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Sarasota, FL

#1 Jun 6, 2012
Enviromental disaster,Property devaluation, Increased Crime, and worst of all INFLUX OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS to work at the slaughter house !!!
Jennie B

Bexar, AR

#2 Jun 6, 2012
The prospect that slaughter houses are not only going to spread across this country selling meat that is poisonous for human consumption to anyone in the U.S. or in any country is something that we, as American citizens, were protected from in the U.S. by the Agriculture Department, the FDA, and all regulatory agencies that protect the U.S. from eating foods that are fatal/harmful to human consumption. The idea of a horse farm raising horses for slaughter is ignorance. You can not raise a horse in captivity and not provide adequate health care - and the horse meat will still contain fatal/harmful chemicals. The idea that it is more expensive to raise cattle than horses for slaughter is ignorance; but, on the market one report that I read stated that one horse can bring up to $18,000 of profit. One slaughter plant is slaughtering one horse approx. every minute. It still doesn't stop the fact that this meat is not for the starving and the health of nations; this meat is sold to the wealthy who can afford the cost; and it is not necessary to open up horse slaughter "factories". The horse slaughter itself can never legally be called humane, although some gov. employed health inspector and gov. employed humane experts may say it is humane because their employer is the gov. The fact remains, no independent expert who is not depending on any wealth gained from the horse slaughter industry will never agree that the slaughter of horses is humane. That still does not address the problems with the way these "factories" dispose of the remains; and the effects of the entire community in any manner of the sense of economics. The employment of the few so that one owner (mandated & subsidized by the gov. to open the slaughter plants for the "shovel ready job)can become richer is ridiculous. There is never an unwanted horse unless the person is an abuser; and there are people all over this country trying to save as many horses as possible. The race horse, AQHA, and other breeding associations have always said that there were unwanted horses because they breed horses and decide which ones get to live and send the others to slaughter. The wild horse and burro program of the BLM has been a broken and ill ran program as reported in every gov. agency that has reviewed it's records; GAO reports are constantly telling the BLM to stop the roundups and having to deal with the falsified federal documents filed by BLM or by the cattlemen who have usurped public lands and still do not pay their fees, over breed their cattle and never have a count made or inspection of their leased property. All persons who want to have a wild horse sanctuary and lease public lands do have to pay their lease fees, which are higher than the cattle industry, and they do have to prove a head count. The very fact that the false report that horse slaughter is cheaper is reflected in the many cattlemen who have lobbyists and who have leased public lands, and who file false claims to BLM concerning the horses destruction of the lands, when in fact it is just the opposite; and the lands are taken over by the cattlemen as soon as the wild horse and burros are zeroed out in that area. The costs accrued by BLM for these roundups to provide meat for the slaughter industry is ridiculous. Each helicopter roundup costs over $1 million dollars; and each horse/burro has a price on it's head of $250.00 and up. This has fed the horse slaughter industry for over 40 years. In conclusion,the horse slaughter industry came about through legislation that begat greed and corruption; there was no over population on public lands; and many thousands of acres were removed from being available to the wild horse and given over to the cattle industry, without fees. There has to be a motive in any criminal activity; and this motive is greed, corruption, and misuse of the Department of Interior,the Secretary of Interior, and the Bureau of Land Management,all mandated by the corruption of a few law makers.

Lees Summit, MO

#3 Jun 6, 2012
Hello Im mister Ed !!!!!!

Grants Pass, OR

#4 Jun 7, 2012
Repulsive. They are livestock to the ranchers, companion animals to the majority of U.S. citizens. Some states consider dogs to be livestock and they are the choice food of some overseas countries. Will we be fighting a war over them next? Good grief, there is no other animal that has done more for humans than the horse and this is how we repay them. This shouldn't be an issue. If the pro slaughter advocates simply stopped over breeding there wouldn't be the so called unwanted horses. It's all about money. Ranchers graze their cattle and water them on public lands paid for by the tax payer and make their living from us because we are gracious enough to allow them to do so, now they want are horses too.Eighty percent of decent Americans DO NOT want this in America. It's wrong, plain and simple.
Stop-Horse-Slaug hter

