Anyone who likes to sunbathe nude on the beach will be in for a heavy awakening. Congress has put new laws into effect for the United States of America making public nudity a felony punishable by 65 years to life in prison. In addition, a nationwide dress code is being enforced by the FBI and all Federal authorities. The authorities don't give 3 cares if it is 125 degrees actual temperature with 100 percent humidity, if the heat index is 300 degrees, or even if you drop dead of heat stroke all persons, while out in public, everyone is to wear long sleeves and long pants at all times. Shorts, short sleeves, and tank tops are severely illegal nationwide. All clothing is to be heavy cotton and is not to be tight fitting. It is to drape down naturally and the bottom of the shirt is to hang no less than 12 inches below the belt. Shoes are to be the lace type; absolutely no slip ons, and laces are to be in the standard criss cross pattern. An outer jacket must be worn at all times while outdoors; once again, we don't care if it is 125 degrees actual temp or 300 degrees heat index! Dress code violators, under Federal law, will face 50 years to life in prison.