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Augusta Chronicle & Richmond County Board of Education are known for misconduct!

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Janice Patton

Athens, GA

#5 Oct 14, 2013
I do not salute Frank Roberson, superintendent of the Richmond County school system, for the way he handled many conflicts & scandels recently. When confronted, he showed what a true coward & liar that his is, by supporting a disgraceful elementary School Principal; Kimberly Davis, and covering up rampid corruption from other School Principals, Teachers, Bus Drivers, the misconduct of administrators, and employees of The Richmond County Board of Education. Also using an uncredible & racist Newspaper Company (Augusta Chronicle), to print more lies to slander and discredit honest, and upstanding citizens or Community Leaders; like Church Pastor Dr. Franklyn Beckles, Jr., in a lousy attempt to discredit them for defending childrens’ rights in the public school system.
According to a June 5 Augusta Chronicle article, PTA President Monique Braswell (who was found guilty) demanded an apology and wanted her name cleared in a bank account controversy. Roberson said “that he never accused Braswell of stealing money and does not owe her an apology,” and he is “man enough to apologize, if an apology were in order.” Yet, Roberson supports her to run in the 2014, Board of Education Elections!?!
In a June 6 article, Roberson told another lie to protest & civil rights leader, Rev. Dr. Franklyn V. Beckles, Jr.(father of 4 children & a Son: Christian Beckles who is another one of many students victimized by Kimberly Davis), that he had no evidence that verifies any of his claims (when he did, and had several witnesses to backup his claims, and they later signed statements proving all allegations against Davis & Roberson, as well as info regarding the fabrication, Tracey McManus printed in her article), Roberson had many reasons to discipline the dishonest & embattled Copeland Elementary School Principal- Kimberly Davis (also to believed responsible for slandering Dr. Beckles, using phony witnesses to hide her scandelous behavior, criminal negligence, and supporting other corrupt leaders; like: Rico B. Jackson, Monique Braswell, Barbara Pulliam, Tim Spivey, & Missouri Ashe. Roberson also threatened Dr. Beckles’s life, in front of witnesses (Ieshia McClendon & Norasteen Brown), and stated that he would allow his employees to slander other parents, and kick their kids out of the public schools, for no reason, and because they helped the local media expose the injustice in Richmond County Schools!
I was impressed with Newspaper Editor, Barbara Gordon of The Metro Courier, for finally setting the record straight in her September article, vendicating Dr. Beckles, his career background, disproving the lies printed by The Augusta Chronicle, and publishing his good reputation as a respected, honest, & renown Community Leader. She also proudly announced Dr. Beckles’s campaign to run in the 2014 Board of Education elections, first as a Board Member, then later as A new School Superintendent of Richmond County, and finally effect “real” change for the better in the Augusta/Richmond County Public School System!
As the years passed, I followed Dr. Franklyn V. Beckles, Jr.’s career and academic achievements, and was quite elated when he was televised as a local hero, and a Civil Rights Activist. We are very fortunate to have Dr. Beckles lead our Community in the pursuit of modern civil rights, a Private School Principal/Teacher (who was also a great Public School Teacher), and Church Bishop of The Sons For Christ Church of God Ministries. In ample time, if he is elected, we will see system-wide progress and increased academic achievement.

