

Walt DIsney was in prison in TOON TOWN

Madison, WI

#6975 Nov 5, 2013
Demeter, State Street, Madison Wisconsin USA Earth; Pipe and bong shop by Art Ghekko Downtown Madison. Crystal shards made into a opium or hash pipe. With Brown paint. I did not see any yellow glow with red eyes thereso within. But yes the children would of been drugged following a pressence.

Found: White locker Key downtown Langdon street; Which rich kids dirty undies can I sell or strain into a crystal prism this time? Lucky Boy or girl is Y0208852 Find the number in the LOST AND FOUND CLASSFIED column on Grey and Black backpack with laptop, That is the most recent number on me. But for Backpack found in Science hall, You must identify footnotes, what are the numbers? What is the Year of Interest, and which Facility wer eyou what? Auditing? recalling funds? Educating on video surrveilence?

So what did you film, Hobglobins or whookies werewolfs, or zombies in Wisconsin Tundras? I'm so excited, Ill even get a limonaide and lime juice with 7-up to split with you and we can discuss the foot notes and agenda.

MCDONALDS on East Washington Site is up for sale. They are beggining to get ready to demolish site for the sale, Purchase prematurely and you can keep the lot and building, and do the escavading in the basement drywall pockets yourself with micro cameras, to read FBI feed of bug language and all that happened thereso within the building. Purchase at open lot price, cheaper and demolish yourself. Just by the open lot, as is and call off demolision the last minute. To keep the building for play or rennovate to cool house.

SCIENCE HALL paranormal researchers were there, What did they find, I found the bag, stolen or not, I did not steal I found, but contents are shadey access code denied access code granted and up for revue or discussion....???

Science hall drywall and pipe leak drips, HUM kids on drugs and alcohol, or doing sex or shareing gum going into a brain chamber they are not coded to by parental module and concern...

SPIDER fighting centepede in night hours, Felling something dropping by you and hovering or a panic attack to a flight and freight, YUP that is a bug war going on the rafters alright, or excitement and enthusiasm of spider making web, LAthargy feeling of sitting on web and letting food come to it, Every 3 weeks or 3 months when the spider decides to move you become energetic, but rarely. Not ahaunting Call FBI and Vaccum pest control. They vac the holes in the dry wall inbetween the wall life and cameras.

Micro cams big in WIsc to do geode cave travels,

Rio, WI

#6976 Nov 5, 2013
repub ruler of the world wrote:
<quoted text>
Has everyone seen my mom in the barn,spreading for the donkey. I've seen old stagovies of her and her donkey. She was really a star on the farm.
Teabags on your face Mom.
Thats real mature.
Jammmie Brain Mush

Rio, WI

#6977 Nov 5, 2013
Jaimie wrote:
I'm a retard,I'm a retarded retard!!!!!! Guess What???? I'm a retard.
I think you might be a reject not a retard.

Madison, WI

#6978 Nov 6, 2013
Jammmie Brain Mush wrote:
<quoted text> I think you might be a reject not a retard.
Well it was all about money for family wasn't it? Not dead for Dads US NAVY 2.5 Million and Moms, so nobody got 60% off my death, flase testimony to committment or Inprisonment.


Devon Sawa, Jonathon, Mark, Mark etc.

I'm still faking my injuries they say, No friends or family now at all, it's all about the money always was ehhh

Im just short fat white trash that never had nothing but staged injuries for fake malpracitce suits.

Tornado never happened, Military never Hit Connie Chung, You never hung with us in our Hotel room, You never followed the torndo that lofted me miles away form the scene and dropped me, on the shrp rock, you never spent hours in my Hosptial room In California, and Devon you WERE A PRICK TEASE you held my hand and cried and still no matrimony. Sluck you schmucks.

Repressed memories comes and goes with no consistency. No campground rehab nothing, no shared apartment building no rennovated Hotel yet, Boy are you fellows cheap

Water on brain again, children of mine are ransomed now for WHAT TIME FAVOR FOR policy pay prior to aged or death of my parnets, EVERYONE MUST PLAY THEIR PART

I sure could use some old friends again, even for the weekend. I have some paintings some came out script cool, bank said market to a novel series it has several scenes and charators.

Cherokee Indian White shaman pagan BOIA trying for a suit agaisnt disney, my favorite shaman turned tables to retract repressed meories for exploiitation of a new DIsney CHerokee segment.

