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#21 Sep 18, 2007
Well, here goes again. I must be writing over the limit of words and it just zaps my whole letters. Anyway I am starting over.
Bachman is in over his head and he was from day one. The reason they were on such a hurry is that Strickland and company had spent a lot of money to hire a police chief out of town and when he did not work out she had to run over to the station and start picking.
I had bosses, Gerald Fox, then another that did not last long, Dane Bennett, Stu Bach, and then Berzina. I took Berzina and showed him the city for a whole day when he was a canidate for the job. You should try to show someone WF for a day and tell them all about the town and try to find things of interest. I took him to the country club for lunch and just about every place in town. He got the job and at first he was kind to me and I got a lot of equipment that we really needed.
I think Laura would probably make a good one. I have had nothing but good and positive deals with her.
I like Bob Guerin and I am sure he is doing a good job as the probation officer. He should stay busy here in AC. I think about half the town is on probation.


#22 Sep 18, 2007
When they hired Bach I would take my budget to the hearings and one time I asked for 3 employees and some new equipment. He told me he would give me one or the other. I expained to him that I needed both because I had no need for one without the other. I was up there all days and the next morning he came by my office and wanted me to explain what I was trying to do. I satisfied his doubts and he gave me both.

Lilly was dummer than a rock. He was probably the most lazy employee I ever had and he was just there waiting for someone to leave where he could be on the force.

Before Bach came we had Dane Bennett, a retired air force man and he was acting City Manager.Then we got good ole Berzina. He was one strange cookie. One time he would speak to you and the next time he did even acknowledge you. He could do some strange things too. Then when he and Stickland had their deal, she ran the city like she wanted. Even if he made a decision she told him what to do.


#23 Sep 18, 2007
My wife was married to Vernon Biter and he was a police officer when they were married he had a nervous breakdown and they offered him a job in the office. They had twins and he left her and had nothing to do with the twins from then on. She put the kids through school and she said that she wanted to get the kids out of school, get her masters degree and get a stomach operation. She has lost about 135 pounds. She had not dated all this time. I met her the day the kids got out of school and I took her to their graduation. Their Dad would not go. Anyway we started dating and we have been marriedd 2 1/2 years now. We were made for each other. She is good for me. haha I had a date scheduled with Jane Huffman for a Friday night and cancelled it to go on my first date with Elaine.I am surely glad I did.

the mystery continues
Christian reader

Indianapolis, IN

#24 Sep 19, 2007
You have had a busy life! I'm glad you have a good wife that can keep you in control! LOL

Several years ago, when we were on call, if we got called in, we charged a minimum of two hours on our OT slip. Strickland found out about it and told us we couldn't do that. Next, since I live here, she said I couldn't charge for my drive time from the city limits of AC to the city limits of WF. So, every time I got called in, I gave up 34 minutes of my time. Yup, I was sure eager to take my turn at being on call after that!

Did you know that before Bachman became the Chief he was accused of stalking a TV reporter (who eventually married one of the patrol officers). Anyway, it went to Internal Affairs and Lilly investigated it... The patrol officer married the TV reporter and Bachman got mad - the patrol officer wound up on 2nd shift.

This saga should be called "As the Bedsheets Turn."


#25 Sep 20, 2007
Yes, my little wife keeps me pretty much out of trouble and undercontrol.LOL Of course age has more control of me that she does anymore. Life goes by so fast that you had better grab it when you are young because you cannot when you get old. Of course I am not old yet.?

I remember Riley coming over to my office and telling me what all that was going on with him. I felt sorry for him, but I tried to tell him that he should not just think about himself, but his family should come in there too. I guess it was just one of those things.

I had that battle with Strickland all the time. If someone had to get out at night I paid them a minimim of 2 hours. I alwasy made sure my people were treated fair. Sometimes that landed me in Berzina's office and there was always Strickland there. If I could not beat her one way I would get her another. I had one deal on her and she could not leave it alone. I taped all the little secret meeting after hours that I went to. Most of the time there was Ronnie James, Parker, Harrelson, Shelton,Strickland, Lupe, Janna, me and some more like that. Much went on there. I just sat back and listened mostly, but I saw how they got rid of people they did not like or ones that caused trouble and things like. I messed up one day when we were having a little trouble and I told her that I had the tapes. She told me that I should not keep them around and I told her that I did not. I went on vacation and came back and all my file cabinets were broken into. I was going to call the police, but they finally told me that she had the maintenance men looking for something in my files. Oh well, that was a dirty little about then.LOL

I guess I have just never liked Bachman. Nothing that he ever did to me, but guess it is just the way he acted.

