Where are Lowell's most haunted places?

Billerica, MA

#890 Apr 29, 2012
sherry wrote:
<quoted text>i remember hearing about this story so sad. you will like to know the mentally ill man who had done it.. who worked at the mother hubbard dog food co. had hung himself in a tree behind the factory where he worked . right across the street from the park practically.i guess his guilty consions finally got to him.
or that is what the cops are leading us to believe... if its the Tabitha case I swear they used him (they guy who killed himself) just because they had NO leads for this case.

Dracut, MA

#891 May 30, 2012
Lowell wrote:
Actually I found someone claiming "Freedom Woods" is the area behind Shedd Park and the Lowell Cemetery, which to me looks more like Fort Hill park. I'm sure there have been voices heard in the area, it's a hill surrounded by neighborhoods and sound travels...not sure about it being haunted but there has been at least one murder in that area that I'm aware of.
I lived in an old house on westford st for about a year and seen a ghost of an old woman and child in my bedroom. I moved out a couple of days later it was a gray house across st from american legion almost. I am 39 yrs old now this happened when i was 20 yrs old and to this day is the only sighting i have ever had. IT was real...

United States

#892 Jun 21, 2012
Where is this house you dug the locket from

Dracut, MA

#893 Jun 27, 2012
I also lived on Myrtle st. It was so scary the things that happened. I would always feel like I was being watched. My kids were terrified. Like one time I was home alone kids were in school husband was at work and I could hear noises coming from my kids bedroom, it sounded like someone was jumping on my kids bunk beds I was so terrified I called my mother who has been a minister for over 25 years and even she told me there was something evil in that house. Another time my son was walking down the hallway and was frozen still pale and had this scared look on his face I kept asking him what was wrong and he would just stare at his bedroom door like something was looking at him after that we moved!

Boston, MA

#894 Jul 14, 2012
Regarding the earlier messages about hearing people crying, I’d say it has to do with the 10 thousand year history of Lowell.
That part of the Merrimack River, with its waterfalls and convergence with the Concord River made it a popular fishing area for hundreds of generations.
The Indians who lived there were decimated by the diseases the Europeans brought with them. Somewhere between 75% and 90% of the population died in a short period.
There were also some terrible things the Europeans did to the original habitants of this area.

Lowell Cemetery was an Indian burial place for thousands of years.

The “Praying Village” of Wamesit was in the Lowell/Chelmsford area: http://menotomymaps.com/praying_villages.asp

Earlville, NY

#895 Jul 19, 2012
Janitor wrote:
<quoted text>
I was a janitor at the Pawtucket Memorial school in the 70s and there was no closet with any hatch in the floor. The tunnel you saw was a fallout shelter built 50s. There was no tuberculosis outbreak. the shelter never went under the school it was just under the hilside and before the basket ball court was there it was just the entrance to the shelter & it has since been dug up so Sorry no hauntings just myth.
Actually, i explored those tunnels and they were just as the gentleman described- went in on a rainy night with flashlights and bandanas over our mouths and noses. There were definitely stenciled painted words on the wall that said "morgue" and "records" if i recall correctly. Pretty spooky place just due to the fact that we were underground and knew that this was pArt of the old hospitAl. One of the tunnels just ended as we estimated under the school at a stairway that had been seAled over. We had a great time.

Somersworth, NH

#896 Jul 29, 2012
grew up in Billerica born 1960. and Dudley rd. is haunted! Crusin in the 70's on Dudley rd. seen a figure walk out from side of rd. then disapated. seen somthing floating just below the limb were it's said to be the tree the nuns wher hung. F'IN SCARY. these events hapend over time was not all in one trip. So cool. In 2006 lived in a 2 story single family home across fom Market Basket on #6 wood st. Lowell,Ma. same property that the beuty salon and tanning bld.is on. Well wile living there i seen a older woman walk down the basement stairs, look at my friend and I then disapeer.also wile sitting in living rm. I seen a girl maybe 16 or so she walked down the stairs from the second floor half way down then turn and run huridley back up to the top! I quickly followed and seen nothing. in the past history of this home it was a palm reader oporation for many many years. I moved out in 2008 I moved out moved to NH. I think the house is gone now ANYONE GOT SOME KNOWLEDGE ON THIS PLACE?
Lowell Native

