Your Black President

Eau Claire, WI

#6927 Oct 19, 2013
Badger Pride wrote:
<quoted text>Go away, whiny weasel.
Another stagnant mind heard from.
Shoe Shine Boy

Rio, WI

#6928 Oct 21, 2013
Your Black President wrote:
<quoted text>
There's a thought!!!!!!! I could be a proffessional Masturbater? I think I have found my calling!!!!!!!!!
Whoa!!!!!!! You're a real sicko.

Madison, WI

#6929 Oct 23, 2013
Hello To my daughters, on my ventures I have found 2 keys;

1- made in China no serial or identification numbers. Counterfeit key or master key?

2- A airport, train, bus or locker room key
T787870 Hope its good, crime gun or weapon used, money, jewelry, bank robbery?

I just hope I found one that gives some money for some relief that is for sure. FOund it across the street from the garden Center on Milwaukee Street by Starkwater creek.

Or maybe I found the last location of a Missing persons or murder or kidnapped victim.

Police in my neigborhood indicate sell it on ebay you may get faster results. They do. Or UW students of the killers that dumped bodies in Wisc,. Killers grandkids usually come noseing aorund to pick up evidence sooner or later, every 25 years they do.

FOund some porcelin China no bone CHina, but just pieces, I was told By: X. Wong to to sell it to the foriegn exchange dorm form CHIna or Japan, they make the smallest tea sets and other objects, form a cup or non complete set or damaged set. Still worth $2500-$25,000 For just a cup to make a samll set, they enter it in contests for little things. Or little people make it.

Found cameras used not developed, I'll need professionals not walgreens, one I pulled out the lake, with a old bone under it. I hope I have evidence on it to solve a case and go on witness protection with you girls.

My Cherakee fello, I am battleing and getting hurt his half cousin is fighting for me as well, I also got the Grandmother white ancestor she was Celt wicca She helped me guide thru aspects of someplace, he kept getting turned around on his journey and we were helping along his way.

I found a little wooden wand with a piece of glass or something on it, it was from little pipeline, Little people protecting it, but got drugged on MUCK Sludge Like Mushrooms. We got to assist you girls in a dream, The little rod wrapped aorund my hand and up my arm and head like a apperatius and a warrious fought that day, I fell from the sky. In a dream and in life for real several time.

Mushrooms I had a problem with as a child, that is why I said stay inside. and clean your room and start your own journal so I know how much your wishlist of contentment would be in life to be safe and on your own property, just going to a event of your liking then directly home.

As a child I licked my shoe to see why my feet were so zippety drugs on side walk and and natural sources, I was sick, hallucinated but not really it was there people photod all I saw. I was treated with a anti-biotic it takes 2 weeks to 2 months to recover then side effects every 4 years. for a coupel nights only.

I dated the "Whale God" for the orca whale. I was a part of the throned chain on his blade on his shield. He was a bug God indeed. I was like a jeely fish species of some sort a little light like a 2 sided cottonwood fluff inside a crysatl in coral stone. My parent in that life was a giant jellyfish thing, a giant grey Rainbow color came from my own pain, Heat poisen gases etc. My family was the shield foundation.

I found a Mullusk opalique, and silver, and one real old with meet still inside of the being, I don't research things to much, but I did put glue on it to make it shine, you can see another world inside. Animals to big, I decided not to look hard.

We are having a howling soon, Mass zombie haunting, stuff from peoples bodily remains, Wierd science for weeks to come, they want zombie Howling to unite to complete judgement day, for Wiccan groups, someoen stole something???? I have no clue what yet. I offered my assistence this year and have my search grounds picked out of my walks. In March to May Vatican comes out to console results and we have to determine who will be all high funded this next term adminstration.

Throughout history I was on search rescue and bounty hunting and recovery parties.

Madison, WI

#6930 Oct 23, 2013
found somehting, but nobody will tell me what yet, a key to main form I gave to someone to enter a formation in a brother sisterhood of Governmental programming, I did nto take my key its sitllo ut there for my trades. Im clean up crew and assist people get stable and back on path to find their time and way home.

