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Marion, IL

#1 Feb 12, 2013
I'm sick of ppl sticking up for pitbulls. Their argument is that it is the owners who are at fault and not the dog. Well guess what, all types of breeds have bad owners, but these are the dogs that have the worst rep by far. So maybe the blame should be on all the people who think these dogs are great to own. I personally think they're ugly and too big and fat.

United States

#2 Feb 12, 2013
I happen to agree with u. For some reason there are certain people that insist on owning them even tho they are known to be extremely violent. It's not picking on these dogs, it's just hard facts. I think that many own them because they believe it gives them a tough guy (or girl) image. But to the rest of us it just makes them look, well, umm, just the opposite. (I'm trying to put it nicely)

Saint Louis, MO

#3 Feb 12, 2013
A couple summers ago 3 pits came into my mothers yard and charged at my son who was 2 years old..all I could do was pick him up and be prepared to lay on top of him. It was the scariest moment of my life..I absolutely hate pit bulls!!

Kansas City, KS

#4 Feb 12, 2013
Should have to register them and also show proof of liability insurance to own one.The owner must be held responsible.However parents should be more diligent in protecting their kids.

Brighton, MO

#5 Feb 12, 2013
blankman wrote:
Should have to register them and also show proof of liability insurance to own one.The owner must be held responsible.However parents should be more diligent in protecting their kids.
That's easier said than done about parents protecting their kids from them! I guess if we never let our kids go outside but in the real world that's not likely. We've had pitbulls come in our yard several times. They can come out of nowhere

Kansas City, KS

#7 Feb 12, 2013
If you own,a fenced in yard would probably do.

Brighton, MO

#8 Feb 12, 2013
blankman wrote:
If you own,a fenced in yard would probably do.
So we are supposed to spend that kind of money on a fence to keep other peoples dogs out of our yard?? Umm, ok. And what's your brilliant solution for when they walk to the park or something??? Or should they just be prisoners in their homes?!! And it's not just kids. I had a friend tell me a month or so ago that one almost attacked her while jogging.
shoot em

Sedalia, MO

#9 Feb 12, 2013
All pit bulls should be put down they are a very dangerous animal that will turn on you in a minute. I have a friend who raised two of them from puppies and they ripped the throat out of another dog they were raised with and played with thank God it wasn't a child. They were both put down this was just a few months ago.
Dan laskey

Carterville, IL

#10 Feb 13, 2013
Every time i see an article in the news that says "pitbull kills owner", i smile. It's what everyone (except pitbull owners) knows is going to happen. I'm never surprised.
They always put the pitbull down after he kills his owner too. That's one less pitbull and one less idiotic pitbull owner in the world.

Sesser, IL

#11 Feb 13, 2013
I'm also tired of pit bull lovers acting like they are the victims, along with their stupid dogs. It's like someone getting mad at you because you are mad at them for something they did... great way to handle that... but instead of doing something about the real problem, just act like you are being unfairly persecuted and it's just a big conspiracy cuz pit bulls are actually great dogs to own and they have great owners who will take great care of them, until they have to go to prison again or something.

Kansas City, KS

#12 Feb 13, 2013
Well So we are supposed to spend that kind of money on a fence to keep other peoples dogs out of our yard?? Umm, ok. And what's your brilliant solution for when they walk to the park or something??? Or should they just be prisoners in their homes?!! And it's not just kids. I had a friend tell me a month or so ago that one almost attacked her while jogging. So you dont value your kids lives enough to put up a fence?Wow

Since: Sep 12

Dongola, IL

#13 Feb 13, 2013
We shouldn't have to put a fence up around our property's.. If Dog Owners in general would put their dog on a leash or in a fenced in spot on there property instead of letting their dogs run around town there would be less dog attacks on people/kids that are outside..

Lenexa, KS

#14 Feb 13, 2013
I agree,however they have pits,which should speak volumns in itself.

Since: Sep 12

Dongola, IL

#15 Feb 13, 2013
In the United States alone, aggressive dog breeds have been responsible for as many as 35 deaths in people each year. Although statistics on aggressive dog behavior towards other dogs aren’t available, the number of aggressive incidents involving dogs is likely to be much higher.