Manchester, NH

#897 Aug 7, 2012
The house at Trouville Square (the corner of Temple and Liberty) was purportedly haunted by the spirits of the Trouville family. Back in the 1980s, several surviving family members of the Trouville house experienced such disturbances as knocking, laughter, bed sheets pulled off sleeping individuals, doors opening and closing, lights turning on and off, etc. The most interesting phenomena occured when a worker from the old phone company came by to install a new phone line in one of the upstairs rooms. As the worker was going about his business, a doll belonging to the family matriarch, which had been sitting on a shelf on the other side of the room, floated a good 3feet straigh across the room where the technician was working to settle gently on the floor next to him. The poor worker dropped his tools, got into his truck and left. Two days later a different worker came to complete the job, saying only that his fellow technician had quit without saying why.

I know this because that house had been owned by my family since the Great Depression, and sold in the mid-90s due to the declining health of my grandmother as well as the decline of the neighborhood.
Lowell Native

Manchester, NH

#898 Aug 7, 2012
so stop wrote:
I don't if any of ya'll hear about the house off of School and Liberty street? That house was known to be haunted by three spirits. Two teenage daughters and mother they died in a tragic fire.
I don't know about the house off School and Liberty, but the big house on the corner of Liberty St and Temple IS haunted. It used to be a two family home, but has since been converted into apartments. It's haunted by 3 adults and one child (all from the same family). I can't say for sure what activity still occurs there, but I can tell you this: when I tried to contact the owners to see if they had any experiences, they said they didn't want to upset their elderly mother, who had just a week earlier told them that she had seen a woman walk out of a closet door and through a wall on the other side of the room. I haven't heard from them since, as I believe they sold it.
joe mcguire

Lowell, MA

#899 Aug 17, 2012
laucall wrote:
<quoted text>
How many fingers did the hand have on it? get back to work
the sailor boy ghost was 106 beacon st they were on thats incredabile in the 80's it was my aunt and uncles house

Norwood, MA

#900 Oct 13, 2012
This goes back a ways--but there were a number of reports of haunted activity from the employees of the old Pollard's Tavern in Lowell (I think it eventually became Smithwick's). I remember about 25 years ago going into the caverns which ran underneath the Bar with one of the waitresses. She was told me that many of the Staff refused to go down there due to several sightings of apparitions and unexplained voices heard by the Staff.

Billerica, MA

#901 Oct 14, 2012
menotomy wrote:
Regarding the earlier messages about hearing people crying, I’d say it has to do with the 10 thousand year history of Lowell.
That part of the Merrimack River, with its waterfalls and convergence with the Concord River made it a popular fishing area for hundreds of generations.
The Indians who lived there were decimated by the diseases the Europeans brought with them. Somewhere between 75% and 90% of the population died in a short period.
There were also some terrible things the Europeans did to the original habitants of this area.
Lowell Cemetery was an Indian burial place for thousands of years.
The “Praying Village” of Wamesit was in the Lowell/Chelmsford area: http://menotomymaps.com/praying_villages.asp
Wamesit was originally part of BILLERICA until it was split off to form Tewksbury chelmsford has nothing to do with it! and Lowell was a Johnny come lately community!

Billerica, MA

#902 Oct 14, 2012
Ghost Buster wrote:
<quoted text>
That's an Urban Legend with zero truth behind it. The sepulcher was purchased by the family in the 1880's, The witch trials were way back in 1692. Several members of the Bonney family, may they rest in Peace, are interred there. Clara Bonney, the woman that gets the dubious distinction as having been a witch. She was not hung, killed or "condemned" by anyone and she did not practice witchcraft. The statue atop the sepulcher is of the Virgin Mary in a hooded cloak with outstretched arms that people freak out over, seeing it at night (when the graveyard is closed to the public, I might add, when people have no business being in there) believing it to be a statute of the witch buried therein. In the first place people don't get statues of themselves put in cemeteries (unless they were celebrities; Jim Morrison, for example). The Virgin Mary statue has oxidized over the past hundred plus years and turned a shade of green much like the statue of Liberty has. Sorry folks, No such of a thing as a "Witch Bonney". Case Closed.
lowell didnt exist in 1692 only towns in the area that existed were billerica chelmsford groton and andover
Crooka from Lowell