STILL YOUR FAVORITE GIRL? COuld use some help!
just sayin

Eau Claire, WI

#6980 Nov 6, 2013
[QUOTE Who tard Who"]<quoted text>I have told you all over -n- over -n- over that I am brain dead. OK!!!!!! so get it!!!!! I'm a Tard. This thread is about the great job our Gov. Scott Walker is doing screwing the people of Wisconsin. This thread is not about his mental Retardation. Go away Who Tard,Go away Who Tard,Go away Who Tard!!!!!! Go find a thread for retards. You will find Gov. Walker there.[/QUOTE]

Doesn't that feel better,now that you have your confession of your chest.

Madison, WI

#6981 Nov 7, 2013
Walt Disney, Devon, Jonathon, Mark, Mark and Brad Wade;

So how did the video pan out. You were going to take the camcorder proof for finance and meet me in Wisconsin to assist with Medical remember.

I guess guys on drugs are schmucks. Over 36 years or so later still waiting for that hero.

Sabbertooth; so how did the spirit guide remote vewing pan out for you? was it a mouse? Curious, if so Lucky you, inner space spy caverns, military everything, treasures, gases, powers. You were fortunate. Nobody would permit me to work the X-men unit, But red eyes stole something out of me that day. Remember the fire, weird.

I've been settleing again, every now and again, having flashbacks, and trying to embrace rememberence. Trauma created amneisa of certain events and experiences, now returning, maybe in my last 20 year download in brain chamber prior to death, remember 2 years for her to live and I passed 8 years old along time ago.

ORDER of Business; excummunicaitons, deprotations, Wisconsin is assembling for Government over ride, Civilans of natural origins willl remain, all others form CIty States and Nations, The state can capitolise off their accounts and property of their ancestors, and be retracted from their nations livlihood suits and pay for their own prison, but deported back to their families lands thereafter. Poorer then family and nieghbors assuming charity and grunt work for forfieting their finances.

I am a member of Wizardry of Merlin Order 7 year celebacy and status restored. It is stationed just around Middleton Wisconsin old Kingdoms foundations under 25 feet and play the boondocks, caverns tunnels tapestries everything, AKA remember 1960s the largest RUBY and diamond, hiest for Ritual arts of Vatican and nations rules? Thats part of it, Crafting the largest stones, kidnapped the premo diamond cutters kidnapped, some kidnapped to Germany order. Entered pre 6. Offer came on the tracks by Hefietz park. Decline snake staff tried to make my own when rememberence, no good in skilled wood crafts. Have to get something obscure in Soldia or Solvia with the Gnarled tress

According to Satan order of age my temporment, St MArys of Waunakee Middleton area, Bishops cove caverns chanting much lately Orders rose high and the boys are skitish topside. So sir goths indicate upon virtual visitation.

Signed contracts with US Navy and Military, 4 C's County Seat, and Vatican g-men, SOme proerty off to them for hybrid order and salvation (sanctuary).

Navy and Airforce contracts signed to keep them primary dictorialship over royal families residing here, Glacier sperm of PRe Jurrasic is hybrid species hunting lately. Army and MArine don't know what their looking for; Idiots, 6 feet of soil samples around sperm foundation in eco-system God damn core sample or do civilians have to teach them how to do that and sell the specimans on e-bay Idiots. Then you send in the unit for genetic tracking and idientificaiton of hybrid creations and freaks of nature. Government permits 2.5 million on a 100% roll over account funded 2500 years into future. Man maybe Japan and Canada 1960s clonign project was effective these people can nto be trianed for shit.

"Seals" cost to much and people refuse to give up corner bars and casinos.

I signed a contract as well for historical families in home states in home nations, Keep all the scrp work of your grannies it goes on post card and t-shirt and cup sales for you to permit tour of home and their belongings after death, and you have a samll residential space for the family to have grant and sales % to stabalize existence at all.

Hope I did well.

Sheriton Hotel back int he days had a jewlery heist, VFW mens club ring off diamond necklace, dude died in BOG before getting to VFW Capone was blamed he paid to heist, but bog weed tripped drowned, came alive and jewels fell into soil and sunk, he died by colesium sign, flooded offskirt.


Madison, WI

#6982 Nov 7, 2013

Marilyn Manson interviewed me on State Street as well. Grunge fellow That played the Joker.

Supposed very close friend and had a account and plans to meet me, didn't know how to use phone book? All accounts for medical, and phone calls were tripped, I never recieved 1 cent nor talked to anyone at all. MArilyn and co. Paid to track the whroe and retrieve the money and prosecute her family for his demise.

