Apopka firefighter hurt seriously in ...

Apopka firefighter hurt seriously in fall through burning home'...

There are 37 comments on the The Orlando Sentinel story from Jul 6, 2007, titled Apopka firefighter hurt seriously in fall through burning home'.... In it, The Orlando Sentinel reports that:

Misfortune struck the Apopka Fire Department for the second time in as many weeks when a firefighter fell through a roof while fighting a blaze on Independence Day.

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Supportive Apopka Res

Naples, FL

#21 Apr 20, 2008
The remaining third are fulltime paid fire fighters. However this information is still skewed because that last third also includes fire inspectors that may also hold fire standards. However since we are talking about Apopka. Almost every Officer in the Apopka Fire Department was a Volunteer thier. Many of them are now Chief Officers with one being the City Administrator. I am sure that any of these individuals could have gotten jobs at other departments, even when they were volunteers. As for the investigation that was done. The City felt that a more detailed investigation needed to be done to include details not reported or that were incorrectly reported in the State Fire Marshalls Report. When a firefighter is injured the City should and did conduct a second investigation. Often more information comes available after the initial investigation is done. I think the City followed correct proceedures for this accident. And since you brought up the volunteers, Were these volunteers or paid proffessional fire fighters that were on the fire when this accident occured? In reading your comments first you accuse me of reading from the ISO packet, next you say i am somebody "that seems to know an awful lot about ISO rating's. Well which is it can you make up your mind? You also want me to quit hiding behind my name, please try to get it right next time. SUPPORTIVE APOPKA RES. Now for some reason you are concerned that I am hiding behind screen name. Well SeasonD Fireman-AFD, why are you hiding behind a name? Why not go ahead and use your real name? You are nothing less than a hypocrite, wanting others to do that which you yourself haven't done. Let me say If you are a seasoned fire fighter at AFD, I wish you would quit!! You give the rest of the department a black eye. You disgrace the volunteers that may be the only one showing up to help your sorry ass!! Finally, you really need to learn what unions can and cannot do. Quit depending on some union buddy telling you all that the union can do for you. Most of what the strong Unions around have is because of YEARS of negotiations. Ask any of the union members these questions and tell them to give you a strait and truthful answer. When was the last time the union negotiated a really good contract with decent pay raises? Over the last three contracts have you had to give up any benefits that were really important to you? Has the union been able to keep the members up to standard with the level of inflation? After you get the answers go look up the information for yourself. Now I personaly don't care whether you get a union or not. Does not affect my job at all.
Supportive Apopka Res

Naples, FL

#22 Apr 20, 2008
SeasonD Fireman-AFD wrote:
Ok, obviously Mr.''Supportive'' Apk Res , thank you for reading straight from a book on how an ISO rating given. thats not the point! the point is that A properly structured Union will help keep the city from even hiring such people in the first place. as well as having more than guide lines (SOG's)as to only has lead to injuries! The City is a very strong one in comparrison to others as well so should the Fire Dept. be ,besides only looking like one from the outside . And as for the volunteer taking others places,I highly doubt it cause the only reason we get Volunteers at our Dept. is because they cant get hired on any where else... give it time he or she will see the truth also. So if it's that important for you to hide behind your name as an " apopka Resident" that seems to know an awful lot about ISO rating's . Then you must be embaressed or some other reason about being recognized as an AFD personnel.I pitty you severely. I really thought The city actually learned something form J. Rogers injury aparently not. Cause if it did, Im sure the City would not be trying soo hard to ignore the State fire marshall's investigation results, by requesting another investigation. Cause they dont want the BLAME. Wake up APOPKA AFD. And thanks again Mr."Apopka Resident", for the disertation on ISO ratings. you might want to be careful of copyright Infringements too. hahaha
First lets make sure we get the facts right. You are the one that stated the City didn't deserve a ISO-1 rating. That was based on your FEELING that they didn't deserve it. I stated the FACTS of how ISO determines it ratings. And yes they came
right out of the ISO packet. After all we are on a public forum here. Therefore, we wouldn't want to mis-lead the public in to thinking that some disgruntled firefighters opinion is how ISO determines whom they give a rating to. SO YES I THINK THAT IS THE POINT!!! Next a union cannot determine what qualifications a person has to have to be hired!! The City has the sole right to hire anyone it chooses. The City can hire people with no training and send them to school to be trained. Or they may require 10 years of training, a four year degree, fire officer one, fire saftey inspector, fire instructor, paramedic or anything in between to be hired. The Union has NO SAY!! Unless the City would like to negotiate that in to a contract with the Union. And WHY WOULD MANAGEMENT TIED THEIR HANDS ON WHOM THEY CAN HIRE. As for the volunteers at your department only being their becuase they can't get hired any where else is more UNION BS. I know all about it. Volunteers take jobs for Real
Firefighter! Volunteers keep pay low from departments without volunteers, volunteers don't know the job as well as the paid fire fighters. I have heard it all before every Union uses the phrases to make the public think less of the volunteers. Lets take a real look. Volunteer firefighters comprise two-thirds of the estimated 1.2 million firefighters in this country.
SeasonD Fireman-AFD

