Planned 'storybook village' draws cri...

Planned 'storybook village' draws critics

There are 99 comments on the The Indianapolis Star story from Sep 12, 2007, titled Planned 'storybook village' draws critics. In it, The Indianapolis Star reports that:

A planned development touting a simpler lifestyle is running into complications.

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Sarah Brown

Circleville, OH

#83 Sep 16, 2007
Oh, there are 28 new applications for lots in our silly little village since Monday, so for all the people who think that we are crazy, many share our dream.
Ticked Anderson Neighbor

New Albany, IN

#84 Sep 17, 2007
I completely agree with "Momma". I live less than 1/4 mile from this proposed mess and it's going to really hurt the already existing Simpler Times that this area has.

I am finding out more and more about the Browns and this development every day. They are not to be trusted.


Florence, KY

#85 Sep 18, 2007
Can you explain what you have found out about the Brown's and why they are not to be trusted? Details would be helpful...
Joshua Brown

Circleville, OH

#86 Sep 19, 2007
Man, I'd sure love to know too!

That way I can tell my kids why they shouldn't trust us!

:)(Don't worry---just kidding--it's late at night!)

Seriously, come over for coffee sometime--let's chat, it would just be tragic if you were spreading rumors about us that weren't true...

Oh my, like the one person who made a comment at a meeting about us making soap bombs in the basement trying to make lye soap. That was hysterical!(We have made soap---but the Glycerin kind!!!(not lye!)

Or the whole thing about us making everyone else in the neighborhood rip off their vinyl siding! Totally far-fetched! Our zoning ONLY applies to our land--not surrounding areas.

Josh Brown
cell: 800-581-3603
Angry Anderson Resident

Louisville, KY

#87 Sep 20, 2007
Much research needs to be done on why the project failed in Greenfield, I also heard the story the community did not want them there, but they stick with the we were bought out story. Would love to hear more info on what exactly happened so that it can be brought up at the next meeting.
And, if i recall, in simpler times, there were no computers, interesting to me that you are pushing this simple village down everyones throat VIA the computer. Amazing
Angry Anderson Resident

Louisville, KY

#88 Sep 20, 2007
The info about houses in the area needing to conform to the style of the other homes was take right off your forum board Josh. The forum board that mysteriously was shut down right after the first meeting when things that were in your forum were brought up at the meeting and is still down. It was stated that if you couldnt conform, you would be asked to move.
And correction about your statement, the our land part, ITS NOT YOUR LAND YET!
Ticked Anderson Neighbor

Murray, KY

#89 Sep 20, 2007
The stories and explanations that we have been presented with have been changing to suit his argument.
I also noticed that the forum is gone. Why isn't it a public forum? Got something to hide?
There are more and more people that want to sign the petition against this mess.
not born last night

Murray, KY

#90 Sep 20, 2007
We had a door to door meat salesman I dispatched this evening. He drove up in an old s-10 with an old chest type freezer in the bed. It is around 85 degrees out, and I could smell the rotting meat from the porch. He told me about the great deals he had for me. I'm sure a cup of coffee wouldn't convince me to buy any rotten meat from you either, but I don't blame you for trying.
Upset in Anderson

Louisville, KY

#91 Sep 20, 2007
What ever happened to individual rights and the right of a person to take advantage of their own property? you say???????

THEY ARE INFRINGING ON OUR RIGHTS AS HOME-and PROPERTY OWNERS !!!.. wanting surrounding families to "conform" to their vision..
THAT'S THE PROBLEM... If this project was out in the middle of nowhere way outside of everyone else... this would be fine and dandy... hell I'd even be all for it...

Some people just don't get it.....

I have friends and family who live on 500 , the road this "commune" is supposed to be planned for... I know of at least 6 families (land/home owners) who have received REGISTERED LETTERS.

and guess what?? their homes are on the road right in front of 500 .. So you think all these familes should give up their homes/land that they have lived in and worked their fingers to the bone for years , and decades ... just so Mr and Mrs. Brown can have their "dreamy" little simpler times village? I THINK NOT..!!!