Janice Patton
Barbara Gordon
The Metro Courier

Since: Oct 13

Athens, GA

#6 Oct 14, 2013
Parents petition for removal of Copeland Elementary principal By: Karen Edwards - Posted:
The articles (Augusta Chronicle) on Parents confronting Superintendent Roberson & the B.O.E., and Principal Kim Davis response to allegations of her misconduct (which was all proven factual in previous news reports & eye witness statements)- Kim Davis's public statement was a complete fabrication and a deliberate "Damage Control" effort, to falsely attack the character of a respected Church Leader, and social activist who was only protecting his son & defending other children who all have been mistreated or abused by disgraceful School Principal Kimberly Davis!! At first, the Local Media substantiated all of Rev. Beckles & other concerned Parents' claims of injustice by The Copeland Elementary School Principal, but on 6/5/2013, after these Parents led by Rev. Dr. Beckles marched to the B.O.E., and met with Mr. Roberson and the corrupt administrators, some of the facts, videos, statements & content was altered to make Rev. Beckles & the concern parents an appear dishonest or taking advantage of immoral school officials?!?
Incompetent School Principal- KIM DAVIS OF COPELAND ELEM. SCHOOL IS A LIAR!!" Posted by Lisa on 2011-05-16 SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT:
Tracey McManus | Augusta Chronicle: False Reporting (6/6/2013) Fabricating Statements by a Parent, Church Pastor & Community Leader who was defending his Son, along with other Parents and elem. school kids who have been victimized by a Corrupt Richmond County School Principal & B.O.E. The Augusta Chronicle (who had a vendetta against the Church Pastor) conspired with The Richmond County Superintendent Frank Roberson (a drunk & a liar) & an embattled school principal- Kimberly Davis to discredit and print lies against the Minister & group of Concerned Parents! The Augusta Chronicle & reporter; Tracey McManus are idiots, instead of accurately reporting the news on 6/5/2013, they with the blessing of the B.O.E., chose to railroad an Honorable man & Church Pastor along with followers and church members, who are all good parents with legitimate concerns, and evidence to prove all of the misconduct allegations against The Richmond County School Board & especially Dishonest School Principal Kimberly Davis!! Rumors are the Media and Board Members was bribed by Davis, Copeland Teachers & Roberson to keep their mouths closed!! All to conceal corruption, and protect a psychotic school principal who did, and has been mistreating & wrongfully suspending children for years!!
McManus printed that she (6/6/2013) asked scandalous Fire Chief Chris James, about Rev. Beckles career as a Firefighter, and James lied, stating that Rev. Beckles hadn't worked there in several years (a flat out lie!!-He is internationally well-known as a Firefighter, Chaplin, Private School Director, & Respected Civil Rights Activist). In fact he had been employed at Augusta Fire Department for two years, and only stopped working, because his was injured on Duty, and was receiving paychecks then- Worker's Comp. Benefits, until 2011!! And it was ruled that it was Chris James's fault for him being injured on duty! He was the Training Supervisor (investigated numerous times for misconduct & harassing employees) for The Fire Department, and he allowed & encouraged firefighters to physically attack, mistreat each other causing injuries, and he would deny medical treatment to new firefighters (as witnessed by many firefighters including Rev. Beckles and Sloan Griffin and they reported their concerns to The Augusta Chronicle in (2010). Which caused Chris James & Chief Willis to be investigated, and in 2012, Chief Willis was fired for misconduct!! Chris James (a character witness?? Don't make me laugh!!) His Augusta Fire Department as also (like the Augusta Police Dept., & School Board) have been documented & investigated for crimes, corruption, racism and scandalous misconduct behavior FOR YEARS!!

Toronto, Canada

#13 Nov 18, 2013
Sorry "Janice" aka Frank Beckles but this is just more of the same lies.

Frank Beckles is among other things a compulsive liar and con man who makes up entire careers and stories about himself as a means of self-promotion. For example, he claims he was a Navy Seal (it was verified with the Navy he was not), a NFL star, a movie star, a TV host, a police officer, a fire chief in multiple fire stations simultaneously, he climbed Mt. Everest, and on and on.

Learn the truth about Frank Beckles:

And a link to your mug shot for good measure.
Jason Holmes

Athens, GA

#14 Dec 3, 2013
Tracey McManus "WestCoastLover", a total liar!!