I still have to get the trinket box, There is a lip underside of the arboretum when a Goddess assisted me before, and dropped me form the sky, Kind of like a pheonix, her and I were looking around and seen it on our way in, I figured adult age minded and a canoe would be best. Going to need safety gear clothes for that for sure < Not far in but scuba gear is a necessity we have to swim about 7 feet under the lip to dig, in a few feet of dirt, roots are holding it.
Tard Buddy

Rio, WI

#6931 Oct 23, 2013
Jaimie wrote:
found somehting, but nobody will tell me what yet, a key to main form I gave to someone to enter a formation in a brother sisterhood of Governmental programming, I did nto take my key its sitllo ut there for my trades. Im clean up crew and assist people get stable and back on path to find their time and way home.
I still have to get the trinket box, There is a lip underside of the arboretum when a Goddess assisted me before, and dropped me form the sky, Kind of like a pheonix, her and I were looking around and seen it on our way in, I figured adult age minded and a canoe would be best. Going to need safety gear clothes for that for sure < Not far in but scuba gear is a necessity we have to swim about 7 feet under the lip to dig, in a few feet of dirt, roots are holding it.
Well I see you are still on retard street. Where have you been????? Have you been in your straight jacket?????

Madison, WI

#6932 Oct 24, 2013
Tard Buddy wrote:
<quoted text>Well I see you are still on retard street. Where have you been????? Have you been in your straight jacket?????
YOu nose around to much; Just ask and you would not be on angel dust.

Yes little girls pick panty goo as well...

Dear daughters, a long time ago a man made his boy child eat his seman release if he was not using it. Girls did to, that milky white goo, inside is a live ovum, your child, every month, so you feel compelled to scratch and sniff the substance and sometimes put it in your mouth. I learned fast, it was my own child, spiders, centapedes and others used to try to steal mine from me. Every month they would be around me making me recollect things I forgotten, and place the little fuzz or debris back upon me.

My children were named things like muck, goo, yuck, ew, ambrosia, logan, Jameeka, Jamita, Auroria,Jaymee many things. Angel dust used to lace my window to permit a visit as a child. All debris in the air as to where my ovum laid. SPiders and ants used to try to accomidate to heal my children I knew not at all but would battle their dreams as like panic attack or out of body.

I was hurt as a child, and they had a big memorial, I set up my family and they PULLED THE PLUG It really was not mine, I was down in pool therapy when I woke up from a coma. But Doctors and feds stood by to see who pulled the plug on me, it was the people in the other room that demanded arrest on who.... Family think I forget all the time and if I never recollect, I can live. But my family is to harm me or assasinate me again if my memories restore, I know I just dont discuss things much, pretty private compiling evidence all the time. To secure arrest or therapy plan for them.

The flavor of a kiss, is like a yellow lime green. I permitted you to suck in the vapors off the lip of my glass one day remember and indicated if you can find the flavor I will mix it with lemon aide and 7-up for you.

Anyway I lived for this reason, a human life capacity IS really 250 years average, drugs, food, beverage, other pain and suffering head trauma etc causes a life to shorten. I told the Police and royals to arrest on attmepted murder to kill me at 5-6 years old, 8-10 years old, etc what a pattern, when I wont die at those ages, I will die now at 108 years, because I left the body to go into My younger human daughter her birth was a dead birth, I permitted a few years off my life to assist find her spirit to retrieve back to the body for her to wake. YES She looks for the big yellow spider thing as well, Giant molecule is what your looking for dear.

I was taken out of the hosptial when family kept harming me, They were trying to get my parents $ to pay people back because my father returned back from the war alive. GOvernment and IRS made people pay back full policy amounts and interest or spend their lives in prison, so made my parents harm me, or permit family to by blatent disregard for accidents so they can capitolize and get their money back.

I love you girls much, yoru ovum beings, spider, fly ant others fight to spend limited time with you girls to. WHo kid ovum wound up tougher? I still battle, your fathers taught you spell and ritual and killings. Not my education. I taught School until we can secure correspondence and I'll teach you when the papers come before you.

I am having people arrested and back paty plus 12% interest for putting YOUR pictures in contests and they did not give you anything. Let them rot in prison. Those photos are to be saved for your 18th birthday then you enter your own picture in a contest not a adult or neighbor, stranger or other.

Pllus have feds check your IRS reveue, your dads put your names on their bills and policies.


WHAT is that????

HOSTILE TAKE DOWN WITH FULL GUN FORCE to arrest or kill legally

I LOVE you girls so much, Mommy

Madison, WI

#6933 Oct 24, 2013
Dear my daughters,

I guess the best advice mommy can give, is Virtual Illusion of a methadone clinic...

