Seth Sullivan finally getting what he deserves

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Birmingham, AL

#1 Dec 14, 2011
So I guess Rachel Cain's tirade on Facebook worked. Wonder who else at the APD is losing his job? Is Seth the only one?

FINALLY - someone's waking up to the fact that Sullivan is and has always been a lecherous nuisance to Arab. He's was disgusting some years ago while "protecting" the young high school girls on band trips.

What goes around comes around, right?

Laceys Spring, AL

#2 Dec 15, 2011
It has been rumored that Mr. Sullivan has cheated on his wife before so not really surprised about this.

As far as the APD I think you cant judge the whole department based on one or two bad people. The PD took action when this came to light and did not cover it up.

I would like to hear more about Mr. Sullivans "protecting" the band girls as my daughter was in the band the same time Seth was.
The Guardian

Huntsville, AL

#3 Dec 15, 2011
Yes, it will be interesting if Mike Blackwood will take the appropriate steps before he bails out. Since he has decided to run for Mayor he has friended alot of people on Facebook. He is friends with Rachel Cain. Will he take the appropriate steps to take care of all the people named in Rachel's tirade, or leave some bad fruit in the barrel. There's alot of good guys that work there and a few that should be dismissed. Mike needs to read the oath - "I will keep my private life unsullied as an example to all and will behave in a manner which does not bring discredit to me or my agency." Does this mean the same thing to Chief Blackwood as it does to Mayor Beam? And more importantly, were the hundreds of texts being sent to this woman being sent via their City owned cell phones? Regardless, justice should be served, without regards to friends.

Birmingham, AL

#4 Dec 15, 2011

I did not personally witness anything related to the band trips, and this occurred long after he finished school and rode along on the band trips as a cop. I do know, however, that some band parents asked that he stop riding the buses because he was touching the girls too much.

As far as Rachel Cain... I don't know her or anything beyond what I read on her public facebook page before she changed it recently. I only read her page because an officer from another jurisdiction, who knows I live in Arab, asked if I knew her. He then directed me to her facebook rant.

She's possibly a lovely girl, but if you read her rantings and viewed her PUBLIC photos, it screamed "skank" to me.

United States

#5 Dec 15, 2011

Huntsville, AL

#6 Dec 15, 2011
Ok..I am going have to do this in sections as it is only allowing 4000 characters to here goes...
First of all, Copwatcher...I have been completely honest with whatever I posted..Secondly, it is true and I have admitted my own bad decisions in what my part of all of this was by getting involved in the first place. And yes, you are correct...there are pictures on my facebook profile that do not depict me in the "best of light". I never claimed to be perfect and have made my mistakes too.
You see...the issue at hand was never that I claim to be a saint or even the fact that I got myself involved with Seth Sullivan. Nor that I was stupid enough to believe his lies when he told me he was divorced. I just simply quit seeing him. The issue lied in the fact that once I did...then I could not go out without him coming into the bar I frequented while on duty to tell me "he thought I was going to be a good girl" or that I needed to go home. Then when a guy would give me a ride home from the bar because I would not drive there knowing I was going to be drinking they would always "get pulled over in front of my house". The issue lied in Cass Lambert blue lighting me and my "new" boyfriend as we were walking up to my porch and coming directly to me and saying "Rachel...go to your room!" As if he was my father...then arresting my "boyfriend" for DUI and once they found out who he was and that he actually had the money to fight the charges it suddenly went to a Public Intoxication charge...but, not until after spending the night in jail...paying almost $500 in fines and having his motorcycle impounded...costing him another $180. The issue lied in Robbie Rainwater who lived across the street from me constantly asking me out...texting me with messages everytime he seen me come or go from my house to pick up my son from football or my daughter from cheerleading with messages of..."Peek a Boo", or "at least I got to see you walk into your house", or "I'm leaving my door unlocked so you can come snuggle with me neighbor". The issue lied with Mark Wright telling me that he couldn't wait to go onto 3rd shift Oct. 3rd so that I could have an "intruder" because he knew what bedroom I slept in...or that he had plans to come do a "report" at my house but, he was scared that Robbie would be watching him and would actually check behind him to see that there was a report actually filed. The issue lied with Mark Wright texting me to tell me that as he rode by my house one day slowly...trying to check out where I lived that Robbie Rainwater called him and said "Hey scoping out my piece?"...and he advised me that I should be careful and just go ahead and give the boy some so he would shut up...but, then told me that would be a bad idea because Robbie didn't take rejection well from other women in the past and that he had a bad temper. The issue lied in the fact that I got arrested on my boyfriends back porch for "Public Intoxication" because I wouldn't go home when the police told me to. The issue came in the phone calls I received from people saying to be careful..."I just might come up missing." The issue came from the AJHS football coach Dusty Lambert texting me on facebook begging me to let him leave work and come to my house to "ravage" me while my kids were at school. You all are right...its not just Seth Sullivan! Its alot of people in Arab. I withdrew my kids from school...left my home that I was buying and had to move away just out of fear for the safety of me and my children. Not to mention once I had my so called "tirade" on facebook...the countless number of women that messaged me saying they had been through the same thing.

