I recently road the Keystone-PT ferry, and was looking forward to checking of the new ferry Chetzemoka. What a disappointment she was!!
The boat got to Keystone for the noon sailing at about 1155AM, and we got into PT at 1PM. After a quick look round the upper deck, I sat in my car reading, and I thought the boat was moving a bit slowly.
When I returned from PA, I knew I'd missed the 5:15 back to Whidbey, but at 5:25 when I crested the hill over PT, there was the ferry, still about 10 minutes out, and we finally pulled into Keystone a little before 630.
While the Steilacoom(aka "Bob") was the roughest riding ferry since the old Astoria-Megler run, at least it was nearly always on time. It kind of reminds me of when Marine Power & Equipment was tasked with a new generation of boats, and it seemed like every day, there'd be news that an MPE ferry had broken down or had to be taken off a run due to problems with the propulsion control system or the controls had screwerd up and an MPE boat had rammed a dock. From the performance of the "Chetzy II", it doesn't seem like the WSF is looking so hot in the future, and rebuilding the hulls of the Steel-Electric ferries might have been a bargain.
BTW, if you grew up a fan of the Washington State Ferries, when the system was to be enjoyed rather than simply tolerated, check out http://www.evergreenfleet.com/retired.html but with a warning: the "Now" images of the San Mateo, and some other old friends like the Steel-Electrics might break your heart.