Are you a female who has been screwed...

Adairsville, GA

#67 Jan 8, 2013
omg wrote:
Well, welcome to the club! There are probably hundreds of women who have been especially, when Bud Turner was judge. Now he is an attorney! Needs to be disbarred! Should have been investigated when he was judge but apparently there aren't enough attorneys in Calhoun County with the morals to do anything. Attorney and morals don't usually go in the same sentence. All of that is another story. Point now is to let women out there know that Trudie Phillips will not let you get screwed by a judge. She has morals and does what she is hired to do, going above and beyond the call of duty! More to come!
this is in several countiesof ala . lawyers meeting behind closed doors with judges and everything decided before it even gets to court. and women hireing lawyers that do not defend their rights , just take the money and leaves them to defeand them selves. knowing that they are on limited income or no income to hire another lawyer

Phenix City, AL

#68 Jan 31, 2013
ANN WOOD wrote:
<quoted text>this is in several countiesof ala . lawyers meeting behind closed doors with judges and everything decided before it even gets to court. and women hireing lawyers that do not defend their rights , just take the money and leaves them to defeand them selves. knowing that they are on limited income or no income to hire another lawyer
. After going thru the system myself, I arrived at this conclusion, thinking, as I always do, that surely I am wrong. Again, I discover that I am not wrong. This is exactly what happens. Wonder how women can be made aware of this, at least & what can be done to change it? Turns out that when you marry a man, you are throwing your life into a game of Russian roulette unless you are very well educated & have your own means of income. They can crumple you up as a piece of trash & toss you out. Only warning I KNOW to give is; if at all possible, clean out the bank accounts & get everything you can possibly get when he is gone. NEVER believe it when they say they will do right by you. If you do, you will regret it. I now believe this to be an absolute.
Tequila Winston

Eastaboga, AL

#69 Feb 21, 2013
Me and my five children have beem seprated for years we have been treated so bad
Tequila Winston

Eastaboga, AL

#70 Feb 21, 2013
I have been through so much without my kids and no one seems to care i have been treated so bad and i have one child with me

Anniston, AL

#71 Mar 12, 2013
Trudie doesnt mind lying! I found my wife in bed with another guy and then I got arrested for getting my clothes and tools from my own home. My wife n I were having problems so I went to stay with my dad for a little etc... I came home very early one morning to get a suit and I found her in be with another guy. She then changed all the locks on the house so I couldnt get in.(I had only been staying at my dads for 6 weeks at this point) I told her I was going to break in, she said she would have me arrested, I told her sheriff said there is no law against breaking into your own home. I however found an unlocked door and went in to get my stuff and my mother came and got some item that were hers. Wife told me she was filinig a protection order, my atty said not possible if nothing has happened latley, nothing had. However, police arrived and arrested me for violating order that I had not been served with or knew existed because she had just gotten done that day. Next day I went and got Protection Order and read it, 100% of what my wife wrote was a lie and has resulted in a bunch of BS,and trudie doesnt mind lying unless she didnt know my wife was lying, but I'm pretty sure my wife would have been nervous about writing lies to get something passed to a judge, but it got written. I applied to have order removed as soon as I read the comments on the order I was arrested for. We will see if the judicial system works or not when I go before judge to tell him what actually happened. If this order doesnt get revoked and my arrest terminated, I will have lost faith in justice system because I have done nothing wrong. Seems like judge could see that I have never been arrested in life, nor been in trouble, then to believe all of a sudden that I get High and walk around home with loaded weapons threatening my wife? that makes no sense, not exactly what she wrote but close... I post again, to let anyone interested know what happens. All this wonderfully new experience of getting divorce started for me last wed when I found my wife with other guy, think last name of guy is Benefield, I had never seen him before, and i got a couple pics of them in bed too.