Tyngsboro, MA

#903 Oct 21, 2012
I grew up in the house on the corner of varnum av and freda lane, the one with the big barn. We had numerous stories from everyone who lived there included some myself. None were as bad as to say we were in danger, until we moved out and the owner sold it and someone started to remodel it. He said, things weren't right like someone was squatting but no forced entry. Until one day he went to work on the house and his tools were flying around the room, he ran out the house and never finished remodeling it. To this day 10/22/12 the house is still unfinished and no one dares to squat in the home. I had good times in that house but also freaky times. Haven't been back there in over 12 years.
Daley Middle School

Hudsonville, MI

#904 Dec 29, 2012
Some Classroom Doors Swing Open,Elvator opens by itself in 3rd floor when nobody is in the hallway and girls bathroom is haunted in basement

Dracut, MA

#905 Jan 7, 2013
Storyteller wrote:
<quoted text>
LOL it's not a pagan prayer circle, its a sacred circle used at certain times of the year by local native americans. The circle has fallen victim to vandals though in recent years, the stone animals are gone, only the concrete statue footings remain. They used to be a bear, turtle, wolf and eagle if memory serves right. There were wooden benches around the circle which fell victim to arson. There is also a functioning spring well on the site - the pump has been removed however and the well capped. Anyway its easy to find, you have to enter the forest from althea ave/trotting park rd. in tyngsboro. Can't miss it. This is also nearby to the hatchet man house foundation.
There is a small memorial beyond the sacred circle and natural ornaments hanging from a tree...if you are proceeding down the path with althea behind you...and the scared circle is located to your left...turn into it and walk beyond into the trees about 100ft into the woods you will see a tree branch with the ornamnets on it..on the ground nearby a tree (not hte one with the ornamnents but about 25ft away there is a memorial written in stone/metal? dedicated to the native americans that roamed that land and lost their lives. pretty interesting. i wish i could know more
locall Dracut

Dracut, MA

#906 Feb 11, 2013
laucall wrote:
<quoted text>
I don't think the sailor boy was the Edgerly house
The Sailor boy and Edgerly murder are two seperate incidents.also two differant towns...Sailor boy is from lowell on Beacon st. and Edgerly is from Dracut, beaver brook area.
Aaron King

United States

#907 Mar 8, 2013
yaba dabba doo wrote:
Does anyone remember the haunted house in Tewksbury from the 80's? The family had to move out it was so bad.. amityville style hauntings
I recently heard about another story (also from the 80's) about the van full of clowns that would drive around trying to kidnap children..i think this was in the boston area though
I remember the house in Tewksbury. I was living in Wilmington at the time and rode my bike by the place a few times. It was really big news at the time, but I can't find any info about it anymore.
jamie malone

United States

#908 Mar 31, 2013
Does anyone know if the.mills on.lawrence st are haunted ive.seen.cloked.figures. Also cvs in.chelmsford center is.haunted i.know cause.i.work there

Framingham, MA

#909 Apr 2, 2013
ShawBirth1952 wrote:
<quoted text>
Shaw Hospital was a small private Hospital on ANDOVER STREET! East Merimac st. was the dividing line between Lower Belvedere and Belvedere, home of the Mill Barons.
Wrong. The Hoty-Shedd Estate is 2 identical mansions on Andover Street owned by 2 men that shared a cologne company. They later built 2 identical carriage houses in their backyards... which are on East Merrimack Street. One of these carriage houses was purchased by Dr. Shaw who turned it into a hospital. My cousin lives in one of the carriage houses and by the stories she has, you can trust that the place is haunted beyond belief.

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