Tooth implants that talk

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Arpin, WI

#2 Jul 1, 2013

Arpin, WI

#3 Jul 5, 2013
And "THEY" said it's used for setting a person up with' Entrapment"....(Look up that law!)by making anyone look like a person of interest of a crime done years ago???With fake finger prints by hiring someone to do what??????and make them look like they need a nursing home if they don't give up! OH and use threats and hurt other families.. just because that person called the cops on them! AND make them lose the job they do so well? and try to break up a family and also others they don't like down their road???with false facts and fictional bull s&&^T
I think they better not use that technology because it's used for REVENGE information to hurt and humiliate someone deliberately that's what it says here! and I know someone who is in that position and they are pissed!
Oh it said they mention killing that owners pets and family members and doing it to others they don't like that that person likes and has good friendship with because they bought that land they wanted???like? WHAT THE HELL!? NO WAY HO-ZAY!

Arpin, WI

#4 Jul 5, 2013
And they did it in a LOCAL dentist office with NO consent and was paid by someone else! CAUSE they never got a bill! That's what I also heard!

Arpin, WI

#5 Jul 5, 2013
Illegal Surveillance
not by a police ect!!!!
USING Implantable blood vessel sensors to use to see YOU completley in a Cartoon Non-human self like living form...on VIDEO screen for trying to set you or your family up!!and harassing you and using the tooth voices and letting you know they watch you EVERY WHERE YOU go and can hassle any whch they want ECT!!and to make you to make you act strange out INFORMATION above!!!
Because you called he cops!WTF???!!!Q
This involves setting up audio and some visual surveillance of the target.
•Bugging the targets phone.
•Surveillance in the targets residence
•Listening to cell phone and hard line conversations.
•Hacking into their computers and learning all about what the target is doing, sites they frequent.
•This also helps to build a profile of the target, and it's also used for later psychological attacks against the target.
Continue reading at : How Widespread Is Gang Stalking?| NowPublic News Coverage

Arpin, WI

#6 Jul 7, 2013
Hi Dave,
The wisecracks come from those who have nothing better to do with there time. But, you are not alone, as many are aware of what you refer to as being "chip-napped". Chip-napping has been going on for many decades, since the early 1950s. I suppose most wouldn’t have any idea why in 1950 a movie was releases warning the public of such things, that movie was the "Manchurian Candidate", and was released again 50 years after the original release. I guess the penny didn’t then in 1952 and in 2002?
The most probable means of implanting anyone is while in surgery in hospitals, you wouldn’t have a clue if insidious people had abused your body for evil purposes or unauthorised medical experiments. Even implanted in the newborn babies. The present RFID is a tactic and a sham full of smoke and mirrors. The nano chip is what they use, and is what we all know is a “microchip”. The RFID isn’t a microchip it’s a CHIP!
Most people who are beginning to experience unusual illnesses, and are mostly diagnosed with an undiagnosed illness such as myalgic encephamyolitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, Fibra Myalgia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Burning Mouth Syndrome, MS and many other undiagnosable neuro ailments. Now, the reason why seeing an influx of these illness is because of the electronic and electrical magnetic radiation come from cell phone and towers, cordless home phone and computer equipment, and Wi Fi and Wi Max wireless equipment that is mostly used in large shopping areas and in power metre boxes.
Basically, if anyone is “chipnapped”, then the chip that is so small, smaller than the RFID gimmick becomes an antenna for all the different radio frequencies being use by very electronic wireless equipment. Today, we have the Bluetooth in most modern cars and everyone uses some form of tracking device, that all emits microwave radiation, continuously while turned “ON”. Even TVs that are remote and wireless will have an affect on a chip. Oh, by the way, keep away from vaccination needles! The main offended in the house are all the electronic equipment, gadgets, and gimmicks that you can have in house, such as baby monitor, DECT phone, wireless computer router and modem, cell phone, smart metres, and it just keeps going on, and while they are all turned “ON” 24/7 then your chip will be affected.
An x-ray will prove nothing, as these people are aware of what is going on, the same as most dentists, and are part of the deception and game. X-rays will show up the “nano-chip” like a surgical clips, which some radiologists will report when found in the abdomen, but in any other unusual places, their sight diminishes, such areas behind your eyes, in your sinus passages, behind your tongue, in teeth/dentures/caps/*Root canals...BINGO!, in throat and every other conceivable acupuncture point of your body.
If you are a TI, then “chip guns” implants are the norm of the day.
I won’t go any further here.

Arpin, WI

#7 Jul 7, 2013
Yeah..WOW_E_WOW I hear it acrossed the street! HOW IS THAT?

Arpin, WI

#8 Jul 7, 2013
Try this.....If you hear it loud ..go somewhere and if you then don't as U are leaving you know where it's coming from... GREENery $$$$$$$ YEA-HOO....!It's s set-up and it's ILEAGLE!ENTRAPMENT!!!!!BE Carefull!!!