United States

#72 Apr 29, 2013
I am a female who also got screwed by family court in Anniston, Al(Calhoun County). Judge Brenda Stedham was the judge that presided over my case. She is reckless and biased. She is pro-father all the way. It does not matter what kind of evidence and proof you have towards the father, she will still rule in his favor. I know this because it happened to me. My sons dad had never been consistently involved. He went on about his life, finished school, started his career, got married...the whole nine yards. He took me to court for visitation. Took me back to court a year later saying that I refused to provide him with my phone number and address. It was the exact same as it was during the previous hearing. My son was taking away on those grounds. I was not proven unfit or anything. I had to physically move out of Alabama in order to get a fair trial. This two year nasty battle resulted in me getting a fair trial and regaining custody of my child back. I don't know what is going on in these courtrooms, but they are clearly not looking at the best interest of the child. I would suggest contacting Human Right activists if you can. Childeren have rights also believe it or not. I do agree that the court system prey on the ones that lack sufficient income. I was blessed enough to actually fight this guy eventhough it took everything I had and owned. I paid out a little over $7,000 during this entire process. It has been a long and hard journey but don't give up. Keep fighting. I was not too familiar with the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act but I am now. If you have a case in one city/state and neither party live in the city/state, you can have that case moved from the original jurisdiction. It will most likely be moved where ever the child reside. It kind of works it self out because it will be in a new court with new eyes and ears.
Angela Tipton

Anniston, AL

#73 May 15, 2013
What I have as yet to see is how they can hold court without telling the mother the time. I called and they said it was not on the docket and the next day here come the Sherriff's deputy to take my child (3 years old) for the second time. The first time they tried DHR and accussed my step-father of molestation which was proved to be UNTRUE then this and now I have not seen my baby in 2 months and 2 days as of today. The father is a felon with drug and armed robbery charges that had put him on probation which he wasted my mothers gas, time and wear and tear on her car plus having to get up earlier to drop him off. Then my grandmother takes him and they lock him up that day with our child there whom was only a few months old. HE THEN WENT TO PRISON AND HAD TO GO TO DRUG REHAB BECAUSE HE HAD PAIN KILLER OF SOME NATURE IN HIS BLOOD AND HAD GOTTEN CAUGHT IN PRISON. Now some people that my sister-in-law and my brother know said he is still stealing. What kind of father is that if my son is with him believe me the courts are going to get sick of my voice and my face.

Monroe, NC

#74 Jun 6, 2013
We used trudie as our lawyer to try and get custody of my wife's daughter because we heard she was the best. Not so. She is very lax when it comes to informing you of what is happening with your case, almost never returns phone calls, and in the end she only got us 50/50 custody. She seemed more concerned with going on her two vacations that she took before our trial than she did with answering our questions/concerns and actually devoting time to our case. My advise as someone who has used her in the past, find someone else because you will be left confused and disappointed.
Unknown to all

Hull, GA

#75 Nov 16, 2013
Trudie Phillips is your topic here I believe and as I have been so inclined to speak on this issue. We have used her the past and looking back on the times we were in court. She never shown the attorney side if our situation. Her thing was always" lets just settle with whatever the Ex wants"!!! Well, its not about what the ex wants it is about what the children NEED!!! The children needs us to be there because the Mother if the children was NOT!!! And, to settle was to continue paying her child support that she never used for the children because she never had the children!!! But to settle is what we were always told!!! Settling is giving up on your rights and if we had to do it all over, we would look for another attorney that dont cave under pressure!!!

United States

#76 Dec 10, 2013
ANN WOOD wrote:
<quoted text>this is in several countiesof ala . lawyers meeting behind closed doors with judges and everything decided before it even gets to court. and women hireing lawyers that do not defend their rights , just take the money and leaves them to defeand them selves. knowing that they are on limited income or no income to hire another lawyer
this crap has been going on with brenda stedham she has hated me since I ever went in front of her she is a mans judge I would say worse than bud turner someone needs to get a committee together and lets vote the two out of office ..we need someone in there that cares about children and she doesnt if ur a female and u go in front of her u r automatically screwed the stupid lawyer that represented my daughters sperm donor got all he asked for and more and the funny thing is when either of them lied she believed them and added to it

