Jamie Denegar Arrest in Fatal Stabbings
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AmandA DenegaR

Albany, NY

#148 Mar 13, 2012
valerie wrote:
just want to let everyone know that i was there that night i was his girl at the time..and he can deny it all he wants but i had that knife buried outside and he made me dig it up. he stabbed each one of those mexicans one time each and he told me he twisted the knife and thats why they couldnt be saved.. if he feels so bad about it then he needs to be a real man and stop lying to everyone and amanda they had all the evidence against him. i didnt put him away he put himself away.the police dont just pick a random person and say they commited a crime they investigate and ur bro told me to be honest and save myself because i did nothing wrong..and by the way i never even saw crack let alone smoked it until i met cas.in the 2 mos.we were 2gether i lost my job my car and because of him i was kicked out of my 300,000 dollar home with my parents.and when we met he also failed to tell me he was a crackhead but he did tell me that he had killed 4 other people in new york..and i bet he didnt tell you that when we got home that night and he shaved all his hair off our roommate was terrified of him and he went in the kitchen and grabbed a butcher knife and told me he was going to kill her if she didnt shut up.BUT IF HE DID NOTHING WRONG HE WOULDNT OF DONE ALL THAT. i had to stand infront of her door to save her life and then he broke down and cried in my arms because he knew what he did..yes he was a sweetheart but it was all fake as hell.he just uses people to get what he wants..oh and by the way all of his people who want to judge me none of you know me not even cas.. i was a good person when i met him and after we parted ways.and to clarify to those who want to say he stabbed them to death...he only stabbed them one time each.its nice how everyone feels bad for Cas but did you all know that the 1st man he killed had a wife and kids and the 2nd guy was on the phone with his mother in mexico (and she heard it all) when he was trying to give cas his money and was stabbed before he could and the only reason my testimony was so vital is because i was the only one to see both murders.he said that the 1st guy touched my beautiful fat ass.but he got mad a t the 2nd one because the other guy we were with said something to him and cas wanted to know what he said but the dude didnt speak english so it pissed cas off.no one forced him to do that.he could of kicked their asses but he took the coward route.inconclusion...dont judge me when none of you know me and no cas isnt a monster but he was that night.just dont allow yourselves to be manipulated and blinded by your love for him.i loved him to at one point but i now have a wonderful and sexy yankee whom i dont have to worry about him leaving me for prison.yes everyone needs support and so does cas but he also deserves to be in jail..how would you all feel if someone killed cas.you would want that person to suffer just like cas is now for the rest of their life. but if he does get a 2nd chance at freedom i wish him the best of luck. maybe he will one day be rehabilitated..but part of that is accepting what you did admitting it and asking the family and god for forgiveness.. A REAL MAN WOULD.
Valerie, I know you were there the day this incident happened...I went to my bros trial and heard you admit loud and clear to cleaning off the knife that was used before you hid it...my bro didn't make you do anything, you just chose to listen so you have nobody to blame but yourself. I'm pretty convinced that you had something to do with one of the murders, maybe even both but of course if you did your not gonna come out and say it so you put the blame on somebody else who was there just so you would save your ass. I could be wrong but only you and my bro know otherwise. my bro also isn't and wasn't a crack head, however, if he has ever done it, it was something he obviously chose to do...there's no need for name calling him by a drug he possibly used....to be continued....
AmandA DenegaR

Albany, NY

#149 Mar 13, 2012
I know you were there the day such tragedy took place...I went to my bros trial and heard you loud and clear say you cleaned off the knife that was used before you hid it...I'm certainly convinced you were a part of the murders for a few different reasons being that shortly after this happened, you moved out of FL and it makes no sense for you to have cleaned and hid a murder weapon if you had nothing to hide. only you and my bro know otherwise. my bro never made you do anything...if he told you to do something and you chose to do it then you have nobody to blame but yourself beause you chose to listen. I never saw my bro do crack but even if it was a drug he used it doesn't mean he's a crackhead or give you any right to call him that. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't like it if a friend of yours or a family member did any kind of drug/drugs and I came out calling them a name by the drug used. You can type all you want about things you say my bro did or has said to you but it will never mean any of it's true unless you can prove it. I personally don't care that you have a man...that's very irrelevant and doesn't even pertain to this topic.

I miss you so much bro...typing anything about you and even when you get brought up brings many tears to my eyes...I was 15 when you got locked away and now I'm 21 it hurts more and more each day goes by and more than any word can describe. You were and always will be a good brother to me...we got into fights here and there but you never once took your anger out on me with physical action and I look up to you alot for that...I've always been a strong individual and part of the reason why is things you showed me and taught me as I was growing up, this is still so hard to go through but still stay strong everyday. I will see you soon bro...I love you and miss you dearly.
The Truth

Nebo, NC

#150 Sep 15, 2012
Jamiesgirl wrote:
i love you jamie i dont care what people are saying about you i love you and nothing and i mean nothing is going to change that. your son and i miss you and we are always going to love you no matter what
Seems to me he left you awhile back, but now that he is in prison you want to make posts declaring your love. If I recall correctly he married and had moved on with his life. I have known Jamie for years. His mother worked her butt off to provide for her kids. Just because someone states they had a hard life growing up, doesn't mean they should go out, hook up with a crack/meth addict and take off to Florida, leave his wife stranded, leave his family, get involved in more drugs and murder 2 people.
I also remember when he lead the police on a 4-5 county police chase. May have been more counties. I also remember when he robbed a Colonie store in 99. He used to hang out with my brother alo and was constantly at my house.. But I also remember him being a good kid to those who where his friends. Jamie had alot of opportunities to change his life style, but he chose the wrong path and now he must come to understand his consequences.
What he did was horrible. In the end he was tried by his peers and will be judged by GOD. I feel bad for those who lost their lives in a crime of passion.