Dear Mr Monroe, Yes I must forearms are so masculine when well defined. Still looking to coastal Madison and surrounding raft partner for dining and cocktales or juice and water, whatever for remains. THey used big cement blocks and chained them to it and dumped in middle of lake, check heat temporment GIant Turtles go where dead men reside. Although so does Military all on video, but Turtle death on escape hatch trapped so work is not getting to court evidence files EVER

Madison, WI

#6983 Nov 7, 2013
Kiss was hired in the early 1990s to start a mob or kill me at a back stage event. I left the concert early and was stopped at the front gate by a gorup of trench coat men, We search the VFW POST 1318 jewelry heist, I took the men to the location as the man had a little bag the 4 by 3 1/2 inch diamond necklace with all the 1/2 inch around stones were to be found, and followed the heaist out of the building, Al Capones men followed the man, but lost in the dark, he fell in the water and damn near drowned, bag fell, he surfaced to see capones men with guns run to the bar, The theif was hired by post 1318 My grandfather refused support but if they get away with it, yes he wants a ring made but will pay for the "ring" New brotherhood symbols of the secret society of post 1318 So I followed th eghost in and I was standing on hard frozen gorund that softened under me like quick mud, I fell in and sank, the men told me not to move and finally I was able to get help, but me and one of the men were pulled under by a hand. I got to see a ring and pendant in the bag, not richly but dainty and more glamorous then anything in our jewlery stores, I hypnotically went back in, they had to pull me out.

The diamond and the diamond necklace has calspes on the sides, I saw the display room, but knew not were it did not make sense, the stone is for a reflector, the prisms are set to several surrounding buildings office room for policy burn out scam. The necklace was still in the bag the last I had my hands on it prior to the sinkage. The men were going to try to gather it but M&I with Marcus COrporations COncourse Hotel indicated could not be retireved unless there is a underground it may fall on the pipeline. And they will try form that angle when they get city mapping.

Nirvana was here in 1990s as well, someone tipped them off to my spinal tap, I infomred the date in my apartment was 13 but knew not 2013 or what it did not make sense that would make me 40s and I became excited living past my 8 birthday and made it in my late teens to believe I AM NOT DYING I was happy, The group looked over 7 feet vampire bounty hunters, they indicated the marrow form the japanese american needs to be drained for me to enter bortherhood or donor for them, but the serum could have killed and corrupted them, so they were going to kill their source, Beautiful white men, I knew I needed height and situps but I always loved those men and that look, they moved my blood flow form my head by routing to smaller capularies and trying to retreive a piece of information stored in a "nucleus membrane", They said mine is worth a fortune. I heard it was Nirvanas group, Maybe Own Nirvana donors? Kids were scared, my viens protruded like the newer Carrie version, I spent the whole night hunting, they knew the female pressence that went within me and indicated glad to see me awake and will retunr when I have the spinal tap they can reliquish the marrow that way.
Zippy Fake Military

Rio, WI

#6984 Nov 7, 2013
just sayin wrote:
<quoted text>
Doesn't that feel better,now that you have your confession of your chest.
Yes it does!!!! I am a fake and a phoney. I know the GREAT JOB SCOTT WALKER is doing and I love to brag on him!!!!!!!!!

Madison, WI

#6985 Nov 8, 2013
Hey Walt DIsney friends, X-MEn, Johnny Depp

I'm going for the Herkimer Diamond today.

Remember When I was a late teen at the KISS concert in 1990s Aaron Coy Mom was paid to permit Aaron Coy to take me, and ignite bar fight at colisiem for the COUNTER head blow that kills me all. PAID to take out poor white trash to her death. I stuck close to security, Thee durmmer had the men run to retrieve me for back stage pass to ensure my head is on streight, It is dislocated and broken, do you do alignments?

My vision with guns presented to stop me form leaving was of the jewlery heist of POST 1318, Al Capone paid gun men to intercept the heist and bring it to him, Sherton was where the owners were staying, every one searched around Capones bar and Sheraton Hotel MARSH BOG. It was on the Coliseum proteprty never left, Man drowned to death over the "F'n BAg" Don't touch the bag he said.

I had the Diamond in hands and going for it today, and the other gems and jewelry. I hope it is still there, I do so love a jewelry box to purchase a night gown worth doing hair and makeup for.

I had the diamond in my hands, If my attempts to retireve it form the bog is lost effort I will be doing a POOL ritual to retrieve it. I held it once, it should be fun to dejavue the event. Steal it from myself in midair.