Anniston, AL

#77 Feb 1, 2014
I am a divorced mother of 2. My daughter lives with me and my son lives with his father. My daughter did live with her father for a while due to some behavior problems.
In October of 2013, after a fight with her 16 year old brother, my daughter attempted suicide. Her father refused to believe she had taken any pills and refused to take her to the hospital. My daughter then called me and I rushed her to the hospital. The children’s father walked right by them fighting and did nothing to stop it. He told me my daughter deserved it. Now, he denies the fight occurred. I have it still on my phone as he texted me about it. He did not come to the hospital until I demanded he do so. The next day she was admitted to Trinity in Birmingham for therapy. She is now living with me and doing much better. She is seeing a counselor two times a month and a psychiatrist two times a month.
At the end of October of 2013,prior to her release from Trinity, I saw my attorney to begin the modification of the placement of my daughter. When both of my children lived with their Dad, I paid child support. As of this day, the child support continues to be taken out of my check. While I have been told my case is on the docket, when the court date will set is unknown. In the meantime, I am about to have a nervous breakdown over all of this.
The children’s Dad is disabled with heart disease and does not work. He draws social security and disability. Because of him being disabled, he doesn’t pay property tax nor income tax yet he gets a large tax refund each year.
The child support law includes the SSI for the care of the children as his portion of child support even though this amount does not impact what he draws. Nor does the law take into consideration the perks he receives for being disabled.
My daughter will be 18 next month and will graduate in May 2014. She will no longer receive SSI benefits. Yet, because her father is on social security and disability, he will not be required to pay for her support.
When child support is calculated on what I should pay, it is calculated on my gross income. I, unlike her father pay income tax and pay property taxes. It is not fair for anyone to have to pay on gross income.
When both of the children were living with him, I paid $575 a month. It is still being taken out of my pay. I began receiving my daughters SSI in December. Prior to her living with her Dad, it was agreed that there would be no child support due to each child residing with a parent.
The ex-husband is now dragging me to court to continue to pay child support. He stated he is doing this as punishment for me allowing our daughter to come and live with me and because he is broke and cannot afford to pay his bills. Guess he could sell his motorcycle or boat but then what would he do in his spare time? Funny how he states he can’t sit or stand for more than 2 hours yet he can fish all day and ride his motorcycle. What’s even sadder is that he could drive to Birmingham every day to sit with his injured brother but was only able to visit our daughter only 1 time during her week-long stay at Trinity.
So now, I am going on the 4th month of nothing being resolved. I have an attorney who hardly ever returns my calls and is requiring me to pay him now monthly “to keep the case going” when I am running out of money. I contacted DHR who also requires a fee upfront to help and they do nothing but calculate how much I should pay in child support. Needless to say I am broke and am caught up in a very unfair system not to mention the lack of funds to hire a new attorney.

Anniston, AL

#78 Feb 1, 2014
Further note... George Monk is just as low as Judge Brenda ..oh wait.. weren't they were in the same firm... or was it his brother??

Bottom line is the majority of attorneys are out for the almighty dollar.. no morals or compassion..

United States

#79 Mar 11, 2014
Judge Brenda Stedham is running for re-election! Sign the position. Let's save our children and get her out of office. We need a fair judge, not a biased one. 49 more signatures are needed in order for the petition to be served.
Mrs Smith

Jacksonville, AL

#80 Apr 9, 2014
Mr.Gov enor Bently
I am writing you in hopes of help,I have a 16 yr old daughter that became the property of DHR of Calhoun county in regards to that the school called them due to Cassidy my daughter sleeping in class a lot prior to this she was in class the principal had her arrested and taken to juvenile for he said resisting an arrest and disorderly conduct,I was never contacted until she was already in handcuffs being arrested so we went through all this and she was sent off for 4 months and on probation and I was basically shoved out of her life from Grant Hockman her PO he said she stays in trouble living with me and it was my fault basically,we'll we got past that he agreed to let her move back home with me and when she did not 2months and the school called DHR again on me statei g they we're concerned of Cassidy my daughter her well being cause she was sleeping in class a lot well they figured out it was due to the meds that Sequel Youth Services where she had been for the past 4 months that put her on all this meds.well as the lady from DHR came to visit me only wY she came was she had the wrong address for me I called her cause she left a message at this address and she came to my apt.i gave her directions and permission,so she was closeting the case when she came and found out that it was the meds my dUghter was on ,as she proceeded to leave my oldest daughter that lives in a different county and has 2 babies was there she ask her to step outside and when she did my oldest daughter told her I would fail a drug test,so this lady leaves and with in 5 mins turned around came back to my home and said her supervisor called and. Said there was a report made within that 5 min of her leavenig my home that I was on drugs so she tested me I failed and my youngest daughter told her that my oldest had put the drug in my coffee and breakfast that morning,from that day forward I have been completely shoved out of my daughters life been treated as if I was a criminal they placed her in foster are then placed her with my mother,my mother didn't want her and they came back and got her placed her again in fostercare then my mother wanted her back they gave her back to her and in between all this I took 2 more test they said I failed I never saw the results of any of them they never tested me and gave me results in front of me,it has been months later they called and said I failed,well I ask them if there was a program I could take outpatient not 18 months drug court cause I have never been into trouble for drugs and I didn't feel like that wasn't what I needed not to mention I don't have a record now and this program u could go to jail for 3days if you missed a meeting so I said I'm not trying to get a criminal record they told my family I needed impatient drug rehab and I told them that Asa. Single mom I couldn't just jump up and be admitted to a yr of intensive therapy that this was crazy and my daughter told them my oldest daughter put the drug in my breakfast and coffee that morning one of the drug test the did was hair follicle well at the time I had hair extensions and they said I still failed but I've never seen these results,since all this I have no visitation with my daughter, today I was informed my mother told them again that she was moveing to SC and she didn't want my daughter anymore but earlier today she asked if they was going to give her custody of my daughter they said yes but only if they sign a promissory note that they would not give her back to me,So now I have to worry about them taking her back to fostercare cause now my mother told them she don't want her anymore,So this is my last resort is writing you, for help I'm a careening mother and grandmother I work everyday and live is a nice place and community and I don't know what else to do,I want my child back she has a lot of potential she is a always been an Advanced honors student but since they snatched her from me they ar
Mrs Smith

