Weidner Properties may owe you money ...

Weidner Properties may owe you money - KTVA

There are 37 comments on the KTVA Anchorage story from May 23, 2008, titled Weidner Properties may owe you money - KTVA. In it, KTVA Anchorage reports that:

There is a major legal blow to a local real estate giant as hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars will now be paid back to some who were tenants in the last four years.

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Pittsburgh, PA

#26 Dec 29, 2009
OK so here we go...we rented a unit and I am so glad I asked the question about the water. Get this, having run apt units myself, if you want to rent a unit, you have to pay $100 bucks for transactions and it's non refundable even if you rent the unit. Which is odd as you would think that they would apply it to your deposit if you did sign, especially a year. When I questioned them, the girl got super defensive and started to tell me how they were so generous in letting us move in early. Most apartments do that as a courtesy, not a "look what we did and how nice we are". I hope for the best here but doesn't sound like this property manager is up to par....dang it, next year we'll have to do better at our research.
Water Bill

North Port, FL

#27 Jan 12, 2010
Northern justice program did nothing to get the water charges reimbursed to past tenants. I was in contact with them and they were awful. The water bill charge has to be illegal there was no way Wiedner could tell how much water a tenant was using, geez have you ever heard anything like it paying an estimated water bill. So exactly what did the Northern Justice Program do when furnished with the pertinent information ?.........Nothing ! The management who did this should be in jail for this but there is NO ONE doing anything about this.

Edmonton, Canada

#28 May 10, 2010
Definatley not any better in canada.. They are telling me that I have to professionally carpet clean my place even tho it does not state that in the lease, and if i dont do what they want they are going to take my deposit.. my deck for the last 3 years is rotting away, I have had to buy boards just to put over it so I can stand on it.. my floor between the living room and dining room are caving in and they have looked at it and said we will fix it later when you move out. the new office manager says good thing you told me about these cause you would have been charged to fix it.. There was paint all over my apartment when I moved in. the baseboards were never painted nor was the ceiling, again told good thing you told me or else you would have been charged for that too. the carpets needed to be changed when I moved in and now need it more, but they have no intention of doing that either.. Dont move in any in Calgary canada either.... worst company ever....
Hate Susitna Ridge

Anchorage, AK

#29 Mar 7, 2011
Same experience here and the manager has anger issues
Hate Susitna Ridge

Anchorage, AK

#30 Mar 7, 2011
They ripped us off too. The manager is hateful and they staff is rude. No parking. No repairs. Always increasing rent. The managment lies and steals.
Weidner Victim

Anchorage, AK

#31 Apr 25, 2012
I got the water bills even although there was one month I had to go away in business. They kept my deposit and pet deposit even although I left the apartment cleaner than I got it. They charged me $30 for a light bulb which apparently needed replaced. I have no idea how Weidner is not or has not been investigated by the state of Alaska for being cut throat criminals in the rental market.
Weidner Victim

Anchorage, AK

#32 Apr 25, 2012
Water Bill wrote:
Northern justice program did nothing to get the water charges reimbursed to past tenants. I was in contact with them and they were awful. The water bill charge has to be illegal there was no way Wiedner could tell how much water a tenant was using, geez have you ever heard anything like it paying an estimated water bill. So exactly what did the Northern Justice Program do when furnished with the pertinent information ?.........Nothing ! The management who did this should be in jail for this but there is NO ONE doing anything about this.
Yes I was also a victim and the Northern justice programme ranted and raved how they would do something, of course nothing happened and they are also misleading the renters

United States

#33 Nov 22, 2013
The reason Northern Justice Project won't help is because Weidner paid them off. They also pay off judges as well. Velocity doesn't even exsist. AWWU says they have over 100 accounts with Weidner. Call and ask. It's public record. We should all get together and find a lawyer with some sand. Jim Davis is useless.
Fat Arf

