Two Antioch Shootings Last Night!

Oakley, CA

#63 Apr 30, 2012
We need to take back our city . Let's go hunting ..

Oakland, CA

#64 Jun 29, 2012
why does the city insist on bringing section 8 housing into our neighborhoods. we try to be good neighbors but get shout at, and my wife is followed home with our 4 year old and is constantly harresed.people walk in the middle of the street and wont move and when you go around them they take there fists and hit your side panels. i want no trouble. im tired of being afraid to walk in our neighbor hood after dinner or take my son to the park. i live close to knoll park. i guess the saying is true, you can take the person out of the getto but cant take the getto out of the person. my spelling may be off.

Oakland, CA

#65 Jun 29, 2012
you can take the person out of the getto, but you cant take the getto out of the person. i cant even take my 4 yr. old to knoll park. my wife is followed around also. lets get more people on welfare, oh the supreme court just did that. now we will create more people to be in poverty so they wont have to pay into the new health law. thank you nancy pellosi. oh do you have section 8 in your neighborhood? lets see how you like it.

Pittsburg, CA

#66 Jun 29, 2012
Don't you worry, obama is hiring 16,000 new IRS agents to make sure you tax payers take your medicine.

Pay up so you can finance obama's new welfare army.

Amnesty for 1.1 illegal aliens, free healthcare for all the lowlifes. There should be plenty of misery for the taxpayers soon.
wake up

San Leandro, CA

#67 Jun 29, 2012
All of you are a*#holes.hate breeds hate.reap what you sew

Pittsburg, CA

#69 Jun 30, 2012
dickie wrote:
Don't you worry, Obama is hiring 16,000 new IRS agents to make sure you tax payers take your medicine.
Pay up so you can finance obama's new welfare army.
Amnesty for 1.1 illegal aliens, free healthcare for all the lowlifes. There should be plenty of misery for the taxpayers soon.
I don't like this amnesty thing either.. but realize they're not all Hispanics that I hear everyone bark. Many of them are from Eastern Europe and Ireland and even Canada and the UK and China but you guys never focus on that. We don't have jobs to just hand out right now. It's clearly an election year strategy. the Local News likes to call people racist for focusing on Hispanics (Which is valid) as the only illegals out there..but, I find it funny they always themselves speak only to Hispanic immigrants regarding Illegal Immigration issues (maybe an Asian once in a great while)only proving they help perpetuate this sensitive and complex issue for ratings!! they basically keep the hamster wheel spinning for ratings. I find it funny they do this yet San Francisco is going to adopt a "Stop and frisk" policy?? LOL. I love this. It's just material for a sit-com like SNL. Amazingly it is as real as it gets too. If you wrote this into a play, people would laugh and see it as fictional comedy. But it's reality. The former Mayor of San Francisco said "Safe harbor for all Illegals from south of the border".. Not *All Illegal Immigrants from around the world* but south of the border (He's a politician what do you expect?).??? when Asians were found in the hull of ships coming into the San Francisco bay they were sent to "La Migra". but not people south of the Border?? But that same mayor didn't like a tradition and very common practice of people sitting down and chatting in the Haight district.. all because ONE CRACKHEAD the mayor happened to walk past, was smoking crack, out in the open? Someone had already called the SFPD (who is spread way to thinly) on this CRACKHEAD who was then threatening people and acting belligerent .. but the Mayor had his small kid and said "I SHALL BAN ALL SIDEWALK SITTING IN THE HAIGHT".. well once he did this the area started to see a huge decline in tourist. since there is no sidewalk benches for people to sit and enjoy their icecream.. the whole experience of the Haight is to be a trendy *Hippy for a day* and sit down with your back against the wall of a store and enjoy your icecream and chat with your buddies or locals or tourist who want to hear old hippy stories. now you can no longer do this. you have to keep moving like they do at Disneyland. and now its more frivolous shit for the cops to have to be called in to ticket people, for doing something they have done for 40 years. Magic Wand Law.
movin outa the hood

