Letter To The Editor.
I need to set the record straight in regards to the comments from the administration of Saint Francis School District # 15. In reading the comments from Ed Saxton and Mae Hawkins it is plain as day that they have no clue. The complaints about the petitions being illegal have nothing to do with Anoka County. I am sure Anoka County told the District to verify the petitions but it was the District obligation to make sure the petitions were verified according to the Rules Of The Sec. of State guidelines. That is the issue and this administration failed to use Rule 8205.1010. Shame on Saxton and Hawkins for trying to spin their responsibility.
Saxton also states he is not an expert in this area [verifying petitions] but the district has an attorney to answer those questions? Mr. Saxton if you’re not an expert you need to seek advise from an expert. Saxton also tries to avoid the question of the petitions in the article printed in The Star Tribune by stating “ He said he has heard from school officials in other districts and even legislators about the special election and the petition that allows it”. Saxton again avoids the real issue. The issue is not the law that allows the election but about the School District not VERIFYING THE PETITIONS ACCORDING TO RULE 8205.1010 and that was the District responsibility.
Saxtons rush to get the election as soon as possible will no doubt leave many in this district with a total lack of confidence in the District of the School Board and especially the Administration.
The District also has a long history of doing what they want without asking for legal advice and is in a battle with the high school paper.
Mr. Dave Anderson, and all School Board members, it is your job as our elected official to make sure that the District is complying with the Laws of Minnesota. The constant approval of every thing brought forth by the Administration with out the School Board checking the information before voting needs to stop. We the voters of this district did not elect a School Board to be a rubber stamp for the administration. You state “ I believe we accepted the petition as one that met the guidelines set forth by the State”, but your rush to judgment has the District voters again losing trust.
I believe the sun is out today but if my eyes are closed I guess I will never know.