Pleasantville, NJ

#5 Jun 7, 2012
Aside From The Documented Issues Of Cruel ,Inhumane Practice Within the Industry From Auction,Transport,Feedlot To Kill Box as Well as the Documented Negative Impact On The Environment ..The fact is Horses Are Not Raised For Consumption In The USA, Therefore They Have NO Place in the Food Chain. I can't believe the Industry Has survived this long..providing a meat source that comes from an animal of unknown origin which is accepted into a slaughter plant based solely on a statement (EID)filled out by a Kill buyer, that in many cases had custody of the horse(s) purchased @ auction for only a few days prior to shipping . The EID simply asks the Kill Buyer to certify "That My Knowledge" the animal presented for slaughter has not been administered bute..The Kill Buyers Know Little if Anything about the medical History of the Horses they gather @ Auction..They Have contracts & Quotas to fill with the plants..The Horse Slaughter industry is a black hole of never ending deceptions.. which in the end produces a product NOT FIT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.
Freedom Lives

Wethersfield, CT

#6 Jun 7, 2012
The bottom line is greed and money. Most of this atrocity is caused by over breeding for money plain and simple. Until this practice is banned, this will continue. There's a little saying that "we should always go to the ROOT of a problem to solve it". Well, that's the root. Cut the root and this insidious industry and those who profit from it will die off. Simple as that. Until that happens, this problem will go on forever. So either something DRASTIC has to happen here, or it's going to be "business as usual" and horses will be tortured and murdered without mercy.

Sarasota, FL

#7 Jun 7, 2012
Be forewrned Sue Wallis is destroyer of cumminity and lives, She has an agenda that only benifits her, and will lie cheat and steal to get that agenda done.i am sure many of you kept up with the hatred she spewed to the community as She waddled out of the last community meeting in Mountain Grove as She spwewed out Were Going Into business, We She cannot go into business unless you the community allow Her to do so,after all She is a House Member, why mot put it in Her own yard on her own property and then she can eat fresh horse meat every day and have the rancid smell of decaying carcasses perfuming her home every day, She cares not about your community only about her greed Ugly nasy vile woman if you want to call her a woman, most decent people would never think of such heinous things as Sue Wallis does.
Barbara Leonard SeymourMO

United States

#8 Jun 7, 2012
What in the name of heaven do we have to do to get rid of these horse slaughter people that keep attacking MO? We threw Wallis out of Mountain Grove MO and we'll throw her out of MO again. Do the people of Rockville know what this would do to their town? If anyone is interested let me know and I'll be happy to email you the city records of KaufmanTX where they had a horse slaughter plant and the city records show what a disaster it was. I'd also be happy to email you a copy of a letter from an atty in Mountain Grove MO to the atty for the pro-slaughter people in MO. It goes into a lot of point by point detail and warns of probable lawsuits for misrepresentation to potential investors. People of Rockville, please be very careful in your decision.

United States

#9 Jun 7, 2012
I agree with all of the above,(except the Mr. Ed comment)and cannot understand why any investor would invest in any business that WILL be banned either by State or Federal law, or the FDA in the very near future. With 80% of the U.S. public opposed to Horse slaughter, it would be down right stupid to attempt to make money off of this repulsive business.
Real Horse Owner

Plattsburg, MO

#10 Jun 7, 2012
And if there comes fines or lawsuits guess who don't have to pay Wallis!

Being in government I am sure she knows how to write a contract that gives her an escape clause!

The town people, county and taxpayers will have to pay for all of it especially these investors (the investors deserve it)

I agree Barbara if they want it so bad why not put in on their private land *I know a Pro nut in Washington state I would love to sit it on her head!* Well, they know the eco damage it does and don't want their pristine land destroyed.

TX has yet to recover fully, the town I believe nearly went broke due to the plant not paying taxes!
Real Horse Owner

Plattsburg, MO

#11 Jun 7, 2012
Whoops the on their own land should have been to Loose Cannon, sorry Barbara~!
Real Horse Owner

Plattsburg, MO

#12 Jun 7, 2012
Here is a link that has a photo of the proposed plant

Duluth, MN

#13 Jun 7, 2012
No no no!!! No one wants this Wallis woman doing business in their community. Not even her own state will let her open a horse killing plant, and she is a state legislator!