Arpin, WI

#9 Jul 7, 2013
You hear it: Through your appliances with amplified sounds through your ear and house and car motors and fans.....ECT! only U hear and no-one else can!
A tape recorder can though!!!!!HEHE!
Could the government one day use your refrigerator/fans to spy on you?

Don’t laugh.


Arpin, WI

#11 Jul 10, 2013
And hope my friends (The police!)in both towns surrounding me and that I do really care about would never do that to anyone! They are heroes!
God bless them all!
Smart gal

Pittsville, WI

#12 Jul 12, 2013
They don't talk... its a tiny speaker that is implanted in your jaw or tooth canal which someone controlls and talks into as a way to harass and threaten and entrap a VICTUME Because only the VICTUME hears it as it AMPLIFIES in YOUR EAR around motors and fans ect...... so it causes them Pain of worry, home and life and family break-up, and they can threaten your home, JOB,PUT YOU IN DANGER when DRIVING, dogs, children, YOU, make you look crazy, because COPs don't understand the technology...The can say Anything and even threaten to burn your home down ect....!Also they can use it to ACUSE YOU of a Wrong doing or OTHER!...GANGS might use IT as anther way!IT"S A terrifying weapon that makes you look bad and unstable for REVENGE TACTICS!!!!! YES IT DOES!AND THERE IS PROOF!!! READ THIS ONE>>>>KNOW anyone who had a suspicious drowning? IT also causes DROWNINGS!!!Like the ones in Lacross, WI! A X-RAY can see it or an altra sound!!....It's WRONG and that means Someone is doing ileagle dentistry!
Police need to take this in as a TERRORISTIC TORTURE if it is a personal weapon for revenge like if a neighbor is doing it to wreck your life cause you called the cops on them...ECT!!!!!Please be aware of this danger and only a warped minded sick person(S) could do such a thing! Military uses it as a good thing a person was told then to me!!And it is done in a dentist office and not n by any family... Husband or daughter! And don't believe it if they say it's an OFFICIAL INVESTIGATION! unless the police tell you it is!
Smart gal

Pittsville, WI

#13 Jul 12, 2013
Please read and Watch for warning signs of this technology!

Here is the proof and These IMPLANTS have been used to set a person up also!

It should be a HUGE Law siute if the Criminal who uses it as a weapon is caught!

Pittsville, WI

#14 Jul 12, 2013
Read it and believe it!

It's also a murder "Motive" if used for revenge!

I hope this can help a victime of this devastating horrible tactic!

It's a real mind BENDER!

Mosinee, WI

#15 Jul 14, 2013

Arpin, WI

#16 Jul 14, 2013
Here is the real story and it is true!

No Deniel here ANYMORE!

Arpin, WI

#17 Jul 14, 2013
and W/O concent!!
Here a place that knows and will help!

AND.... .html#.UeMnaxQo6M8

Arpin, WI

#18 Jul 17, 2013
And that's right! Dam it!...A person I know lives down in Spencer,WI with one of those and she is in hell from the abuse! So if anything happens to her or her dogs or her family, her dentist better start talking why it happened and who was responsible!

Arpin, WI

#19 Jul 17, 2013

The person has idea who is doing it though!!! AND That's right!

Arpin, WI

#20 Jul 30, 2013
They will be screwed over and over and over if this is what they are doing! That is right!... Cause if that gets to the military...Like Fort MC~Coy would love to hear about this and those doing that will be in Jail for life using stuff Police, FBI, Military ...Top Authority ONLY should use doing! So if we find it and we will! Period!

Cause they have the stuff to find it! Check it out see if you have a signal!!!!

Citisens's Against Electrical

Arpin, WI

#21 Jul 30, 2013
You have your rights! And Oh yes they will be in "Hot Water" if that is what they are doing!
Dee 88

Arpin, WI

#23 Aug 2, 2013
1.SO tell them...You can look their direction and if they don't like it to bad and tell them don't look at you looking their way and that is not stalking!
2.You can ride your bike or walk up and down the road just like they drive up and down that same road all day!!
3.You can sit in your chair anywhere you want on your property also!
4. Tell them you will talk to a lawyer if they don't stop harassing you and threating to hurt your dogs and family!
5.They built their homes circling you and they have to stop being so paranoid about the fact their in your way now... TO BAD!
And Oh Yes if they break into your home when your not home again or we find out our home is really bugged or ANYTHING ELSE IS as a way to harass us...You will have a huge freaking law suite!
And we will find out that truth!
And tell them to stop yelling at your dogs when they bark Cause their little dogs it all the time and thy said thy don't care about them ever barking!
Oh and their gang friends don't scare me either!
Now this is my record and if anything happens to my family ALL of them including my dogs! Love won't happen!

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