Christian reader

Indianapolis, IN

#26 Sep 20, 2007
I'll never understand why evil people manage to gain so much power and keep it for so long. All I wanted at the PD was to be treated fairly and everyone be treated same (kind of like the AC school district), but when they found a favorite suck-up, they would let them have everything they wanted... I guess I live in a bubble and my thoughts are just pipe dreams. But really, I believe all these problems are generated because not enough people "really" believe in God and his word. Instead of living by "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," too many people believe in "Do unto other, then run."

My husband had to have a stent put in this morning. He's fine... On my way home, I had to detour because of a bad wreck at Coleman Rd (I think that's the name - 7 miles out anyway). They said it was a fatality and there were 5 vehicles involved. Sad situation.

Even with all of the crap that went on at the PD, I still miss my job. I really enjoyed it and was good at it, but I just didn't feel I could put up with it any longer... Oh, well, I'm a lot better off because of it. I obtained my Master's, I teach for two colleges online, and I have a Dept. of Defense job that starts in a few days... If I had stayed at the PD, none of this would have happened, so I guess that makes it a blessing in disguise.

It's raining again. Our gage showed over 2 1/2 inches for Tuesday's downpour and we were without electricity for 5 hours. This kids were bored out of their minds and thought it was cruel and unusual punishment. I finally put a DVD in my laptop and we watched a movie until the battery was almost dead.

Have a great day. Hope your eyes are feeling better.


#27 Sep 20, 2007
I am sorry to hear about your husband. That is pretty serious thing. I know when I was flat on my back on the operating bed the other day the nurse had me initial a paper and she asked if I had all the dangers explained to me. LOL By that time I did not care if they cut my hand or anything else off. That was about the last thing that I remembered until I came to and saw the doctor. I really hope your husband does well. Was he having chest pains or something? Sometimes they do that for miror blockages. Keep me up on his condition. We will keep him in our prayers.
Yes, you hit the nail on the head about people really not believing in God. That is 100% correct
We are letting a few people take God out of our business, schools, government and everything else. That was the reason we are the greatest in all the world, but if we do not stand up and change some of these things God will send his judgement on us. We being Americans know better, but we are not doing better. It makes me so mad to see these people go out and live for the devil all week and show up like a ST. on Sunday. I try my best to live my life everyday for God and I hope that my life continues to be one that others can see God through me. I always kept an open Bible on my desk all the time. I kept many people that talked really bad from not when they were in my office. If they remarked or said anything about it I would ask them if they were interested. I had many people that would come, pick it up and turn to a special verse of theirs and show it to me. Of course Strickland told me that I could not do that, but I told her that if she could show me in publication that I could not have my Bible out that I would think about it, but I just pleaded the blood over it and I never heard another word about it. Just like God!


#28 Sep 20, 2007
I had a doctor's appointment at 3:15 so we hit that wreck too. They had covered the lady up and she was still in the car. They had to two wreckers and they were trying to pull the car apart where they could get her out. I have seen a lot of wrecks, but I think that is about the worse that I have ever seen. I knew exactly what had happened when I saw the car and truck. I really watch that curve because when people come around that curve too fast they tend to cross into the other lane. I have had a few when I had people do me that way. I was raised in the country so I was taught to always to stay as far to the right as far as you could on curves and hills. It stills comes in handy today. I know the two that were in the car. Kenneth White and Waunita Nichols. I think she was killed and he is in critical condition. I feel so sorry for all of them. Nobody wins in a deal like that. You just hope their hearts were right with God. I am not sure what it would have done to a small car, but it destroyed that big Lincoln and they are built strong with a full frame and all that.

Curt, as I call him, was raised on top of that hill back to the south. He rode horses and we hunted all out through there. The Fromans lived right down that road. That has been a few days ago. We used to park on that Coleman Road and when the porch light came on at their house they were going to bed so we knew we had better get her home soon. LOL Seems just like yesterday, but the older you get the faster life goes by. Life on the earth is so short, but we have promise of life forever in Heaven. How can anyone not believe that? Even if I did not believe it I would not take the chance because the losers will be doomed to eternity in a burning Hell.