Petaluma, CA

#70 Jun 30, 2012
until the city wakes up and starts to hire more cops this crap city will be gang land warfare and worse. Time to close the pool and all other services and put the money toward the safety of the city. fire all the top brass and start over until they wake up and look outside. Antioch is a fn gang ridden war zone.
So move

Brentwood, CA

#71 Jul 1, 2012
The problem is not more cops. Your pathetic ramble gets old. You keep saying you are going to leave, well, DO IT!!!
The cops we have don't do sheet and thats the bottom line. Everyone I know and strangers I don't even know say the same thing THE ANTIOCH POLICE ARE WORTHLESS. They have no feeling for the town or the victims and if they show up it's a cameo appearance. Most say they don't come at all, If they do SO WHAT, they don't do anything. They never do anything. So now the city wants more money for the police. THEY ALWAYS CLAIM IT'S FOR POLICE OR THE CHILDREN. Then they stuff in the general budget. It's all a bunch of hooey! What are they doing with the massive amount we pay already? The police are just used as a front to raise the taxes so they can rip us off even more. We have crooks in the wire. We pay almost three quarters of the budget toward police if MONEY could prompt better police work it would have been done. If they were going to hire police they have already.
Whats with this "Antioch police calls" poo-poo. That isn't anything solved. Most times they don't even show. That's just dispatch ramble and the victims still dumb enough to think the police are going to do anything. THEY DON'T!!!! This city is crooked and or the cops lazy, does it really matter which?
They don't investigate, they don't do anything but tell you to make a citizens arrest and even then they aren't ever going to show up.
So move out you puke. Stop sticking out a hand for the fat police budget. We have 120 sworn police doing next to nothing.
You can't fire them and to hire more just means the same old M.O.
We need new blood in this city. We need to fire the rotten police we have and get ones that work. THESE DON'T CARE. It starts with getting rid of this lame city council. We deserve better crooks in office than them. You can throw all the money you want at it, it's just one more thief at the door.

Pittsburg, CA

#73 Apr 10, 2013
Push for congress to pass conceal carry throught California or at least open carry and this kid of stunts are less likely to happen.
New Guy in Town

Washington, DC

#74 Aug 28, 2013
The answer is simple and CA is too stupid to realize it, make owning and carrying a legally concealed firearm easier and crime rates will drop dramatically. The proof is in the statistics, states that allow concealed carry have less crime.

United States

#75 Oct 9, 2013
[QUOTE who="Mrs Tenacabsolutely hate the double standard. When we moved back here, I chose to NOT enoll my kids in the public schools. I am now homeschooling, until we can afford to put them in private school. It's better for them academically, since AUSD has gone even more to shi#. My kids would absolutely suffer from Reverse Racism if they went to the school the district assigned them. HELL NO! Cause then I'd end up in jail if either of my children are harmed. If that happened, I would be the racist- not the one who taught their child to hate whites.
Sorry I'm all over the place, I am just SO fired up today! I've had it![/QUOTE] u sound racist to me
The Shadow

Pittsburg, CA

#76 Dec 26, 2013
Their animals they just put clothes on them .It all starts in the Home .There is no one else to blame .If my kids even thought of acting this way There would be hell to pay.
failed system

Pittsburg, CA

#77 Dec 29, 2013
Did you know that chopping off both arms is less costly annually then housing convicts that , steal , rape, murder ? we have become a society that balance of consequences does not exist anymore in California.. How many times do we hear that murders are still alive and on death row for 20 plus years being supported by the tax payers. If we support criminals by feeding , clothing, medical ect- it then makes us no difference then the person who committed the crime ? some say life in prison is good enough, I can take that tax money and put it into a better cause then some reject low life who cares nothing about life period. In Africa rapist are tied to a pole and beaten to death by the victims family, in Afghanistan you steal and your hands are cut off, you kill someone and your tried that day and killed. Would this make people think twice before committing any of these acts ? Our gun rights are slowly being taken away as our politicians try to re-write our constitution . Thugs are always going to get their hand on guns whether it's by theft or south of the border. Did any of you know that over 1200 people have died in Chicago the past 3 years due to gun Violence ? America please wake up , all people of all color need to come together and and stand up and say we will not tolerate violence no more. No more excuses about I was raised with out a father, or never had a chance , I was always poor , life has been hard . Believe it or not we have all at some time in our life have had it hard.