Huntsville, AL

#7 Dec 15, 2011
As far as Mike Blackwood being on my facebook...I added him for a reason awhile back...for quite sometime I "hinted" around about these things going on before I just completely exposed everyone right out. I did that for a reason...So, that in the event something did happen to me...there would be some sort of documentation for everyone...hopefully say "hey, wait a minute...this was going on". I added Blackwood hoping he would see it and do something about it. Not until my facebook "tirade" spread like wildfire through that small town of Arab did anything happen because something had to be done then.
Chief Blackwood contacted the Alabama Bureau of Investigations. An investigator contacted me and wanted me to come into give a statement..with which I complied. The ABI investigator wanted to know what proof I had and I told logs, text messages, facebook messages, a flashlight, and other things. The day after my interview with the ABI...I received phone calls from Thad which I didn't answer in hopes he would be stupid enough to leave a voicemail with what I'm sure were going to be more threats. He didn't though. I have had people making up "fake" facebook profiles sending me threats, calling me everything but a white calls from unknown numbers all times of the day and night...the list goes on.
But, to let everyone know...Yesterday, the ABI investigator contacted me to come into his office and bring all evidence...I had literally thousands of call logs, text messages from the ones I have mentioned. He gave me evidence receipts and told me he would be in contact with me later next week.
I told the ABI investigator that I didn't feel like Chief Blackwood contacted him out of concern for what was going on in his department or out of concern for me but, that he was "supposedly" going to be running for mayor and I already knew that Seth Sullivan had plans on running...So, I didn't want this to turn into a hang Seth Sullivan campaign for Blackwood to get Seth out of the way.

Huntsville, AL

#8 Dec 15, 2011
I didn't find out until this evening when a friend texted me that Seth had been fired today...then another told me was given the option to resign or be fired...either way I don't know other than the gossip mills what has really happened to him. All I can say is this...Seth being fired is NOT going to fix the problems with the is much more than just Seth Sullivan...and unless the other ones involved in what has become a nightmare for me are removed from their privileges of "protecting and serving" our community...then, justice failed and all of the pain that so many people have gone through from this whole situation will have been in vain.
Not only has it been an embarrassment to me and my family...but, the officers or coach involved, their children and innocent wives have been hurt by all of this too. This isn't something that anyone wants to be a part of or signs theirselves up to be part of this nightmare. It is merely a group of adults (including myself) that made some really bad decisions. That happens all the time..but, the difference in this is when some of those adults are in positions of authority and then in turn use that authority to their benefit. That is where the problem lies. This isn't about me being a woman scorned because Seth Sullivan lied to me to get me in the "sack" and now I want revenge. If you "knew" would know that is the furthest thing from the truth. This is about me actually being in fear for my life and taking what steps I felt I had to take in order to regain some resemblence of a life I had before July 17th when Seth Sullivan first contacted me on facebook.
The ABI could of cared less that the people mentioned wanted to "score" with me...or pretty much stalked me...but, what they did care about is that it was done while these men were on duty, in uniform, on their city issued cellphones and computers in their squad cars.
I struggled for days with whether or not I had done the right thing..maybe I should have just "kept quite" and "move away" without saying anything. But, once the other women came forward messaging me telling me how proud they were of me for having the guts to stand up to the APD and these men..because they had went through the same thing and they were too scared to..then I KNEW I had done the right thing. No matter how embarrassing it was going to be to me or my family or anyone elses. No matter how many comments I would get calling me a "skank" or "whore" or "white trash slut"...the list goes on.