If this woman loves horses so much, why isn't she doing anything to stop her fellow horse breeders from stop breeding so many? She is part of the horses problem! Do not let her clean up her industry's mess by killing their left-overs in your back yard!

Do not let her in MO!

Wilsonville, OR

#14 Jun 7, 2012
Sue Wallis is desperately trying to open a slaughter house for horses is Missouri. There are economical and environmental reasons to not open a horse slaughter house. Any jobs would be low paying, no benefits, working conditions would be horrific. Horses are not humanely slaughtered for many reasons. Where is the money for inspectors going to come from? These folks in Missouri need to talk to the residents of Kaufman, Texas before they allow this to happen. There are many good reasons Texas made horse slaughter plants illegal.
nancy mcmillan

Sebago Lake, ME

#15 Jun 7, 2012
Before you let the likes of Unified Equine into your community, please do yourselves a favor. Google "when horse slaughter comes to town". It is a study from communities that had horse slaughter plants in their midst. Here are just a few of the highlights- the horse slaughter industry brought lower property values, pollution, unpaid fines, increased violent crime rates, theft of residents horses and unpaid taxes. In addition, the horse slaughter industry wants to divert our tax dollars from food safety programs for foods that Americans do eat to inspect a meat that the majority of which will be shipped overseas. In addition, American horses are not raised to be part of the food chain. Virtually every product used on equines is labeled "not for use on horses intended for human consumption" Pigs, cattle, sheep, goats, chickens and all other raised for food animals have regulations and protocols. None of those things exist for horses. Nobody's food supply should be a dumping ground. The solution is responsible breeding and ownership.Horse slaughter is just an easy button so those who over-breed can continue with their irresponsible practices.

Sarasota, FL

#16 Jun 7, 2012
If You think there is no difference in cows and horses do see for your self.

United States

#17 Jun 8, 2012
You know, if I lived in Rockville I would be so offended that Sue Wallis chose my town. After all, she has been rejected from every place she's set her sights on - to the point where a normal person might think "hmm. I guess I was wrong. People don't like me, horse slaughter stinks, and nobody loves it like I do". A normal person would "get it". But not Slaughter Sue. She has to "win". And apparently she sees Rockville as her winning ticket.

Obviously she believes that Rockville doesn't have the guts, the power, or the resources to oppose her. There were almost twice the number of people at the Mountain Grove meeting than are in the entire town of Rockville! And as a Rockvillian, I'd be offended that she has judged my fellow citizens as too stupid to see past her lies and propaganda.

But take heart Rockville. There are people who will do our best to help you save your town. Horse slaughter will be banned in the United States eventually. You'd be better off to leave a legacy of "the tough little town that defeated Sue Wallis" rather than "the town that brought back brutal horse slaughter" or "the last horse slaughterhouse in the country."

There is nothing good about horse slaughter. If there is money involved - and there must be a lot of it, as hard as Sue Wallis is trying to set up shop in your town - but it is money that will not end up in your pockets. You'll never see it. Horse slaughter will not help your town. It will devastate it. Check out Kaufman, Texas. Jobs? How many of you want the job of killing 400 terrified horses per day? Skinning them alive? Do you have the stomach for that?

Rockville - you can do better than this! You deserve better than this. Just because your town is small doesn't mean she can bully her way in, take over and do what she wants with your hometown. Send her back to Wyoming!
food lover

Cameron, MO

#18 Jun 8, 2012
I heard Mickey D's coming out with the McTrigger
Real Horse Owner

United States

#19 Jun 8, 2012
Food lover you must be a kid. That doesn't bother anyone besides if they did serve it you would not know it ( ask folks about the 70's)! And guess what??? The toxins in the meat would make you meet your maker. Now crack one off about that youngin!

No Sue Wallis is not a horse lover, she may be a breeder and we all know the problems actually stem from her kind.
Real Horse Owner

United States

#20 Jun 8, 2012
Here Sue says the facility will have cameras to make sure stolen horses aren't processed, I call Bullshit! |topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

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