Well, I am going to start my detective work on whom you might be, but until then the mystery continues. LOL At least we will know a lot about each other. Later
Christian reader

Indianapolis, IN

#29 Sep 21, 2007
The lady that was killed in that wreck was the grandmother of one of the boys in my son's class. It is hard enough for a kid that age to have to deal with the natural passing of a grandparent, but to have it happen this way is hard.

I call it "Death Road",.. all the way from Johnson Rd (I think that's the name of it, up by the Hubbard's) to 1954. I guess people get too lax or something, but there sure have been a lot of fatalities in the last several years.

I'm shocked that Strickland didn't scream and yell "I'm melting!" when she saw your Bible. Good for you for keeping it on your desk... There aren't that many athiests in this country, but there sure are a lot of chickens! I would rather live my life according to God's word and find out later that it isn't real, than to live like he doesn't exist and find out later that he does. There's no going back after that!

You're right,.. it does go faster the older you get. I look back and it seems like only yesterday that I moved to Texas (1982) and got married (1984)... As a kid, it seemed like it took forever to turn 16 and get my driver's license.

I, too, am a country kid. And, you're right. You never know what is over that next hill... My grandfather taught my mother to drive with her left wheels on that center line. When she married my dad, he told her, "What if your father taught someone else to drive, too?" She learned to move over.

Here's a hint,.. ask Johnny at the post office who it is that calls him "Brat" nearly every day.


#30 Sep 21, 2007
Yes, it is hard for kids to accept something like that. A lot of time they need counseling or just a grown up to talk with them where they can ask questions and be given reassurance that everything is going to be ok. When I was going to AC and playing baseball, I was a freshman. Severine Ferich, a really friend of my from Scotland TX, was hit in the side of the head and died. He and I were pitching the ball back and forth and one of the big guys hit a foul ball and it hit him right in the side of the head and down he went. He never regain anything. We did not have anyone or anything like that to counsel us, but my parents were very good Christian parents and if it had not been for them talking with me I don't think I would have ever got over it.

You are right about that highway. I have had people pass me on the right side because I was just going the speed limit and there was a car coming. I usually try to move to the right because I just do not drive over the speed limit. I used to think I had to drive 100 mph to get every place, but now I don't. I even had a drag car for a few years and drove it on Sundays at the drag. The only time I have really done any fast driving in years is when I would go to Sherman and drive against the highway patrol once a year. We got to swing around and all that in the new cop cars. Those little Mustangs and Cameros are dangerous. I have seen many accidents on ole 79 and lost a few friends. When we came in last night there were two deputies checking the speed on vehicles. When ole Stevens was out there things were different. LOL I think he would even give himself a ticket if he speeded.

Sometimes ask Johnny what he thinks of Strickland. You had better have some time to listen though. She is not his favorite person. The last I heard she has really bad cancer. She had cancer when she was working at the City, but she was able to come back to work. She was telling everyone that she had all her work brought to the hospital where she would not get behind. Now, how stupid does that sound. That just shows you she is sick in the head. haha

I guess I was never scard of Strickland and she and I locked horns many times. She finally won in the end though. Well, I guess she thinks she did, but I have really enjoyed my medical retirement. She did not think I would retire, but when she told me how much I would make a month for the rest of my life I signed the paperwork. I have not been back.

Later mystery lady
Christian reader

Indianapolis, IN

#31 Sep 25, 2007
Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I am at that time in this semester where I have to grade research papers, so I've had my nose stuck in those.

I found out last night that Spraggins (task force) was told he had a week to get his office cleared and that he was going back to patrol. He really ticked somebody off!

It has been said that the first ticket Stephens wrote was to his wife,.. needless to say, they got a divorce sometime after that. Don't know if that was the straw that broke the camel's back or not.

I've heard what Johnny has to say about Strickland. If you want another earful, talk to Donnie Melton - Strickland is his cousin and she caused him a bunch of grief a few years back, accusing him of stealing money from the city impound fees (he was the overflow facility).

I already had to go talk to the teacher from hell this week. My daughter got 10 marks last week and is now down to a 76 in responsibility; at least her conduct is still an A. All of those marks came from the same teacher... My son, who was commended on the Math TAKS test last year, has a 51 average in her class... Some of it is my kids, I know. I don't place all of the blame on her, but if teachers would just "teach" like they used to and control situations like the old days, there wouldn't be some of these problems.