Huntsville, AL

#9 Dec 15, 2011
At least, everyone will know...that without proof...I would have just been passed off as some crazy ass, scorned whore "skank" that wanted revenge because I got burned by a married man. Well, please be aware of the fact that unless I had proof of everything I said on my supposed "facebook tirade" to turn into the ABI when they requested it...then NOPE...nothing would have been done..this would have just been another day in Arab for some of the APD Boys In Blue to have another fun night at work screwing your wives, daughters, or whoever else...even your sons!
So, I know that this may be fun for all of you "COPWATCHERS" and likes of you to gossip, comment, and ponder about who said what..who done what..who is at fault...who is a "SKANK"...or cheater...or whatever it is that you find pleasure in doing...Just know this...THESE ARE REAL PEOPLE....REAL MISTAKES....REAL PAIN....REAL FEAR...AND HOPEFULLY REAL LESSONS LEARNED FOR ALL INVOLVED.
How anyone can find "joy" in someone with a family, a baby, losing their job right before beyond me! Even with me being the one involved...I find NO JOY in this! I actually think this is all in vain if Seth is the only one to suffer consequences...because actually although what he did was while on duty...the other ones I mentioned...mainly Rainwater and Lambert...were to me being the really scary ones!
I lost my home...I lost my family for a short time...because I will be quite honest with all of you...the stress of all of this actually drove me to a nervous breakdown. I was hospitalized twice in one weeks time and went to jail. So, believe me when I tell you...we have all had to face things in whatever our part was in any of this!
So, I am sure this post will go on and everyone will weigh in with their careful observations and crude opinions...but, this was never about any of you or what any of you thought or would think anyways. This was about someone finally having the guts to stand up for what is right and doing something about it instead of "knowing" things aren't right and just sitting in the comfort of your home behind the safety of your computer and complaining about how messed up everything is instead of actually getting off your asses and out of your comfort zone and doing something about it!!!

Huntsville, AL

#10 Dec 15, 2011
So, now instead of speculation and false have the REAL truth from the REAL Rachel Cain...Good or Bad...this is me...and I may come off as a "skank" to you...but, I am me...I don't put on any fake facades to please anyone. Love me or hate me...I am ME!!! I am human...I make mistakes...I learn from them...and then I move on and try to do better. Isn't that what life is supposed to be about anyways? Not about falling down....but, how many times you stand back up?
This is all I have to say on this matter and you can carry on with your idle entertainment now. Glad I could be of service to giving you something to do with your time by sitting behind your computer and discussing my life and the lives of these men. Just remember as you run the rumor mill...these are real people with real families and real feelings! Hope yall have a good night and maybe Arab will be a little bit better off now that I'm gone than it was when I got there 11 yrs. ago. Peace out! ;)

Tuscumbia, AL

#11 Dec 16, 2011
Stop judging this young lady. Ms. Cain, I applaud your decision to make this public. I have no doubt in my mind that you have indeed been harassed.
Nothing but the truth

Arab, AL

#12 Dec 16, 2011
I have to agree with CopWatcher "She's possibly a lovely girl, but if you read her rantings and viewed her PUBLIC photos, it screamed "skank" to me." after reading your public facebook page.. All I can say if you messed with as many as you claim to on there, you should have known you would get screwed eventually. According to your own posts, mr Lambert told you he was engaged, yet you still pursued him. DUH!! Now you try to put all the blame on him? I think you name known people to leach some of their attention for yourself. there's possibly a self esteem issue here.