Ah Nirvana bounty hunters. Briaded Pubic regien for you dark tall hairy scarey NO HAIRY SCAREY Im going to grow the pubes and briad with beads, so that it takes longer to READ ME I hope the Puttin on the Ritz "bye bye Birdie" Trigger fingers stand close by so that Tall dark and scarey does nto rip the strand to read everything inbetween

He fellows it is in the Cervical cap crystalization (life form died Sperm and ovum only months to exist it held the knowledge and memories lost and hard to retrieve) Also in the break down of nucleus membrane, I know your doing fat sweat sucking, but it was not stolen and hoarded in fat cell, YOU KNEW NOTHING Goregeous though, oh for shame my damn waste line and height, I cant wait for my growing spurt form childhood it opens that chamber around 46-47 years old, Miraculous height in midlife ah brian injuries are to fun to foretell, what will I look like, how tall will I be willl I be able to fit in a f'n size 3

Wish me luck, Not hostage WALT DISNEY contracted with Madison Wisconsin Street Cameras the police refuse to report crime LOCK THEM ALL UP IN PRISON and execute as the law sees fit in judical FORMALITIES LEGALLY PLEASE YES MADISON WISCONSIN IS WALT DISNEYS travel to say high.

Devon how did the broken leg portray with the real cast in Wild America should of used the real footage aszholes, no pay to the kid or medical your sure the generational kings indeed F'ers

Jonathon Taylor THomas, I am glad the TIME SEX OR FAVOR dateing laws of 2 weeks to 2 months, to Engagement laws of 2 years to matorimony laws worked in yoru career, what a honorable role model to those others actors climbing, they could not change their contracts becuase they had no clue which prostitution laws you implied Love ya hun TO TO FUNNY TO FUNNY

Madison, WI

#6986 Nov 8, 2013
The site has dirt and grass on it now. The gunmen from the Kiss Concert in 1989-90? had asked the owner and the fudner the funding group, had asked maintence to do the escavition dig, MAintenence was mexicans illegals and jail to release inmates center at the time. Supposed 3-4 feet of dirt ont he site, so FUnding group from Colesium not even owner, may have it the body and gun. I would say if it sunk, try about 12 feet in. I was waste deep before I sank, it dropped about 1 foot each time the shift occured. water drainage he climbed into to swim in the pond was still there His route out, Although it is not the rusted pipe he cut himself on and dropped part of the contents. That is under it and sank, rattleing he hated snakes and refused to pick up those gems, still bigger pieces then the jewlery store counters. SO wherever it is I will do the Pool ritual and it will go invisble as you NEVER had it all because It will appear in my tub or bowl for me. Famous thefts, what once resided in my hands for a moment of time to return. I will do the Pool ritual as the GODS SWORD ritual to see the broom as Gods sword and embrace it with a oil or liquor so it can nto return with differnt molecular configuration.

I did the railroad tracks walk as well from the BANK robbery from 1960s and before. I can not climb that wall, the queer stone if I remember right form t he vision is still there, I got a casing form hunting rifle old. The road holding up the beltline by th e tracks is made of all sandstone, you knew that would need upgrading, although they will wait for the bridges to crumble and hide evidence as to why and permit harm tocivilans before repairs of course. Homesteader bags, I left, so many spray p aint cans, but city indicates the only eveidence of people there were UW and Police academy triang, so reports of sandstone and paintings under bridges debris pick up?

Prior to the adventure I did lift a manhole lid off the tracks, crude oil smell, looked more like a well with shelfs then manhole, no latter trees growing in it, cant see a oil float in it, just smells like a mechanic garage.

Picked up a couple plant pots etc worth about $12.50 new. No broken jewlery to melt into bars or a new ring though Nothing.

some clothes broken cell phone. cell phone is grand theft as well when you see it, over $250 prison for 25 years indeed.
Jammmie Tard Too

Rio, WI

#6987 Nov 8, 2013
Jaimmmmie wrote:
Jammmie Tard,,,,,,Tard,,,Are you zippers mom????? Last nite I slapped Zippy around a little. I think he liked it.
Whotea fake human

Eau Claire, WI

#6988 Nov 9, 2013
Zippy Fake Military wrote:
<quoted text>Yes it does!!!! I am a fake and a phoney. I know the GREAT JOB SCOTT WALKER is doing and I love to brag on him!!!!!!!!!
The sad thing is you really don't know squat. Your a sad little man that everyone is laughing at.

Madison, WI

#6989 Nov 9, 2013
The bobcat sunk in the quick mud, on eof my infomrants indicated the grass seed will harden the dirt and create a more solid source for future dig. No use me digging yesturday, by law I am only allowed diggers rites prior to permit, a 6 by 6 and only 3 feet in and to retermporment the location with vegatation when I am completed, its 8-12 foot down. More with the fat weight of the cat.