I did not take you to camp grounds bars, bowling alleys etc football and baseball games, around all the drugs and alcohol on the gorund and made the kids play in Man pee.

So a virtual illusion of a methadone clinic, YOur going to need one, That is why you go loopy violent when you come around me form your dads..

Your going thru drug withdrawels form the humidity, you inhaled off the carpets, furniture, walls windows counters handles etc.

I thought I taught you better then that, I can not work with drug addicts, they drive me nutts Im a head injury they CHAMBRIAL JUMP me into wake comas... AKA lost in reverie, sometimes.

Madison, WI

#6934 Oct 24, 2013
At this time everyone is updating their policies on me, Dr found the water on the brai and swelling thru the spinal tap.

OUR NAMES have a red flag on it, YELLOW Federal investigations, with military, Internal affairs, Vatican alert, to executions and priosn again for those that took out policies again.

HOPE they do executions this time, it seems more like a 2 year hiccup indeed
Aaron Salmon

Milwaukee, WI

#6935 Oct 25, 2013

Madison, WI

#6936 Oct 25, 2013
Jaimie wrote:
At this time everyone is updating their policies on me, Dr found the water on the brai and swelling thru the spinal tap.
OUR NAMES have a red flag on it, YELLOW Federal investigations, with military, Internal affairs, Vatican alert, to executions and priosn again for those that took out policies again.
HOPE they do executions this time, it seems more like a 2 year hiccup indeed
Sugar bee and Thumper: Hey darlings Happy Halloween for the next few weeks, don't follow the trail, but there is a way, the essence of our existence leads to another trail as well, the cracks through the septic tanks, when the stool turns to runny water. If following in a darkened dream and no light can be found.. Hold the wall and don't look down. Latters will appear from time and again, don't get stuck it's a spider web. But speaking of spiders, that is another way....

A blood trail may be the way.

Once upon a time in 1114 Ann Street Apartment Number 3 Resided a monster spider that lured us to thee, police were called and UW and City of Madison to secure their new specimen, MAdison Police arrived first and was trying to arrest, MS Jaimie Drews from filth in the house, "The Closet Clutter". Her lovely scrubby daughters and her chanted and danced rituals and piddled all the way while herding the spider in the corner to not permit it lost in their silk clothes again, The officer got pissed and struck MS JAIMIE DREwS and threw her on the floor as her daughters were screaming, it was a big spider indeed nothing we had ever seen. UW and DNR took the reminence of the speciman and had arrested a police officer that day, they searched for egg sacks and other crawling things and took the speciman of what appeared behind the refrigerator as well. The spider was found in a comet piece we had found in the arboretum on our walks where the lightening strikes repeatedly, inside the stones.

I have no word as to the follow ups, although the parking lot is now blocked off and vegatation is all over the place. No follow up to what kind of spider.

The hair in the apartment upon that day or bone speciman proved results, The proffessor won a prize and never returned to his home, when they went to get award and mooney back to return to Drews girls for their speciman discoveries. Truax MATC Electron Microscopy lab, does speciman search for class discoveries.

A spider is in the home, many of no names I claim, but one is highly responsive to my panty goo smells, it has what appears like a smile on its back, 2 dots(eyes) and a curved smile) It like to hang on the hickory nut finds for small miniture reef supplies, for window box gardens Im trying to craft, and plays all the times, it likes music and running up the walls to dance before my eyes, I keep putting it around the house it finds me all the time, some bigger things that crawl, I had to take outside to live in the pumkin and melon patch I gre this year, first harvest.

At this time, I needed OLD friends so prayed to dreams there so inbetween, as a vein needed a rerouting, SO the other route, I put the spinal fluid bandaide form the hosptial on my screen, so my brian juice can spray the inbetween.

HAppy HAlloween Little Lover girls, Mommy is washing out the Universe at this time, Cotton woods and other things are grabbing at the twigs and leaving trails along the way making permiters again. They are the worst Vampires you ever meet, Unisexed white walking things. Tempormental love to abuse when the femanine and masculine bleed thru. TOday I am trying to read what was written before me.

So far it was not menagitus like the last doctor QUACK QUACK QUACK thought, so now is it west nile they say???? Not funny is it, or seizures, No it is a catch trying to route blood fast to smaller valascular system JACKASZ.