Latham, NY

#151 Oct 2, 2012
Amanda I see that your driving without a license and drinking.You are on probation right.Your a loser who brings out the worst in people because your angry that your brother was a crackhead and murder.your a sad little girl.how about posting another drunken video on youtube.I have a feeling you will also be in jail soon.Karma. is a bitch.
AmandA DenegaR

Clifton Park, NY

#152 Oct 28, 2012
karma wrote:
Amanda I see that your driving without a license and drinking.You are on probation right.Your a loser who brings out the worst in people because your angry that your brother was a crackhead and murder.your a sad little girl.how about posting another drunken video on youtube.I have a feeling you will also be in jail soon.Karma. is a bitch.
Hello "Karma" you obviously don't know me you just know my name and are judging me for some reason and in my opinion, it's pure jealousy...you haven't seen me driving without a license because it's not like I have it displayed while I'm driving lol and you're completely wrong about all of this because you're claiming I don't have a license so go to DMV and ask them why I have a valid class D license so you can look as stupid as you do now...I don't even drink anymore. I'm not even on probation lol you really have no idea what you're talkng about. You can call me any name you want and look even more immature. Prove that my brother was a "crackhead" instead of saying things you have know knowlege about and prove that he was a murderder...if you had any common sense you would realize that just because someone is charged and convicted of something doesn't always mean they are actually guilty of doing it. I can testify against someone but it won't mean that I'm telling the truth. People constantly lie, especially to save they're own self. The drunk video of me on youtube is from 2009 and it completely shows I'm very happy which is obviously not me portraying myself as a "sad little girl" I'm not gonna be in jail lol I'm currently employed and have my whole life ahead of me with alot of good goals I will be completing not just for me but also for my family. I have a pretty good feeling I know who you are and you're the most psychotic woman I've ever met in my life...I still have the harrassing voicemails you left me last month and I suggest you stop giving you're prescription pills to your grandson to sell for you so with all this being said, the only thing you're right about is karma is a bitch =)
Chris Denegar

Mechanicville, NY

#153 Nov 2, 2012
I think I was there for that ride through the mall...lol
colonie wrote:
i wasnt a good friend but a good aquantence.its sad from both sides.i remember i was about 12 riding bikes threw the mall with him getting chased by security,alot of fun n a good memory.he will b missed

Charlestown, MA

#154 Nov 6, 2012
Just so everyone knows Amanda is in jail now, for showing up to court Drunk. Im also not the person you think i am and Karma is a bitch hahahah.

Aurora, IL

#155 Dec 11, 2012
I personally knew him from grade school and high school. What I can say, is if he is ever up parole someone should print all of these psychotic posts from his sister. He committed 1st degree murder. They should have gave him the death penalty. The fact that I came upon the news last night by searching for his name and was not in the least bit surprised by his charges says a lot. How many chances does a person need?
a somebody

Saratoga Springs, NY

#156 Dec 17, 2012
Anonymous wrote:
I remember this young man from High School in New York
God Bless his soul..
I heard he had a real TOUGH childhood..I hope he finds peace someday.
he was a nutjob.. burn in hell. f him for murder.

Charlotte, NC

#157 Jul 11, 2015
toni wrote:
Its real nice that you admit to watching him do it and how its because you. "your beautiful ass" pat yourself on the back again. You sound like an idiot.
no those were his words not mine and if any of you were there that night you couldn't have done anything either it happened so fast I didn't even realize until it was over and he told me he did it. Im not anything close to an idiot or a crack head because if I were that's what I'd be doing right now but I'm not. I've moved on with my life but I still and will always have a love for Cas. That on my end was real and it doesn't go away. But if there was anything I could do to prevent it, I would have. He was doing alot of things I didn't know about so he had me blinded also. He just has that affect on people.

United States

#158 Apr 8, 2016
I was locked up with Jamie I don't know him but he was a good guy he just happened to do something that cost them the rest of his life in jail

United States

#159 Jun 19, 2016
Why did this happen

East Chatham, NY

#160 Jul 19, 2016
outthere wrote:
he'll find peace alright, phucking pondscum!
There is another denegar, Amanda out there hurting many people's lives..

Berne, NY

#161 Oct 11, 2016
Nurse04756 wrote:
<quoted text>

There is another denegar, Amanda out there hurting many people's lives..
You're a complete psychotic whack job MARIE CONKLIN along with your son SEAN CONKLIN who's currently in prison for violating parole by committing more than one crime. Stop BLAMING another person for your sons actions, and dumb decisions. He was driving with no license, driving past curfew, wouldn't pull over for the young female to determine her location in duration of a 911 call in which he had the audacity nonetheless to take her phone out of her hand. In the self defense of the young woman she pepper sprayed him. Take a look at your own self and your sons poor actions before judging and blaming others. I wish you well LOL!!!!!!

Schenectady, NY

#162 Nov 27, 2016

Schenectady, NY

#163 Nov 27, 2016
Willy Nailer

United States

#164 Mar 9, 2017
Is this the same woman who has been arrested several times? Totaling her car drunk and doing time for taking her, already in prison boyfriend, drugs? Plus you were a prostitute and used everyone around you and never took responsibility for your actions. Looks like there's a family trend here. I'm sure you'll be in prison soon cause I don't see your modeling career going any farther than low budget porn.
Willy Nailer

United States

#165 Mar 9, 2017
There is another denegar, Amanda out there hurting many people's lives..
Yes there is. A real piece of shit and will more than likely end up in prison, porn, or end up killing herself by drinking and driving of a drug OD. Some families are just criminals for life. But it's not their fault, my ass!

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