Oklahoma City, OK

#13 Dec 16, 2011
Lmao. Never liked that guy. Sleezebag! Glad to see he is off the force. Any allegations towards him with girls under age means something was going on. These people deserve to be hung!!!!! PERIOD!!
Rachel Fan

Arab, AL

#14 Dec 16, 2011
You go girl!! The Arab police dept. is nothing but a joke. This has been going on for years. Remember Shane Alldredge...Cass Lambert walks around town like he works for the FBI,when everyone knows he's just Barney!

United States

#15 Dec 16, 2011
I was told by children at the school that one of the name mentioned here, was caught with one of the students..what does that say about this person? and Rachel is one of the most honorable people i know. She was there for every tornado victim. a skank? i think those that say this are part of the immoral crowd that just got hammered, what else can anyone say except to blame a innocent person..Their behavior as it was indicates they are not responsible and can't man up to their decisions. So instead pick on innocent women. As my son even says , men that do this kinda thing to women are wusses, cause they would be chicken to do it to a man, cause another man would knock their block off if they called them a skank or harrassed them ,that they are bullies and cowards. Because someone lies to you that they are not married and even if they are engaged, I am sure as most unfaithful men. After the initial confession, I am sure came the "gonna tell her I am leaving" and I gonna get a divorce, blah blah., bs that married men tell a woman. It seems to me that she dissed the bunch and so she got this problem. I think what she did was good. If women cannot be safe in a town from the police, what is wrong with that?? So copwatcher, i can safely assume your moral integrity resides with the guilty and most likely you cheat on your spouse too.

United States

#16 Dec 16, 2011
and as far a facebook photos...look at the THOUSANDS of young girls and most women that post pictures of themselves. I guess all the women on facebook are skanks..and truth be known, i am sure that there are acouple wives in that immoral group that have pictures on facebook including the accusers.

Cleveland, AL

#17 Dec 16, 2011
I applaud you Rachel. Some of the men in Arab APD have been doing this to girls for YEARS! All through high school we knew what cops to abiod, and ones who would let us off. Its sad and wrong and you just know that while the COPWATCHERS and others may stand against you, you have every girl in Arab who this has ever been done too behind you!

Albertville, AL

#18 Dec 16, 2011
I have never been harassed by a policeman, but I totally sympathize with Rachel Cain and applaud her for standing up for what is right.

What grown adults do is none of my business and only interests me when they misuse the authority given to them as police. It give police everywhere a bad name.

All kinds of rumors have surrounded the Arab Police Department for years. What they do in their personal lives is totally irrelevant, but when they use their position to harass and intimidate, and do it on taxpayer time with taxpayer equipment they have totally crossed the line.

These situations will only be resolved when courageous people decide to speak up. I hope that anyone who has information about this sort of thing will speak up so that a thorough house cleaning can be done in the Arab Police Department. People should be able to trust the police.

Arab, AL

#19 Dec 16, 2011
its not only the APD. it is also the staff that works for the APD and the Judge. They are all involved in one way or another. If they knew it was happening they are conspirators. Try to get a fair trial in Arab, it want happen. They make the laws up as they go..
BTW I know Ms Rachel personally, the young lady had a tough road. I know much of her pain was self induced, but a real man (Especially an officer of the law)would have offered a helping hand instead of handing her a shovel.. She has helped this community more than any elected official ever has.
Lady Luck

Laceys Spring, AL

#20 Dec 16, 2011
Let me start by saying this, I don't think what the officers did was right by no means! That being said, if you (Rachel) didn't want people to gossip then you shouldn't have made your profile public for all to see. As you have said Arab is a small town and people talk so it didn't take long for everyone to read your posts. Taking the evidence quietly would have been a whole lot simpler. My personal opinion is that you done the whole thing publicly for attention!

As for APD, I do hve to say that they have more good than bad. You can't down the whole department because of the mistakes of a few.

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