Mr. Tommy Lee, there in the hall in rehabilitation, out of day room to the right of the hall by the stairs, a proxy wall will appear, the sounds is the under ground, sort of inbetween when the head shifts the door does too, hyrbid freaks of nature come out for peek a boo, All DNA in the building moves when they permit the species a walk about underneath. In that facility was hosted a glowing yellow and red what is identified as BEAST Its not, but in all biblical preeching the civilans will believe him to be so as he has the powers of Satan, evey capability of all partiisipants int he bible.

Logic of "probablity of a likelihood" Who or what makes the Goddess of "likelihood of probability of existence?" Tell a old friend I said hello, they swore he was transported to Witness protection in Germany by the religious fanatics, but he never left USA. Unless the Grassroots contracts of International unity had a German family in charge of rehabilitation locations facinity.

So we search for a web like no other. Demeter or Aracnias child, given Earth to explore, was it giant spider horse man? Of course! I know not his silly name, The Mother Goddess reads his web debirs int he crystal all the time, silly pramiscuus putrid child you are to funny vulagar beastie thing Too FUnny Just reflecting love, he is a hell of a adult temporment indeed, I wasnt saying a damn thing and please don't make me laugh

Madison, WI

#6990 Nov 9, 2013
Oh Ps I found a Diamond at the buss top Ct maybe fell out someones earring, alot of PAwn shops and Chicago and Californians ran away yhere becasue the welfare police LOVE to party so gems are floatin many places.

Ah how are my BOYS? Tim the tool man tailor, Child temporment in midlife, the girls that broke virginity, Ms TIm the tool man tailor took the oldest child actor back in the 70s a 4-8 yer old girl group took Jonathon Taylor THomases ordered by Robin Williams and tool time contractors for his midlife That way the big fellow in his midlife is ruled by old women but Jonathon gets a version 10 years younger in his midlife for a comeback.

Remember midlife can be 9 years old too, the hosptial of birth Blood draw from infacny tells it medical review boards and surgeon generals. Especially those of 1970s.

Men are trying to ignite psychically a drug or drunk to temporment with a age of NON REGECTION Raping in bars putting the females at pre 2 months of age when they have no strength to push off only scratch but cant even sit up yet.

My head is full of this crap and I did not feed into inofrmational instillations, I had misfortune of experince CC RIDERS another bike group HArley Davidson group in Baraboo told me what the men did to my head and why I couldnt think or push off, a list is out of all my injuries and counter blows to kill the "bit". They are hunting with Navy Bikers and FBI biker groups and enlisted fast for salvation and restoration for some sort of relief in life at all. Police involved and paid to harm me so bikers signed on to caretake for their error, and remove them of service Going publioc with their geneology and PAYOFF journals........
Zipp Tards Mom

Rio, WI

#6991 Nov 9, 2013
Jammmie Tard Too wrote:
<quoted text> Jammmie Tard,,,,,,Tard,,,Are you zippers mom????? Last nite I slapped Zippy around a little. I think he liked it.
I used to slap him silly too. It was all good clean fun,cuffing him around that is. He's such a girly boy.
Whotea fake human

Eau Claire, WI

#6992 Nov 10, 2013
Zipp Tards Mom wrote:
<quoted text> I used to slap him silly too. It was all good clean fun,cuffing him around that is. He's such a girly boy.
You're so frickin' ignorant you don't even know who you are conversing with. Zipp hasn't been on this post forever. But you are so afraid of his intellect, you see him everywhere. You,re such a sad little man. You're rants about gays show you to be extemely homophobic. You are so in doubt of your own manhood that you lash out at others.
It is so sad that you have'nt seen a vagina since you passed through one to become the malevolant dirty little man that you are.
If you could only go back to the 18th century and live there. You would fit right in with the "flat earth society" and you could support all the racial cleansing that a man of your lowly stature could support.If John Birch were alive today he would hire you.
Zipp Tards Twin

Rio, WI

#6993 Nov 10, 2013
Whotea fake human wrote:
<quoted text>
You're so frickin' ignorant you don't even know who you are conversing with. Zipp hasn't been on this post forever. But you are so afraid of his intellect, you see him everywhere. You,re such a sad little man. You're rants about gays show you to be extemely homophobic. You are so in doubt of your own manhood that you lash out at others.
It is so sad that you have'nt seen a vagina since you passed through one to become the malevolant dirty little man that you are.
If you could only go back to the 18th century and live there. You would fit right in with the "flat earth society" and you could support all the racial cleansing that a man of your lowly stature could support.If John Birch were alive today he would hire you.
I wish everyone would stop bitch slapping my twin Zipptard around!!!!! You all know he can;t fight back. Scott Walker is king!!!!!!!!!

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