People moved and bought homes and raised generations of families out of city limits .. so THEY can live the American Dream , and have a "simpler life"

As the above poster named Momma mentioned... these people are nutjobs... I so wanted to give these people a chance, and the benifit of the doubt,... But they talked to everyone like as Momma said , like they're stoned hippies from the 60's.. talking in a dream-like state.. very FAKE acting , and to be totally honest.. they were VERY CREEPY... The kind of creepiness that resonates from a cult-leader , or "wanna-be cult leaders"

No we do NOT want this in our backyard..

Something else that REALLY strikes a nerve on the "cult-mentality" feeling i get from these people... Is that they DO NOT wanna bring family closer together and bring this community together... ABSOLUTELY NOT!! They want to IMPORT their OWN PRE-APPROVED familes into this "village" Ya the vast majority of people who support this crap , are people who either are friends with the Browns, or people with more money than brains who either live in another state or another country..

Because I am telling you , NO-ONE who owns a home within 5 miles of their proposed development.. want them here...

THey will bleed our wells , and IF the water system they "half-assed proposed" at one of the meetings, don't work.. GUESS WHAT??? the WHOLE southern part of madison county outside of city limits , will be ANNEXED ..!! THIS IS IN NO ONE'S BEST INTEREST.. AND NO ONE WANTS THIS !!

GET A CLUE MR. and Mrs. Brown ... NOBODY wants this over here... Go find a nice piece of land further out , where you wont infringe on everyone else's rights as homeowners..
Not surprised

Murray, KY

#92 Sep 20, 2007
I love the way Josh mocks us in his posts, then invites us over for coffee. Kind of reminds me of a young child who tries to compensate for their immaturity by slipping on dad's slippers and strutting around. Way too young, and immature to leave the fate of 600 families in his proposed development, and another 3800 of us here is Adams township in his hands.

Florence, KY

#93 Sep 20, 2007
Did they actually say someplace that they expected the surrounding homes to confirm to their vision? Or move? In a meeting or on the forum? That entire forum is cached on Google, so you can go back and find all the posts. As I didn't remember their being any particularly recent posts while the board was operating, all the posts should be there. I don't remember seeing anything like that when the board was operating, nor could I find anything like that in Google's possible I missed it however...

Josh or anybody?
Angry Anderson Resident

Louisville, KY

#94 Sep 20, 2007
Will try to find the post and copy and paste exactly what was said in here soon as I get a chance.

Florence, KY

#95 Sep 20, 2007
Well, people have a right to their opinion against this, but I am not following some of the logic here...

The registered letters are required as part of public notice of ANY zoning hearing. The requirements are to stick a notice sign on the property, and it is also required to send registered letters with notice of the meeting to immediate neighbors. That registered letter doesn't mean in any way, shape, or form somebody is going to lose their house. The zoning meeting was only to approve the concept of the village, and to approve the PUD zoning. Neither one of those things includes taking over people's houses on the north side of 500.

And while I think 500 will end up being repaved and *slightly* widened (go look at 500 past Main for an example of recent paving), using existing right of way, there is no way in my opinion the road ever gets widened enough to be taking property by eminent domain to the north. For one thing, the telephone poles are all there. And if you check with the county, I think you will find a new subdivision is required to take turn lane land from their side of the road, not the other side. At least that is my interpretation.

And while I am not saying it didn't happen, and I did notice the STV board was taken down after the meeting in Ovid, I find it hard to believe they actually said someplace that the neighbors would be asked to conform or move. There would be no legal basis for that, for one thing.