As far as my hubby goes, he went back to work this morning. You had asked if he had been having chest pains, and the answer is yes. The week before, his chest and arm hurt so we went to the ER and they said the EKG showed signs of old muscle damage to his heart, but the blood tests came back normal, meaning if he had had a heart attack, it might have been the day before or years before... Anyway, apparently it was angina and they found the blockage on a CAT scan... All is well and he is feeling pretty good. Now he just needs to quit smoking (as do I) and he will do much better.

Gotta go. I'm waiting on the FedEx guy to show up with an important package regarding my DoD job and I've got a few more papers to grade.

Take care and behave!


#32 Sep 25, 2007
Good to hear from you. I figured you were probably busy as you have a lot of irons in the fire. Boy, Spraggins has been a leader for a long time. They would have not done him more damage if they had shot him in the foot. You cannot afford to do good people like that. Well, that goes to show you what kind of chief they have. I guess they just did away with the drug task force. I saw a deal on TV today and the president and others were saying that we need to do more work to get a hold on drugs. That is really the way to get started, cannot even fund one little drug task force that is doing as much good as the large cities. I just cannot believe that someone does not have the clout to get something done on this. You would think that we do not have a drug problem. These little towns and WF will find out in a short time how important one little task force can be in dealing with this. It just makes me angry because I know how hard these guys work and what they have to go through to get their job done and then they have had to fight for their jobs every year. Go figure.....???? Most of the time they took no credit for the drug busts.

I am glad that your husband is doing better. You had better persuade him to quit those smokes and then it could help you to. haha I guess I am blessed because I never did start the unhealthy and expensive habit. My wife said she smoked for 17 years, but quit when after she had her kids. I told her that it was a good thing that she did not smoke because I would have passed her by. I hate admit, but I was on the committee to go on the city wide no smoking in WF. I'm sorry. I had some employees that would have shot me at the time if they could have got away with it.



#33 Sep 25, 2007
I first met Donnie Melton when he was small and rode in the wrecker with his Dad Billy. I have used him a lot during my years of doing business. Of course I was the one that was over the wrecker people, taxi cab and ambulance inspections and things like that. Donnie is more honest than any of the wrecker services that I know. Guess we should have had Big Daddy's way back then. I was fighting with Jodie over the ambulances and taxis before he went into the wrecker business. I did not know he is kin to Strickland. I would never have admitted it to anyone and if they accused me of it I would have fought them. Boy, and we sometimes think we have bad relatives.

Those marks are new to me in school. Way back when I was in school we did not have that, but nearly all the teachers had a leather strap or a paddle. We made some paddles in shop for the principal and teachers with their initials on them. Boy, were we crazy. It was not a mark on paper, but a mark on our sitting down side. I just got one paddling in school that I did not deserve. We were playing on the playground and this big boy jumped on this small boy and I jumped in to get the big one off. The teacher saw me jump on the big one and thought I started the fight. So Mrs. Trent gave me some licks with her razor strap. I guess I never changed much because I still will jump in and help the small guy. I did get another whipping from Coach Bobby Patrick when I whipped up on Gary Rucker for him putting hot stuff in my helment at football practice. That was with a broom. He said a little guy like me should not be whipping up on a big guy like him. I guess maybe I was guilty on that one. I still believe that in order to get anyone to do things you need to get their respect and then all you have to do is to respect them and all will work out. My teachers were all the kind that I respected and would help me anyway that I needed. I even stayed late to learn a lot of things. Mrs. Crowley, Miss Hawkins, Mrs. Spencer, Mr. McCown were some of my teachers and with them you behaved and you learned or I would still be there trying to pass that grade. They were sincerely interested in our learning and behaving. They helped me with all that I did in life. I would have made a good teacher. I am always interested in kids and people. Things have really changed since I was in school and not for the better. The one on one is hardly ever used anymore. I have told Mrs.(Crowley} Hawkins since that she was the best teacher I ever had. The reason is that she was probably the hardest teacher that I ever had, but the most fair one too. I learned more in her class because she challenged my brain.

Gotta go. The rain is about to was all my stuff off the back porch. Later
Christian reader

Indianapolis, IN

#34 Sep 26, 2007
My rain gauge says we got about 3/4" last night. I guess rain on Tuesday will become a tradition, as long as we don't lose electricity like we did last week. We were down for six hours.