Jacksonville, AL

#81 Apr 9, 2014
So since all this she was picked up ran from the DHR workers ,picked up 2 times by police and they called me to come get her so they let her go,then DHR had me arrested for interfering with custody they have proof of and they got her again today please help me
Mrs Smith

Jacksonville, AL

#82 Apr 11, 2014
They have no proof of interfering with custody,as of today she ran again they got her and she had court this morning and they did not let anyone in the family know that she had court.please help me know my rights
Been There

Jacksonville, AL

#83 Apr 14, 2014
omg wrote:
She is listed in the phone book in the white pages. Good luck,
Write every congressman and the governor and complain about Calhoun County DHR. That's what we had to do to get some action out of DHR.
I bet you have

Matawan, NJ

#84 Apr 15, 2014
You have probably been screwed in every county.
Mrs smith

Jacksonville, AL

#85 Apr 21, 2014
Hey been there you wrote listed in the white pages but no name help me
Mrs Smith

Sylacauga, AL

#86 Apr 22, 2014
Brenda Stedham is horrible. I have been in and out of court for four years now, battling my ex husband for my two daughters. He's a doctor, so guess what.$$$$$ Is all the court sees. I paid Arthur Fite $5,000 up front. He didn't do didly squat. My kids were put into custody of Talladega DHR for ten months by this judge. She never tried to place them with a relative. I was forced to sign an agreement because the judge threatened that my girls would be put up for adoption if we did not. This man, if that's what anyone would call him, has multiple children by multiple ex wives. He doesn't pay taxes. He beat the cap out of me, along with three of his other ex wives. He straight up LIED about trying to get the woman he cheated on me with pregnant two months into our separation! I had his bank records and proved where he took her to an infertility clinic. I tried to prove adultery by the texts and emails this woman sent to me herself. DHR was in favor of me the whole time. He shaved his entire body when we were to do a hair follicle drug test. That's an automatic fail, however he was still allowed visitation. He married the woman he cheated on me with, in Florida, before our divorce was even finished, awarded, or final! Still, no adultery or bigamy was charged to him. This man and that judge have tortured me for four years. I have no money, because he refused to pay anything, and no one wants to go against him and Wendy Draper. That lying cow is worse than Brenda Stedham. Oh, and as if she wasn't bad enough, he went and hired Chris Thomas, Brenda Stedham's campaign manager. I didn't even have an attorney! So, moral of the story is, money talks and bull $#!+ walks. No one is going to save my kids from this monster, who is on wifey #10, two after me. She is on pills, drinks in front of my kids, and is married already. I think of calling DHR, but half of Calhoun County DHR workers are patients of his. The last time I called because my children were being neglected AT A POOL, he filed for full custody. I hope Peggy Miller beats Brenda Stedham by a landslide!!

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