the truth will be told

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#49 Jul 25, 2012
Enough, please. Let the juical system get to the botom of this drama-But Dana had NOTHING to do with this and why you keep draggin her name through the mud-realy is just too much.
She never touched or spoke stupid things to your sons, so why does SHE need to be put down and talked about on Topix?

Haslet, TX

#50 Aug 3, 2012
I don't care what you believe honestly...believe Tracy...afterall...why would a pedophile lie right?!? Geez I can't think of any reasons...and why would his fiance who wants to be re-elected as mayor lie?!?!? Hmmmmmm that's a tough one too! And by the way...the "you know me all to well" line made me LOL

Wentzville, MO

#51 Aug 4, 2012
I don't know you at all, I hope that all this drama is soon over and justice is served in what ever form it may take.
Why would she want to be re-elected? Her election has nothing to do with this problem! This is NOT her probloem.

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#52 Aug 11, 2012
Honestly people, let it go.

Lafe, AR

#53 Sep 1, 2012
Yes, because if it were your children, Sarah2, I'm sure you would laugh it off and let it go as well. What a good parent you must be.

Lafe, AR

#54 Sep 1, 2012
Also, I believe the point about "the Mayor" isn't that she did anything to the boys, but rather tried to BRIBE the victims family. So, YES, that does involve her in this sick and twisted incident. Don't gripe about the politicians in Washington for doing the same thing you encourage your local reps. to do.

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#55 Sep 2, 2012
"BRIBE" is what you call being concerned and coming to YOUR house to speak with you? Manners and getting the facts is more to the point.
Get with the law enforcement to settle this or bash Tracy. You are or should be "whupping" upon his arse not Danas. Dana has done nothing wrong and it is getting old reading your wrapped sense of justice and hostility towards HER.
Refocus and redirect your anger to HIM!
Take him down, if that is what you want to do-file a civil suit, take him to small claims, do something besides gripe about Dana loving a man who....well, not to smart is he? IF he did what you claim, that is dumb!

Saint Peters, MO

#58 Sep 8, 2012
Okay then wrote:
Okay, Markie who can't spell. Here's what you want to see said: Dana, you are an ignorant and desperate woman to date a child predator. You have never been anything but a door mat to any of the three men you have dated in your lifetime. You should not give up your position as mayor, because in your head, and in this piss ant community, that makes you feel important. That is almost as sad as staying with Tracy just to have a man to wait on hand and foot and beg not to leave you. Cook him meals, buy him stuff, put out as often as he wants you to, and clean that house and garden like there's no tomorrow. Run that joke of a city, and be a legend in your own mind. Pitiful.
That's a lot of hatred, perhaps YOU need to get a life and focus on something other than being jealous of Dana. Did you want that tub of lard Tracy for your own? Piss-ant community, well wonder where YOU live. I like my community of Annapolis, a lot of us do, we live here! Dana is a very clean tidy person who does keep her property looking exceptional, no trash in her yard, no tall grass or derelict vehicles nor non working lawn mowers. Dana pays her own way, her mama and daddy do not take care of or buy her things, she does her own thing. She is hardworking and if she has questionable taste in men-so do you and lots of women.
Okay then

Lafe, AR

#59 Sep 8, 2012
You're right, Sarah2, I admit I am jealous of Dana. If only I could have been so blessed to have a figure and face like hers, and the luck of finding such good men, I might not be the jealous person am today. I envy her getting to handle of affairs of the City of Annapolis, and her tidy yard. hahahahahahahahahaha. If you're the Sarah I think you are then maybe you should take some notes from Dana, your place is an eyesore...

Saint Peters, MO

#60 Sep 8, 2012
I knew it! You are jealous! Dana is lovely, fabulous clear complexion, nice curves, sweet and yes, neat and clean. Me, I could care less for your opinion of my property. If it bothers you,come on up and clean it yourself.
Okay then

Lafe, AR

#61 Sep 8, 2012
Oh Sarah2, If only Dana were kind enough to say such things about you...If you're the Sarah I think you are, then the Dana I KNOW won't be taking up for you or any other member of your famlily in this lifetime....
I'm sorry for your trust in her. It is quite ironic.

Hope, AR

#64 Jan 8, 2013
First of all, I am not related to EITHER/ANY of the families involved. Second, I hope every single one of you who thought that Tracy May was "Innocent" enough to waste your time defending him on here goes to MO Casenet and sees that he has been charged with multiple FELONY counts of misconduct, and, that this is not the only time he has been in court for abuse-type situations. It isn't just the opinion of the parents and his fiance & friends anymore; the STATE OF MISSOURI also found what he said inappropriate and serious enough to file charges. Just something to think about before you decide he's a good guy and is safe around your kids....
more nonsense

Marthasville, MO

#65 Jan 8, 2013
NOPE, not there, but you made me look, didn't you?

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#66 Jan 10, 2013
Actually it is there, however its not misconduct. Its harrasment, 6 counts, all class D felonies. Goes to court on 1-31-13...charges were brought on by MSHP.
more nonsense

Old Monroe, MO

#67 Jan 10, 2013
BUT, it is NOT what Heather as I assume that is the real name of ---FACTS--- said. NOT felonies as stated or perhaps I just didn't read it right. Nope, I got it right!

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#69 Jan 12, 2013
Yes they are all Class D FELONIES
lets b fair

Oakland, TN

#70 Jan 12, 2013
We all know Tracey is a liar, thief, basically just a low life. Why does it surprise anyone that he likes little boys too? Sorry Dana, you could do so much better. BTW, he is trying to cheat on you but can't find any takers. You don't have to believe me but a girlfriend of mine told me he had hit on her too.
be fair

Wentzville, MO

#71 Jan 13, 2013
No kidding, you would rather hunt something else down now too. A girlfriend of mine said she saw you hitting on Tracy.
So, that makes some of us wonder just what is going on, Heather?

Lockhart, TX

#72 Jan 17, 2013
Actually anytime I post on here about anything I put my own try again....I wont be posting I'm just thankful the prosecutor saw the importance and decided to take the case...I'm very thankful for that. And that's funny whoever said I hit on Tracy....u think anyone in their right mind is gonna believe that????? Never ever would that ever happen lol
lets b fair

Oakland, TN

#73 Jan 18, 2013
Tracy you have gotten away with things for way too long. For most of us, we know what kind of prick you really are. I am looking forward to seeing you go to court. Life catches up with a person after so long. Quit trying to hide behind Dana's skirt. You have lived off everyone all your life. You have taken from the wealthy and the poor. You have tried to screw everything from old ladies to little boys. Your time is coming and I am watching, waiting and enjoying. You may end up liking prison, there are so many there that is your type and you have so much in common with.

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