Aurora, CO

#17 Dec 11, 2013
]Can we now hear from Doctor, US Congressman, Astronaut, Superhero Gregory Fuller Jr. The of the self-proclaimed 9/11 hero Frank Beckles? There does that give you more credibility Frank?
What kind of jerk proclaims himself a 9/11hero? Thats just sad.
John Richardson

Athens, GA

#21 Dec 28, 2013
Ms Tracey McManus (a professional liar racist idiot) herself has been creating fake accounts all over the internet, and impersonating phony people; "Terrorism against all who disagree" McManus has recently been deleting some of her racial slurs, but not before Dr. Beckles's Attorney; Travers W. Paine documented them, and the phone treats made by her. So he can use in the upcoming class action lawsuit against her & The Chronicle!!
It seems that the Augusta Chronicle printed an article that lied about Dr. Frank Beckles, in a attempt to slander the local civil rights hero & community leader, since then she has been using the internet to try and further discredit the Man, the Augusta Chronicle and The Richmond County Board of Education employees & corrupt Superintendent Frank Roberson have a history of attacking, harassing, & slandering anyone who dares speak against them! They've done it before to others like: Monique Braswell, Fire Chief Ronnie Few, James Brown, Firefighter Sloan Griffin, Dr. Charles Walker, Attorney Travers W. Paine, Ieshia McClendon, Norasteen Brown, Barbara Pulliam, Barbara Gordon, and many many more!!
She also has police reports filed against her (for more proof)!! Want more proof: just check out more blogs from others; as well as employees on what kind of incompetent and lousy Newspaper Company- THE AUGUSTA CHRONICLE REALLY IS!
Many eye witnesses & Community Leaders like: Rico B. Jackson, Monique Braswell & Ieshia McClendon simply found that Tracey McManus was not truthful in her statements that she falsified in her June article, and have been posting more lies online with phony names, and they called her on it. McManus, The R.C.B.O.E., and The Augusta Chronicle has been harassing & slandering Dr. Beckles & his many supporters because they happen to be of African American decent, they helped the African-American community in Augusta, expose these evil people for the racist con-artists that they are! The paper was NOT doing its job, and has a history for slandering black heroes & protecting dishonest/racist criminals in The South (Aiken-Augusta). Even the people on the other side of the story had admitted they are liars (esp. Susan McCord), and were guilty of the motives to slander and lie about the new local Augusta hero: Dr Beckles. Many witnesses (including Norasteen Brown & other news reporters), have all publically published or stated that Church Bishop Dr. Franklyn V. Beckles, Jr.'s credibility and career background was all valid. There are multiple accounts and complaint letters attacking Dr. Franklyn V. Beckles on complaintsboard and while all are written in the exact same style, they have different "authors" aka Tracey McManus, employees/superintendent at The Board of Education & Augusta Chronicle- have all been creating various aliases. The letters supposedly written by Dr. Beckles or his supporters are also in the same style as those that were attacking him with more lies & even racial slurs. Just google those names and complaintsboard to get a better overview.

"Terroism against all who disagree" McManus has recently been deleting some of her racial slurs, but not before Dr. Beckles's Attorney; Travers W. Paine documented them, and the phone treats made by her. So he can use in the upcoming class action lawsuit against her & The Chronicle!!

She also has police reports filed against her (for more proof)!! Want more proof: just check out (goggle) more complaints from others; as well as employees on what kind of incompetent and lousy Newspaper Company- THE AUGUSTA CHRONICLE REALLY IS!

Denver, CO

#22 Dec 28, 2013
Franks back!

Foristell, MO

#24 Dec 30, 2013
Franks back and still completely full of BS. Okay folks remember to use Google and look up Frank Beckles. All the lies has claimed about himself with zero proof to back anything up. Taking other people success stories and tales of heroism, putting his name over their and claiming them for himself. Out right disgusting claim of being a Navy SEAL, some real stolen valor stuff right there.

Google his lies up. Claimed to be in all sorts of movies, many are out no and .... no Frank Beckles in them.
Tony Howard

Athens, GA

#25 Jan 31, 2014
"WestCoastLover" is also obviously Tracey McManus of the Augusta Chronicle based on the posting style and massive back patting and ass kissing. Tracey can't blow her own horn loud enough. Because she is a crazy racist lying *astard, like "Joe", "Steve Trustrum", & "DekarangerOne"; a.k.a., The Internet Maniac- Steve Crawford!!!! Seriously, can Staff Writers at The Augusta Chronicle come up with any more stupid nicknames???

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