The ouchie in my knee, I shatter the left long ago as a little soul, bone moved up and down the panel of the bone, now stuck behind knee cap. Tender

Madison, WI

#6937 Oct 25, 2013
As for Angelic or Demon realms?

DId anyone find all the gall and kidney stones? and identify who it belongs to and distribute their prefcious stones back for their magic wands work?

Kind of drug relief to hold their own stones from time to time you knew.....

As a child they called me crystal meth. The brain injury kid that died so many times and everyone had introductions to occult works in the past, I declined them all, and began bagging the stones on my shoes and residue and wiped it on homeless mens backs. They seemed to awaken from what appeared to be lost reverie fast, Then I would run to the grass fast so the shrums would kick in to slow them down and walk towarsds the dirt by the water like diareaha slip and they turned like silly goo, laughing along the side of the street.

Family on drugs used to ask my parents permission to stand beside me for 30 seconds to 10 minutes, then they would race home to get in their room before it happened to surface again. All I said is WASH THE OUTSIDE OF your windows the ANGEL OR FAIRY DUST should be a nice contrast to equilibrium. NATURAL cure'ant

Madison, WI

#6938 Oct 25, 2013
Hello Girls n boys too,

Well darlings, now let's look at a religious angle as well. As a small child still same age around 6 and 7 years old back in 1970s, I battled a rattle snake that had the boys afraid fo the girls at St MArys of the LAke of Waunakee, outside of MIddleton Wisc. Off Cty M. The Shadow of the giant serpant appeared in the grass revealing, but a golden man appeared as well, ALIEN he was talking of poisen in the serpant, but was was it that the shadow was saying that you knew not what it said and gave up? Priests laced the Host of Body of Christ for Sunday MAsses.

That SUnday the Bishop was there for mass, he wanted to meet the Possessed congrtegation and the little girl with the head injury to determine her fate for harming the collective. I brought a bag of bread I had made a sandwich for lunch, for After church, and began feeding the beggers behind the BIshop, he freaked out and hit me to the floor and I hit my head again, the candles blew out and we began a fight, he hollared ENOUGH and all fell silent, but a spider and cotton wood in the window viewing, I asked, the spider do you want a piece too? I held my finger up to the colored windows, and the spider and cotton wood took the bread piece form my hand and assisted each other climb threw the air to the statue of Jesus mouth, he took it and talked to the cotton wood and the spider and ate the bread and hit the cups with the hosts in it, the shadows came to life and ghost walked out of people to play the organ,

"Let me tell you about a friend of ours named Jaimie Drews, Jaimie you wait outside this is not for you"

When the congregation came out finally after the flash storm, many accusations were thrown my way, and the congregation made my parents take me away.

A gold coin can be found with long white robes upon, I am on that gold coin peaking around a GOD that was Jesus Christ when he hit his head, in another brain chamber of his. Friend is all he named me.

Lake Geneva, WI

#6939 Oct 25, 2013
That that Have support Gov. Walker
Those that Don't? want a Democrat that will give them the Most!
We have become a State of having too Many Have NOT's
We have attracted too many Have Nots to our State by giving away too much Welfare, Energy Assistance, Food Stamps and Food pantries and Many other Things
Far too many Poor, Uneducated and Poor Job Skilled People have Come from Illinois To Live here and get our Welfare .

WE need to Reduce the Welfare to discourage less wanting to come to get it and to Discourage those to stay her !

We are now Being Forced to Doante $24 a yr on our Utility Bill to give it to the Poor,( called Energy Assitance) wether we want to or Not! That is wrong ! People with Bigger homes ( 3 brdm) living alone in them are getting this Welfare.. Instead of Selling them !

Madison, WI

#6940 Oct 25, 2013
Joe BAcklund had a baby with Dorthy Brinkman, the baby was not a stillborn they were paid to resusitate out of the room. Given to someone in FOTRA Olbrich Garden club.

That Baby was to take all the money form policies on BEssie BAcklund, Mass killing assigner to who ever she did not welcome in town, Joe Backlund had a Al Capone policiy and had assigned kids to tip off hoard houses, he had them rob and then his men wou,ld gather their goods To where is the new store House? MAde a small fortune.