A study of dog bite data from 1982 to 2011 indicated that American Pit Bull Terriers, Rottweilers, crosses of these two breeds and Wolf Hybrids were responsible for most injuries and fatalities to humans.

The following is a list of the top 9 most aggressive dog breeds with respect to attacks on people, as listed in that study..

1. American Pit Bull Terrier
There are many sweet natured Pit Bulls out there, but most of them show aggressive dog behavior towards other canines. They were bred to fight, and they still have that instinct to argue with other dogs. This is a serious problem because their powerful jaws can cause a lot of damage.

2.Bull Mastiff
This breed resulted from the careful breeding of the old style of English Bulldog and the English Mastiff, to produce a large powerful breed that was extremely loyal. These dogs were used to guard English estates and to protect the gamekeepers who managed the grounds.

3. Rottweiler
This German dog was originally used as a farm dog, herding livestock and pulling carts. Their instinctive protective and guarding instinct made them a good choice as police dogs and guard dogs. The Rottweiler is responsible for the second highest number of fatalities due to dog mauling, and this coupled with their size and strength, makes it essential that they be trained and socialized, for the safety of all around them.

4. German Shepherd
The strong and noble German Shepherd’s original purpose was as a herding and guarding dog that worked alongside shepherds. These dogs are considered one of the top aggressive dog breeds because they form a very close bond with their family, and can become a bit too protective of them. They need to be confident that their master can be in control of a situation, otherwise they will take the lead role.

5. Husky
Huskies are considered by many to have a temperament close to that of the wild wolf. They are independent thinkers and can be dominant and quite stubborn. They like to be in charge, and show signs of dog aggression to keep others, including their human family, in their place. This is a breed for a confident owner who will train and socialize their Husky well.

6. Chow Chow
This ancient Chinese breed is extremely protective over their family and their home, and are suspicious of those they don’t know. They have been responsible for the deaths of several people which has earned them their place on the list of most aggressive dog breeds.

Since: Sep 12

Dongola, IL

#16 Feb 13, 2013
7. Doberman Pincher

Bred initially as a personal protection dog, today’s Doberman retains many of those protective instincts. They will often show aggressive dog behavior towards other dogs and people they don’t know. However, they are extremely trainable, so their tendency to argue with other dogs can be managed by an experienced owner.

8. Akita

The Akita’s ancestors were hunting dogs which were crossed with other types to create a strong and courageous fighting animal. They are very territorial and are reserved with unfamiliar people. They are dominant when interacting with other dogs, and they don’t get on with other dogs they haven’t met before. A novice dog owner will have trouble managing their dog aggression.

9. Wolf Hybrid

The Wolf Hybrid, or Wolfdog, results from the crossing of a domestic dog with a wolf. The genetic make up of the offspring can be quite random, which means their behavior is unpredictable. Individual animals may have behavioral characteristics that are like those of the wolf, while others behave more like domestic dogs. It is thought that the aggressive dog behavior shown by the wolf hybrid is predatory. Certainly this can be backed up by statistics showing that more wolf dog attacks are on small children rather than adults.

Owner Beware

Here are some tips\precautions to follow especially when dealing with aggressive dog breeds like those above:

Train and Socialize Early

Anyone who chooses to own one of these aggressive dog breeds needs to train and socialize their dog from the day they bring him home, and continue that training throughout his life.

Supervise Around Children

Keep in mind that if a dog shows dog aggression towards other members of his species, it doesn’t mean he is a danger to people. However, it does indicate that he is capable of this type of behavior. He should always be supervised around people, particularly young children.

Choose a Reputable Breeder

Because responsible breeders choose their stud dogs on temperament as well as physical characteristics, dog aggression tends to occur more often in poorly bred individuals.