The chief doesn't support his people and never will. He is a puppet for the city and if you look closely, you will probably see someone's hand up somewhere that makes his head and mouth move!

I know,.. smoking is a nasty habit. It is also ridiculous to spend that much money on something that is bad for you, but at least I don't drink or do illegal drugs... I got a prescription from Dr. Hossein yesterday for Chantix and I'm going to get it filled today. Several people I know, including our middle son who is 32, used it to quit and had no withdrawls or anything. They didn't even start to crave sweets (since American made cigarettes contain sugar). It blocks all of those "cravings" in the brain... Its ironic how something that used to be considered "cool" turns out to be so bad.

Well, guess its time to go. I need to get my Rx filled, buy an external hard-drive for my computer, grade some more research papers, and study (I have a big test to take next week for my Latent Print Examiner certification, which is something the city should have paid for years ago but didn't).

Take care.


#35 Sep 26, 2007
It seemed like it rained a foot over here, but I know it didn't. I had already watered my tomatoes and peppers and them my shrubs. Well, they got a double watering. I thought I heard them say the rain was out of our area.

Be sure you keep an eye on that hubby. You know how men are we hide a lot of those illnesses. We are really tough when we are hurting,but turn to babies when we find something is wrong with us. I sure hope you can quit that smoking. You do know that you have to have to want to quit or you are just whistleing in the wind. I think you can. Good luck.

It looks like Wayne that was in that wreck may not make. My sister told me that even if he makes it that he will have no quality of life. They can just unplug me if I am hurt that bad. I don't want to put that burden of taking care of me for the rest of my life.

If you are the boss you just have to take up for your employees. I used to fight for their raises and everything. I was able to get them uniform, boot and caps. Some them had been trying to get that accomplished for years. I told them I would defend them and fight for them unless that were stupid and got us backed in a corner. Then I told them they are on their own. Like buying food stamps down on Flood Street 50 cents on the dollar. Coming to work drunk and there was no cause for that. The chief will never make it.

Later/ I'll bet Johnny told who I am.?
Christian reader

Indianapolis, IN

#36 Sep 27, 2007
I haven't had a chance to talk to the Brat yet! Its funny, though,.. every time I walk into the post office I look at every guy that I figure could be about your age and wonder if that's who I've been talking to... Does that mean you know who I am?

It would've been nice to have had a boss that would fight for us. My immediate supervisor was a civilian and she sided with the chain of command on everything; she instantly became "one of them," and didn't support us at all. She would eagerly write some of us up for stupid crap, if Lt. Garza said so. He's a worm, too, and half the reason I quit.

It is sad to here about that guy from the wreck. His nephew is in my son's class and might have a hard time if he has to attend another funeral.

Time to get the kiddos ready for school. Talk to you later!


#37 Sep 28, 2007
No, I have not figured out who you are..I have not talked with Johnny either. I have been really thinking of whom you might be. I was away from AC so many years that I do not know that many people anymore. A few have moved back and even then I have to go up close to see if they are really who I think they are. Some of the kids look just like either Mom & Dad or their grandparents so I have guessed some of those.

The two in the car are my brother-in-laws niece and nephew. We always called Kenneth Wayne just Wayne and the news has not picked up on that they are brother and sister. He is still in very critical condition and even if he makes it he will have not life at all. He is just too messed up. It is a shame though and I hate for anyone to go through something like that.

I always wave at everyone out when I am driving. Some I don't know, but I like to be friendly anyway. Maybe that will make up for those that are not friendly at all.

Can you believe all the things going on in WF. They are just jumping from one shooting or something to another one. I am really surprised that someone has not been shot. I hope they do not start that over here. I am afraid that they will know who they are when they come to pick him up to take to Aulds. I have never started anything, but I have never backed down from anything either. I am a peace loving man and I feel that I do have to protect my wife anyway. I just cannot believe all this is happening at one time. It usually gets bad at the hollidays, but I guess they just started early. That guy that robbed that man in the car the other day, boy that was something. Way back when they were getting in front of cars in WF and they were mostily just fighting and beating the people they stopped I ran across one of those. I just figured that I was safer to run over them than to let them drag me out. I don't think I ran over anyone, but they did not get me either. One day when I was on my way to work in another man's City car I came past Patterson's and got two bullets in the windshield. One of them if I had been at another angle would have hit me. I drove straight to the police station and told Curt that someone was shooting at me. They all ganged around the car and they decided that I was tellng the truth and the chief had cars going in all directions. They never did find anyone, but that was scary. My vehicle hit in the side over on flood one night.