Altamonte Springs, FL

#23 Apr 21, 2008
That all sounds like a bunch of Yankee BS. A volunteer is a Leech, just taking a job from someone that can get paid to do, as well as a cheap easy out for the City!! If the Apopka Fire Dept was structured soo great, how come soo many leave to go to Orlando Fire Dept. or some where else?? HHHHMMMM must be something wrong there huh? The Only good thing that the City has done lately was to bring back 2 chiefs cause we sure dont have anyone qualified to do it. Other than Pat C. That has been the biggest saving grace for every one.
And yes a union can have a say in how someone is hired (where have you been) EVERYTHING IS NEGOTIABLE !)
Supportive Apopka Res

Naples, FL

#24 Apr 22, 2008
I just can't figure out why such a brillant firefighter as yourself would stay so long at a place that seems to be exactly what you don't like. The simple thing for you to do is LEAVE, GET OUT, and please don't give me the shit about having too many years in to leave. The are many ways to make it work. However that being said. First, you DON'T HAVE A UNION!! second, as you said "Everything is negotiable", but do you think the city is stupid enough to let the Union tell them whom they can hire. You must be some kind of an idiot if you think so. And just because everything is negotiable does not mean it will be negotiated. I hope you know more about fighting fire with the city than you do about unions. You really don't know your ass from third base, not about the union, volunteers and by your own admission in these post fire fighting. So from what I gather you are pretty much useless for being a union officer, don't know your job, and hate the volunteers that built the department that employs your sorry ass. Now as for the volunteers being leeches, did you volunteer there before being hired? Volunteers serve a purpose, especially in small communities that can't afford or don't have the tax base to employ full time fire fighters. And no union is going to make a community increase its tax base to employ fulltime fire fighters. Its a nice dream but many communities simply wouldn't have fire protection if there were no volunteers. Apopka Fire Department has a proud lineage of volunteers to the city. Many of those volunteers brought about the fire department that is now a ISO-1 class department. And as far as I am concerned you are a piece of shit and don't deserve to be in the presence of any of those Volunteers with whom you have the honor of working with. You haven't earned the right to kiss their ass. Many Volunteers have given a lot to grow that department in to what it is today. Many wonderful and dedicated individuals and families, The Gilliams, the Walters, the Andersons, Lee, Bubba, Pat, Lyle, Cal, the Lockeby's, and many others from very old men that would come in to dispatch to business men that would close their business to very young boys that started their careers as the department grew. Many of those young boys are now the very people running your City and Department. These people went out to the businesses to get donations for new equipment, gave up their nights to pull ambulance duty. Gave up their time to learn fire fighting priciples and pratices. In fact it was hard to get one of them to miss a fire drill. The very foundation of the Apopka Fire Department and much of the city was forged by these people and the volunteers before them. Don't disgrace them by your ignorance. You are right something is wrong at the Apopka Fire Department. They hired self centered, one way people like you. That don't really have a clue as to what that department is or where it came from. And maybe one year you will get a union, but the reason you don't have one yet is because of people like them that went out and found ways to make the department work instead of looking for ways to make it do something it couldn't. You just don't get that doing for the department was more important than doing for the individual. If you like I can send you a date for Orlando's next assesment. Then you can belong to a union and still be worthless.

United States

#25 Apr 28, 2008
this reply is to once a ff now an amputee:

Orlando, FL

#26 May 20, 2008
were there a investigation report?

Orlando, FL

#27 Jun 17, 2008
http://www.fldfs.com/sfm/pdf/InvestFFInjury_F... ( This is the link to the report from the State Fire Marshal)very interesting report.