The well water system is highly thought out, and it will them cost more in the short term than it would to bring in Anderson water. If for some reason the well doesn't work out, the next option is for the Lapel water company doing the well and water treatment to buy water from Anderson, not to actually bring in Anderson water. The last option would be to actually bring in city water. Also, the driller does not expect ANYBODY'S well to be affected (30 foot or 100 foot). I asked the driller directly about this by phone. Of course there are no guarantees, but the last time they did this in Pendleton, with a much higher per gallon test than what will be required for STV, it only affected one well about 200 feet away. it dropped it 10 feet, and the well recovered after that.

Also, the planning meeting minutes in Greenfield are online. I didn't find anything particularly sinister about those...

Florence, KY

#96 Sep 20, 2007
And again, I respect people's opinions against this. I understand the concerns. But, I personally am trying to base my thought process on this using facts, not emotion.

Florence, KY

#97 Sep 21, 2007
While I'm thinking, I also don't get the whole they don't want to bring the family and community closer together do you do that anyway?

It's already been made clear that people in the area can use the parks and trails and other attractions in the village. And none of our taxes goes to pay for that. The people that live in the village pay for it. They are going to have festivals and things like that. Sounds like items that bring the community together to me.

Most of the people coming to the village are from Indiana. Some are from out of state, and some are from other countries. If a subdivision was built there by somebody else, is everybody that moves there going to be from Anderson? And since they expect to have apartments and assisted living/retirement, sounds like they could have a lot of Anderson/Madison county people.
Angry Anderson Resident

Louisville, KY

#98 Sep 21, 2007
Give me a break about most of the people coming from Indiana, thats total BS. The map showed them from ALL over the U.S. and from a few other countries.
Let me tell you something, I sent mr.Brown and email a few weeks ago, saying I lived on the north side of anderson and really liked the idea and would like more info and to have access to the board. NO RESPONSE.
A friend emailed him, from another state, and she got a response in 20 MINUTES. I received receipt of his email but no answer, rather obvious to me.
Wake up and smell the coffee, or should i say koolaide.

Blue Springs, MO

#99 Jul 19, 2012
Momma wrote:
OMG - that's the same crazy couple that tried to shove this kinda crap down the throats of Greenfield, IN residents. Thank heavens we put up enough protest they ran for cover.
Their deal was to have FARM ANIMALS roaming at will throughout the little village, imagine horse poop on your drive??
Also, they wanted 800 s.f. homes!!! They called 'em "Grandma cottages". do you regular how is a "Grandma"? I'm 54 and have an 8 yr old still at home! I could be a grandma, but am not yet.
I've personally met these people, and believe me, they are both nut cases! Talking with them was like talking to a stoned hippie from the '60s.
OHHH! Also, they wanted folks not only to "buy up front", i.e., pay in advance like $40,000-50,000 for a 1/4 acre, but also to "send a love offering/donation" of $20,000 or more to ensure this gets off the ground.
Anyone with questions should contact the Greenfield, IN city council or zoning board for more info on these scammers.
I just read this blog for the first time and thought I'd throw my two cents in. First of all, you shut them down in Greenfield. What does that have to do with them now? My opiniom is you should mind your own business. Hounding these people boarders on harrassment. I'm surprised they don'r sue you.
I never heard of this village but I doubt they would allow horses to roam freely. Sounds like wild imaginations and pursecution to me.
My wife and I are nearing retirement ages. We thought about a small business to run. Mr. Brown's village sounds perfect for my wifes future Bed & Breakfast. I'm not sure why you would be bothered by what I pay for it. If you don't want to pay, don't pay.
And my wife would love a snall house...less cleaning.

Blue Springs, MO

#100 Jul 19, 2012
Momma wrote:
Sure, this sounds great on paper, so does a nuclear power plant, or a 1000-unit swine production facility (remember those Indiana State Fair Pork Chops??). But let's see a show of hands of everyone who wants one built beside their home? Thought so.
Just how close is your Greenfield to Fortville anyway? Geez...give it a break already.

Blue Springs, MO

#101 Feb 19, 2014
Hi, back for another visit. Getting closer to retirement and saving our money up. Hope everything is progressing nicely.

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