Denver, CO

#34 Jan 28, 2014
My mother and I signed a lease September 15, 2007. When we wanted to see the apartment, it wasn't ready yet and we had to deal with a poor little thing of a girl that admitted on a Saturday "They just put me in charge after two days of working her. I don't know anything!" She pouted and we felt for her because she was telling the truth. The next week, we were allowed to see the place and it was a disaster! Punched in doors, over paint on walls, broken screens, a huge grease spot on the patio. My late mother (rest her soul) had to complain to upper management. Chris, the manager tried to deny everything. However, after personally inspecting the place with my mother, he admitted that it was, in fact, "Unacceptable!" Had the place rennovated before we could actually move in October 1st. This caused us to get charged for an extra day for the wait by our former landlords, Orion (another firm that is questionable). At any rate, we have experience about 15 water leaks up until now. One under the sink caused my tools to rust and we had to throw away some items, including dishwashing detergent. I claimed that they owed about $30 to us, but nothing was ever paid. The front walkway light post was out for years, even though I complained about that one for some time. They finally got it working just late last year (2013). My closet light never worked, though I will let them repair that prior to me leaving. The walls are paper thin and voices and bathroom activity can be heard if one listens closely. My girlfriend had been dumped off by her boyfriend out in the freezing snow last year. I was not notified about that and found her out there, frozen, frosbitten and shivering with her clothes in tubs at 10 am when I woke up for work. The assistant manager here knew of her presence and neighbors too. She was out there since 4:30 am until 10 am and was very sick after that. The asst mgr. made rude comments as did neighbors, claimed that she was living with me (which she wasn't!) and didn't offer to help her or take her into the nice luxurious rental office (which opened at 9 am), to warm up or anything. We are still mad about the lack of emphathy and humanity!
2012, I lost my mother and a great amount of income. Had to struggle and was nearly evicted. Through the kindness of the community manager, I was allowed to get the money by 4pm on a Friday, which I did through employee assistance from my work and all late fees were dropped. This year, I was facing the same problem, only this time, the fees were kept and I had to go to a church to get them paid. I now face another crisis for I cannot pay the full rent. They didn't even send me a water bill this time! Have to beg for that one as well?
We started out with $710 rent and a $21 water bill in 2007. Now, the rent is $841 (they demand renters insurance now $11), plus water bills have ranged from $50 to $78 per month. I complained about the latest rent increase of $40 to Weidner themselves and they responded that I was to be charged $50 initially (so I was receiving a bargain!). Some bargain! Also, prior to my mother slipping in the tub and incurring a head injury Easter Day 2011, she wanted safety bars, but never got them. Only after her injury did they install them! Wow! Way to care. Had to be her care giver for nine months until her passing in February 2012.
She liked it her as do I, but there is a lot to be desired with Weidner to this day. Guess billionaire moguls and their corporations really make due on everything, don't they! By the way, I am looking for something else when my lease is up in August (they said they could only give me an 11 month lease last time). Way to scrape a buck!
tom jones

Boise, ID

#35 Jun 9, 2014
life is hard........life is harder when you are stupid

Anchorage, AK

#36 Jul 17, 2014
I moved two years ago wrote:
They charged me for carpet, shade and whatever else cleaning after I moved out. They didn't even have a signed agreement that I was going to clean the carpets when I moved. When I moved in the place hadn't been cleaned or painted and they still charged me a deposit. I left the place much cleaner than it was when I moved in.
They still owe me 500 dollars because they kept my deposit. I don't have much hope of ever getting it back. And I was being charged for water useage.
I still have all of my paperwork.
Weidner is a scumbag slum lord. Beware
I was wondering if anyone had any type of figures, as to how much they charge for replacing carpets and shades. Current resident hoping to know how much I'll owe. I didn't pay a security deposit.. Thank you!