Since: Jul 13

Pittsburg, CA

#78 Dec 30, 2013
kill every vigger on earth and your problem would be solved.

United States

#79 Aug 1, 2014
All of you are WRONG....well somewhat wrong. Section 8 did this to Antioch. When the bottom fell out of the " housing boom" it brought in an influx of inner city folk,not just Oakland,but Richmond and S.F. etc... When u leave a larger city,get to a " town" with nothing to do...this is what happens.
Sad as it is section 8 is a bad thing at times,like now.
The 3 cities mentioned,most of the youngsters dont like each other just because they're from one of the other cities.
With most people(working) they have to commute,so hence the home robberies...cameras and alarms ppl.and/or a big dog!!!
el diablo

San Ramon, CA

#80 Nov 18, 2014
Fed Up wrote:
At least two shootings within the the span of an hour left one man dead and two others wounded overnight, police said.
One of the attacks occurred at a minimart and injured a store clerk. A separate victim of the night's violence was more seriously injured.
The first shooting was reported about 12:15 a.m. in the 2200 block of Banyan Way, where officers were responding to a call of a fight that led to gunfire, police said. They found a 20-year-old Antioch man lying in the street with gunshot wounds, and learned that a white four-door Buick or Cadillac drove up and opened fire as he walked down the street.
The victim was taken to the hospital where he died. His identity was not immediately released.
A second shooting occurred about 12:50 a.m. at the 7-Eleven on Hillcrest Avenue near Wildhorse Drive. Details are sketchy in that shooting but a witness reported hearing four shots and seeing four men running from the store. Officers found the store clerk, a 64-year-old man, suffering from gunshot wounds in the arm and hip. He is expected to survive.
Hmm, no description of these perps... I wonder??
if you guys do something to remove section 8 that might fix a little of this issues with all this lazy
people. they have to go and leave on a place where they can support each other
me white

Mountain View, CA

#81 Nov 27, 2014
garbage guru wrote:
hey politema'am, where are you? you still hollering from your soap box that antioch is still the most wonderful place in the world and hasnt changed a bit in 20 years?!?!?! DOUCHE BAG!
I agree. People along with the police department are underhanded. Not saying that all cops or all people are. But with criminal intent in the position of the police who are hired to protect us, it's never going to get better until the system is free from corruption and having so much control.
Keep the honest people honest and set an example with the bad. Antioch needs less badges backed and more civillian homeowners with control and rights to bear arms and handle accordingly without fear of race, ethnic background or laws that protect criminal activities.

Antioch, CA

#82 Nov 30, 2014
Whites Can be just as Bad as a Race of Color.Beleive me.

Hayward, CA

#83 Jan 28, 2015
I hate Antioch now it used to be beautiful and now it's like a jungle where everybody is getting ripped off beat up shot at and its just absolutely no class no manners what what happened to those days where we can feel safe those days are gone something's going to have to change and I'm tired of getting hit on everywhere I go to this is getting ridiculousyou people shoot at people and beat up people and and jackin for everything they have get a f****** job and stop f****** with good human beings leave them out of it leave them out of your nightmares thank you

Antioch, CA

#84 Feb 5, 2015
OBAMA pitting black people , not so long ago he pretty much said his own culture is lazy ,now he is pitting the poor hateful black people who have nothing to loose , you don't see intelligent black people acting like that. While obama who should .of never become president he LIED on birth certificate .He has steak fancy wine his children dont shop at walmart . What about the Black woman who went crazy in her car . For what ever reason he ordered and condoned her shot and kill the security for pres killed her. Probally a brainwashing by CIA, made her do it .no signs past crazy ,driving fast to the white house like a nut..or maybe a fan . Cops have to keep camera on. Racial card may backfire. God bless all our children war on then streets
Rampage must stop cause reverse racism will get you killed faster...or any at that, racist . People are racist in so many ways. Keep love in your heart . God made us equal . Remember its up to us how we choose to think.and believe we have a choice Good .or bad. Educate yourself . Have all kinds people in your life you will find out we are different but are so much alike,

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