W Ballweg married my Aunt ALice, Joe BAcklund paid for bessie to W sister kids next door to get drug shipment to poisen Brinkman woman, Otto S put it all over GRanmma J food, So Joe Backlund and bessie can get in their safety security box, no women should have as much money as that. She was murdered by IMBALANCE someone manipulated to get her only EGG BEATERS to eat she had 2 years supply and removed all the food I bought her. OFF BALANCE and hit her head alot. Blood all over the floor she slipped in a janitor water spill in a nursing home.

Ballweg sisters kids on the farm next door, came from CLear lake Iowa areas, police and court house homesteaders and mapping records they stole MASS BLOOD BATH all the way to wisc and assumed my MAternal families names and homes checking out pictures and pretended to be the names on the back of them to keep the homes. Still Killers on the lose Soglin refused IOWA FEDS to return and said they would have a fight to get to them.

I had the poisened drugged Brownie in my hand it was all leathal dose all the women were in the hospital. I ran after BRUSE OTTO hit me over the table and I ran out with the squashed desert cake in my hand and ran up park street, They had my dad try to retrieve me or they would kill them all idff he could not get the desert out my hand, I stillwalked and had icing from my hand in forensics at the toxicology lab, tested leathal.

Madison, WI

#6941 Oct 26, 2013
Then there is the kidnapped or lost and stolen children, that people refused to help back in the 1940s now around babyboomer ages.

Tugboats, like the remote control cars were given to these children to play in the channel by MAdison Ice displays across from Colesuim areas.

1 of these boys that lived under the pier was brutally assasinated around 1950s a boy had dropped a rock on the remote controled boat, but had no idea that they were doing drug runs back and forth along the channel. Drugs were put in the boat toys by the people that lived on the homes along the little boat pier, shipments came in through there. The boys would camp the channels to get it inconspicuously back to the Italian Sector channels around Starkwater creek by Olbrich gardens.

One boy found his family sick and did a huck fill adventure to find the source, and wound up there, it was a favor to the females to find the source, he grabbed a rock and dropped it on the little remote boat, not knowing, drugs were in the boat, they had a dehydrator to make the drugs small and enlarge it when it gets warm. The boat sank, it had a several kilos of freeze dried micro shipment that expands when heated. The boy that runs the ship was brutally beatin and assasinated.

My US NAVY Military shipment, is a bit differnt it can track regardless of size and enlarge as well, some things invisable I can watch the panel and reach in to the air pocket and grab the brief case off perceptual feed into my time. I have yet to pick up my surplus list.

Im doing the houses, when I get it, fiber glass in corner spaces, the smallest crushed hardened glass, I want to see what rare precious stone that made, plus test datelines of drugs in the home and indicte all remaining grandchildren ADULTS NOW for killing their grandparents inadvertantly thru doing drugs in the home from fiber glass testing.

The sun dial design was on a wood chip not a mullusks like I orignally thought. I put wood glue oon it until someone with better sources can remove the piece to expose or the royals and scorceror groups to place it on the map I hope it still make sense to catalog and I find something Im looking for as well.

Police and other sources in MAdison And Wisconsin are going to prison for retirment or ultimate poverty sector. RETIRMENT SCAM not doing work in court police or services to protect and serve civilan populous to collect Unemployment prior to SSI, THey blocked it all, and they have to fight it in court when FULL DA review of file and life contents is pulled. ALl Life insurence policies and homes will be seized and forclosed under their noses and they still have to pay it back, even when cashed out, to full amount to try to repay society for their crimes and damages,

Government Guarnteed a prsion regardless of age, nobody has 12% interest from the date of their 1st felony cirme they refused to arrest or turn self in.
You are Ignorant Who Tea

Eau Claire, WI

#6942 Oct 26, 2013
Shoe Shine Boy wrote:
<quoted text> Whoa!!!!!!! You're a real sicko.
Unequivically done by the low lifes known as the Tea Party. Tantrums and dirty tricks what a bunch of losers. It's all about my IDEA of freedom,so the rest ,being the majority, just have to suck on it and do it my whinny assed way.
So let the elections begin,let us all watch the toothless hillbillies aka Tea Baggers threat and intimidate their way to power. good lick weasels
Skippys Mom Jammie

Rio, WI

#6943 Oct 26, 2013
You are Ignorant Who Tea wrote:
<quoted text> My Mom is a
toothless hillbilly Tea Bagger
I'm with you "One Toother", Scott Walker rules!!!!!!