Well, it is 2:30 so I guess I had better call it a day. I have my nights and days turned around so it is not even funny. I have so much to do and I sleep from about 7 in the morning until 11-12. That is not much sleep, but my doctor has tried everything he knows to help me.

Gotta run....Later

I love those blogs that you are writing defending the police department. They would have to walk in their shoes to know what goes on with those guys and gals. I used to ride with the chief some when I was wanting a thrill like a Six Flag ride. haha
He is a really good driver. I am the only one in the family that did not fly with him. I just like to keep at least one foot on the ground.
Christian reader

Indianapolis, IN

#38 Sep 28, 2007
Thanks,.. I have a lot of friends still at the PD and have respect for anyone that is brave enough to put on a uniform... I don't have the guts to do it, but give me a camera and a fingerprint kit and I'm good to go!

My husband got shot in the head during a driveby shooting about 7 years ago. The bullet bounced off his orbital bone and he left the ER two hours after he was shot with nothing more than a bandaid on his head. Our preacher called him "Lucky Duck", but Duck wasn't the word I was thinking! LOL Anyway, it happened at 5:00 pm and they never caught anyone.

That really is sad about Wayne. What about his sister? I haven't heard anything about her.

People don't wave anymore, do they?.. I figure if they don't see me wave, then they don't really know where my van is. Kind of scarey, don't you think? That's probably why there are more wrecks happening, because people are watching the oncoming traffic.

I started taking flying lessons in 1984, but never finished. I can keep a plane in the air, but don't remember how to set everything to get it off the ground!.. One of my brothers is a pilot; he flies a King Air and takes charter hops from Midland to anywhere in the country. He has wanted to fly since he was a little kid and finally has his wish.

I noticed that you tend to answer these message in the middle of the night. My husband takes Tylenol PM about two hours before he goes to bed and it works pretty well for him... You might try getting one of those CDs that are specifically designed to promote relaxation. Play it while you fall asleep for a couple of weeks. Then, try going to bed at a normal time, while playing that CD. It is kind of like Pavlov's theory and ringing the bell at feeding time to make dogs salivate,.. it turns into a psychological issue... After a while, even if you play that CD in the middle of the day, you will get sleepy,.. so don't do it while driving!

Time to get started on my day. Take care.
Christian reader

Indianapolis, IN

#39 Sep 28, 2007
That should have said,.. because people aren't watching oncoming traffic.


#40 Sep 28, 2007
Yes, I was raised to respect the police and fire personnel and I still do. Of course I was raised to respect older people as well as all people. I know that there are bad apples in every bag, but most of the police and fire personnel go through such rigid hiring tests that it is hard to get aboard. I was really surprised at hard it was to get hired by the WF Police Dept. With working with them 20 years I grew to respect them first hand. I was in the command center and the mobile command posts bunches of times and they are very dedicated. They always showed to be professional like they are. I used to go camping with many of them and their families and they were really a lot of fun, but if anyone started trouble in a park they were fast to take care of the problem even though they were not on duty and many times were in other states. My favorite times were sitting by the campfires and listening to them tell their experiences during their times with the police department. Most were on themselves and some were very dangerous. It is good that they could get away and unwind. Enough of that.

I have tried every kind of sleep aid and trick that I have ever read about or heard. During the tornado in 79 and the 81-82 floods I went two-three weeks without sleep. I just never got sleepy. I would go home, shower, change clothes and back to the command post. I was over all the vehicles, equipment, fuel, service and all that fun stuff. I never will forget that Major Philcher got a generator from a raid and tried to save money and use it for the command post. It was so loud that we could not hear each other talk. The mayor, city manager, fire & police chiefs, press, myself and a few more were having a meeting at the CP and the mayor wanted to know where in the world we got that loud generator. I was on the radio before he left and had someone coming from a supplier with a new quiet Honda generator.

I sometimes go 3-4 days and nights without sleep every now and then. My brain does not shutdown. It was good when I was working, but not so good now. I used to figure out a lot of problems during the night, but now I have no problems so I get on this computer. I have the CDs so I will give them another try.

I fell off the top of the house when I was young and from then on I knew that I was not born to fly or ride in anything that did. LOL

Have a Super Fantastic Weekend......

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