Orlando, FL

#28 Jun 17, 2008
State Report from July 4,2007 injury of a apopka firefighter.http://www.fldfs.c om/sfm/pdf/InvestFFInjury_FST_ Apopka_20080423.pdf

Orlando, FL

#30 Aug 4, 2008
What is being done with this house it has been over a year now and hurricane season is approaching.Is there some type of code to condem this house and have it torn down or is it going to remain an safty hazzard and eye sore for the community to enjoy.

United States

#31 Aug 4, 2008
SeasonD wrote: A volunteer is a Leech, just taking a job from someone that can get paid to do, as well as a cheap easy out for the City!!


I am not a firefighter, I've been a nurse for 20 years...I am lucky, for the most part, I care for people in the controlled environment of a hospital, not the conditions that firefighters must work in. I THANK GOD that there are firefighters out there, veteran, volunteer, fresh out of school...people willing to risk their lives to help others!!! THANK YOU!!

BTW...I have a son that is a firefighter (first was a volunteer), a son that is serving our country, a child that is a teacher, and two others that spend a great deal of time volunteering! Saying a volunteer is a leech really PISSES ME OFF!!!!

I am very sorry for John's injury, I will keep him in our prayers.
unions are bad

Altamonte Springs, FL

#32 Oct 6, 2008
floridafiremedic "7. Apopka is the ONLY fire department that does not have an active International Association of Fire Fighters union local in Orange County and perhaps most of Central Florida."
Maybe they want to be able to fire people who can’t pull there weight around. A union protects them example a leut. For orange county refuses to enter a structure fire she should not be employed... it’s her job description. Now about the Orlando fire fighter which is probably you 3people test for promotions and cheat on there test and should be fired but nope they get the pay and nothing happens. Oh wait like I said unions protect the slackers while the work horses pull all the weight... I guess you can tell I have been a union member for 17 years and hate that I work hard and all the slackers get the glory for the work. Orange County should fire the lady who won’t go into structures and Orlando should fire the 3 that cheated. After all it’s my life on the line in Orlando if I'm hurt and I have to rely on a cheater to know what to do to save me..... So support you local aiff union where they protect the wrong people.....
unions are bad

Deltona, FL

#34 Oct 7, 2008
oh yeah the building was occupied they had been in it for 1 week and a electrician was there in the morning repairing an issue in the attic. This would be where the fire started and about the old ladder truck yes they have on its a reserve truck they have a new one also 5-6years old so no you didnt get anything right. Also volunteers are great they can learn about work to see if its right for them before they dish out the money for school to get hired. Dont sit here and say if they had a union. it wouldnt change anything.
City - rose color glasses

Altamonte Springs, FL

#35 Apr 24, 2009
No more Monday morning quarterbacks, the state report says it all....the CITY screwed up!!! The facts speak for themselves.
anonymous penname

Kissimmee, FL

#36 Sep 12, 2009
You are exactly right and must know Richard. I worked for him and know him well. Glad I got out when I did, and lost all pension etc but have both my hands and my life so consider myself fortunate. I feel sorry for all those working there. Several have migrated to Ocoee and seem very happy and still have pending lawsuits against the city. Does that tell you something. Unfortunately you will always have idiots respond when you try and tell the truth against an evil situation. Remember evil didnt get there without power and deceit. I am personally writing a book about the deceit.
Supportive Apopka Res