It’s Not Always Only About the Breed

Unfortunately, poor behavior from a few individuals of a particular breed can taint the public’s view of all dogs of that type. However, any dog is capable of biting, and their upbringing is every bit as important as their breed when it comes to aggressive dog behavior.
Trapper John

Lenexa, KS

#17 Feb 13, 2013
what are the best to have?collie,beagle?curious

Since: Sep 12

Dongola, IL

#18 Feb 13, 2013
Myth: Pit bulls are not good with children. Fact: Pit bulls and kids can be perfect together!

Pit bulls were once renowned as “nanny dogs” for their gentleness toward children, and their kid-friendly nature holds true today. Tank (right) was adopted from PAWS in 2009 and now spends his time hanging out with his best friend.

Pit bulls and pit bull mixes all over Philadelphia (and beyond!) have been successfully adopted to families with children. Their naturally people-friendly, playful, patient nature makes them a perfect match for lively kids.(If this weren’t the case, then Olive and Lizzie would certainly have some explaining to do!)

Some dogs enjoy a hectic household with lots of running around, and others prefer just to watch cartoons together on the couch. Children should always be supervised around dogs, regardless of size or breed. Children also need to be taught how to safely approach and interact with dogs. Some higher-energy dogs do best with older children, since smaller kids might be knocked down by an enthusiastic jump or a wagging tail!

Myth: Pit bulls do not get along with other dogs. Fact: Many pit bulls, like Emma and Dylan, live happily with their canine siblings. Others are more selective with their canine friends and prefer not to live with other dogs.

Every dog, regardless of breed, will have its own level of tolerance toward other dogs, so it’s important to set up careful introductions to avoid a clash of personalities. If a dog doesn’t get along with other dogs, it’s not a big problem; even a highly reactive dog can easily be trained to ignore other dogs when they pass by on a walk.

Smart dog owners can keep their dogs happy by arranging one-on-one play sessions with a few select playmates. Most dogs are so devoted to their people that they are perfectly content without the company of other dogs to play with.

Myth: Pit bulls do not get along with cats. Fact: Countless dogs of all types live in harmony with family cats. In fact, many are so mild-mannered that the family cat ends up in charge! Former PAWS dog Darla is so friendly with her feline housemates that they use her as a pillow at night. Reggie, meanwhile, is so frightened by tiny kittens that he will run and hide if they look him in the eye!

Myth: Pit bulls have locking jaws. Fact: This is just another urban myth promoted by those who don't understand that pit bulls are just like any other dogs. No dog has a locking jaw – not even Molly when she’s playing with her favorite toy!

Myth: A pit bull is more likely to bite me than another dog. Fact: Pit bulls are even less likely to bite than many other types of dog! Breed groups commonly identified as pit bulls have consistently scored at or below average for aggression when compared to other dogs. Temperament evaluations by the American Temperament Test Society give American Pit Bull Terriers a very high passing rate of 82.6%, while the average passing rate for the other 121 dog breeds tested was only 77%. No spayed/neutered, indoor pit bull has ever killed a person.

According to studies by the CDC, a person is more likely to be killed…

- by a family member - by a falling coconut - in a bedroom slipper-related accident - choking on a marble - drowning in a 5-gallon bucket - getting struck by lightning

…than by a pit bull.

Since: Sep 12

Dongola, IL

#19 Feb 13, 2013
Trapper John wrote:
what are the best to have?collie,beagle?curious
The Beagle is a breed of small to medium-sized dog. A member of the Hound Group, it is similar in appearance to the Foxhound but smaller, with shorter legs and longer, softer ears. Beagles are scent hounds, developed primarily for tracking hare, rabbit, and other game. They have a keen sense of smell and tracking instinct that sees them employed as detection dogs for prohibited agricultural imports and foodstuffs in quarantine around the world.

The Border Collie is a dog breed, often cited as the most intelligent of all dogs.Highly energetic, they are used on farms to assist with the herding of livestock and are also companion animals.

Now for me personally I would pick a border collie over a beagle..(but thts just me)

Since: Sep 12

Dongola, IL

#20 Feb 13, 2013
People better start to learn all the damn facts before they start putting the blame on Dog owners or there pets...

Sesser, IL

#21 Feb 14, 2013

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