Madison, WI

#6944 Oct 26, 2013
Now upon that day of special Olympics as a child, When I was investigating IF my body will stay inside me for that duration of a walk, They beleived I would need armed gunmen and family to keep me inside of myself, so it took a long time but I did the walk/run anyway, I did relook where the boy had woke up after being plummithed to death, he was pulled under the ground, as cameras stood by to watch the newest Special Olympic Jaimie Drews to see if that child would make it at all, it may be her last walk in life period, I prevailed by finding the lining around the whole the men in suits pulled him into Police were called to the scene as I pulled out the first bone of his body, they uprooted the tree and took out the rest in a body bag.

Ambesol or oral jel? Someone played a funny on a young girl long ago and gave oral jell instead for her sore tooth, GUNS BLAZED and penises were cut for a long time until Military and Government came in to stop the war, Nobody stopped fighting when a grandma got a sick kids cum in her mouth, everyone in town was shot up...... Her name was CHarolette Fenner or Fleming? It was Augustus Draves Augustus Caesars 1/2 BRothers Granddaughter. My family Italians and German Russian united to saly all decndents or anyone that thought it was funny or exposed their genitals in public or put their waste in peoples faces. MADISON WAS A WONDERFUL HALLOWEEN

Umbilical stories were fun too, I ate mine, stuck in many places all the way down. I thought I oculd secure my hole, but I remembered that mom needed that not me, I pooped to plant a tree, I dreamt of Her as she asked a tree indeed Ill spank your asz......
lyin to all

Eau Claire, WI

#6945 Oct 28, 2013
Skippys Mom Jammie wrote:
<quoted text> I'm with you "One Toother", Scott Walker rules!!!!!!
Doylstown Wi the center of the Tea baggin universe. If you were not so ignorant you would be funny, instead of just laughable.
But then, being the bagger that you are, you don't comprehend.
If you don't like the government, move to Somalia, with the rest of the free thinkers of the world. They don't have government that should suit your smegma breath just fine.
How is that no gov't thing workin' for ya,as one of your smartest minds would say. Sarah Palin

Madison, WI

#6946 Oct 28, 2013
Dear Girls,

That year of the Special Olympic tryouts, Cameras were rolling every place, Even US NAVY got camera shots of a ghost, That ring had a inscription, to it. ANd a hell of a story. When I reached for the stone trying to upgrade my mothers wedding ring, since my dad had grounded her, The skeleton moved and grabbed my arm to place on my finger, I seen the life of his day walk to propose, but he chose not to after all. I was in crippling pain by the skeletons touch, like glass about to shatter. The ring wound up in Investigations forensic bag as they exumed the bodily remains.

All caught on film

The other body was still barely alive, they pulled him out of the hole, with the board over and guns were shooting everywhere as the men in black and chimney sweep kids exchanged gunfire with local authorities, military were there and went down to remove the remains.

I then found a ring chip on the ground, I collect the glass pieces to determine precious stone qualities as a child. A women and her husband walked up Mom was not happy as a reuslt she did not get to qoute a price yet, It was a chip from her ring.

Family then took me to the Williamson Street Halloween Party, I met a Vampire there, HE grabbed and held my arms, and it felt like a spider web went up my back inside of me and realigned my insides, I grabbed his head and bit on it lightly and went through the front of him and did the spider web of golden lace through him to enlighten.

HE needs me aged so when I am around 60-68 years he comes back and stops my aging process, TO young and sweet,

My magic wand was signed that day, "hu man" on the underside of my stick wand, "or not"

3 witch sisters came up the street, and we talked of womb babies of huamn nature. Resulting in inability or unspoken desire form leaving the home, natures life is only a few months long, and I am playing with a distorted spider I made a box for its play and everything.

Misconceptions of old great grandfathers Mine, Cave of the Mounds, He had a giant Crystal on a wagon, but dreams of me being taken to Madison for a hanging or burning, Indians came to assist. His soul brothers borders. Or something. The stones were placed around the mine areas, as like a pentagram, Each stone is where the grandchildrens reside in the future. Mine is by the Pyramids

Someone used cow manuer in the fields, Agaisnt international and national Deed and treaties of the old. No biocontaminants on USA all impurities were to be exumed and removed for hierarchy and royal prayer. BEings of myth to appear.

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