Winter Springs, FL

#37 Oct 2, 2009
anonymous penname wrote:
You are exactly right and must know Richard. I worked for him and know him well. Glad I got out when I did, and lost all pension etc but have both my hands and my life so consider myself fortunate. I feel sorry for all those working there. Several have migrated to Ocoee and seem very happy and still have pending lawsuits against the city. Does that tell you something. Unfortunately you will always have idiots respond when you try and tell the truth against an evil situation. Remember evil didnt get there without power and deceit. I am personally writing a book about the deceit.
If you worked for Richard you should know he doesn't put up with any crap. If you are not there any more it was one of two scenarios. One you left on your own for better pay and benefits or two you were terminated. Either way, it was beneficial to both the City and to You. I am not sure why you would make a comment about losing your pension. It was a municipal retirement plan when you leave, the city pays you the amount you paid in to the system if you have not vested. So I guess what you are trying to do here is to deceive people reading this that somehow the City of Apopka screwed you out of a retirement you had not yet been entitled to. So, I would say if you are writing a book on being deceitful you appear to have a first hand knowledge. Are people really idiots when they try to respond to something that is posted? If so I guess we are all idiots, you included. Responding to a post does not make you and idiot, it makes you a person with a differing view. Again, you are trying to belittle people in to not writing about something so that only your view is posted.From the bitter under tone of your response on here, I would have to conclude you didn't leave on such good terms or was probably terminated. That said, I don't think you should really berate the firefighters that work in the City of Apopka. I am sure like any other department they have there ups and downs, likes and dislikes and people like you that are just bitter. I am sure like every municipal department, the pay could be better. The benefits a little more attractive. The city has, over many years, come to define what it expects of its employees. You knew this when you accepted the job. After being hired it is possible that you really didn't fit the cities definition of a model employee. After all the City of Apopka has fired a bunch of them. From Assistant City Administrators violating policy on generator acquisitions right down to lying firefighters and probably everything in between. But terminating these employees was the cities right based on the facts. I am sure the city will go on and they will continue to find people that want to WORK for them. I don't think it took them long to replace you when you left. Posting remarks like this on an open blog don't really help you prove your case.

Maitland, FL

#38 Feb 10, 2012
Unreal. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Its all about the mouth from many of you that post and just want to be-little someone. To the seasoned FF, wow, your too cool. Why are you so much better than a voulnteer, what, are you better, more qualified or do you just know "BUBBA" who knows "SKEETER" who you used to hunt with got in in for an interview or did you just get on back in the day when a hand shake and a can of "dip" was all that was needed to secure a paying job to put you on your high horse! A volunteer went through EMT (same as you bud! took his state license just like you bud) went through standards....just like you "bud" and tested infront of the state.....passed, just like you bud. Some (myself speaking) work/have worked in the EMS field making horrible EMS wages yet continue to fight and put food on the table while never giving up their passion of being where you are......you gotta start somewhere. Its FF's like you that treat voulnteers like garbage, put them down usually cause they are in better shape, quicker, younger and willing to go the distance) unlike yourself that once on , sits back, talks crap and gets fat! Now lets talk facts....in this horrible economy "Seasoned" (who uses that term anymore) fireman, what does the term "BUDGET CUT" mean to you? It would necessarly apply to the guy willing to work for free now would it? It applies to the idiots in city positions the mis-allocate city funds. Happens all over, now add in the factor that we are in the "WORST" recession we have had since the 20's or 30's.....but again....you know everything. I respect a voulnteer cause he doest it for the passion you idiot....for free. Willing to help, from his heart. You put your life on the line just like a paid "SEASONED FF"......its tough out there for us.(VOLUNTEERS) but we keep pushin', only to have the opportunity to show up a BIG MOUTH like you when the opportunity presents itself. You never act like your better or you know it all, thats how you get hurt and put your crew at risk BIG MOUTH SEASONSED FF. Why dont you just call us 'scabs"? You know.....to hear a fire fighter say the only reason you voulnteer is because you werent good enough to make the cut.....its just sad. And you call yourself a "brother" Mr Seasoned FF....what a shame. Thought brothers stand together, have each others back....not you, thats clear to see. Way to support someone who has the same dream you did. Did your "daddy" used to put you down all the time and say you were no good? Seems clear to me. Wonder when the last time you were tested for a CPAT....I bet you couldnt even pass the stair portion. I am sure, not even knowing who you are, if I was at the station (voulnteering ofcourse, since Im not as good as you) I would hear your ignorant mouth in the distance talkin' bout the bass you caught, or the 10 pointer you "KILLED", or the "gobbler" on your turkey....what a loser. I am sure there are many of your fellow firefighters that wish you worked somewhere else. KARMA brother.....its whats gonna get you STUD. Hey, one more thing....how many guys did you test against in the "so called better economy" way back yonder' when you applied? 25 maybe 30? The average applicant count per testing is 500....if you apply for orlando, I believe it was 3,500. I am certain, since you have been so seasoned....that was many years ago.......things have changed MR SEASONED FF, alot......except for one thing.......people with brains/mouths like yours. What a shame, thank god for the new blood coming in and the few true seasoned FF's that take us under their wings and teach us how to be great men, role models, firefighters and leaders.....you my friend would be better off working at JIFFY LUBE! God Bless our fallen brothers...its an honor.

Huntsville, TN

#39 Sep 28, 2012
Richard Anderson was and is a DUMB ASS

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