Grande Prairie, Canada

#37 Oct 20, 2014
We are Weidner residents as well in Canada. When we first leased our townhouse it was on the lease that we were receiving $100 per month discount for signing a six month lease. They claim that it causes a lot more paperwork when you just go month to month. But also on the last page of the lease it states that we were getting $100 per month discount one time special basically for being new tenants. Here in Alberta it is illegal to raise the rent more than once a year. But after our six months were up the new lease they offered us was for a higher price. They claimed it was because the "special" was over. So we didn't sign a lease for the next six months. There was no point. According to their offer, it was the same price, with or without a lease. But when there was a mixup and they sent a late rent notice it quoted our previous rent amount. In other words they should have given us a lease for the same as before, not $100 higher. So the way I see it, they owe us and anyone else they have done this to $600. The problem is that they will just raise the rent higher next time to make up for it. We already pay more than anyone else around us. I think it's because I had to get all new appliances. None of them worked when we moved in. So instead of getting reimbursement for the food that spoiled and the money I had to spend at a laundromat I get charged more rent!
Everything is good

Wasilla, AK

#39 Jun 21, 2015
tom jones wrote:
life is hard........life is harder when you are stupid
Nailed it !:-)
m Davis

Lafayette, LA

#40 Aug 6, 2015
Also New Sno Citi Restaurant in So Anch...not following OCEA Laws & Cooks n rest of food handlers are not using gloves or head coverings when cooking!!? Anyone say Hairs in food? Sitting in Redt and multiple dinners comped for "hairs" in food!!
not happy

Anchorage, AK

#41 Jan 30, 2016
Scammed by wiedner too wrote:
I've been scammed by wiedner too.
These sharks have sub-standard units and always take advantage of renters in the WORST way.
The apartment had dangerous and worse issues.
For instance; wires hanging out of the ceiling and walls, leaky windows, water damaged electrical sockets and the disposal switch inches away from the disposal unit.
When we moved out of thier dangerous firetrap they charged us for a complete renovation; including new doors and windows!!! When we refused to pay these jackels they took us to court.
Most of the other units had similar problems, when we asked for repairs they increased our rent.

Weidner is a scum bag slum lord. He screws everyone who does business with his company. Rent is inflated, maintenance is incompetent, and common grounds are not kept in safe condition. Crappy snow and ice management on parking lots and sidewalks. Just a brief stop on the way to a real apartment with quality services..........
not happy

Anchorage, AK

#42 Jan 30, 2016
Bailey wrote:
About time someone is doing somthing about Weidner they are constantly screwing everyone to make money. You also dont legally have to pay your water bill that they post for you to pay every month IF there is one meter (according to the landlord tenant act) but yet they call for it if it isn't paid. My friends appartment building was out of hot water for a whole month and they didn't take one dollar off of rent even though she couldnt wash dishes or even shower at her own house. They need to be forced to follow the rules instead of nickel and diming everyone they can.
This sort of crap should not be happening. There is a Landlord Tenant law in Alaska which lays out the responsibilities of both parties. Proper and adequate utilities and essentials are expressly laid out wit remedies for getting things done......
Scared new tenants

Sandy, UT

#43 May 22, 2016
I am terrified! I just moved into a propery in Utah. Same issues. The properry is smack in the middle of new construction. There is construction dust piled up in the parking garage in our so-called luxury and private underground parking. I was told upon move in that the garage is cleaned weekly...that was a lie. Not cleaned once since I have moved in. The dust consumes the air! My daughter has asthma-it is getting worse. We have a homeless man that lives on the property as well. He is great fun to stumble upon when walking the dog at 6am. The police are always around-but does not make me feel comfortable, it scares me more, because they wouldn't be here without concern for public safety. I have had a bike stollen because they kept one end of the garage open for 2 weeks due to the construction-no restituiton for the bike. We have vagrants freely walking in very expensive space that WE are paying for! And yes, I have a storage unit-the bikes do not fit because with the angle of the door positioning-once you put stuff in the door won't close. After first bike was stolen I began keeping the other 2 bikes in my hallway..
In addition, I was moved in next to two men that are severly mentally handicapped. They are scary, loud, inappropriate...they make everyone here feel uncomfortable-and new move-in's are leaving within 2-3 months of renting here. There is also a portion of the property-a private courtyard that we all pay for...but it can't be used. There are piles of debris and parts of the wall foundation are falling off! So what do I do?!?!? I can't afford to move out, be fined to terminate my lease and more! I have been scammed, duped, lied to, and taken advantage of. I have made complaints about these issues and they are all shrugged off or tirelessly explained away. This place is scary...if ANYONE can help, please respond!

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